Title: Crush

Characters: Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh, Wendy Testaburger, Eric Cartman, Bebe Stevens, Kenny McCormick, Butters Scotch, Craig Tucker, Tweek Tweek and my own character, Rydia and Queenie. Etc.

Rating: T for swearing and hints of homosexuality (Yaoi)

Summary: New kid, Rydia, is a calm and pleasant girl who gains a crush on a certain hot-headed Jew. The only problem being she knows he will never like her like that.

Pairings: One-sided Kyle/Rydia (Err….Kydia?)

Warnings! Swearing, South Park dirty stuff. You know it all

Disclaimer: I don't own anything in this little ficlet other than the two original characters, Rydia and Queenie. South Park and characters belong to Matt Stone and Trey Parker!

A/N: So I had this idea for a long time and I figured now would be a good time. Now don't kill me but I have only watched 4 seasons of South Park so my knowledge of it may be a bit rusty but I'll try my best to keep everyone in character. Also let me know if my OC is a Mary-sue because I'll want to change her if she is. I've made everyone 15 because I thought it would be interesting to see what they would be like older. Hope you'll enjoy! :D

Enjoy! :3

Rydia treaded carefully to Mr Garrisons classroom as she already knew that one stupid little move could completely make them banish her from their minds and leave her helpless to their relentless teasing. Her black and pink scuffed shoes were making soft padded noises against the dirty scratched floor. Her blonde hair fell down her back, slightly wavy, and her side fringe covered her left eye with one pink streak running down the middle. Why she had only one pink streak she never knew and why it was pink was another mystery to her because she never dyed it in, that's for sure.

She was wearing her black jumper with purple dots on it patterning the black hoodie. The dark blue baggy jeans were riding low on her hips but her skin that should be showing was covered by the black and white striped top she had on underneath her hoodie. Nothing felt better in the world than when you were wearing your most comfortable clothes.

Nudging her dirty green shoulder bag onto her shoulder more, Rydia knocked on Mr Garrison's door hoping the kids were too loud to actually hear her knocking. She faintly heard a forced out 'come in' before she slowly opened the door. She felt relief as her notion was correct as her baby blue irises scanned the chaotic children around her. They were all jumping around laughing and giggling save for a few. Paying them no mind she walked up to the middle aged teacher with the puppet on his hand.

"Young lady, this isn't your classroom. Go back to learning and stop skiving" Mr Garrisons rude tone made her scrunch her nose up and tense, twitching a little.

"Actually I am in this classroom. I'm the new student, Rydia" Rydia waved a note into the teachers face before placing it down on the teacher's desk. When she was sure she had gotten the okay for being in here she walked over to the rows of desks. Noticing no-one was bothering to sit next to a French blond haired looking boy she sat down in the desk next to his. The boy didn't even look up when she turned to him.

"Hello, my name's Rydia. How are you?" Rydia introduced herself and smiled. However her smile dropped when she saw the look of fear on his face.

"Uh, are you okay?" Rydia asked. She didn't know what she did but it looked bad.

"Oh, beg my pardon, I just…don't really trust people recently. You see, I once recently had a friend who was also a new kid and he blew me up to seem cool to everyone else" The blond boy looked sad and brushed some tiny strands of golden hair behind his ear. Rydia frowned after hearing this and looked at his tiny face.

"Well, I'm not a lot like that. I can't blow people up and I most certainly don't ditch friends for cooler people no matter how much I would want to" Rydia tried to smile to comfort him. The blond looked confused and anxious for a minute before he let a small smile rest on his face.

"I am ever so glad to hear that, Rydia, and I'm overly chuffed that you've decided to come to me first. My name's Phillip Pip Pirrup but you can call me Pip since that's what everyone else around here seems to call me"

Rydia smiled at Pip before creasing her eyebrows together. "Wait, why do they call you Pip? Not that it's not a cute name but I'm just curious"

"Well gosh, I'm ever so flattered that you find my nickname cute but the others call me Pip because they don't like me" Pip said calmly before his expression turned to terror. "Oh please don't hate me because everyone else hates me! I shouldn't have told you that, should I?" Pip clutched his hands together and his eyes held tears in the corners of them.

