Song: Fingerprints
Characters: Hermione, Ginny, Harry, Ron

I wanna break the mold, I wanna break the stereotype
Fist in the air I'm not going down without a fight
It's my life and I'm not sitting on the sidelines watching
It pass me by
I'm leaving you my legacy
I gotta make my mark
I gotta run it hard
I want you to remember me
I'm leaving my fingerprints
I'm leaving my fingerprints
I'm leaving my fingerprints on you
~Katy Perry

One would assume that helping take down the most evil Wizard in Britain's history would lead to some sort of glorification. Harry and Ron had taken a shortened Auror training and were thrust immediately into the top ranks of the department. Hermione had chosen magical law enforcement and never even had a chance of moving up.

Hermione received a desk job... sorting non-confidential papers. Even her attendance at department meetings was a joke. She was advised against taking notes and served coffee when the intern was sick. Her boss might have acted like she was performing a muggle heart surgery, but she wasn't convinced.

"Make sure you work hard," her boss had told her.

She'd smiled and said, "I always work hard."

"That's what I like to hear." He'd beamed. "Work hard enough to get noticed, and you could get promoted."

Normally Hermione would take that advice to heart, but how on earth was she to get noticed sorting papers? She spent an entire year doing so, wasting her magic to push papers back and forth. Her bills were barely being paid. It was time to stop settling for her lot in life.

She could carve her own path.

"You quit?" Ginny gasped. "How could you? I thought the ministry was your calling. You said so yourself."

Hermione sighed. "I thought it was, but I'm not filing papers for the rest of my life."

Ginny shook her head. "I don't understand you, Hermione. If it was your passion, you'd stick with it."

Ignoring Ginny, Hermione turned towards the window and looked out on the lawn in front of Ginny and Harrys' house. It was easy for her friend to talk about passion; she was soon starting as a chaser for the Harpies. She wasn't even a reserve.

"Earth to Hermione," Ginny said. "You still listening?"

Hermione took a deep breath and whirled around to face Ginny. "It's my life, right?"


"So why do I have to do what's expected? Why can't I live it my way?"

Ginny had no reply.

Harry and Ron didn't have any better encouragement.

"You're crazy," Ron told her flat out. He wasn't exactly her biggest supporter since they'd broken up the fall before.

Harry wasn't much better. "Are you sure this isn't just a spur of the moment decision?" he asked cautiously. "I have a feeling you'll end up regretting this."

She shook her head. "I chose law enforcement because I thought I'd be making a difference and helping others. I'm not."

"Heaven forbid should your job not measure up to your expectations." Ron rolled his eyes and she glared at him. Not everyone could just hop up and be held in high esteem.

"Are you looking for a job?"

Smiling at Harry, she replied, "Of course. George received my application yesterday."

"George?" Both boys appeared to be in shock.

"Hermione-" Harry started to say, but Ron cut him off.

"Are you insane? I would have expected you to try for a bookstore or something. The joke shop? You won't last three days."

Hermione laughed. "I'm sorry I'm not fitting your stereotype of me. Honestly Ronald, people aren't black and white. I'm allowed to act without your predictions." She lifted a small handful of powder out of the little pot by the fire. "Besides," she said as she glanced back at the boys she'd laughed with and cried with for years, "it's more fun to be unpredictable."

Aware of exactly how un-Hermione she currently sounded, she tossed the floo powder into the fire and yelled, "Malfoy Manor."

Being unpredictable was starting to sound like more and more fun.

Voted most likely to end up on the back of a milk box drink
Looks like I'm letting them down
Cause seven, seventy-five isn't worth an hour of my hard work and time
When you can't afford half the shit they advertise
Oh I'm worth more then they ask for then the toe-tag generation full of regret
Oh I won't settle no, oh I can't settle
~Katy Perry