I figured I owed myself a rewrite to try and keep Alice in character. This is my revamp...yes I have returned. Read my Red Riding Hood fanfic if you really missed me at all.

Mom thought I should be excited…because starting in the middle of the school year was fan-fuckin-tastic.

Jake was the only one I knew, but he didn't go to my school. Just great…no really…like Tony the Tiger great.

Erik was really nice. He seems like he gets over excited about almost everything though.

Mike was okay. Kinda cute but not really my type. I could tell he had a potential crush on me already.

Jessica, a total bitch. There…I said it. Or thought it. It's not like it's not obvious.

Angela, The best I've met so far.

It's not that I wasn't happy to be back in Forks, I used to come here all the time, and I did kinda miss Charlie…and even though I was almost a total nobody at my old school I still had my small band of friends.

I kinda wish Mitch was here. But he had his own place so he didn't have to move to make mom happy.

Still…at least I wasn't standing in front of the cafe looking like a lost loner. Erik had invited me to sit with his friends. I would never consider a person like Jessica a friend.

Mitch sent me a text while Jessica was rambling on about her ideas on diets…she must be that kinda chick who just drinks diet soda. How sad.

How's 1st day?

Ok so far. Ur lucky u got 2 stay at home.



Aww! I luv u 2 baby sistah!

I smirked; my brother was such an ass sometimes. I glanced up, the others were still talking…I didn't care much about what. I peered around the large plain room, covered with motivational posters…well…motivational as in for kids.

When I looked around again I spotted a strange group of teens. Not that they dressed like freaks or anything like that…they were simply to 'pretty' to be normal. I'd never used the term pretty for a boy but they certainly fit the word.

"Who are they?" I asked curiously.

Jessica and Angela looked around. The 'bitch', as I've already seen fit to name her, frowned. "Oh…they're the Cullen's." She sounded bitter…something tells me she tried and got shot down.

"And they are…?" I shrugged. I'm new here…like I'm supposed to just know people's last names.

"Dr. and Mrs. Cullen's foster kids." Angela smiled. "They moved here from Alaska a few years ago. They mostly keep to themselves."

I could see why, that blonde chick has the face a mega bitch.

"Yeah cause they're all together." Jessica snipped. "Like together, together."

Who could possibly misinterpret the term together when a group of teens walks by holding hands?

The blonde walked by holding the hand of a guy who reminded me of an even stronger Superman.

"The blonde is Rosalie and that's her boyfriend Emmett." Angela whispered. I may have imagined it…but I swear their eyes flicked over here for a second, like they knew we were talking about them. But who wouldn't?

I glanced at the two after them. One with pretty bronze hair and one with curling golden blonde. The bronze haired one could have done with a brow waxing…not to be rude or anything…but seriously.

"The taller one is Edward. The blonde is Jasper. They always seem to look like they're in pain." Angela explained.

"Don't bother asking them out though…I think they're kinda together." Jessica frowned. I tried not to smirk.

It's funny how the good looking guys are always or gay…or just rude.

I looked back at the door when it opened again. A short pixie like girl with short wild hair and black eyes walked in. And I made a side not that she entered alone.

"Who is that?"

The others looked at me before following my line of sight. "Oh." Jessica frowned. Jesus, did she have issues with everybody that was prettier than her? "That's Alice. She's weird and is the only one who isn't with someone." She said it like being single was a bad thing.

I don't see a guy on her arm. …Or a chick.

Sneaking a glance at their table I saw Alice watching me evenly. She smiled, slow and cute…she was totally adorable.

Mitch would be hearing about this tonight. Of course he'd pick on me.

I turned my gaze on the boy…Edward was his name right? He was glaring at me…he looked frustrated. The hell had I done to him?

I went back to my lunch; I looked up when I realized the others chatter was gone. "What?"

"Dude, the Cullen's are staring at you." Mike mumbled, picking at his half eaten salad.

I felt my face twist in confusion. Why were they staring at me? I looked over my shoulder and indeed…ten dark eyes with deep shadows underneath stared right back.

…The fuck?

I frowned before turning awkwardly back to my lunch. Last thing I needed was drama from anybody. I could still feel their eyes burning into my back, so when the bell rang I was more than thankful.

"What class do you have next?" Angela asked politely as we all stood.


"Mr. M?" She smiled when I nodded. "Come on, I'll show you the way." I was more than happy to get away from Jessica, who was now following Mike and staring at him like he'd hung the moon in the sky.

I turned to give one last look at the Cullen's table.

They were gone…food untouched.

"So how is your first day so far?" Angela asked curiously as we walked to class.

"Definitely interesting." I smiled.

"It's better than being shoved in lockers on your first day. That happened to kids for a while until the ones doing it started getting expelled." Angela explained as we turned into the classroom.

"Mr. M, this is Bella Swan. The new girl." Angela waved to me before flouncing off to her own seat.

I smiled and looked for an open seat, the only one open…sat beside one Alice Cullen who was staring out the window with a blank face. The teacher handed me an extra book for class and I headed over to take my seat.

I walked by the fan and it messed up my hair…after I spent a good five minutes in front of the mirror to make it look decent for my first day. Alice turned to look at me curiously.

