Chance Encounter

Chapter 1

Location: Coruscant, streets

At first he didn't notice her. There were many beings on Coruscant that it would seem very unlikely that he would find her different from any of the other countless souls mulling about in crowded streets, but as he passed by her hooded figure he felt a change in the air.

He paused and saw that she had noticed the same strange sensation as well because she had also stopped. Slowly, she turned and raised her hand to pull back her hood slightly to meet his gaze. He saw that she was beautiful and young. A heavenly creature probably no more than twenty with fair skin and lovely eyes. Her irises were a strange shade of red and they caught the light from the speeding transports overhead.

Time seemed to slow down as they continued to stare at each other and he felt the Force vibrate all around them.

However, a second later the woman moved to turn away, but he wouldn't have it. Instantly, he closed the distance between them and said, "Miss, I beg your pardon? Excuse?"

She stopped and faced him curiously and asked, "Yes?"

He was speechless. He wasn't sure what he should say. He didn't have a plan, so instead he thought he'd introduce himself first. He bowed his head and said, "Forgive me, Miss. I am Count Dooku. I was wondering if I may have your name?"

The hooded woman curtsied and replied, "I am Lady Thrice. Is there something you wanted to ask me, sir?"

"No, I was just wondering what sort of business a young lady like yourself has on Coruscant. And why you would conceal such a lovely face?"

Lady Thrice smiled and said, "I thank you for the compliment, sir, but don't usually converse with strangers."

Count Dooku felt the strange vibration in the Force grow stronger as he stepped closer to the beauty. She was probably Force-sensitive, but since she was not a Jedi she probably didn't even know it. However, it was beyond him how anyone at the Temple could pass her by. There was a rawness about her that was sublime. The Force seemed to bask in her energy and circle her like a moth to a flame. She would have made an excellent Jedi, but alas she was old too join. The only thing he could think of was that she might make a fine Sith, yet she appeared too delicate and pretty for that sort of life.

He said, "A very wise habit to maintain, my dear, but I assure you I have no ill intent. I only ask because many newcomers to the city find themselves lost."

"Well, aren't you chivalrous?"

Please, Count Dooku offered her his arm and said, "Please, permit me to escort you, my lady."

Lady Thrice grinned and took his arm and stated, "I had no idea the men at Coruscant were so gallant. Though, since you offer to be my guide then let us be off to the Temple."

Suddenly, Count Dooku paused. "The Temple?"

"Yes, the Jedi Temple. My business on Coruscant is to deliver a message from my Lord Master."

Inwardly, the Count cursed and tried to conjure up a good excuse to leave. There was no way he could set foot back inside the Temple. He had gone rogue and didn't want to be apprehended by the High Council. He had only suggested to escort the lady because he figured he could learn more learn more about her and her mysterious Force-presence, however things were getting dangerous. He was only on Coruscant for a short time to speak with his Master.

"Oh, what sort of message?"

The beauty replied, "I can't tell you. Its top secret."

"Really? Then, now I'm dying to know, but unfortunately I can't escort you to the Temple at this time. I have other business to attend to that I nearly forgotten about. I'll hail you a transport to take you there instead."

Disappointed, Lady Thrice said, "Very well, if you must."

Yet, Count Dooku disliked her tone and decided it was worth speaking with her again. He wanted to learn more about her odd Force-presence and what it might mean.

"Perhaps, we can converse more at a later date. How long are you staying on Coruscant?"

Count Dooku then hailed a transport and opened the door for the lady to get in. She stepped into the car and said, "I won't be here long, perhaps dinner? Leave me a note at the Temple and I'll meet you later on."

"Very good," said the Count. He handed the driver a few credits and said, "Bring the lady to the Temple." The driver silently nodded and a second later she was gone. It only took the Count another second to realize he had just made a date.


Location: Jedi Temple

It didn't take Lady Thrice long to arrive at the Temple, however she didn't really want to take a transport. She had really planned on taking in the sights and sounds of the city and walk, but the odd Count had insisted so she didn't refuse. She felt something strange about him. His aura was clouded and strong. She hadn't felt anyone that strong since she left the Clan.

Thrice made up her mind to investigate this man. She felt that he was hiding something.

Though, once she climbed up the Temple steps she saw that inside there were lots and lots of weird beings walking around dressed in matching robes and tunics. It was confusing and she felt overwhelmed.

