nightelf37: Okay. I'm gonna start my "Kingdom Hearts Remake 1: Retcon Version"…now.

Prologue: Awakening

Part I. Prior Events (1)

Someone from the Neopets Agency, an organization that works behind the scenes keeping order in Neopia against outside sources, was conspiring with a strange individual. This individual wore a cloak completely concealing their identity, save for a badge which was an orange circle, with an open book colored in blue and white inside it.

"May I ask why do you need our agents?", the one from the NA asked.

"I feel that our enemy is on the attack and can threaten our forces and the safety of Neopia itself, as well as a lot more worlds.", the Story Crew member said. "To take down this threat, we feel it has to be done now at this stage."

"I see. I trust they'll be safe?"

"…Should they be in a bind that they can't get out of no matter what they do, we'll get them out."

"I turst you'll do that."

"I give you my word."

Part II. The Paths

I don't know how or why, but when I came to, I was on a green circular platform with a triangle with 3 circles in its edges colored red, blue, and yellow respectively. I also wore a blue T-shirt with a yin-yang decal, denim jeans, blue sneakers, a pair of glasses (I wear glasses), blue sneakers, and black fingerless gloves. All of a sudden, I heard a voice call out to me.

Much to do. Little time to do them. Take your time.

I turned my head all around to find the voice as I tried to comprehend what it said. Take my time? But there was only "so little time", wasn't there? That was contradictory. I was confused and almost frightened by this series of events. What was happening? Why was I here?

But don't fear. The door is still shut.

The door? What door?, I thought.

Now, walk forward. Can you do it?

I instantly complied, and to my surprise, I can. After reaching the center of the platform since I was closer to the edge before, the voice began to speak again.

Power sleeps within you.

Suddenly, a beam of light appeared to my right. I turned my head to look at it, and saw that a stone tablet bearing a pistol and a riot shield had risen up from the part of the floor that the light had touched.

This feels all too familiar., I thought.

If you give it form...

I spun around to see another beam of light fall upon the surface of the platform to my left, and saw that another stone tablet had appeared, this time bearing what I think was a minigun, a rapid-fire weapon, but since I was no expert in guns, I couldn't identify the model.

Already, this feels like a non-funny parody of some kind, I thought.

...It will give you strength.

Yet another beam of light had appeared and summoned yet another stone tablet from the depths of the flooring. I turned to me front and saw this stone tablet held a shotgun. All four objects spun in place just above the stones. I looked at each of them in turn, baffled, when the voice came once more.

Choose well.

After a moment's hesitation and thought, I walked forward and stepped toward the platform that held the shotgun. I pulled myself up onto the platform and took the shotgun into my gloved hands.

Way of the striker. Attacks may be slow, but every shot packs a punch. Is this the power you seek?

I took a closer look and saw the letters H A, M D, L S on the shotgun. After thinking about it, I decided it wasn't for me. I shook my head, stepped down, then looked at the pistol and shield. I walked to it, stepped up the platform, and took both items, the pistol in my left, the shield on my right. I felt like I once wielded these, but I couldn't remember where.

Way of the defender. Not much power in attacking, but the shield helps in survival. Is this the power you seek?

On the shield was L A, H D, M S. I looked up into the blackness, perhaps hoping that the owner of the voice would reveal himself. After a moment of empty silence and darkness, I looked at the weapons in my hands and nodded "yes" in reply. The gun and shield instantly vanished from my hands, breaking up into light. I then felt power flow into me; I was absorbing the light of the gun and shield.

Your path is set. Now... what will you give up in exchange?

I turned around to look at the remaining two items; the minigun and the shotgun. Give up one power in exchange for my newfound power? This was feeling all too familiar to me. I jumped down the platform that once had the gun and shield and looked at each of the items. What to give up? I was about to head for the shotgun, but I stopped short at the center.

Hold on a second., I wondered. If the shotgun represents attack, and the gun & shield represent defense, what does the machine gun represent?

My eyes drifted from the to the minigun. I walked toward it, pulled myself onto the platform and, hesitating for a second, took the impressive weapon into my hands.

