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He laid in a bed. It had white sheets a white pillow and was surrounded by white walls, and beeping Machines. The faint sounds of a normal hospital could be heard from outside the small room. 24 hours ago this room was empty, that is until a man was rushed into to the hospital severely bleeding.

Gerard Way had been shot.

No he wasn't robbed for his money, and his wife didn't want to inherate his fortune. In all honesty the gunman wasn't even aiming for him, he was aiming at the man next to Gerard. Gerard's bandmate, his Rhythm guitarist, his best friend in the entire world: Frank Iero.

It was a snowy night in January right after a show in their home state of New Jersey. A man in his forties stood out side the back door of the Arena, the exact one where the band would exit and get on their tour bus. He stood out in the cold winter air waiting, and when the band came out he aimed and fired. Gerard saw and instinctively jumped in front of his best friend taking a bullet in the chest.

The webways were filled with the rumors only fifteen minutes after the tragedy had occurred, and no doubtably would it be all over the news the next day. It was a front page story for sure. The headlines would certainly be beautiful:

Lead singer of the group My Chemical Romance :Gerard Way, takes bullet for Guitarist.

Yep, This would be gossip for weeks, but for now his friends and family waited patiently on the top floor of a celeberty hospital while his doctors did what they could for Gerard in surgery. The waiting room was thick with an awkward silence. Lyn-z cried on Ray's shoulder. Ray just tried to console her by saying things like "It'll be okay, he's strong. " and "Don't worry he'll come out of this good as new." Even though none of them really believed that. Mikey sat across from them his face buried in his hands tears just flooding from his eyes. Frank sat next to him in shock.

Gerard…Gerard had taken a bullet for him. Gerard way had really saved his life, really? Frank couldn't fathom the idea that his best friend in the entire world, a man that millions of people around the world looked up to, a man that he had secretly loved even more then his own wife had been shot, because of him.

He shook his head. The idea of it gave him a head ache. Gerard was in critical condition because of him.

"Frank?" Frank blinked his eyes a couple of times trying to focus, he had completely forgotten other people were in the room.

"What?" he asked realizing every body was staring at him.

"I asked if you are okay? You look really out of it man." Ray asked cautiously

"This is all my fault isn't?" He asked Ray, feeling over overwhelmingly guilty. Water rimmed frank's eye's as realization hit. This was really all his fault. Gerard might die and it was ALL HIS FAULT. Tears spilled over. Frank let out a loud Cry of agony.
"This all my fault! All of it my fault!"He yelled sounding like a small child throwing a fit because his mother told him he couldn't have any ice cream. One of Frank's balled up fists connected with the arm of his chair. "Gerard's in their and it's all my fault!" The group was shocked at Frank's out burst, but it was understandable in this situation. To everyone's surprise it was Lyn-z who got up to comfort Frank. She slung one arm around his shouldlers.

"No, sweetie. It's not yours or any one's fault, except that crazed man who tried to kill you. "

"But if I…" Lyn-z cut Frank off.

" But nothing, sweetie. Gerard saved you, because he wanted too. He cares about you, you're his best Friend. He wouldn't want you to wallow in guilt. Would he?"

Frank sniffed, "No."

"That's right. Now stop wasting time on this hole 'this is my fault.' And pray for him. Okay?"

"I just ...I just... if he doesn't make it, I don't know what I would do." Lyn-Z's smile cracked and her eye's swelled up with tears.

"I don't know either."She answered with a shaky voice, "But we still have to hope for the best and pray that he'll come out of this just fine."

Frank pulled Lyn-z into a tight embrace as they cried for a while in each others arms.

About two hours later the doctor came out. "We've stabilized him." Ray jumped from his seat

"Woohoo!" He yelled throwing his fist in the air. Frank stood up

"so he's okay right?"

The doctor held up a hand "we couldn't remove the bullet. It didn't hit anything vital, but the bullet it's too close to his heart."

"But he is okay though, right? Sense it didn't get anything? Is he a wake can we see him?"

The doctor looked down, "Not exactly, Even though the bullet hasn't done any damage we fear it will. There is a very good possibility of the bullet moving and puncturing his heart."

It was now Lyn-Z's Turn to speak, "But wait if that could kill him then why don't you remove the bullet?"

The doctor sighed frustrated as if he had already explained this to a five year old. "The surgery is dangerous. The bullet is so close that there is a good chance we could do damage to the heart. It is a high level risk persedure in the first place but considering the location of the bullet, how close it his to his heart. The chances of the operation being a success are about 7%. Mr. Way said he didn't want to have the operation. "

"Wait he's awake?" Frank asked incredulously.

"Yes, he woke up five minute's ago, asking for a Frank Y-ero?"

"Iero," Frank corrected. Out of every one Gerard wanted to see him? Not his wife, not his brother, but him? Why? "Did he say why?"

"No, he just asked for you."

Lyn-z the person who had been consoling him for the past hour now wore a small frown. He looked at her. "Hey he probably just wants to yell at me for being such a dumb ass and ruining his favorite shirt with blood."

