Well, it's been too long since I've written something. I suppose there will be errors here and there. Nevertheless, I really want to deliver this message to everyone out there who clicked on this story.

I've started this, and it's time for me to end it.

Genki, Musician, Tastychainsaws, Professor, I am sorry.

I've talked to Truner just now regarding this issue, as you can see, he used the review page of that one OC story to get in touch with you guys. Well, I didn't quite agree with his Rambo-ish idea, but as a result, it gave me a clearer picture of what's going on in here.

I know PM is called 'Private Messaging' for a reason, but I asked Truner what it said. Sorry Genki, Musician.

But after reading those two messages, I finally understand to the fullest. I know now that I'm wrong, I am the bad guy.

It's a weird feeling, really. To know that you were wrong after all this time, it somehow gave me a wave of relief. Maybe it's because that I always thought that you guys were just mindlessly bashing away each and every story that contains OCs. Now I know that you have a good reason to do so, and I feel pathetic and stupid at the same time.

I apologize for my words at that whining from chapter… which is it, I kinda forgot. But you know which. Truth be told, at that time, I was feeling like a God. "Oh hey, look, a negative review. Hah, people are saying that my story's great, so you must be wrong!"

And then I proceeded to whine.

Now I facepalm, knowing how wrong I was.

I kept saying 'differences of opinion', but I never really did respect others' opinion. I thought that I was always right. Now after reading those two PMs, my mind changed, drastically. Yep, it took THAT long for me to realize. Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, I'm just too dense when it comes to social interactions.

I really, REALLY, apologize for those who are offended. Really. I feel stupid. Very stupid for realizing this just now.

But I'd like to make one thing straight. Genki, I see that you are saying that this story started because of my homophobia. That, I can assure you, is not the case.

I believe I can speak on behalf of most male OC writers here. We used male OCs, not because we hate yuri. It's more to the self-insert element. For my case, I have a crappy life. No friends, dropped out of high school, smokes 40 packs a month, etc. etc. You get the picture. So I'm a NEET, I have nothing to do, and my heart is far from happy. What to do? Well, I chose to insert myself to the fantasy world. Make a character similar to me, add a few traits that'll make him a Chuck Norris clone. And BAM! I'm happy as hell.

Well, it's still pathetic. But my point is, it's not homophobia that started this story. It's something less bad than homophobia, but yeah, still rageable.

And a message for male OC writers: Though I'm in no position to say this, please do not write your story based on your hate of yuri. Maybe a self-insert is okay, but I'll leave that to the community to decide.

And with this, I hope that we, as K-ON fans, will be able to live as one. To respect and understand each other, to shake hands and say 'How do you do?', to form a community with strong solidarity.

As for me, I've lost interest in anime these past few days. I'm going to move on, find something new, maybe learn some programming. But I will still write, though I don't know when I should begin a new story. Not a fanfiction, though.

Again, I'm sorry if this story offended you. But you guys knocked some sense into me, I've learned a very valuable lesson today. Thank you. I will remember this for the rest of my life.

So… this line below will mark the end of Story of my Life. It's been fun, everyone. I hope you guys stay well. With a last bow, I'll take my leave.