Way of the rapid. Every shot is swiftly dealt, but you're more at risk from close attacks. You give up this power?

The minigun had M A, L D, H S engraved on it. I then thought about it. If I give up the shotgun, I would have below average attack power, average defense power, and probably above average attack speed. On the other hand, if I give up the minigun, I'd have average atack power, above-average defense power, and below-average attack speed. I then wondered why I was thinking like a gamer who thinks about stats. I pondered for thirty seconds, then decided that being defensive was my way. I nodded on giving up the 'way of the rapid'. The minigun shattered into light, and I watched silently as the lights winked out one by one—I wasn't absorbing them this time.

You have chosen the way of the defensive. You've turned aside the way of the rapid. Is this the path you choose?

I wondered why the strange voice kept saying aloud what I chose. But once again, I nodded in approval. I turned on my heel, waiting for further orders. Yet as I waited, there was a large jolt that almost knocked me off the gray platform. I looked down to see the platform sinking into the stained glass image. There was another jolt, and I hopped off the platform. I stood up quickly, realizing that the glass, too, was shattering. The pieces flew up around me and vanished into the darkness. I just knew I was gonna fall and when the glass broke beneath me, I was right.

Part III. Learning How To Battle

I was falling fast. There was no light around; I was engulfed in the darkness. I was thinking this was all a dream, but it felt so real. It hasn't lasted longer than any dream I'd ever had before, but I felt it was gonna be longer.

My black hair was fluttering about wildly into my brown eyes as I fell further into the dark. The darkness seemed to last forever—I was getting worried now. I never had such a dream like this. Suddenly, like a ray of hope, I saw a purple square platform with a spiral pattern. I saw I was gonna land on it, but then I realized I was falling so fast I'd probably 'die' from the impact—and wake up if this was a dream, or crash through it.

I was relieved when my fall was slowed and landed safely on the platform. Just then, the pistol and shield appeared in my hands. They were the weapons from the last platform that I have chosen. The shield even had the same engravings on it.

You've gained the power to fight. Take a shot.

I was surprised by the voice. I then looked at the gun. I hesitated as I didn't know if this would be loud like real guns or how long I would last with what little bullets pistols usually have.

Don't worry. Your ammunition is infinite and all the weapons are silenced enough not to deafen you.

Feeling assured, I aimed into the blackness and fired. The voice was right.

Use this power to protect yourself and others.

I was confused from this. Protect others? I was the only one here. Just then, I saw a dark spot appear on the platform. I turned to face it and leaned forward, examining it, watching a strange black shadow-like creature take shape with curious yellow eyes. What was it? Was it dangerous? Would it hurt me? I felt like I've seen them before up close and personal.

There will be times you have to fight.

As I watched, another spot emerged, and then the creature rose out of its "2D" form and stood before me. I was taken aback and unwittingly took a small step backward. I gripped my weapons tight and watched in shock.

Keep your light burning strong.

Suddenly, the thing jumped at me to attack. I leapt back, stumbed a little, aimed my gun, and fired. The first shot didn't take him down, so I did another and another. On the third shot, the creature exploded into black mist. The other, similar creatures flattened themselves into the floor and vanished. I spun around several times, checking, making sure there were no more shadow creatures.

Behind you!

I was caught off guard again. I spun clockwise—just in time for my shield to block a shadow's attack. I shot once at the head and it vanished with an explosion of darkness. Only one was left. I turned to face it and was about to shoot it when the creature flattened itself into the floor, vanishing into a dark blotch that formed beneath it.

I was taken aback by its sudden appearance. There was a rumbling noise and I turned to see…that there were more of the dark blotches spreading across the platform like a disease. I could do nothing but stand still lest I fall into the darkness.

It didn't matter though, as the dark void appeared right under my feet. I immediately sank into the darkness, gasping in shock as I did so. It felt like quicksand, not that I ever experience sinking in one personally. Everything seemed to move so slow as I felt something cold pulling at my skin, pulling me into some cold, dark void.

