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Chapter 30: This Moment…

"How are you? "

Selena looked up to find Wisea watching her carefully. She forced a smile, which looked more like a grimace. She was huddled in a blanket next to the fire in the medical house, she nodded, "Sore, and a little fuzzy, but okay. Thank you ", she replied. Selena's face was pale and she certainly did not look well. Her silver mane of hair was tied back and her purple eyes glinted dully in the light of the fire.

Wisea nodded and watched her carefully, "Do you remember anything? " He sat down cross legged beside her on the floor. He glanced at the flames and watched the flames flicker with merriment.

Selena frowned as her head throbbed, "Just him grabbing me, and then having that vision from Lord Thomson. "She shook her head slowly, "I talked to the Grand Elder, and he told me that the vision was from Lord Thomson and he explained the curse that was on me. " Selena cursed softly, the fire crackled and a log collapsed in the fire. She glared at the fire moodily, "Who is Lord Thomson? "

Wisea gazed at Selena, and then sighed, looking away with a tormented look on his face. "Lord Thomson is the oldest of our kind. The Lord used to advise the King Jhones' of old; but was not as a servant, no one could defeat Thomson in battle. There are many ancient legends, or The Lord's prowess in battle, or the tale of Lord Thomson returning from the wastelands after thousands of years as a nomad, and defeating the Lord Agnar, as he was the dictator of our kind thousands and thousands of years ago. "Wisea grimaced, "It's even rumoured that Lord Thomson was the one to Dub Dimka his lordship ".

Selena gaped; a sudden boom of thunder rattled the roof, the loud patter of rain on the roof made them jump. She looked sickened by the thought of that kind of agelessness and power in one being.

Wisea nodded and shuddered as thunder rocked the medical house, he continued nervously, "You would possibly even remember Lord Thomson and Lord Micah. Since the two were the ones who were charged with the responsibility of executing Lauren Kinko, they guarded him for the years in between, the years of imprisonment before his execution. Those two have been tracking Julius Kinko for a very long time, after his father's trail went cold, they kept an eye on him, until the incident, they were a little too late though ". Lightning cracked through the sky, and Selena shivered; Wisea pulled the blanket up around her shoulders as it started to slip. He cupped her cheek and smiled. "You have been put through much too much horrors in your lifetime, you deserve to be happy ", Wisea whispered gently, as Selena blinked several times.

Wisea's eyes, dark brown; were watching her carefully. He leant forward and pressed his forehead against hers. "I recall you as a small child Selena. You, Llanie, Hayley… "He trailed off with a look and shrugged, he smiled reassuring at her stressed out look, "You all used to play with an almost… Violent taste for destruction. You all could have likely gotten away with anything you pleased ". He closed his eyes in thought, "When you returned from your Rites, I could barely recognise you. You were years older, and when you became Captain of the Warriors, I was impressed. "

Selena searched his face, "I remember. " She whispered, "That was a very long time ago ".

Wisea smiled slightly sadly, "You are a candle, among the darkness of our world ", he whispered, he stared into her eyes solemnly and then took a deep breath before continuing, "You are any man's dream Lena, you are… Mine also ".

Eyes wide, she gaped slightly. Wisea sensed her panic, "I'm not your husband, nor any kind of lover to you, or your son, or even Senna. But I have waited a very long time for this "

Selena looked at him with an unreadable expression on her face. "I-I… I'm not sure. I do like you very much Wisea ", she admitted.

Wisea beamed and embraced her, she was out of breath, it had all went by so very fast.

"Isn't this a lovely scene? " A sneer caused them both to break apart and look at the source.

Wisea jumped to his feet and bowed low, "Lord Dimka ", he breathed chokedly.

Dimka shot him a look of boredom, "Leave us ".

With one last look at the huddled up Selena, Wisea left stiffly.

Dimka met eyes with Selena, "You have made a good decision with him, Selena Cairn ", he rumbled. The God of their race wandered to the mantle above the fire; gazing into the fire moodily. "I must say Miss Cairn; you have kept your secrets for a very long time. Do you think to keep them from him? "Dimka addressed her with that curious look on his face.

Selena wet her lips, "I will I think ", She whispered.

Dimka smiled affectionately, and then quite suddenly, lost all humour in his face. "Lord Thomson… "He frowned, "I fear- "He paused and glanced into the flames, "I fear that The Lord is in mortal danger from what conspired here. Lord Micah shall face Julius Kinko in battle tomorrow, and she is not strong enough to battle his dark magic. Lord Thomson is well known for many things, but what is not publically known, is how The Lord loathes the thought of comrades falling in battle; Lord Thomson will not stay away from the battle tomorrow, and will most definitely confront Julius Kinko. The Lord is on the bed of death at this very moment ", he whispered. Selena swallowed nervously.

