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Loving E(Revised)


Chapter 1

"Bella, come on!" Alice screeched, "We have a long drive ahead of us. What the hell is taking so long?" I imagined I could hear her tapping her foot on the other side of the bathroom door.

Let me get you up to date, that's Alice, my wonderful loving, erratic, spaz of a twin sister. I guess you could say I'm the calm, cool and collective one, whereas Alice most definitely takes after our mother Renee. And my calm demeanor comes from our dad, Charlie. He's pretty laid back but don't get me wrong, he can sure show a protective hand when needed.

Today we're heading to our parents house in Forks for the weekend. Usually, we try to visit a couple of times a month considering the three and half hour drive each way. The drive isn't so bad if you have good music and maybe a few cases of Pringles on hand.

Ok, I've gotten ahead of myself again…See; Charlie is the Chief of Police in Forks and let me tell you, he loves his job. He doesn't need the money per se but law enforcement has always been his dream job ever since he was a little boy. The Swan Family has money, and lots of it. We're actually pretty well known throughout the whole country. My great, great, great grandfather, Earnest Swan, built his empire in the oil industry. According to my mom, that's what's called 'old money', but my dad never showed an interest in the family business. When he turned 25 he received his trust fund, and now my uncle, Clark Swan, runs the business, so money has and never will be an issue in our family because my dad still receives a portion of the company's profits because he holds 49% of the company shares, but Charlie and Renee deemed it necessary to raise me and Alice to make an honest living.

Tonight our dad Charlie is being given some kind of award, or the Key to the city or something important like that. It's quite normal for him to receive an award for something. This isn't the first time we've attended a benefit for him.

"Alice please, just give me ten more minutes. This is not a good day to rush me." I tried to sound as sarcastic as I possibly could because I can now hear her strumming her fingernails along the trim of the bathroom door.

"Well, if you wouldn't get so fucking drunk the night before we're suppose to drive home, then you wouldn't be dragging your sorry ass this morning," she accused. I could practically feel her glaring at me through the door like a character from Superman, 'Non' maybe, using his laser eyes to penetrate me through the door trying to melt me down to a pile of slimy flesh.

"Ugh...Piss off Alice. A girl is allowed some fun now and then. You act like you're completely innocent," I said, my anger starting to show with her rushing me. I was already having a hard time finding a comfortable pair of jeans to wear because I was so bloated.

"Bells, of course I'm not completely innocent but someone has to be the adult around here, and I am two minutes older than you so that means I get to be the one to act like a responsible adult," she screamed through the door, causing it to vibrate.

Great, that's just fucking great. Now she's holding her 'I'm two minutes older' card over my head. I thought men were the ones that swell their ego's, not her, not my sister. "I hope you at least saved some brain cells for our birthday in three weeks," finally, she scoffs angrily when she realizes her standing there isn't going to speed me up, and I hear her walk away from the door.

The night before, Alice and I went to a dance club with a few friends of ours that we've known since kindergarten. They also attend the University. It was the first time I had ever gone to a club because usually I just go to bars or invite everyone over to our place to drink and hang out.

My best friend Angela, Alice's best friend Rosalie, and our buddies Eric and Mike were also there, and I'd say it was quite the night considering my head pounding hangover this morning.

Back in the bathroom, I slowly but surely finish getting dressed and very gently pull a brush through my hair, desperately trying to avoid any more pain to the head then necessary.

When I finish, and open the door to the bathroom, I come face to face with Alice. I squealed loudly and shouted, "What the fuck! You scared the shit out of me Alice! Jesus Christ, can't I have some freakin' privacy for once around here?" I asked rhetorically.

"It's about fucking time. I was starting to think you fell in," she said to me with her hands on her hips. She just shook her head, rolled her eyes at me and walked away. I didn't even hear her come back up the stairs. She's quite stealthy when she wants to be. It's scary sometimes.

"I'm not going to apologize, so get the fuck over it. I feel like shit, and to top it all off my fucking bitch of a period decided to show up today. I thought being on birth control was supposed to make your cycles 'regular'." I looked to Alice for some insight but I know she's not going to give me the answer I'm looking for, knowing her, she'd just laugh at me and give me shit for being the 'Last American Virgin' on birth control.

Yup, that's me. A virgin on birth control. Go figure. It's not like I haven't had a chance to…ya know, but I'm not holding out for marriage either. I just feel like I should be in love when it happens, right?