As I sank to my waist, I immediately attempted to grab at the platform but it was a little too far. As it reached my neck, I threw up a hand, hoping that somebody would pull me up. It was in vain as the darkness swallowed me up. And I lost consciousness.

Part IV. Questions

When I came to, I realized I was lying on yet another platform. This was pink and shaped like a triangle, and had no other features. I then realized there was a beam of light coming out of the endless darkness at an angle. I 'followed' the light and saw what it was pointing at. There, jutting out of the surface of the platform was a large arched door.

I stood up and walked around the door, examining it, and then stopped right in front of it. It had a beautiful ornate pattern all over it; around the handles, on the edges, where the double doors met… It seemed to be important, though I couldn't find out why. It didn't seem to lead anywhere—just to the other side of itself, unless it acted like a portal of some kind. It was slightly transparent like a hologram, but it was definitely there. I pocketed my gun, put my shield on the platform, placed both hands on the door's surface, and pushed.

Aftr a while, I stopped, thinking it probably doesn't open from my side.

Now what? There was nothing else there, right?, I thought.

I turned around—and noticed that another beam of light had appeared. I followed the light column down to where it met the platform, and saw a peculiar red chest. Curious, I walked toward the chest and knelt right next to it. I opened it, only to find a small bag. Sighing, I picked it up and pocketed it. I closed the chest, and turned around to see the door…no longer transparent.

I was getting a strange sense of déjà vu. I approached it and picked up my shield. Just before I could open it, I heard a strange noise 'inside'. I stepped away and it fell silent once more. I looked at the door again, starting from the bottom to the top. and saw the double doors began to part, ever so slowly.

A bright white light was emitted from within, so powerful that I had to shield my eyes from it. The door opened itself wide, inviting me to enter. I remained cautious, and stepped forward, my shield in front.

After a moment, the light faded and when I eased myself, I saw that I was in Neopia. (2) And on top of a turret in Castle Meridell. There were no sentries around, but there were three Neopets facing me.

One of them was an anthropomorphic Yellow Usul in pirate clothes. Notably, he had a red bandanna tied around his forehead. I immediately recognized him as Garin from the "Curse of Maraqua" plot.

The second one was an anthropomorphic Blue Nimmo with brown hair tied in a ponytail, equipped with a water rifle and a backpack full of baby bottles. I then realized this was Lumi, from the game "The Usul Suspects". The third was a regular Yellow Shoyru that I knew quite well. This one was my first Neopet that I adopted under the username nightelf_37; Tychophon.

Hold on. The door won't open just yet. First, tell me more about yourself.

I grumbled in disappointment as I knew I was still dreaming. Nervous from everyone looking at me, I turned around, and decided to confront the pirate. He looked at me with hardness and wisdom in his eyes.

"What's most important to you?", he asked, his voice clear and humble.

I merely stared back, and saw three answers in front of me. It confused me, but I somehow knew that these were the only ones I was allowed to choose. Being number one. Friendship. My prize possessions. I wasn't really social and I'm not the kind to lie when it comes to personal life. And I didn't really care about fame. The last one however, I had to admit it was true. Slowly, I answered.

"My prized possessions." I felt like a jerk after saying that.

"Are your prized possessions such a big deal?" The Usul's expression didn't change as he looked away.

I felt like I disappointed him with my answer, and then I turned to Lumi and faced her. She had the same hardness and wisdom in her face as Garin.

"What are you so afraid of?", she asked, her voice clear as day.

Again, the choices appeared in my head. Getting old. Being different. Being indecisive. I knew I was different, being autistic, but I wsn't afraid of it. And getting old, I already submitted to the fact that it's normal for everyone. I couldn't decide on any of them though, then realized I was indecisive. Sighing in defeat, I answered the question.

"Being… Being indecisive."

"Being indecisive? Is that really so scary?" She looked away after that, just like Garin had.

This felt all too strange. I knew I couldn't just leave this battlement, so I turned to face my Neopet, who them hovered to my level.

"What do you want outta life?", Tychophon asked, somewhat casually.

