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Chapter 22: Aloha

Another week spent in relative quiet and relaxation with the Williams' brought on the Luau with Kono and Chin and then the day of departure. The Feast was spectacular, held on the beach with a giant pig and an even bigger family gathering all clamoring to meet the mainlanders and the people that had captured the hearts of the whole Five-O crew. Veronica marveled at the food, the festivities and the relative calm of everyone involved in the evenings entertainment. With all the action of the last two weeks, she was content and relaxed in the fresh air and good company, and truly came to understand the meaning of Ohana. She was pleased to see that her son had found family and friends in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and she came to love and admire their ways.

Once again, Steve put on his usual persona, although he was good natured, he was unable to shake the feeling that they were being watched and after his run in with Wo Fat at the ball, he wasn't prepared to risk another meeting, but as the evening wore on, he relaxed into the rhythms of the wind and the waves on the sand, and the party happened without interruption. He dreaded the departure, set to happen the following day, but would not speak of it to his friends, but Veronica could see it in his eyes.

"Steven, please try to enjoy yourself," Veronica smiled as he made another solemn pass of the perimeter.

"I am enjoying myself, Ma," Steve smiled and sat down beside Patrick.

"You don't always have to be on patrol, son, you're among friends here," Patrick stated as he wore a bright blue Hawaiian shirt he had picked up in his last week, just for the party. "All is quiet on the western front."

Steve chuckled, "that it is, sir," he said and leaned back in his chair.

"You're troubled," Veronica whispered when Patrick's attention had wandered.

"Is it that obvious?" Steve asked.

"To me, it is."

"I'll admit to being sad. I don't want to see you leave tomorrow. It's too soon," he confessed.

"We'll come back very soon, I promise," She smiled as she took his hand, "but I fear that my biological son is getting tired of having to take care of his mother and father, so we much go to make him miss us once again."

"We'll all miss you," Steve sighed.

"You can call me anytime you need me dear," Veronica said and petted his cheek.

"You'll get sick of hearing from me," Steve joked, "all I needed was the invitation and I'll be sure to talk your ear off."

"I look forward to it Steven," Mrs. Williams said lovingly as she held his hand tightly. "I need to know that you are ok, and you are more then welcome to visit us in New Jersey if you ever end up on the mainland."

"Thank you."

"Now, about this man Wo Fat, he needs to be stopped once and for all," Veronica whispered as she leaned in to Steve. "I know you can do it."

"I'm going to do my best," Steve said as the dark shadow descended again.

"Do what you know is right, and don't question yourself," she whispered, "and justice will be done."

"I will."

"I'm very proud of you, Steven." She smiled and leaned in and kissed his cheek.


Steve stood back, just watching, as tears filled Danny's eyes as his mother hugged him before she and his father boarded the plane. There was something good in the way he reacted to his mother's departure and something of hope in the way she smiled at him lovingly. His father was the same and yet different. There was a smile, a hug and a give em hell son, in his eyes but the tears weighed on them all. Grace hadn't let go of her grandparents the whole time they had been visiting and the separation was written all over her face, as it was her father's. She was Danny's child, and her grandparents were just as proud, if not more so, of the little girl.

"Steven, it was a true honor and privilege to meet you," Mrs. Williams smiled as she came forward, dabbing at her eyes with her handkerchief as she reached out and wrapped her arms around him one last time.

"I am who I am today, because I knew you, Mrs. Williams," Steve whispered into the little ladies ear.

Tears welled up in the mother's eyes once again as she looked lovingly at a son she had obtained on a two week vacation in Hawaii, "if you need anything, Steven, anything at all, you call me alright?" she said through her tears, "and I want to hear from you often."

"I'll call, I promise," Steve smiled.

"You are a good boy," Mrs. William sighed tearfully and turned back to her son.

"Good luck keeping this state calm collected and under control." Mr. Williams smiled as he too hugged Steve.

"It's not all up to me," Steve smiled, "I have a lot of help."

"Oh my God Ma, you and Dad have turned Steve McGarrett soft." Danny laughed as he fought back his own emotions.

