Song: One of the Boys
Charcters: Ginny and Harry

The way
You look at me
Is kinda like
A little sister
You high five
Your goodbyes
And it leaves me
Nothing but blisters

So I don't want to be
One of the boys
One of your guys
Just give me a chance
To prove to you tonight
I just wanna be
One of the girls
Pretty in pearls
Not one of the boys

I really don't appreciate waking up early because my brother is screaming his head off right outside my bedroom door.

"Honestly Ron!" I snapped as I stomped my foot down onto the source of his panic. "Are you sure I'm not the one supposed to be going to Hogwarts? You're still babyish enough to be afraid of spiders."

I left my youngest older brother gasping and squawking in the hall as I returned to my room for a little more sleep before we left for London.

Later that day I'd see for the first time a boy who would capture my heart forever. Until that point I'd never even thought about whether or not boys noticed me. I was ten; it was irrelevant. When Ron came home after break, I spent weeks begging him to invite Harry over. He'd always snap that he had, Harry hadn't replied yet, leave him alone. I'd huffed and walked away more than once. I'd given up on seeing him before school started and then woken up one morning to find him in my kitchen.

For the next few years I trailed him off and on, able to spend time with him, but not truly be with him. Playing Quidditch with him showed me just how much of a little sister he saw me as. After the Cho Chang incident, I made it my mission to change.

I'd dated a few boys (as an attempt to forget about Harry) and knew what kind of girl attracts attention. I could become that girl without becoming my mother's worse fear. I read Witch Weekly and several muggle magazines to figure out exactly how to pull off my transformation.

Step one: Dean Thomas.

Dean was a really sweet guy, and one I could truly have a good time with until we broke up. He was an amazing artist and loved to draw me. I enjoyed being with him.

Step two: become slightly more feminine without completely losing Quidditch Girl Extraordinaire look.

The muggles uses something called a straightening iron to make their hair super-straight. This just sounds strange to me since irons are for clothing, not hair. I don't have to worry; my hair is naturally stick-straight. I do buy make-up and spend most of the summer experimenting with it in the bathroom. Only Hermione knew what I was up to.

I believed it was working. At random moments, I'd find Harry looking at me. With the attention from Dean and potential attraction from Harry, I was feeling on top of the world.

Step three: don't drop everything you've worked for to nab Harry.

Dean and I did have something magical while it lasted. I'm very glad I didn't break-up with him right away. Slowly, we were working less and less. The snogging was amazing, but our other interactions were not. We started fighting constantly. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and broke up with him.

I felt so suddenly empty with no one to tell my secrets and angsty with no one to snog. It sounds petty, but I missed him most for that. Dean had been my secpnd kiss (after Michael), and I would never forget that. Even the boys I attracted after weren't quite worth it so I refused to date.

Then we won. And Harry kissed me. I'd purposely not gone running to him hoping this day had come. I had sewn my oats - well, a few of them - believing he would come. I love it when I'm right.

Deep down, I know that I didn't really change for Harry. I put more stalk my appearance, but I'm still the same little Quidditch playing tomboy I always have been.

And I walked
Right into school
And caught you
Staring at me
'cause I know
What you know
But now you're gonna have
To take a number
It's OK
Maybe one day
But not until you give my
Diamond ring
~Katy Perry