Once again, the choices appeared in my head. To see rare sights. To broaden my horizons. To be strong. None of them were preferrable choices, but I thought the only way to continue was to answer his all the questions. Either way, I chose an answer at random and hoped for the best.

"To broaden my horizons."

"To broaden your horizons, huh?" It looked like my Neopet was going to palm his face at my answer, and to my surprise, he didn't turn away like the others. He just looked at me for a long while, until finally turning away as though he had to go off and sulk in shame. I was about to move and try to console him, but I found that my feet were glued to the floor.

You like to collect things. You're afraid of being indecisive. You want to broaden your horizons., the voice mused.

I waited for an answer.

Your adventure begins in the dead of night. Your road won't be easy, but a rising sun awaits your journey's end.

Adventure starts at night? That didn't sound good. What was that supposed to mean?

The day you will open the door is both far off and very near.

The door? Was it the door on the other platform? The one I wasn't allowed to enter? I was suddenly blinded by a great white light, and I stumbled forward as I waited for it to dim.

Part V. More Battling

Once the light faded, I found myself somewhere else, on another platform that floated in the darkness.

This one was red, shaped like an octagon platform, and had a Feng Shui pattern like in the mirror of the same shape. However, in place of the 'mirror' was a blank yellow circle. Just then, a beam of light shot down onto the center. I looked up to the light's source, then walked over to where it seemed to be pointing. Yet as I reached it, I was suddenly surrounded by the little black creatures from before.

Shield still in my hand, I took out the pistol from my pocket. I aimed at the one in front of me and fired at it until it disappeared into a burst of black fire. The rest of the shadow creatures huddled seemed to form a group charge. For an instant, I wished for the shotgun, then set the thought aside and fired until they were all gone.

I straightened, relieved now that all the little shadows were gone. I turned back to the beam of light, but it had moved. It was no longer on the center. It had moved downward, and then created a circle imprint on the floor. The outline looked like white fire, burning constantly. I ran toward it, dropped to my knees, and placed a hand over the fire. After feeling nothing, not even any heat, I decided to step inside it.

This must be some kind of training mission., I thought. Either that or a very very strange dream.

As I stood there, the beam of light moved again. This time, it went all the way over the edge, and as soon as it did so, a series of square platforms appeared, making a sort of stairway up to another place. I was sure it'd lead to another platform. I looked around, and seeing that there was nothing more to do on that platform, I ran toward the stairway, then walked up it, careful not to slip and fall into the pit of darkness that surrounded me. I was nervous, and afraid of heights.

Part VI. The 'Boss'

The brilliant yellow glow of the platform ahead was the first thing I saw. As I finaly reached it, the steps disappearing behind me, I saw it was pentagon-shaped…and there was a black star-shape inside it, its points pointing at the platform's edges. I then saw a beam of light just above the center of the platform. I stepped toward it, curious now, as it wasn't running away. I stopped underneath the light and gazed up at its source. And then the voice made its presence known.

The closer you get to light, the greater your shadow becomes.

Was that a riddle, or a literal meaning?, I thought. I slowly turned around to look at my shadow. Sure enough, it was there. Darker than I'd ever seen it before, and reaching all the way to the edge. My shadow turned slightly to face me. I was shocked for a second. I didn't do that.

Then, the shadow began to pull itself up out of the floor. I stepped back, staring as it began to change its shape. At first, it looked like me, but now its hair stretched to look like black tentacles, some of which chose to wrap themselves around the creature's head. Two eyes began to glow yellow within the mask of dark tentacles. Its fingers stretched and sharpened into sharp black claws. Its feet became smaller, curving inward as to the toe. I was backing away.

But don't be afraid.

A giant heart-shaped hole had appeared in its chest area. I was able to see right through it. The shadow had grown to immense proportions, looming over me, dark and menacing, staring down at him with glowing yellow eyes. I was completely terrified now.

And don't forget..

My eyes widened in fear as the creature completed itself. I immediately ran, still staring over my shoulder at the giant shadow creature. It was just standing there, as if it were waiting. I continued to run, but nearly slipped over the edge. I forgot there was no way out. I was on a large circular platform floating in blackness. Where could I possibly run? I teetered on the edge of the platform, and then fell into the abyss below. This was it. Either I was gonna wake up, or die.

