When I walk into the room people stop and stare

It's like nobody else is there

You know it's me not you

Who said anything about you

Popular- Veronicas


The cold night wind swirled around me as my hover board dropped lower towards the mansion's front steps. The hood of my jacket was still up over my head enough to hide my face from the hover cams and random people arriving to the party. I stepped off my board gracefully in my heels and continued on without breaking stride as the hover cams crowded around me as close to the edge of my reputation bubble as the could get. I dipped my chin close to my chest so the only part of my face that showed was the smug smirk.

The tech head bash was swarming with big faces when I made my entrance; and I was one of the biggest. I kept my shoulders squared and my back straight as I strutted in front of all the hover cams that flitted near the ceiling above the party like minnows in a creek waiting to get shots of who was arriving. My ego went up a few notches when I noticed most of the people turning to gawk at me.

The people who I knew were there to get an interview from me to kick later started shrieking questions as they crowded around me. I ignored them as I made my way to the inside steps where the main mass of reporters were already scattered about waiting for me. Without waiting for the first question, I reached up and brushed my hood back away from my face.

The mystery revealed, the volume of the crowd swelled as the questions and protests started. I stood perfectly still and let the hover cams take in the drama that was unfolding. My smirk widened in amusement as I heard some of the protest from the adrenaline-junkie tech heads when they got a good look at me. I caught Han's eye and he gave me a nod of approval from his spot leaning against the wall with a champagne glass.

I winked back and turned my attention back to the deafening crowd of people fighting to be heard and the hover cams swarming like mosquitoes to get their shots.

So this was what it felt like to be famous.


I guess I should start at the beginning.

My name is Rin Nakamura and until last week I was a completely unknown extra.

I was new pretty, not that that really mattered to anyone, and the sister of two horrible, demeaning demons of big face older brothers. The oldest, Kaede, was a genius tech head who was famous for being a genius. The middle child, Hayate, while lacking Kaede's brain, was very good at knowing which clique to get in to bump his face rank. So while their arrogant asses were parked in the biggest mansions in the famous part of town, I was stuck in miserable little Akira Hall with a face rank hovering at around 350,000.

My life was pretty much the same as every other extra in there; I merit grubbed all day before going back to bed without any sort of social life to prepare to do it all again tomorrow. I broke up the monotony of it all with hover boarding and occasionally sneaking out to party crash. I had been forced to stick to hover boarding lately, because unfortunately my big face older brothers tended to show up at the parties I chose to crash.

Getting called out as an Extra in front of hundreds of hover cams and big face tech-heads was a very shame-making experience.

After being completely embarrassed in front of most of the cities big faces, I had gotten a little bitter at the reputation economy, though I had enjoyed the extra bump in face rank.

The city interface was rigged to pick up on the use of names. The more people talking about you-good or bad- the higher your face rank went; the higher the face rank, the bigger the mansions and the bigger the wall allowances. They gave everyone their own feed so that they could kick their own stories and have an equal chance of being famous.

But to say everyone had the same chance, wasn't really true. The natural born pretty Nana Love was the second most famous person in the city simply because she was born beautiful. She could kick a thirty second story on what she had for lunch and everyone would be amazed by it Then there were people like Kaede who were famous because they were smarter than everyone else.

I was not naturally beautiful or brilliant, and I didn't have the talent that Hayate did with knowing how to get along with people, so I was stuck merit grubbing. Merits were given to doctors, teachers, wardens, and everyone else that kept the city running. If you were extra, then you were stuck going to class and watching littlies so you at least had some wall allowances.

But sometimes not even the promise of wall allowances could make me drag myself to class.

The whole city seemed to be built to make me feel horrible about being an extra. The whole time I sat trying to do assignments, I could only think that neither of my brothers had to do them when they were sixteen. Every time I checked my feeds someone was talking about one of them. Every conversation I had with someone was about how famous they were. I was tired of living invisibly in their shadows. The only time I didn't have to worry about them was when I was on my hoverboard.

That was the one thing that they would never be able to top me at. For some reason, I was really good at hover boarding. I wasn't sure if it was because I loved to fly more than most people and got more practice, or if I was just good at it, but I was. I spent every spare second on my board. I could forget about all of my other problems and just let go for a while.

But now all of the problems I had as an extra were gone. Now, for once, I was popular.

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This is the intro, which I always hate writing. The next chapter will be better and tie in a few Tokyo Drift people. It will only be a few chapters long, and the updates may be slow.