Two figures briskly walked toward Hogwarts in a lighting storm. One of them tightly held onto her umbrella as thunder crashed around them.

"Alastor, is this where we are staying?" The girl shouted over another crash of thunder. The man didn't answer, he just continued toward the castle. She watched him for a moment and chuckled to herself, picking up her pace to catch up to him.

After a long while they were at the castle gates, both of them were soaked down to the bone.

"When we get inside I've arranged it so that you will be sorted after the feast in Dumbledore's office. He also has prepared your meal there."

"Yes sir." She smiled. When they got inside a house elf was there to escort her to a private bathroom so she could change into her robes and take Alastor Moody to the feast. After she had dried off and changed the elf walked her to Dumbledore's office. She was able to hear the address the headmaster gave from a gramophone-like object on his desk. She quietly listened, lifting her small suitcase from under the table. She rummaged around through the clothes and books until she found the letter Tonks had gave her before she left.

Dear Marina,

Well here goes, I'm excited that you've finally been able to attend Hogwarts. I'm just sad that we aren't the same age and couldn't attend together. I hope that you decide to write me over the year. The ministry is going to be a blast. Don't break too many hearts. ;)



P.S. Make a lot of new friends but don't replace me with a new best friend.

The girl chuckled, but her smile quickly fell. She set down the letter and walked over to the window watching the raindrops.

"Be careful who you trust. There are plenty of students who work for your father." The words Moody spoke to her rang through her head.

"Hello Marina it's been such a long time." She jumped. Turning to greet Dumbledore.

"Yes it has." They walked to each other and shared a hug.

"Have a seat." The headmaster warmly spoke. Marina nervously sat as Dumbledore walked forward and took the sorting hat from under his arm, gently placing it on her head. Seconds after it was put on her head she heard a voice.

"Wow, I never thought that I would sort the child of Tom Riddle. My initial analysis would put you in Slytherin. However, the more I study you…Hmmmm yes… It seems you are very different from your parents." She held her breath. "GRYFFINDOR!" She slowly exhaled.

"I…I thought…"

"You'd be in Slytherin?" She beamed at Moody when he entered the office. He smiled back. "Go on now, up to the dormitory. Come by my room first thing in the morning so I can give you your schedule." She nodded taking her suitcase, muttering thanks to the two men as she dashed out.

"She's grown to be a pretty girl." Moody sat.

"That she has." Moody sigh, sitting across from the headmaster's desk.

"I hope the best for her. She is similar to Harry. That girl is very famous…but for very different reason. She won't be held with high regard like Potter. She will be feared." Moody sigh in agreement, taking a swing out of his flask.

She sat at the end of the table, absentmindedly playing with her sleeves. Students shuffled past her sending fearful, or scornful looks. Whispering amongst themselves as they went by.

"Hey guys who is that." One of the Weasly twins piped up. Fred, Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione all looked down the table to see her, still nervously playing with her sleeves. Ginny choked a bit on her drink.

"What?" George asked, slightly offended at the reaction.

"George…that's…" Ginny's eyes grew wide in disbelief.

"That's you-know-who's daughter." Hermione cut in, finishing Ginny's sentence. Everyone froze.

"How do you know?" George scoffed, perking an eyebrow at his astonished little sister.

"Everyone knows. It's like with Harry…except people probably treat her the exact opposite." George put his head in his hand letting out a longing sigh as he watched her.

"I think George is love struck." Fred spoke up.

"N…No!" His ears turned pink.

"Aww." Ginny spoke, giggling along with the others as George stood. His cheeks turning red. "Better ask her out before a Durmstrang boy does."

"See you later guys." He spoke as he retreated.

"Marina. Fancy seeing you cousin." Marina felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand. But she continued walking, ignoring the snobby relative. "Come now Marina can't say hi." She felt a hand on her shoulder and shrugged it off. Turning to face Malfoy and a few other Slytherin kids.

"Hi…." She flatly addressed them.

"Why haven't you been in Slytherin dorm?" Malfoy inquired.

"Because that's not my dormitory…" She proudly spoke. Only to be met with snickers and snorts.

"You're the daughter of Voldemort and you're not in Slytherin?" Malfoy teased. She slowly shook her head as one of them stepped forward his wand pointed at her.

2 months later

Dear Tonks,

How did you get through school? Everyone seems to avoid me. Malfoy and his friends harass me. I hate it here. It's not at all like you said.

Marina suddenly stopped writing the letter. She couldn't let Tonks worry about her, she had enough on her mind. She crumpled up the stationary and tossed it into the fireplace. Watching it burn.

"I can't believe we have classes with Slytherin tomorrow. It's going to be dreadful." A girl spoke up as her and her friend walked through the common room. An icy chill went down Marina's spine. She couldn't go. Malfoy had been her one source of torment this entire time and she couldn't bear being publicly humiliated in front of students who already hated her.

The entire night she tossed and turned uncomfortably. The next morning at breakfast she tried to slip out right after Dumbledore's morning address. But failed to notice Malfoy excuse himself to follow her.

"Why so quick to leave?" She froze. "You didn't want to walk to class with us." Malfoy took a step forward but she pushed him to the floor. She sprinted away until she was out of sight and able to dip into an abandoned bathroom. She sigh.

"I guess this will do."