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I had wondered still, even through the whole night, what exactly was Alice? A girl who knew more than she let on, or maybe as Mitch had said…she was like Wonder Woman.

I sighed as I blinked awake, staring up at my ceiling. Something about the light is different, I register, as I rub the sleep from my eyes and sit up. I go to the window and pull back the curtain. I groan. "No, no, no!"

There was no fog today, and the gray-green light was blinding, because during the night…it had snowed. But the messed up shit about today, despite the snowy horror…was that all the rain from last night had frozen over. All of Forks we now my ice slicked death trap!

Ice is the worst thing for someone as clumsy as me. It's almost literally death for the uncoordinated.

I pull out my phone on my way out, after my shower and new clothes with breakfast after, and I text Mitch.


Watch out.

Tell me about it.

Make sure if u slip Alice doesn't see ya!

Shut up!


I was looking forward to seeing Alice, and that was very, very bad because I knew I may end up being even more clumsy than usual. Which for someone like me usually means immanent death.

I think that if she's not some duper hero then she must be an angel. I mean, who's that kind and sweet…and just amazing…okay Bella, time to go to school. I tried not to think about her – and her amazingness – as I drove to school. Because I tend to get glazy eyed when I think about her and the last thing Forks needs is a car wreck on their three paged newspaper.

Hopping out of my truck and catching myself before I almost slip and land hard on my ass, I wonder why I didn't have an accident because of all the ice. My question is answered when I close the door and I spot my front tire. (Alice had it towed back to the house.)

Little lines of silver that reminded me of vines wrapping around an old house were crisscrossing over the tires. Charlie had taken time to get up at some ungodly hour…I sighed and swallowed down my emotions. It's still strange to see how much he cares.

"Bella?" I whip around to see the person I'd been trying not to think about – for fear of my own and the safety of those around me – Alice Cullen. "Are you okay?" She asks sweetly, head tilted to the side. It reminded me of a small kitten actually.

I nod dumbly. "Yeah…yeah I'm fine." Smooth Bella, so smooth. I scratched the back of my neck nervously, now that it was acknowledged to myself that I had a crush – however big or small it seemed to be – it was harder to not make it obvious. "How long were you standing there?" No one else was around.

Come to think of it…had the bell already rung?

"Not long."

How would she know where I was going to be? "Alice did you know I would be here?"

She seems surprised but it passes so fast I'm not even sure I saw it. "Bella, how would I have known that? I just happened to be as late as you." Why would she be late? I was bugging myself out with all these questions and ideas about who this girl was.

People seemed to be upset that I was spending so much time with Alice. Especially Mike and Eric, and even Jessica to some degree…that one even kind of surprised me.

I was happy when the snow was washed away, even if it was by the rain which still sucked. But still at least that stupid snowball fight never happened. I scorned him for hours after he whipped that ball of slushy snow at my back.

I ignored any other people that asked me to the dance. Mitch thought that was hilarious. Alice thought it was cute that I got so flustered and annoyed. Boys…they never seem to take a hint.

"Why does nobody ask you, even when you're right next to me?" I asked curiously one night. Was I the only one who noticed her? Was I that consumed with Alice Cullen? Jeeze, how sad.

"Why would anyone ask me?" She giggles as girlish as ever and dances off in front of me – I had to force my eyes up – as I stepped forward to greedily retake my place beside her.

It kept nagging at me that she always seemed to be there when I left certain classes – even though I never mentioned my schedule to her – and she brushed off my strange looks and just smiled. It nagged me that she always seemed to know when I'd be at my truck after school. It only strengthened my belief that she knew about that accident.

Finally…I can't help it anymore.

"I know you knew." I hiss one day after school at my truck. She seems taken aback by my sudden attitude shift. Then her brow furrows. "I know you knew about that accident, I don't know how but quit lying and saying you didn't. You always seem to know where I'm going to be."

"Bella," her voice is tense and her eyes flit to the side and I glance over to see Edward Cullen watching us with a strange look of frustration. "How would I possibly know that?"