I sat beside her quietly. She watched me cautiously. When I looked at her she blinked and gave a half smile. "Hi." I mumbled.

"Hello. I'm Alice." She had a voice like tinkering bells chiming. It was charming and adorable.

"Bella." I smiled back.

"Nice to meet you." She moved, like she was thinking of offering me her hand but thought better of it. I didn't much like shaking hands anyways.

The teacher gave us our test subjects and I pushed one over to her gently. She giggled and copied me, sliding it over to herself. Her fingers brushed mine for a second…I dunno why but she felt as cold as ice.

We didn't talk any more than that. Which was fine, though it did seem like she was trying to avoid me a little. I shrugged it off as her not being a real people person.

When the bell rang she smiled at me while gathering her things and mumbling a goodbye as she left.

I think Bio could be my favorite class.

I clicked on my live video chat on my laptop. Mitch's smiling face appeared. "What's up?" He grinned.

Mitch was almost my total opposite…in personality really. We looked like twins. Only he had out mom's curls and his eyes were a lighter shade of brown. We had the same smile (unless he gave that goofy grin), the same bored style of clothing (although he usually went barefoot everywhere…and he'd never once stepped on anything), and the same nerd affiliation with video games and comics. Yes I am a nerd…so what?

"Nothing just bored."

"How was your first day?" He cooed and clasped his hands together in an act of overly girly antics.

I laughed. "It was good. Met some new friends."

"Ohhh, miss popularity already?" He continued to coo and wiggled around, it was making it hard to talk without laughing. "Why Bella Swan I do declare you are the fanciest!" He drawled.

I laughed again. "Shut up, and I'm hardly popular, although because this family has taken an interest in staring at me I guess I am."

He blinked curiously, letting his hands fall onto his desk. "Oh yeah? That doesn't sound weird at all. Who are they?"

"These guys called the Cullen's."

He blinked again. "Guys as in they're all guys?"

"No. Guys as in a unit. There are two girls. One is a blonde who looks like a supermodel and the other is a cute short brunette that seems pretty sweet and could model for school girl magazines or something."

Mitch hummed. "Supermodels always seem like prude bitches." He shrugged. "The other one sounds cute though. What are the names?"

"Rosalie is the supermodel looking girl and Alice is the short one." I remembered how Alice had walked away when she left the Bio class…it was like she was dancing.

"Ohhh, think I got a chance?" Mitch grinned, he reminded me of a younger Charlie.

"Nah, Rosalie is taken by the super buff guy named Emmett."

"…How buff is buff?"

"Like he's Superman's older better brother."

Mitch pulled a face. "Yowch, never mind then. What about this Alice girl?"

"Not a chance in hell Mitchell."

He frowned. "I hate my name."

I chuckled. "So how is mom doing?"

He shrugged. "She's alright. They left for their honeymoon today." He wasn't a big fan of mom; he thought that even though our dad was kinda boring, he was still a pretty cool guy. He and mom disagreed on that several times. And he didn't like the fact that I'd left just so mom could be happy. "I'll have to visit sometime." He smiled.

"That'd be fun." I smiled back. We avoided the elephant in the room and continued talking till it was at least ten and I had to finish the rest of my homework.

The next day I sat in the new truck Charlie had gotten me, the door open. I was reading a book I bought back in Arizona.

I wasn't a big fan of the cold…or wearing jackets very much. But I had to. Mitch wouldn't if he was here. He had an insane amount of natural body heat.

"Hey Bella!" I looked up when something hit my arm. I smiled and shook my head, holding up my book in fake interest.

I wanted to talk to Alice…I wasn't sure why…it was like a strange impulse, but I couldn't shake the feeling that she was trying to avoid me. I suspected it more when the Cullen's showed up with no Alice.

I glanced over and spotted Edward and Jasper watching me. But when they saw me watching they looked away quickly.


It just got stranger after that…Alice was still missing but I kept catching one of the Cullen's watching me when I passed…I was starting to get seriously creeped out.

More days and still no Alice…I was kinda starting to think she'd dropped off the face of the Earth. When I talked to Mitch about it he just laughed it off saying I had a crush. I couldn't deny it…she was insanely cute. So I just told him to shut up. He smirked and told me to respect my elders. He was only a year older.

But a few years ago Charlie had sent him to a boot camp…I wasn't sure of the point. When I talked to him on the phone about it he said it was so Charlie could make his only son as boring as he was. But whatever point he was trying to make with his only son didn't work, Mitch came out of the camp even more care free than before.

He would try and visit this weekend and go back home on Monday as he had that day off work. He said he'd try and give me advice for the ladies…as if he'd been with dozens. He'd only had two steady girlfriends his whole life and a bunch of girls who were his kissing partners.

Hmm…I wonder what was so strange about the Cullen family.

It's kinda epic when you slip and bust your ass on ice the first five second out of your house in the morning. It was Friday; Mitch should be here when I get back from school, if he had been there to see me he would have laughed so hard.

He would have towered over me and gave me that same goofy smile that never changed, flaunting his six foot tall stature in my face. There were times I hated being so much shorter than him.