Rydia giggled and placed her hand on his shoulder. "Don't be silly! I've already told you I'm not like that. Calm down"

Rydia's giggle had apparently attracted attention of a few boys and girls who decided to introduce themselves.

Cartman shoved himself forward. "Whatcha doin' with the fag?" Cartman's loud voice made Rydia wince and twitch a bit not going unnoticed by a pair of green eyes that squinted at her.

Rydia laid her relaxed expression on Cartman as she spoke calmly. "Well you were the one who decided to come over here, not me"

Cartman clenched his fists as he heard a couple of kids behind him laugh. "Ay! I'm not a fag! I meant that little thing" Cartman pointed his chubby finger at Pip who in turn squeaked a little before shrinking back a bit.

"That thing happens to be a friend of mine so if you'll excuse me" With that Rydia turned around and started up a conversation with a stunned Pip.

Cartman growled low in his throat. "Fine, you hang out with the little French fag. No-one's gonna wanna play with you if you are with him!"

"I'm surprised anyone wants to play with you!" Rydia started feeling herself getting a little bit angry but held it back.

"Hoe!" Cartman shouted and a couple of people laughed along with him. After Rydia didn't respond he stomped off and plonked himself onto his seat. All the other kids didn't feel like being bothered with introducing themselves so they went back to their seats and the only kids that were left were Stan, Kenny and Kyle.

"Dude, you've really pissed off Cartman" Stan said observing the new girl.

"Serves him right…" Rydia said slowly not looking up from her desk.

"Isn't Rydia a Greek name?" Kyle asked looking straight into her eyes. Rydia felt her cheeks flush as she racked her mind for the answer.

"Yeah but my Aunt's heritage is Greek so my mum wanted me to have a Greek name and kind of carry on the heritage since my aunt can't have a baby. Why she couldn't adopt and call it something Greek I'll never know. My family's a bit weird if you know what I mean" Rydia trailed off as she found herself staring at Kyle.

"That is weird" Stan commented. Rydia turned to him and studied him. The first thing she noticed was that he had a sort of smartness radiating him. The other thing she noticed was how close he looked to Kyle. Maybe they were best friends?

"Pip, who's that kid with the ginger hair?"

Pip looked to who she was talking about. "That's Kyle Broflovski, Rydia. He's best friends with Stan Marsh"

Rydia nodded and looked back to Kyle. Interesting…

It was break time and Rydia knew exactly who she wanted to befriend. With Pip tagging along behind her the curious girl made her way towards a friendly, innocent little blond boy sitting by himself reading. Pip and Rydia stopped a good couple inches away from him. "Who's he?" Rydia asked Pip.

"His name's Butters. He's really kind and he is actually one of the few people who doesn't tease me" Pip exclaimed smiling all the time. In fact Rydia didn't think she had ever seen him stop smiling ever since she became friends with him. Ah, she wasn't one to complain too often.

"Hey Butters" Rydia exclaimed happily to the little blond boy who looked up at them in nervousness.

"We came over here to see if you wanted to be friends" Rydia said. Butters rubbed his knuckles together nervously.

"Well, gee, I've n-never had someone ask me to…t-to be friends before but I will gladly accept your offer…if y-you don't mind" Butters said and smiled.

"Aw, you're adorable. Did you know that?" Rydia squealed and pulled Butters into a tight hug making Butters squeeze his eyes shut. She soon let go of the poor boy and looked up at the sky. "Hmm, now I want to make friends with…" Rydia looked around before her eyes landed on a nervous, twitchy looking boy who was drinking coffee. "…That one!" Rydia pointed and Pip looked towards where she was pointing to.

"Uh Rydia? Are you trying to befriend every blond boy here or something?" Rydia looked towards Pip blushing a bit. "No, I just pick out people who I think look nice"

Rydia made her way towards the twitchy boy who was sitting with three other boys. Butters and Pip shrugged before following their new friend. Once Rydia got to the group of boys she tugged on the twitchy boy's shirts while looking at the other three as she spoke. "Excuse me but could I please just borrow your friend a minute?"