Dimka suddenly shook his head, "I wish you well Miss Cairn, I shall go ", and he turned; promptly vanishing.

"What on earth are you doing? " Senna asked with disbelief, she watched as Regin stopped ransacking Senna's room to attempt to look innocent.

Regin shook her head, "Look, I know what this looks like… And I'm not arguing that it is exactly what it looks like ", she resumed searching through the drawers. "I know I sound crazy, but I need to see that picture of Ro okay. I swear I saw her, in a dream ", Regin suddenly realised how ridiculous she sounded, when Senna crossed her arms and raised a sceptical eyebrow. She stopped what she was doing and addressed her friend directly. "Look Senna, it was so real. We were in this place, it was all black and weird; we played chess ", she said desperately.

Senna blinked a few times contemplating, "Sounds perfectly sane to me ", Senna drawled casually. She scratched the back of her head and smiled wearily, "I have no kind of insult to respond to this with, I'm all out ".

"Look! " Regin blurted out quickly, "I saw this guy; seriously scary and in need of some sort of social skills. His name was Dholt, and Ro was really scared of him, an-and she talked about Baen warriors! Please believe me Senna! "She begged. "Listen I swear it was real! "Regin insisted, as the rain thundered down, she stomped her foot indignantly in cohesion with lightning strikes outside.

Senna's eyes narrowed with curiosity, "Dholt is a God of torture in my kind. He takes pleasure in cowardice and fear; he would have never have let you out of that place where I think you were… If all this is true anyhow ", Senna shook her head and paced around the room, lightning scorching the sky outside in huge lashes. The lights flickered and Senna paused. "Baen warriors are very very rare warriors… They are the guardsmen of Royalty and are revered as some of the most formidable opponents one would find on the field of battle "; Senna rubbed her eyes, her shoulders straining with tension. She looked Regin in the eyes, "Baen warriors… If they allow the sole person they are to protect to die; they are punished by Dimka horribly. I-I don't- "She swallowed and shuddered. Senna looked pale and drawn as she tried to get the words out.

Regin sat on Senna's bed and beckoned the warrior over to sit next to her, "What is it Senna? "

Avoiding her gaze, the tattooed warrior sat down beside her and stared at her hands in her lap, "Baen warriors, when they have died, are sent to a place called Limbo- alike all my kind, but they are able to see the souls that are stuck there…" But it was obvious that Senna had something important to say, but was putting it off, so Regin nodded, urging her on. Senna glanced uncertainly at Regin, "My tattoo… The one here ", she indicated to the tattoo on her face. "It's a tattoo that marked the Baen warriors… After Ro's death, Dimka punished me, and sent me into this duty to protect Lord Thomson. Baen warriors are rarities, born with the destiny of Baen. I am the only one in existence at this moment ", she whispered haunted.

Regin gaped at her, marvelling at this information, "So… "She grasped at words that escaped her, "So it was real? "She revelled.

Senna nodded glumly, "So Ro's soul is trapped in there with Dholt ", she whispered in a defeated tone.

Three days before:

"Dholt, you must relax. How many times must we go through this brother? So many requested, but they are never actually worthy ", Dimka advised, grabbing Dholt's arm and pulling slightly. The black marble mansion was as empty as usual, and more eerie than ever.

Dholt raised an eyebrow, "Well if all these Padaways are as unworthy as you say, how did you become a god eh brother? " He grumbled. "Eh debine ", he cursed. He was mixing his languages in his irritation.

Dimka scowled, "If you are going to speak in our language, try to speak civilised ", he prodded him forward and they continued down the marble hallway. The echoes of footfalls down the hall and the soft breathing of the two were broken by more speech. "Brother, when do you think our other two brothers will arrive? I am truly fed up of them being tardy. "He grumbled.

Shrugging, Dholt sighed, "You well know they enjoy our irritation ".

Benga and Dwaye were both Gods and brothers to Dholt and Dimka. Benga was the God of Love and Fidelity; while Dwaye was the God of the beast. Of course they weren't actual brothers, but when in Rome…

Dimka smiled, bemused, "I would think you would rather to irritate us more than those two, since you are all into the torture side of things ", he chuckled, slapping the fuming God on the shoulder.

