Chapter 1

Campbell Household, California

Danielle: Mom! Where is my backpack? *panics around the house looking here and there*

Mrs. Campbell: *walks down buttoning her shirt and carrying Danielle's backpack*

Danielle: There you are. *takes backpack and yells* "Michelle! You're going to be late, and if you're late, I'll be late..i can't be late on my first day of being a senior."

Michelle: Alright Alright. *rolls eyes* Mom, are we driving or walking or the bus..

Mrs. Campbell: Well, it wouldn't hurt if i drove you guys, right?

Danielle&Michelle: *shrugs*

Danielle: Sure, mom. That's fine.

-[at summer hill]-

Michelle: *walking with Danielle towards the doors* Now, in need to pretend you don't know me. Alright?

Danielle: *sigh* Sure.

Michelle: *fake smiles* Good.

-[They enter the building and find their lockers]-

Danielle: *opens locker and puts her heavy books inside and takes out stuff for math*

Hilary: DANIELLE! *runs over to her*

Danielle: *turns around surprised* Hilary! *hugs*

Hilary: *hugs back* Guess what.

Danielle: *confused* What,.?

Hilary: There is this new hotty that is in YOUR math class.

Danielle: *still confused* *points at herself* MY math class..

Hilary: Yes!

Danielle: Oh, well there is no guy in this entire school that's cute, and if there were..i wouldn't fall head over heels for them.

-[bell rings]-[in math class]-

Danielle: *picks a random seat* *takes out a book and reads*

-[all of the kids enter the classroom]-

Mrs. Miller (math teacher): OK class, before we start. I would like to introduce you to our new student.

?: *walks in*

-[all of the girls stare at him like he was Taylor Lautner, except Danielle]-

?: So, where is my seat?

Mrs. Miller: What front of Miss Campbell.

?: Oh OK... *confused* Who?

Danielle: *raises hand* I'm Danielle Campbell, and I don't think you're hot-uhh..I mean, I don't think you're smart-but I'll help you..*embarrassed*

?: Oooo..k..*sits down in front of her*

Mrs. Miller: Alright, today we will do physics..which is totally not our lesson today..but why not.

-[teacher talks, blah blah blah]-

?: *turns around* So you don't think I'm smart?

Danielle: *turns away* I didn't mean to say that.

?: Oh, well I didn't introduce myself yet..I'm Sterling Knight.

Danielle: *nods and smiles* Nice to meet you.

DANIELLE'S POV: When i first met Sterling, I wasn't so crazy about him..but now that this is happening, i am falling for him. His blue eyes made it hard for me to look away..and his peachy-pink lips were cute.

Sterling: *looks over at Selena Gomez* She's hot. You know her?

AN: What do you think the ships are going to be? XD Read on.