"Why?" A boy with a blue hat with a yellow poof ball on top of it asked in a slightly threatening tone.

Rydia smiled a little. "Well, aren't we possessive? Look, I just want to have a little talk with him for a couple of minutes. Nothing bad so don't worry"

"Gah! Please don't send me to the government! I swear the gnomes are lying" The overly caffeinated boy screamed.

Rydia stroked the boy's blond hair and soothed him with soft words. "Calm down, I'm just hoping for a small chat. It's got nothing to do with the government"

Rydia, Pip, Butters and the other boy walked towards a small table that was placed near to a play area. "So, what's your name?" Rydia asked.

"My name is -GAH- T-Tweek!" Rydia noticed 'Tweek' was shaking violently and his teeth sometimes clenched. When she saw Tweek tug at his hair she moved fast and tugged his hands from his hair. "Hey, Hey! Don't do that. You're going to be bald before you're even 20 if you carry on that way" Rydia stroked where he had previously tugged and Tweek just shook less then. He leaned into Rydia comfortably and she smiled down at him.

Butters smiled at Rydia. "So why did you want to be friends with all of us?"

"Well, I need some friends and let's just say I can kind of tell that you guys are really nice" Rydia smiled before looking over at Stan's group focusing her eyes on one Jew in particular.

Pip took notice of this and waved his hand in front of her face. "Rydia, why are you staring at them?"

Rydia flushed and snapped back to reality. Facing Pip and Butters, she tried to explain herself. "I w-wasn't doing anything. I was merely…trying to….uh, find someone else to befriend"

Butter rubbed his knuckles together nervously. "U-uh…you know, since we're friends, you c-can t-t-tell us anything, right?"

Rydia scratched the back of her neck out of habit and nodded uncomfortably. Of course with them being friends there was bound to be one of those 'secrets are never kept between friends' issues. But honestly, she was too shy to admit something like having a crush on someone. Although, from what she had gathered upon meeting them, Butters, Pip and Tweek weren't all that popular so maybe they won't tell in fear of losing her as a friend. It was just a theory really to help her gather up the courage to actually tell them this.

"Alright but you have to promise not to say anything. God, I can't believe I'm actually telling you this" Rydia face-palmed herself after actually thinking about how ridiculous she was acting.

"Oh, I wouldn't even have anyone to tell so I do promise"

"No-body w-would believe me a-anyw-way so I won't"

"I -ngh- wo -Gah!- won't!"

Rydia blushed and her fingers twitched nervously. Breathing in deeply and calming herself while straightening her posture Rydia finally told them. "Okay, I admit, I do have a slight crush on K-Kyle but it's nothing, really!"

Butters, Pip and Tweek all stared at her before smiling. "That's natural although Bebe might be a bit jealous" Pip warned.

"Why?" Rydia looked over to where Bebe was and saw her talking to Wendy and Red along with Heidi.

"Well…Oh goodness me, how do I put this? Bebe has an infatuation with Kyle" Pip explained.

Rydia's eyebrows furrowed a bit as she heard this. She hadn't really noticed this although she had only been at this school for a couple of hours.

"He might not like Bebe that way" Rydia tried to explain back.

"He doesn't really like any girls to be honest. Last time Bebe tried kissing Kyle he seemed really disgusted" Butters explained and Rydia was surprised to hear no stutter in that sentence.

"What? Is he, like, gay or something?" Rydia asked while chastising herself in her head for using 'like' in a sentence that way.

"No! Gah, we just reckon, ngh, because he's only 15 that, UGH, he's probably just not intere, UCK, interested" Tweek said.

"Do you act like that because of your coffee or something?" Rydia asked out of the blue.

"Well, my mum says I have ADHD but everyone else, ngh, keeps suggesting to me t-to, ngh, lay off the coffee as it's the probl-lem" Tweek took a sip of his coffee out of his thermos as he twitched more and more.

"Anyway, so, okay, he's not gay just not interested in girls yet. Maybe that could change with me. I'll just have to see, won't I?" Rydia smiled slightly not sure what to think of this situation. She's not really dated anyone before and she hasn't even lost her first kiss but hopefully she could gather up the courage to ask Kyle out.