Lyn-z smiled, "Probably."

Frank got up and made his way toward the door. He hesitated, afraid of what Gerard might look like. When he pushed the door open there were a number of Machines hooked up to him. Gerard had to be uncomfortable with the amount of needles inside his body, but that was probably the least of his worries.

Frank took a seat in the chair positioned by the hospital bed. Gerard's eyes were closed. Frank wondered if he was even awake, but then he heard a small "Frankie?"

Frank smiled putting his hand over Gerard's, "yeah, buddy?"

His beautiful Hazel eyes slowly fluttered open, dark bags had formed, his skin was pale from all the blood loss. Yet he was still the breath taking person Frank had seen. Gerard smiled at the site of his friend. The smile was weak and small, but still majestic, Frank wanted to cry. His Friend was lying there and it was all his fault.

"I'm so glad you're here." Now both of Frank's hands wrapped around the hand that had the IV drip in it. He leaned closer towards Gerard.

"So am I." He answered.

Gerard studied Frank. His checks were read and his eyes puffy. Frank must have been crying a lot. This made Gerard a little sad on the inside he didn't want his Frank upset.

The air was thick Gerard tried to lighten the mood.

"You look like hell. What happened did they cancel Glee or something?"

Frank chuckled lightly "No mister dress man," Frank stated referring to the hospital gown Gerard was wearing, " They canceled Young and the restless, and you're one to talk. If I look like hell then what do you look like? Snookie's Vagina?" The both laughed at that.

The laugh caused Gerard to wince slightly in pain. Frank's smile fell. "Im so sorry, Gerard."

"What are you sorry for silly. I got myself into this mess." Tears begain to stream down frank's face.

"No, you didn't." Gerard looked at his Frank confused, and alarmed. He didn't want his Frank crying again.

"Why are you crying, Frankie?" Frank sniffed.

"Because stupid. You're laying here in this hospital bed. "

"And?" He asked still confused.

"And, It's all my fault. You're here, hurt and its all my fucking fault." His tears became thicker.

Gerard released his hand from Frank's so he could caress his cheek.

"Shh, shh, baby. It's okay, don't think like that. It's not your fault." He soothed.

Frank looked at him unbelievably. "Yes, it is!" he argued. "If you hadn't of jumped in the way, if I weren't the one getting shot at you wouldn't be here."

All Gerard said was, "It was worth it."

Frank stood up frustrated by his friend's apathy, "You are laying in a hospital bed, and you might die, and you think it was worth it?" Frank yelled.

"Yeah." Gerard answered, his smile growing.


"Because I saved the life of the person I'm in love with."

For the second time that night Frank stood frozen in shock at something Gerard had done.

A few second's passed before frank could manage to speak, and even then all he could manage was a "What?"

"You heard me, but I don't' mind saying it again 'Frank Iero I'm in love wit you. "

Frank fell to his knees beside Gerard's bed burying his face in the sheets. Gerard combed his fingers through Frank's greasy black hair. "I wasn't kidding Frank." Gerard said softly "I love you more then anyone in the world. When I saved you the only thought in my mind was 'No! Not MY Frankie!'"

Frank still said nothing, and Gerard felt panic began to rise 'Had he scared him away?'

Finally Frank raised his head, with a huge smirked sprawled across his face, "So now that you're in drag are you going to do push ups?"

Gerard smiled big, "Well, sense I'm not in prison I think I'll pass."

They both giggled, "You're such a crazy ass bastard."

Gerard stuck out his tongue, "I'm not crazy I just like crazy things."

There was a comfortable silence as they just looked at each other happily.

"You know I love you too, Gerard."

Gerard tucked strands of hair behind Frank's ear, "I know."

"I don't want to loose you though."

"You won't."

"But what about the bullet?" Frank asked still concerned he didn't want to loose Gerard, not now that they had finally admitted their love for one another.

"Don't worry, I've got a bullet proof heart." Gerard answered with a hint of humor, and a crooked grin.

Frank shook his head, "That has to be the cheesiest way to use an MCR line ever!" Before Gerard could answer Frank leaned in and kissed Gerard on the lips, His concerns being laid to rest. Frank knew everything would be alright.

Un-benounced to the two men, Lyn-z stood outside the doorway, where the door was slightly cracked open. Tears streaming down her pale checks she had heard every word. No matter how much He had said he loved her, or how many times he made love to her, despite the fact that Gerard had married her, she always knew Gerard's heart didn't belong to her. She knew Gerard loved her, but not as much as he loved Frank. That was why she had hired the hit man to take care of Frank. Naively thinking if Frank was gone Gerard would finally truly be hers'. She had hired that man to kill Frank Iero, but Gerard jumped in the way, saving the person he loved more then anyone.

Instead off tearing them apart she had pushed them together. It was melancholy, but in a weird way she was content Gerard was now happy and in the end that's all Lyn-z had ever wanted.

She walked away with tears streaming down her smiling face.

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