A/N: First Klaine fic, I wrote it because I was having major Glee withdrawal and, because I live in Australia, we don't get Glee Live :( so forgive me for anything that's 'out of character.' I'm a bit out of touch, seeing as I haven't watched Glee for a few weeks. Please R&R!

"You know, I really think that your dad has come a long way." Blaine said, sitting cross-legged on his boyfriend's bed, the late afternoon sun shining through the window. His slightly curled hair wasn't messy, but it wasn't particularly neat, either. He was wearing a plain, maroon t-shirt and jeans.

"I'm not saying that he hasn't come a long way," Kurt said, making his way from the dresser to sit next to Blaine, "I'm just saying that he's still embarrassing."

"Yes, but," Blaine said, placing his hands on top of Kurt's clasped ones, "the important thing is that you love him, I love you and he accepts that mostly. Plus, it's not easy, with everything that happened with your mom."

"I know. My dad and adaption; most of the time they're mutually exclusive." Kurt laughed, his pearly white teeth bared slightly, with the sun shining off his neatly-combed hair.

"God, you're just… you're perfect." Blaine smiled, making his boyfriend blush slightly. Their hands, Blaine's still on top of Kurt's, were now joined tightly.

"Stop it." Kurt smiled, looking down, his cheeks still tinged red from the barrage of vaguely… alright, blatantly flirtatious comments he was receiving.

"Alright, before you leave me completely breathless, I've gotta go to the bathroom." Blaine said, standing up from the bed, reluctantly releasing his grip on Kurt's hands.

"Yeah, it's just…" Kurt started.

"I know, Kurt. It's just down the hall, to the right. You just calm your pretty little head." Blaine smiled.

"I love the steady flow of flirting, but care to use ones from this century?" Kurt smiled.

"'I'll be the Britney to your Kevin Federline? Is that better? Paint a nicer picture of bliss, and most of all, sound parenting skills?" Blaine smiled. Kurt just laughed.

"No, I think I'm fine calming my pretty little head." Kurt said, his face filled once again with the rose colour that seemed to pop up with most of Blaine's comments.

"I have to go to the bathroom, now, or else I might lose myself in your eyes." Blaine replied, with a touch of sarcasm, but still a deeper meaning and truth to the words.

"Oh, shush!" Kurt laughed, throwing a pillow at the door, and Blaine turned to run away. As he did, a small, slightly tattered folded piece of note paper fell out of his pocket. Kurt walked over to it and picked it up.

'Why would Blaine have a piece of paper in his back pocket? It's not one of my notes… looks too old for that. Should I read it? I shouldn't read it. No, I won't read it. But what if it's important? What if it's something he's too afraid to say to me?' Kurt thought. With a slight element of hesitation, he carefully unfolded the note. He saw obvious tear stains, some looked newer than others, and some looked like they were shed when the letter was written, as the letters were slightly smudged. He began to read, and felt a wave of emotions come over him as he did so.

Hey, B.
Before you read this, I need you to know that I'm dumping this all on you now because I only heard about it literally at the beginning of this class. So, there are so many things that I want to say to you before the end of class. Because then my mother is coming to take me to the airport. We're moving. She won't tell me where, but I'm leaving as soon as we get there. And I'm not coming back. That fundamentalist bitch has decided that I can't hang out with you anymore. I don't know how she found out. I didn't tell her, I promise. I know you'd never accuse me of it, because you're amazing, but I feel so bad. I need you to know some things though, Blaine.

I haven't cut since you told me to stop. That's probably because I've been happier than ever before because I met you. You are an amazing human being, Blaine Anderson. Christ, you're the greatest human being I've ever met. What I love about you is the fact that you're thick skulled and thick skinned. Like me. When you get to high school, in my opinion, you should come out. And I know it'll be hard, but it'll take the fun away from the bullies if you accept who you are. And you're brave enough to come out, Blaine. I know you are. This is something that I can't do. So, I'm going to make you do it. You were always the smart one. Alright, class is almost over. And my mother is going to be at the end of the hall I walk out of. There's no way that I can get to you when you're in the gym.

Because we needed another reason to hate gym class.

Our lockers are two of the few that I can slip this through before I turn the corner and face my devil woman of a mother. There's one thing I'm going to be doing tonight. I'm going to be praying to God that I ever see you again. Well, I would be, if I believed in the whole 'big white beardy sandal-y man.' But I'll be hoping. My mother's banning me from all social networking, no mobile phone, and won't let me send letters or phone calls without checking who I'm sending them too. She's cutting us off completely, Blaine. It's not all about you, either. It's probably because she's just ashamed that her daughter's a blasphemous, bisexual atheist. But, I promise, I will find you again. I love you. You are my brother, and I love you more than words can express.

Love from D xx

P.S. Make sure you kiss some boys while I'm gone. Just to spite my bitch of a mother.

P.P.S: Just because I'm gone doesn't mean that you don't have to cut your hair. It's still happening.

Kurt placed the note back on his side table and laid down on his bed, in a state of shock. Who was D? How close was Blaine to her? Why had he never heard of her? He wasn't threatened by her, but she obviously meant a lot to Blaine. He could gather a few things from the letter. Blaine had obviously been best friends with D, and he'd come out to her, when he was hiding it from everyone else. She was an atheist, like Kurt, and was bisexual. Kurt had never known Blaine when he wasn't 'out.'

Some of Kurt's mind was confused, some was sympathetic, some was intrigued and some was glad that Blaine was best friends with someone so cool. He had to ask Blaine about her. He really didn't have a choice. He heard the taps turn on in the bathroom, so he sat up and tried to work out what he was going to say. Little did he know he wasn't going to have to initiate the conversation. Kurt had forgotten to fold the letter back up after reading it. Blaine walked in the door, but as he went to sit down, he noticed the familiar piece of notepaper sitting on the side table.

"What did you do with that?"