Suddenly, everything around me shifted and the next thing I knew, I landed on the pentagon platform, facing the creature I fled from earlier. I had no choice but to fight it. I stood up, and stared at the monster as it straightened itself to its full height. Gripping my weapons tight, I aimed my gun at the creature and fired away. Its right hand seemed to be creating a purple energy sphere for its first attack. The creature raised it into the air and then slammed it onto the platform. The purple energy disappeared as a black patch formed underneath its palm.

As I continued firing, I saw that the shadows from before were emerging from the patch. I turned my atention away from the big one and attacked these shadows. As I shot down each one of them, green orbs came out of them. They bounced to me and upon contact, I felt my energy return.

Eventually, all the small shadows had vanished, but the giant had other means of attack. From the heart-shaped hole in its chest, a huge glowing sphere of purple energy appeared. Ins pite of this, I continued attacking. When the energy sphere shattered into pieces and all those pieces came after me, I lifted my shield to protect myself.

As the battle wore on, I was beginning tto despair. None of my attack seemed to be working. The giant didn't even seem to notice that it was being attacked at all. I then had an idea. I aimed at the creature's head, remembering how a headshot defeated a shadow in one hit, maybe this would help deal more damage. I fired with everything I got, making each shot count, not that I'd run out of ammo anyway.

Finally, the giant's head seemed to be knocked back and it stayed there for a moment, the shadow creatures disappearing. I gripped my weapons tightly, waiting for something to happen when without warning, my pistol and shield vanished with a white light.

Oh crap., I thought, now without a means to defend myself.

And the monster was still alive! I wanted to run, but I remembered I was on a circular platform. Even if I fell, I would be teleported back to the platform. Even so, I had to get away from the giant shadow monster. Even just being out of its reach would be enough. I leapt backward again and stumbled to the platform when the creature lashed out at me, swinging one mighty hand in an attempt to knock me off the platform. The shadow slammed its other hand down onto the platform as well, causing a great rumble in the ground beneath my feet. The creature had fallen to its knees, and was glaring me with its yellow eyes.

I was completely powerless. It was a terrifying nightmare and I wished definitely wished it was one. I stared up at the creature, terrified, still trying to get away. I kicked my feet, pushing at the ground, when I suddenly felt a familiar texture on my hands and legs. I looked down and saw I was on one of those dark patches from the purple platform! One had formed underneath me!

The monster stared down at me, its yellow eyes gleaming as though all this was his plan. I squirmed under the giant's gaze. Those horrible glowing yellow eyes…

But don't be afraid.

Too late.

The patch underneath reached up to me with dark tentacles and held me down. Along with its black tendrils was something like black fire and smoke, curling around my limbs and holding me down just as firmly as the tendrils. The smoke and tendrils first began to wrap around my legs, engulfing me in darkness, holding me tight. I struggled under the feeling of it.

The monster was still there, still glaring at me, but nothing more. Its glowing eyes burned into my sould. My mind was racing. I could do nothing but stare back, but… that stare… Suddenly, the creature raised itself and stood upright. Like it was planning to do something.

You hold a mighty weapon. The voice seemed to be trembling.

I managed to roll onto my stomach, even as the tendrils wrapped around my torso. I could do little more as my hands were tied down by the darkness.

So don't forget…. The voice was definitely shaking.

I was sinking into the dark patch as the tentacles engulfed me. I saw the monster was looming over me, leaning down as if to crush me. My eyes widened in terror.

Make this nightmare stop! No more! No more!, I panicked.

Black tendrils of fire and smoke reached up and began to wrap around my face.

Cold… and dark… so dark…

You will be instrumental…in opening the door., the voice said before I lost consciousness.

(1) I'll need to make a new explanation on why the Squad Meridell members at Destiny Islands were sent there in the first place. In the 'old version', they were sent to find 'me', but here, I was sent to find 'them'. You see where this is going?

(2) All terms hereafter in this part are Neopets terms, so please look them up if you want to know who they are.