Okay, so this is a mix between Kresley Coles: Immortal After Dark Series and The Link (The Link has been manipulated so that the story is almost unidentifiable, only characters and faint historical ties and themes). Although these characters or stories or quotes are not mine, except for the ones that I have created individually. Rated T or M, for Gore, Romance, Death and err well the entire thing me thinks. But enjoy.


Prologue- "for nothing contributes so much to tranquillize the mind as steady purpose – a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye. " – Robert Walton ("Frankenstein" or "The Modern Prometheus" (1831) Mary Shelley)

A Forest somewhere in New Zealand.

Not long ago….Theoretically speaking anyway…

Tears streamed down her face, she sprinted through the forest as if she was trying to escape from a pursuer. The teen tripped and went sprawling, face first into the dirt and tree roots. She didn't get back up, freely crying and sobbing, she couldn't believe what had happened. "What I am going to do now? "She thought miserably.

She got up slowly, the scrapes across her face and the deep gashes from the tree roots marred her face and arms, she winced and steadied herself.

Barely fourteen, the girl wobbled uneasily, her whole body aching for a soft bed that had been long denied to her, and warm food that had been long dismissed as a myth to her. She wiped her tears, and then regretted it intensely since the salty tears were smeared into her cuts and stung.

Her bottom lip trembled as tears threatened to flow.

She continued to walk, not daring to run since the ground was much too uneven and the idea of a broken ankle slowing her down was too strong in her mind. Her resolve strengthened when reminded of what her mission was. She determinedly set forward, awaiting the time when she could find her sanctuary.

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