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Ok...remember what I said about Rosemoon having no plot? Well...there's a new doujinshi called Under the Rose that is the sequel, and man is it ever hot! Well, at any rate, here'e another vamp fic from me! Maybe I should change my fanfic author name...XD What y'all think? I'll consider if y'all say yes. WeOk...this one's gonna be darker than my others, but I figured y'all will enjoy it. You guys are all me! So on with this! Oh, and it will be from Ichigo and Shiro's pov mostly k? So here we go! This opening is dedicated to Under the Rose and its owner!

Shiro's POV

I wandered through the small village, trying to keep myself unnoticed. Kinda hard, considering i'm albino and all, even moreso when my eyes were the color of gold. I mostly hid myself with a rather thin, old cloak. I could easily blend in to some of the beggars, but even that was never safe. You always had to be careful. Humans have this...awkward tendency to sense something's not right. Not always, but still.

As I finally sat down, a huge burly man walked my way. Oh shit...

"Well well. A newcomer? He asked in a rather annoying tone. Tsk, I could easily bring this guy down. But I hadn't fed in awhile, so I had to do my best to avoid a struggle.

"What's it to you? I'm just passing through this place..." I said, trying to sound a little more tired than I was...wait, I really was tired, now that I think on it. Guess that's what happens when you don't feed, and travel for three days and nights. I glanced at him briefly. The man smelled of alchohol and smoke. Disgusting...

"Heh, then maybe I can show you around?"

"No thanks. As I said, passing thro-" The next thing I know, a knife was at my neck. "What are you doing?"

"Whatever money you have on you, I suggest you give it to me now." He growled in my ear. I had no intention of giving him anything, simply because I didn't have anything on me. Not that I needed it for nourishment. I just chuckled and the man's face grew angry. "You find this to be a joke?"

"I find you to be a joke." he replied. I felt my nails elongate into sharp claws, waiting patiently to strike. The man sneered and was about to drag the knife across my pale throat I lunged, but my aim was rather shitty, so I only grazed his cheek. He furiously threw the knife at me as I ran and I felt it pierce my shoulder. Holding back a hiss of pain, I managed to run swiftly through the dark streets. Finally, when I ran out of breath, I collapsed against an old brick building. I grabbed the knife and yanked it out, biting my bottom lip to prevent myself from yelling. Damnit...not my day... I watched as my blood flowed down my shoulder, tainting the only pair of clothes I owned. That's when I felt a presence next to me, kneeling over me with concern.

"Hey, you alright?"

Ichigo's POV

"Alright, well, we'll see ya later than Ichigo!" I waved to my friends Rukia and Renji as they walked off and headed for home. Today had felt rather long for me. I study a lot so that I could get my place at the Acadamy. It's a very difficult place to get into, and you need to be one of the best in your school to get in. They say that the Acadamy can teach you a lot of things...and I wanted in so badly. My family...we're not the richest people around. The school I'm in now cost so much, my sisters couldn't go to school and I had to teach them myself. They didn't mind, but I felt that they needed a good that only a teacher could give.

As I walked down the streets, I couldn't help but sigh. Fall was almost over, the trees now bare. I didn't mind winter however. I liked the cold for some soothed me. My mother died during the summer a few years ago...maybe that's why. I don't know. Suddenly, as I was walking past an alley, I heard a man shout and I ran to see what happened. A huge man came out of the alley cursing his head off and holding his cheek. I ignored him and headed into the alley. As I looked around, I heard something fall over and I briskly turned to my left. Finally, I came across a hudled figure, clutching a knife in his hands. He let it fall to the ground and held his shoulder. I could tell he was in pain. My friends often tell me that my nice nature and protective side would spell the death of me. "Hey you alright?" I asked. The man barely turned his head but I could feel his eyes on me and it made me shiver in fear.

Shiro's POV

I looked up to see a young teenager standing next to me. Another human eh? I inhaled and I could feel my mouth water. Once again I lengthened my nails and I lunged just as he touched my injured arm. Guess I'll feast on your- My thoughts halted as I gazed at the human. He had bright orange hair and soft, brown eyes that were wide with shock. I do not know what halted me, but instead I smacked him with my palm, quickly hiding my claws. "That hurts!" I hissed, doing my best to hide myself.

"Ouch..." He moaned as he hit the wall. "Jeeze, sorry for trying to help you." He grumbled. I curled in tighter as he approached, doing my best not to be seen. It wasn't that I was afraid that he would fear my presence or my looks. I was trying not to attract attention to myself. "So are you hurt?"

"What's it to you?" I growled. I was weak now, his blood was overwhealming me.

"Here, lemme see." He walked to my other side and attempted to move my sleeve up, I yanked it away. "Tsk, ok then..." Instead he wrapped it around my sleeve and tightened it, making me wince. He sighed and ran a hand through his orange hair. "You have a place to stay?" He asked. "It's getting dark and...well there's an open room at my house and you need rest." I huffed and glanced at him again. He had a scowl on his face, but his look was a kind one. Pft, the last thing I needed was human pity.

"I'll be perfectly fine." I replied. I stood up, albeit shakily, and straightened myself up. "Thank you." I bowed my head slightly but before I could walk away, he placed a gentle hand on my shoulder. It felt as if it burned me.

"Well, if you ever need help, my name's Ichigo. Ichigo Kurosaki." He said. I stared at him for a moment before grinning.

"Ogichi...Ogichi Shirosaki. But you may call me Shiro." I answered. I turned briskly and walked away.

Ichigo's POV

I watched the stranger go, his steps now steady. I felt a bit of a chill when he had said his name to me, and when I had touched him. Ogichi...Shirosaki... "Hey!" I ran after where he had turned, but when I got there, he was gone. Where could he have...?


Ichigo Kurosaki huh? I thought as I remained in my perch in a tall tree. He looked around puzzled before sighing.

"Will I see you again sometime?" He wondered aloud to himself. As he walked away, I gave him my silent reply.

Oh yes...we will I'm sure...Ichigo... I answered. I grinned, feeling my talons and fangs grow in size. Oh I do believe we will...

Chapter 1 end

Well? Yes? No? I'm hoping y'all will enjoy this a bunch! And please look at that doujinshi! It is so beautiful! *fangirl gushing* I'm not gonna copy or nuthin, but it is lovely. The art and characters...not to mention smut. XD So please review and go search!