"No, Daniel, I think that is your doing," Mrs. Williams smiled, cupped her sons face in her hands and looked into his eyes once again, "I'll miss you my baby, my beautiful boy."

"I'll miss you too Mom," Danny said his voice full of emotion.

"When can we come back?" She asked.

"When you're ready to stay for good," Danny answered.


After dropping off a rather sad Grace, Danny climbed back into the Camaro to see Steve staring out the window blankly.

"You don't miss them already do you?" Danny joked.

"I do, I had a really good time getting to know your patents. Your dad is my hero; he's brilliant and I hope one day I can be as wise, as calm, and as content with life as he is. Your mother is a very special woman and I think I leaned more about myself then I ever knew, because of her."

"She opened you up, that's for sure," Danny laughed as he pulled out onto the highway once more.

"They also explain a lot when it comes to you, Danno. I said it before and I'll say it again, you are your parents."

"I know," Danny confessed cheerfully.

"What, no fight?" Steve laughed.

"Not today," Danny smiled, "but what else is bothering you? Dark silent Steve is lingering ominously in the background."

"I got another envelope this morning," Steve confessed.

"What was in it?" Danny asked.

"Another tape from the Champ Box."

A shadow fell over Danny's eyes.

"What should we do?" Steve asked.

"We have to get Jenna to take a look at thing," Danny answered and steered toward the newly renovated office.

"We need more evidence against Wo Fat," Steve sighed, "we need something concrete."

"We're working on it. He gave away another of his aliases to you and Jenna has been all over that for the past week. He's a snake, Steve, as slippery and as venomous as they come. We have to be very careful, but he'll make a mistake somewhere. He's too confident and comfortable in his position. He's bound to mess up." Danny said his profiling skills and confidence as a police officer working overtime.

"You know I trust your judgement, right?" Steve asked when Danny fell silent.


"Ok, so why then do I feel like something huge is about to happen?" he asked.

"Intuition, you're probably right. It's their move, all we can do is sit back and wait, and work diligently with what we already know." Danny said his eyes never leaving the road.

"I hate waiting," Steve sighed.

"I hate watching you wait, it makes me paranoid."

"Then we should be arguing," Steve laughed.

"Pick a topic," Danny smiled.

"Football," Steve blurted out.

"Oh don't get me started!"


Jameson looked up from her paperwork as Lauren ushered someone into the office.

"Thank you Lauren," Jameson smiled as she stood and met Wo Fat's eyes.

"To what do I owe this visit?" Jameson asked when Lauren had left and the door was shut behind her.

"You were worried, I've come to reassure you," He answered.

"Everything has been quiet for a week; I'd like it to stay that way for a while." She stated as she sat down again.

"It will. Sang Min is laying low," Wo Fat stated with a casual wave of his hand, "until he resurfaces, and McGarrett and Williams dispose of him, everything will remain quiet."

"He's the last of your loose ends?" she asked.

"He is indeed."

"And what is your plan for McGarrett, aside for toying with him and Williams?" She asked.

"I do not toy, it is all part of a well laid out plan," He smiled.

"He knows who you are. He knows what you have done and the powers that you have," Patricia stated nervously, "aren't you worried?"

"I'm simply keeping my enemies close. I'm checking up on things, keeping McGarrett on a very short leash."

"McGarrett is one thing, what about Williams?" She asked.

"Williams has a weakness, two actually, and he's playing to them just like the rest of my pawns."

"Pieces are going missing from the Champ Box collection." Jameson said as she hushed her voice, a whisper on her breath.

"So we have yet another loose end," Wo Fat sighed.

"I'm afraid we do," Jameson said sadly.

"And do you have any suspicions as to who it could be?" He asked a flicker of accusation or anger on his eyes.

"I do," she answered nervously, "who else could it be but Lauren? She's the only other person with access to this office, it has to be her."

"It's alright, I'll take care of it," Wo Fat stated, stood and bowed before he left the office once more.

"This is going to end badly," Patricia sighed to her self as she flipped over another file that had been placed on her desk for the Five-O detectives. Another case and another mystery to keep them busy, for the time being.