Charlie was quick to try and help me up but I was already on my feet. "You okay?" He asked, concerned.

"Yeah, although ice never helps the clumsy." I mumbled. I was a renowned klutz back in Arizona. Now I was just a klutz because nobody knew me yet. Mitch had said once that I was just goofy, like I was uncoordinated on purpose…

"I might be home late for dinner." Charlie frowned as he stood beside his police car. So it would be just Mitch and I…somehow that seemed typical.

I leaned against my truck. "What's up?"

"Security guard was mauled to death by some kind of animal." He answered with a sigh. It was probably somebody he knew, not surprising given how small Forks was.

"Some kind of animal?" Like a bear or a mountain lion? You heard about that when people wandered to far into the hot planes of Phoenix…packs of coyote.

"You're not in Phoenix anymore Bells." Clearly…I'd never heard of an animal's coming into a town to eat a human…that was just…weird.

I blinked…I didn't know if I should be annoyed or hurt about the fact that he said it like it didn't matter that I missed my old home with mom and Mitch being only five minutes away.

"Anyways, I'm heading out to see if I can help."

"Be careful." I said it more out of necessity than a desire to actually say it. Not that I wanted my father to be eaten by wild animals.

"Always am." He smiled before climbing into his car. I watched him drive off as I jumped into my truck.

It was a quiet ride, I texted Mitch before I started driving.

Dad said some1 was attaked by wld animls

Hrd. tht sukz major, u scared?

Hardly, if I wasn't scared of animals bac ther y wld I b scared here?

Good point. Hav a fun day lil sistah! Dnt let the boys get ya!

Shut up


I parked my truck and hopped out; flipping my phone shut as I grabbed my bag and slung it over my shoulder.

Erik was saying something about the prom…I wasn't listening. Something about music…

Mike followed us into class. "How you likin the rain girl!" He grinned and shook his soaked hat over my head. I pretended to smile like it was funny.

"How cute man." Erik rolled his eyes as Mike.

"Alright take your seats." Mr. M called over the mindless chatter. I slid over to my seat. I tried not to be surprised when I saw Alice slip into the seat beside mine a moment later.

She gave me a small smile, I returned it. "Hi."

"Um hi." Smooth…real smooth. She giggled and looked ahead, though I noted her absentmindedly sketching in her notebook.

The teacher explains the assignment…and whoever won got a…onion…lovely.

I press my finger to the microscope and slide it to Alice, pulling my and giving her a small smile.

"How chivalrous." She teases in a light voice. I smirked. She slips a slide in and checks it.

I didn't know what to say but my throat tightened with the desire to speak. "Not to seem nosy…," I mumbled.

She cuts me off without missing a beat. "Where was I?" She peers over at me for a second and smiles wider at my expression.

I nod dumbly. How she knew what I was going to ask…I have no clue. But I made a note that her eyes were a honey gold…I could have sworn they were black when I saw her my first day.

"I had to leave town for a few days." She shrugs. "It's prophase." She sits back and looks at me fully. She looks like a cute little fairy…a little dancing pixie. Alice.

I write it down on our paper. I couldn't imagine she'd do something to lower her grade…she didn't look the type…Jessica seems that way though.

She looks at me evenly for a moment as I meet her gaze. Her head tilts to the side and for a moment I'm reminded of a curious kitten that's not even a few months old. She works her mouth like she wants to ask something…but thinks better of it and asks something else. "Like the weather?"

I sigh and smile wistfully. "I can't say I enjoy cold and wet weather."

She smiles at me like Mitch always does, so happy and energetic…like life had never done him wrong…but even though she smiled that way; I could see an edge that told me she was actually usually very sad despite her sunny disposition.

"You're from somewhere hot?"


"You must miss the heat."

"I do, my big brother is lucky enough to be able to have his own place." I shrugged. Glancing over Alice seemed amused.

"So why move here?"

She makes me smile and I don't even know why. "My mom just got remarried."

Alice makes a face, curious and searching…and concentrated…like if she tried hard enough she could figure something out without asking. "You didn't like him then?"

"No, Phil is pretty cool." He was a baseball player so he traveled a lot…which was good for mom. She always wanted to travel…dad didn't…part of or most of the reason they split. "I just figured it'd be nice if they had alone time."

"Does your brother like him?"

I nod. Mitch likes Phil quite a bit; he (like Charlie) had bonded over sports. He just doesn't like Renee much. But he acts so much like her it's crazy sometimes. When he acts like a ten year old but looks at you when you lie with all the wisdom in the world. Alice watches me like that…but without the ten year old aspect. "There isn't much Mitch doesn't like."

"Seems like a typical good big brother."

"The best." I smiled and pulled the microscope over to myself, changing the slides. I look through the lens. "Anaphase." I scribble it down.

Alice takes it and changes the slide. "Metaphase." She slips her hand over and snags the paper from under my hands, I almost gasp at the cool of her skin. She takes her pen and writes down the answer in curling cute cursive in small overly looping swirls. It was like her in a strange way.

When she slipped the paper back over she smiled like she'd just gotten a kiss from her crush under the mistletoe on Christmas morning.

She was almost too cute to be human.