"I don't know how, but I know you knew. I just…I dunno…I'm sorry." I turn away sharply and get into my truck.

I ignore her when she calls me softly before I slam the door closed. I sigh in frustration at myself and turned my key and listened to the slightly comforting sound of the engine roaring to life. I felt horrible for ignoring her, her calls to my cell phone and her total presence the next day until the end of school. But the night before Mitch thought I was being silly.

"Why don't you just talk to her?"

"Because I tired and I sounded insane. Nothing sounds logical…I'll just leave her alone…"

"You're being ridiculous Izzy. Just try and talk to her."


I tell Charlie I'm going to Seattle for a day, he offers to go with me, but not only would that be embarrassing but it'd kinda slow me down. I tell him it's a shopping trip and he backs off and tells me to call him when I get there.

I tell Mitch, and he tells me to text him the whole time so he knows I'm alright.

Is the whole world so aware I'm as danger-prone as Daphne?

The next day…I'm still trying to avoid Alice, so I park as far away from the Cullen's fancy shiny new cars as possible. As luck would have it…I had no luck. I take out my cell to shoot Mitch a text and it slips from my hand, I bend and pick it back up, jumping when I see Alice standing there. "Jesus!"

"Sorry…are you still bent on avoiding me?"

"Are you still bent on lying to me? And how do you always pop up out of nowhere?"

She smiles, it's a half smile…she's not as happy as she usually is. Is that my fault? Most likely…but I still hope not…great job Bella. Great job. "You seem out of it a lot, you can't blame me if I take advantage of your distraction." True.

"I still," I still know she knew… "Why'd you do it?"

"Do what?" Her brow furrowed as she looked up at me curiously.

I scoff. "Keep me from getting crushed. Maybe it was my time."

"The future isn't set in stone Bella."

I grunt in frustration, pocket my phone, and turn away from her. "Why you so frustrating?" I hiss.

"I'm sorry." She's at my side again in an instant. "I'm sorry, I know it's confusing…I get it. I don't mean to keep annoying or frustrating you. I wanted to talk to you, and then I'll leave you alone."

I sigh and let my weight drop onto my right leg and I watch her closely, giving her all my attention.

"I heard you were going to Seattle; let me give you a ride." Her silver-bell voice is unnerved…shy. It's even cuter than normal, but still…what she just said has my mind blown.

"You want to give me a ride?" She nods. "To Seattle?" She nods again. "You're being serious?"

She giggles. "Obviously."

"Are we friends Alice?" I ask suddenly.

She thinks on it for a moment. "It may be better…if we aren't. But…I'm trying." That wasn't confusing at all. The hell was she talking about? She was a murderer or anything was she? Dear God…could I ask her if she was? Would that be rude? Duh!

"I want to be friends with you Bella, I do. I'm trying not to…" She sighs…the words she wants to say aren't coming like she wants them too. It makes her even cuter as she puffs her cheeks in frustration. "Never mind just let me give you a ride."

I mull it over. I can't ignore that there's something she isn't telling me and I can't ignore that it's bugging the fuck out of me. But I can take the little things she's offering me at least. I nod quietly. "You're still gunna say its better if we aren't friends?"

She nods. "But I've had control for this long…so going in deeper will only make me stronger right?" She giggles before turning and dancing off to class. "See you at lunch!" She calls over her shoulder.

I blink. "The hell just happened?" Who the hell was Alice Cullen?

I sat with my friends once again at lunch, at the same table. I text Mitch once again, we'd been talking about Alice and our conversation earlier.

'It's starting to sound really weird...'

'You're telling me'

'Well…maybe she's an alien?'

'…It's weird.'


"Alice is watching you." Jessica's grating voice mumbled into my ear. I glance up at her, tucking my phone away yet again. "She's sitting by herself, that's even weirder."

I look around to where her eyes are directed, and sure enough…there's Alice. Watching me with her golden eyes…weren't they darker just the other day? She smiled sweetly and nodded her head for me to join her.