The first bell rang and Rydia gathered her stuff waving to Butters and Pip as she and Tweek walked to their first class together.

"God, I'm so glad I have one of my new friends in my first class. I don't know how I would have handled being in first class on my own" Rydia smiled down at Tweek who was a little shorter than her.

"Ngh, I'm g-glad too" Tweek smiled back crookedly. Rydia noticed his smile was odd but cute at the same time.

Suddenly someone pushed into her and their body weight made her crash on the floor, dropping all her books in the process.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I hurt you, bitchface?" A shadow loomed over her and the cold tone made Rydia flinch back slightly but she got up none the less and looked at the person who pushed her over.

"Eric Cartman…" She might have known it would be him. The fatass sure knew how to piss people off.

"You need to look where you're going, bitchface" Cartman smirked.

"Maybe if you're fatass wasn't so big I could've stepped around you" Rydia commented back starting to get angry.

"Ay, I'm not fat. I'm just big-boned!" Cartman flushed as he heard the fatass remark and grabbed her by the collar of her jacket.

"Ch….whatever" Rydia untangled Cartman's finger from her collar and waved him off. Tweek screamed and started pulling at his hair. "AGH! Please don't kill Rydia! If y-you do they'll think it's me and then the FBI will come after me and I'll be taken away from my parents and I'll die of starvation and GAH!"

Tweek tugged and tugged until Rydia slapped his hands away from his head and stroked where he had been pulling. "Calm down, you twitchy little thing. I'm not dead, am I?" Tweek shook his head in a frantic manner and squeezed his eyes shut. Cartman watched all of this before waddling off, still disgruntled by the whole fatass comment.

Rydia had calmed down Tweek and they made the rest of the way to first lesson. When opening the door they were met with a firm stare from the teacher.

"And where were you?"

"I had to calm down Tweek" Rydia explained moving to a seat at the back with Tweek.

"Ah, the little bastard who twitches. Yes, well, don't let it happen again" The teacher warned in a strict tone of voice before going back to the chalk board.

Rydia rolled her eyes and looked over to Tweek. "So I was thinking-"

Rydia was interrupted when a familiar voice cut in.

"Mind if we sit with you?" Kyle asked while Craig flipped them off and Kenny shrugged.

"Uh…sure" Her blue eyes scanned Kyle nervously before she felt a soft hand on her arm. Looking at the owner of the arm she smiled warmly at Tweek.

"So, we don't really know you that well, Rydia. Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself?" Kyle grinned at her and Craig flipped the Jew off.

"Um, well, as you already know, my name is Greek but I'm not actually Greek. I'm 14, going onto be 15 in two months. I love to play X-box and I love sports such as Football, Basketball, Badminton and Tennis. Etc. My favourite hobbies are writing, sledding and making plush dolls. I love Family Guy and old Looney Tunes cartoons and I get average grades but my best subjects are English and PE and I'm best friends with Tweek. Oh and I have good hearing" Rydia smiled at Tweek who smiled back.

"You've been hanging out with Tweek this whole time?" Kyle asked.

"No, not just Tweek. Butters and Pip too" Rydia answered back flushing.

"Damien will not like that…" Kyle murmured more to himself than anyone else. Rydia's ears perked up at that. What did that mean..?

"Who's Damien?" Rydia asked.

"He's this boy that decided to blow Pip up to seem more popular to people around here" Tweek explained looking a bit sad.

"Pip deserved it. He's a French frog" Kyle said.

"Excuse me…I know I don't know you too well and you don't know me but would you mind not talking about Pip like that? It's probably not my place to say that but it really does bother me" She looked worried as she explained this to Kyle who seemed a bit annoyed that she had told him off.

"Pip's Pip. He expects it" Kyle answered off-handily.

"Yes, well, you don't know how much it hurts him. I'm sure it hurts to hear someone call you a name" Rydia didn't give up for the sake of her friend who she knew wasn't here to hear it but she still felt like defending him.

"Alright, calm down. I won't do it again" Kyle looked a bit miffed but he didn't really pick on Pip that much anymore anyway so giving up altogether didn't sound too bad.