Alice looked at me incredulously, "Bella, you know better than to ask me such a fucked up question. Maybe if you started getting laid, maybe that would knock your bitch of a period into place," Alice said, looking at me like I'm stupid before turning and headed to the front door of our condo. She has really learned how to act like a diva, which, if I might add, is quite irritating.

"By the way, you have to drive. My car is in the shop and I can't pick it up until Monday," she said while grabbing her purse from the front table and tossing my keys at me.

Ah, and there is the silver lining. I love my truck. A lot of people think that it's meant for a guy but fuck that, I have a bad ass truck. I've got myself a Navy Blue Dodge Ram 4x4 king cab. It has a six inch suspension lift, three inch body lift and thirty nine inch tires. It's a monster compared to what Alice drives…a girly little, itty bitty BMW Z4. I can barley even look at it, let alone sit in it for over three hours.

After I sat and listened to Alice bitch for about ten minutes because my truck is 'too high' off the ground, we finally got on the road. She just needs to be taught properly how to use the 'oh shit' bar and the nurf bar(running step) on the side of my truck...they're there for a reason for fuck's sake.

Our drive to Forks is supposed to take about three and a half hours but knowing Alice, it will take five. She always has to pee fifty times before we get there. I really think she should see a doctor about her abnormally small bladder, but finally we made it to our parents house at about four o'clock in the afternoon.

My parents own a huge piece of property on the northern side of Forks. Needless to say, their house isn't quite so small either.

Pulling up the long driveway, you can catch a glimpse into the backyard where our huge jungle gym sits and the huge playhouse that Charlie had built for us when we were little. I know my mom, especially, wants to keep that stuff around in hopes of grandchildren some day. Alice will probably beat me to it, her and her boyfriend Jasper have been together forever. It's just a matter of time before Jasper sweeps her off her feet with a proposal.

"Hi Mom, Hi Dad..." I say as my mom came barreling towards me and Alice.

"Ung...dang mom, you just saw us two weeks ago. It's not like it's been two months or two years," I said trying to catch the breath that she knocked out of me with her typical mom hug.

Mom looked at me endearingly, "Bella, sweetie, you and Alice are my only babies. You'll understand one day when you have children of your own," she said as she choked me to death with another hug. I can hear Alice start to make gasping sounds to try and ease Renee's hold on us. Mom finally released us so we could breathe.

"Alice honey, no Jasper this weekend?" Charlie wondered aloud. Jasper usually comes with us when we visit Forks so he can visit with his parents as well.

"Nope, sorry pops, I know how much you love Jasper but he has some sort of project due for school on Monday. With this being his last year, he has tons of extra work to do before graduation. He got a little behind and needed this weekend to catch up," Alice said while making her way over to where our father leaned up against the counter in the kitchen. After hugging and giving him a small kiss on his cheek, we sat down at the table.

Jasper goes to University of Washington with us, or UDub as everyone likes the call it. However, that's where the similarities end. He's a year ahead of Alice and I, and we are all on extremely different paths. Alice is majoring in Fashion Design and as of right now, I'm majoring in English Literature. I hope to one day be a successful writer or a teacher. Jazz is majoring in Psychology. He is in his fourth year and will be graduating this year. Alice and Jasper are definitely meant for one another. It's weird considering Alice's best friend is her boyfriend's sister. That's just too strange for me.

Our weekend went pretty quick. Dad graciously accepted his award from the Mayor of Forks and after mingling amongst his co-workers, we decided to head home. Alice and I spent the rest of the weekend just hanging out with mom and dad.

But, the trip had to end and on our way home, it decided to rain. Of course it being Washington state, that's a given.

Once we were about halfway home the rain picked up and it started to down pour to the point where I couldn't see the road in front of me. I was about to pull over and sit under an overpass until the rain settled but all of a sudden one of my tires blew out.

"Of all the times to have a blow out, it has to be raining." I thought unluckily.

I slowly let my foot off and gas, flicked on my hazard lights and slowly pull my truck under the overpass. I hoped that I wouldn't get too soaked changing my tire under the overpass.

About the time I reach for the handle to open my door, a black SUV pulls up in front of my truck.

I look over at Alice with a questioning look and she warns me to stay in the truck because he or she could be some sort of serial killer or rapist, and I, for once, listen to what she says and stay put.

A tall dark haired guy hops out of his SUV and approaches my truck. I reluctantly roll down my window just enough to see what he wants.

"Hey, you need any help? I was behind you and saw your tire blow out and thought I would offer some help," said the absolutely beautiful specimen standing outside of my truck.