Dholt glared at him, "There is a hefty difference in irritation and torture Dimka; as you well know! "

"Well, anyway ", Dimka quickly changed the subject, because if Dholt was angry, he was liable to take it out on the innocent recruit vying for a God position. "Do you know anything about the applicant? "

Dholt glared at him again, "You are quite aware brother, that I loathe it when you speak like this is some sort of mortal, earthly job interview ", he glowered and gritted his teeth. His eyes gleamed golden and Dimka squeezed his shoulder.

"Do not fret, we have arrived ", a bored male sighed from behind them.

The two Gods turned to see two tall males, in fine suits and they're demeanour pleasant. One; the one that had spoken, had that stark white hair; he was Benga, the God of Love and fidelity. Dholt often joked that Benga had gotten confused of the line between Fidelity and Fertility… The next man was slouching and had his hands stuffed into his pockets, he glowered at Dimka, while his hair was untidy, his shirt half untucked and his tie loose; his eyes were refined and calculating. Dwaye was a dangerous male to piss off; for the God of the beast had come to his calling very naturally…

"Indeed ", Dwaye said sourly.

Dimka stippled his fingers pleasantly, "Then let us continue ".

Dimka was a God of Time and Guardianship. He may have only been a God for a few thousand years, but he mastered time, and was all knowing, and all seeing, he exists everywhere and anytime. He was the most revered God for that. He controlled peace, and equality, but was forbidden from tampering with fate and destiny; he laid out rule and punished whoever broke them. Dimka controlled the Baen warriors and Rites of passages.

Dholt glared at the two late Gods, "Nice for you both to join us ", he sneered, he shot Benga a look of disgust, "You're at it again with the females ya? " He spun around and stormed up the hall ahead of the three.

Dimka grimaced, "You both know how important this is, so don't be ridiculous ".

Benga bared his fangs, "Hey Dholt, git off your podium of smugness! " He snarled. Dholt paused and turned, his eyes glowing golden and fangs bared. "You know that there's no chance in hell any one's going to actually be a God, they are just kidding themselves. You know that this one isn't going to be one of us, and you know that this one ain't worth my time ", he snapped his fangs ominously. Dwaye rolled his eyes and jabbed Benga in the ribs sharply.

"Get on ", Dwaye rumbled.

Shaking his head, "Look, just get in there you idiots ", Dimka snapped.

Dimka turned and dragged Dholt along. They were followed by the two others, until they stopped at a door on the left; Dimka opened the door. When they entered, they all stopped and stared in shock.

A female lounged on the black leather armchair, sipping on a glass of whisky, while crossing her legs and uncrossing them; a lit cigar smoked in an ashtray beside her. She gazed at the four speechless men. Their eyes not sure where to look first, her white neck, adorned only by a thin string of leather and some sort of stone or pendant, her bright blue intoxicating eyes with those long lashes, or her soft lips. Her short brown hair flicked and windblown, she wore black tight jeans, a tight vest, and leather boots. The mystery woman smiled sultrily, and Benga almost fainted.

She grinned at their looks and said in a sultry tone, "Well boys, I'm afraid you missed it ".

Dimka was the first to recover from the shock of the very attractive female; he had gotten the strange feeling of nervousness at this female. It felt… Wrong to be looking at her like that, and he wanted to murder the other males for looking at her like they were. She looked barely old enough to be out of her Rite of Passage, perhaps seventeen, no more than that.

Dwaye swallowed and adjusted his tie subconsciously; tucking his shirt in hastily, it wasn't every day that a female with this much sex appeal walked into the God plane.

"Uh ", Dimka cleared his throat hesitantly. "What exactly did we miss? "He said a little squeakily and highly embarrassedly.

She grinned again, and stood leisurely, her figure surely modelled by the heavens, "I waited, but I have much more pressing matters at hand, so I completed the decision for you all. I am a God, with or without your blessing; asking your permission was only a formality ". She ambled over and winked at Dholt.

Dimka frowned; he suddenly was alerted to the two large swords crossed behind her, in holsters on her back. She also had two daggers sheathed at her waist. One arm was fully bandaged, and she had black professional gloves on both hands. Dimka took an involuntary step backwards; his hackles raised and sudden dread filled him. "Who the hell are you? You are not ordinary! Tell us who the hell you are or get the fuck out! "He snarled.

The three other Gods tensed, they were confused at first at his response, but then realised the same feeling that their brother was feeling inside themselves. Their hackles rose and they bared their fangs.

The stranger waggled her eyebrows, "It's been a long time Dimka, that's no way to treat me after so long ".

The colour drained out of his face.

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