"Is she talking about you?" Jessica glares at me, I ignore her and stand. My brain function seems to be a lot slower suddenly. Alice grins, her pearl white teeth shine. I feel like I'm being dazzled. Is that the right word? Dazzled?

"What's up?" I try and sound casual, friendly. But my words are tight and constricted.

She smiles wider anyways. "Hello, I figured if I'm going to break the rules…I may as well enjoy myself. So why don't you sit with me from now on?"

"Or you could sit with me and my friends?"

"But I just want to sit with you."

"Alice this…it's not…I mean…"

She holds up a small hand. "I know. I told you, I get it. I know it's confusing. But like I said before…if I've had control this long, then to keep going will only make me stronger."

I blink as I wait for her to continue, but she doesn't, so I close the silence. "It might make this easier if you weren't so vague about all of this."

"Sit." She folds her slim artistic fingers over one another and tucks them under her chin. I sigh and sit, dropping my bag on the table. I try not to smile back but I can't help it anymore, it's infectious. "Jessica looks upset with me. Did I steal you from an important conversation?"

I shake my head. "No, not at all. I was texting Mitch. I was open to leaving at any time."

"Careful though," She raises a slender brow. "I may not be in such a giving mood today." I swallow nervously. "I may keep you to myself all day…" And I would totally let her.



"Good. If you should be scared of anyone it's…" She pauses; her eyes flit to the side for half a second…so quickly I almost didn't see it. But I do, she's looking at someone behind me. I bet money it's her brothers and sister. "Don't worry about that."

"…We're friends…plain and simple." I decide to say. "I know it hasn't been long but we've talked and spent too much time around each other to not be friends."

"This is true." She's giggling in that silver-bell voice again. I feel something coil up inside my belly. "But if you have any brains in that pretty little head…you'll know who to avoid." Again…her golden eyes flit to the side…

"Right." I nod; I pull out my phone as it vibrates in my hoodie pocket. Mitch's name is glittering across the screen; I tap on the open button.

Mayb shes a mnstr ;D

He doesn't realize what he's said…but it makes me think. I look up at Alice, she raises her eyebrows curiously. I smile and brush it off. Alice is too adorable and innocent to be a monster.

No way :p

"Are you an alien?"

She seems surprised by the sudden question but she giggles and her expression becomes happy again. "No."


"Nope, although my brother Emmett does enjoy the X-Men."

"A superhero?"

"Like Wonder Woman? Decidedly not, sorry." She giggles. But then she frowns. "But have you ever considered that I'm not a superhero? That I could be the villain?" She watches me critically.

"You're too nice and good to be bad Alice." If only I had thought about what she said more…

She smiles. "You're sweet." The bell rings. "You should go to class."

I blink as I stand and tug my backpack back on. "We have the same class." No shit Sherlock! God, is it beyond me to make myself look like an ass?

"It's a good idea for me to skip today. It's occasionally healthy." She grins.

"Well I have to go."

Her fingers uncurl and she wiggles them at me. "See you later." She giggles.

I try not to blush.

I get to my class almost late; the teacher comes in about a minute after me.

We all wait; the others seem nervous and afraid. I was just confused. What were we doing in class today? I'd been up doing English homework so I hadn't checked to see. So I'm valueless…and that totally sucks.

The teacher pulls open the box he brought in with him, I'm only half paying attention, until I hear "Micro-lancet" and I'm instantly alert.

What were we doing in class? Please tell me it isn't what I think it is. I can feel my nerves shake as he takes out the 'instrument' and I can't see the needle…but I still feel ill. I'm trying to breathe as the other's get their fingers jabbed.

I can't do this. My heart beat rings in my ears as I glance at the group sitting at the table next to mine, they flinch as blood oozes from their finger and they drop it onto the slide. Bile rises into the back of my throat and I swallow it back down, shivering at the disgusting taste.

It feels like I'm having a panic attack…I'm about to pass out.

I should have skipped with Alice.