I glance over at Alice to get her opinion. "Should I call AAA or let Mr. Gorgeous help?" I asked winking at her.

"Do you want to wait for AAA? I mean, I'm not getting any bad vibes from this guy and you know I'm pretty good at the vibe thing. I really don't want to sit around and wait." retorted Alice exasperatingly.

"Alice, I swear if you get any kind of bad vibe, whatsoever, just call 911, don't wait for anything to happen. Promise?"

"Promise." Alice said while putting up two fingers like she's doing a scouts honor.

I finally turn towards the absolutely gorgeous man standing beside my truck and accept his help. When I open up my truck door to get out, I glance up and the light from inside the cab shines into his beautiful bluish green orbs. 'I think my panties are soaked now' I thought to myself. I have never seen eyes like his before, especially eyes that color. They were clearest color of blue/green, I've ever seen. His long, dark eyelashes really made the color stand out. Even with it being dark outside, they were very noticeable. There are some pretty hot guys in this world, but this guy stood in his own category.

"I really appreciate you stopping to help. Not too many people would stop. They're probably thinking 'Better her then me." I giggled a little when I said that because I'm nervous as ever.

"No problem at all. I've actually been driving behind you since Forks. I can imagine having to change a tire on this monster. It would be quite the hassle," he says to me with a smirk.

"Well I'm not your typical girl to have a dainty little car. I like big stuff." I glanced toward Mr. Gorgeous because I just realized, I completely left myself open for any sexual innuendo.

I blush scarlet and quickly continue, "I really do appreciate your help. I know I already said that but I'd still be sitting here waiting for AAA to show up." I said nervously. I kept using my peripheral vision to take in his hotness. He is definitely easy on the eyes. Mine especially.

"I'm Edward by the way," he says as he extends his hand for me to shake.

"Um...I'm Bella. It's nice to meet you." I reach out to shake his hand and it's so soft and warm. It feel's comforting. It felt right to be touching him. Maybe it was a vibe rubbing off on me but not like the kind of vibe Alice looks for. He didn't flinch so maybe it's just my messed up imagination.

As I'm getting the jack out of the bed of my truck, my foot catches on a crack in the side of the road and I fall flat on my ass. Sitting with my head in my hands from embarrassment, I then feel hands under my arms helping me up. I get caught off guard and stumble into Edwards chest. I put both my hands up to push away but I couldn't help but feel what was under his shirt. Hard, muscular and warm.

We finally get my tire changed and I toss my jack and blown tire into the bed of my truck. I'll just have to make sure to order a new tire when I run Alice by the shop to pick up her car.

"Well, thanks again for your help. I really don't think I could have changed my tire by myself. My sister is too much of a princess to get her hands dirty," I said to Edward as I point over my shoulder to my sister sitting in my truck.

"Definitely not a problem at all, I'm glad I could help. I'm actually quite surprised that such a petite woman like you would have such a huge truck," Edward said to me while we start walking towards the front of my truck.

"I wouldn't have it any other way. Most cars change lanes when they see me coming." I just giggled and shook my head trying to absorb that he called me petite.

"Well Edward, it was nice to meet you. I need to get back on the road before my sister starts having a coronary. She hasn't seen her boyfriend all weekend and withdrawal symptoms are kicking in." Edward just laughed at me and shook his head.

"It was nice to meet you to Bella. Be safe on your way home." With that being said, Edward made his way back to his SUV. I noticed he stopped and glanced back at me while I was pulling onto the highway and drove off.

When I got back in the truck to leave, Alice was staring at me with pursed lips. "What?" I asked her considering she's looking at me like I did something suspicious.

"Oh I got a vibe and it definitely wasn't a bad one either," said Alice as she playfully hit my arm.

"Forget it Alice. He's long gone and I'll never see him again. What are the chances of me meeting 'The ONE' on the side of the road in the pouring down rain?" I groaned and rolled my eyes at my ridiculous sister.

We finally made it back home that night about ten o'clock. I had to make sure to call Charlie and let him know why it took so long for us to get home and that we made it home safely. Of course the first thing Alice does when she walks through the door is call Jasper on her way up the stairs to her room.

I grabbed a bottle of water and headed up to my room and into my bathroom to take a nice hot shower. Changing a tire in the rain is definitely a dirty job.

Once I was showered and in bed, it didn't take long to find dreamland and Edward was there waiting.

Waiting Naked.

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