Her senses were being bombarded by their strong feelings that she began to pant and leaned against a pillar for support. Quietly, she tried to control her breath, but a Jedi interrupted her thoughts.

"Are you alright, Miss?"

Thrice gasped and lifted up her head to see a man with a dark complexion gaze down at her with concern. "Yes…yes, I'm fine. I'm looking for Jedi Master Jinn. Do you where I can find him?"

Master Windu nodded his head. "Yes, but are you sure you're alright?"

"Yes, please take me to him. I have a message to deliver from my Lord Master."

"Very well, please follow me."


A little later, Lady Thrice found herself standing in front of a door which she assumed was his quarters. The dark complexion man pressed a chime and soon the door was opened to reveal a teen.

"Oh, hello Master Windu."

"Hello, Obi-Wan. Is your master in?"

"Yes, I'll go get him."

The teen left the door open and Master Windu gestured for Thrice to walk in. Hesitantly, she strode inside and scanned the sparse living quarters quickly. It seemed Jedi lived like monks on Coruscant and they appeared to like beige.

She heard voices in the next room and not long after a tall bearded man stepped out with the teen. He looked at her and then at Master Windu and said, "Mace? What's all this about?"

"I just came to deliver you your guest. She said she had a message for you from her Lord Master."

Qui-Gon narrowed his brow and asked, "Lord Master?"

However, the beauty didn't answer right away. She gave Mace a meaningful look and cleared her throat thoughtfully. Master Windu got the hint and bowed to his friend before leaving.

"I'll leave you to it then. Good day."

Master Windu exited the room and slowly the beauty pulled back her hood to reveal her face. Obi-Wan saw that she was very pretty and a lot younger than he thought. Though, whoever the girl was she looked dizzy and pressed her hand down over a table and took a deep breath.

"Miss, are you alright? Do you need medical attention?"

She shook her head. "No, no I'm fine. It's just that you Jedi are overwhelming."

Obi-Wan caught his Master's glance and pondered the lady's comment. What on earth did she mean? However, Qui-Gon didn't ask. Instead he pulled out a seat and tired to guide her down, but she refused his help and managed herself.

"Oh my, please forgive me. I think I need a moment to adjust."

"Please take your time your time, Miss." Qui-Gon then turned to his apprentice and said, "Obi-Wan, go fetch the lady a glass of water."

"Yes, Master."

Obi-Wan quickly pour her a glass from a pitcher in the small kitchen and handed her the cup. The beauty smiled and took a zip before speaking.

Embarrassed, she said, "Again, I must apologize for being so ill. I'm just didn't expect so much emotion to be channeling from your comrades. It left me overwhelmed. I must be more mindful in Jedi presence."

Obi-Wan was curious and asked, "Are you a Jedi?"

"No, why would you think that?"

"Well, your Force-presence is enormous."

"Padawan," scolded Master Qui-Gon.

"But it's true, Master. The Force is acting weird all around her."

"Enough, Obi-Wan. Go to your room or be silent."

The teen grumpily obeyed and sat down quietly in his seat. Meanwhile, Thrice tilted her head and eyed them curiously and asked, "Is he your son?"

Abruptly the two looked at her and Qui-Gon exclaimed, "No, Obi-Wan is my Padawan. He is my apprentice."

"Oh, I see. He's your disciple. A squire for the knight."

Qui-Gon nodded his head and replied, "Yes, something like that. Now, what's your message, Miss?"

She leaned forward and straightened up in her seat and said, "Oh yes, pardon the delay. I am Lady Thrice. I am the servant to my Lord Master, Lord Blackswan of the Clan on Dagobah. I have come on my Lord's behalf to extend to you an invitation to visit him at the colony."

"What? You came all the way from Dagobah just to deliver an invitation?" asked Obi-Wan in shock.

"Quiet, Padawan," uttered Master Qui-Gon. He stroked his beard and hummed in thought. "Hmm, so…Lord Swan is inviting me over for tea… well, it has been a while. It may prove to be a fruitful invitation." He then looked at her and said, "Tell me, is this purely a social engagement or is there something more?"

Thrice unexpectedly smiled and said, "Maybe, but I'm not at liberty to say." She then got up and added, "Now, if you'll excuse me I have a date."




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