"Thank you" Rydia smiled at him.

The teacher gave all four of them an assignment to do after they had finished talking but this was South Park so the assignment obviously didn't make sense. They were told to come up with a design for an umbrella for a gay man.

"This is…weird. Why a gay man and why an umbrella?" Rydia asked perplexed.

"It's South Park. You will soon expect this as you get used to this place" Craig answered while he poked Tweek's cheek who twitched every time.

"Wow, that sounds fun" Rydia said sarcastically. "By the way, going back to subject of Pip, why would this 'Damien' not like me hanging out with Pip? It's not like he owns Pip" Rydia said jokingly chuckling at her own comment.

She stopped laughing when she saw the seriousness on Kyle and Craig's faces. "He doesn't…does he?"

"Well, under legal circumstances, he can't really own…Pip…per say…but he does own him under the rights of being Satan's son" Kyle answered looking as serious as a person who was talking about death.

"What! Damien's the son of Satan!" Rydia looked taken back at that statement and failed to notice Craig comforting Tweek when Tweek freaked out at the girls loud yell.

"B-but Pip can still hang out with me, right? I mean, it's not like I'm going to take Pip away from him" Kyle looked at her before looking outside at another classroom.

"I suppose I could ask Kenny to die and talk to Damien about it himself"

"Wait…ask Kenny to die? You can't kill your best friend" Rydia's voice grew loud and Kyle had to hush her before the teacher came over to their table.

"It's no problem. Kenny can die and then come back to life. It's his deal with life in a way" Kyle grinned knowingly.

"Oh…There's a lot of weird things about South Park, huh?" Rydia looked down at her lap, her fingers twitching at the thought of the place she had moved to.

Class went on for a while with Rydia doing some sketches for the design, Kyle helping her with material ideas and angle degrees and all that. Craig helped them a little before Rydia gave up and started talking to Tweek which left just Craig and Kyle working on the gay man's umbrella design.

When the bell for second lesson came by Rydia's nerves jumped around in her stomach as she realized she had no-one in her class that she knew other than Cartman.

"Hye bitchface!" Cartman yelled towards her.

"Hey assfat!" Rydia greeted back before sitting down in a seat nearest to the door. About a few minutes before the lesson actually started someone tapped her on the shoulder.

Rydia looked up and noticed it was a girl with purple hair, dark violet eyes, and a pink beret while she was wearing a lilac coloured jacket and a yellow skirt.

"Sorry but you're in my seat" Rydia blushed before mumbling in embarrassment while a certain assfat behind her snickered. "You can sit in the seat beside me if you wish. No-one else sits there" Rydia looked at the girl who was polite to her and noticed the warm smile to match the girls comforting demeanour.

"Thanks" Rydia said in gratefulness. "What's your name?"

"Wendy and, by the way, just ignore Cartman. He's a douche" Wendy said grinning.

"Ay, shut up, hoe!"

Wendy started talking to Rydia about everything and it turns out they had a lot in common. And since it was English class they were both in they found it easier to talk to each other.

Once the lesson was over Wendy waved Rydia goodbye and shouted good luck before heading to the cafeteria. Rydia smiled as she stared after where Wendy left kind of wishing she was as busy as her. That was until a big body crashed into her.

"Grr, how many times are you going to do that?" Rydia turned around and glared at Cartman.

"Until you learn your place, bitch" Cartman marched off and Rydia glared at him until he was a dot in the distance.

What was with him? Rydia didn't spend time dwelling on it before she walked towards the cafeteria. When she passed through the doors she looked around for somewhere to sit and noticed Pip sitting, on his own, at a random table. She walked over and sat down opposite.

"Hey Pip, where's Butters and Tweek?"

"Tweek sits with Craig, Clyde and Token and Butters sits with Stan, Kyle and Kenny" Pip answered looking happy that Rydia was sat with him.

Out of nowhere a burst of flames lit up in the seat next to Pip and in the flames place came a boy.

He had black scruffy hair, jagged looking eyebrows, red eyes and he was wearing a black long, sleeved turtle neck jumper with beige coloured jeans.

Pip looked shocked before saying the name.


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