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Ok, the only reason this is getting such a quick update...a friend found part 3 of Under the Rose~! Ok, for her safety I won't say her name and all, cause hs ehad to give them to me directly. But everything that happens, (save for anything with Shinji and Hiyori) happens in part 3. Also, once again the diologue will be made up since I can't read Japanese...T-T Also, the 'end' of it will be used much later, most likely at the end of this fic. So no, the entirety of part 3 will not be here. hope you enjoy~! XD Oh, i'll let u know when the doujinshii starts mmkay? I have to add to it for it to work cause it takes place directly after part 2.

Chapter 17


Making it deeper into the forest, I noticed quickly how Shiro was lagging behind. What's wrong with him? In almost a second after that thought floated into my mind, he collapsed onto the ground. Surprisng myself, I rushed over to him. "Hey, you ok?"

"Just...just tired that's all..." He breathed out. I shook my head. There was something really wrong here...but what? Shinji and Hiyori attempted to approach us and I felt myself move protectivly above him, hissing at them.

No...they can't touch him... I thought angrily. My instincts...they've really I have. I just let it flow for now...unsure of what else to do I guess. Right now, my mind and body were yelling at me that something wasn't right with Shiro, and the bite mark on my neck pulsed slightly painfully.

"'s just us, ok? Look, we need to get inside; it's about to rain again." Shinji spoke slowly. Memories of what had happened previously and of Shiro finding me made my heart lurch in both regret in fear. Rain is officially on my shit list.

"Ok..." I watched Shinji walk over and he slowly lifted Shiro onto his back. The albino clung onto his shirt and I watched as they walked ahead of us. Hiyori stepped up next to me and sighed.

"He's a piece of work, that Shirosaki." She murmered.

"Agreed." I growled. But, it didn't have much anger backing it up now, more like annoyance and worry...was I worried?

"Oh? Are we talking about the same thing?" She smirked and I just rolled my eyes. "You don't understand the bond you share do you?"

"I know that I have to feed from him every once in awhile...or I'll die right? Also, if he dies, I would too eventually."

"Yes, but it's a two-edged sword. He has to do the exact same thing. And from the way he looks, he hasn't done it for awhile." She explained. My eyes widened most likely in obvious shock. I hadn't known that...does that mean he's dying? Thunder boomed from overhead and we raced to catch up with Shinji.

"Shinji!" Shinji raced back to us, now holding Shiro in his arms. There was a distant, awkward presence that had me tensing up. I've felt that before...but what is it?

"Ichigo, take Shirosaki!" Shinji walked up and virtually dropped Shiro in my arms. I wasn't as strong as they were yet, so he felt heavy in my arms...but lighter than he should be, if that makes sense at all. "There's something in the distance...I think it's an old mansion. You go that way, while we distract the Slayers."

Slayers? ! No...way... That was what the presence was. Rain began to pelt my hair as the other two looked around anxiously. "But the rain.."

"We'll be ok! go, now!" I didn't have to be told twice; I ran as fast as I could, deeper into the woods.

I could see it after running for a few minuets. It still looked well kept, yet I didn't sense any life from inside. A good spot to hide...I thought. I rushed to the door, now holding Shiro at an awkward angle. Running through the woods almost blind because of the rain had made me almost drop him a few times. Now he had an arm slung over my shoulder, as I virtually carried his dead weight to the front door. I jiggled the knob a bit until it gave and opened the door.

(A/N: part three starts here ok? Also note it isn't raining in the doujinshii. Also, the flashback deal doesn't happen here, but since idk what's being said...just go with it! XD)Slowly, I dragged our wet forms inside and leaned against the wall. I slid down and he was now in my lap, lying still...he passed out. So many things had been going on and now, in the quiet of this old mansion, everything came back.

Our first meeting...him taking me on the cold, church floor...turning me and forcing me to leave...and now him forcing himself to doesn't add up or make sense! He had been controlling...demanding...and now he's acting as if he cares for me! Like he actually gives a damn about how I feel! I leaned back against the wall and closed my eyes.

Why? Why was he doing this? Was he bipolar or something? What am I to him? What does he want from me? All of these questions were in my mind like a raging storm...mocking the one outside. His behavior recently was what confused me now. He was being quiet, gentle, yet keeping his distance. Was he afraid of me? No...that couldn't really be it, is it? I felt the tears begin to fall down my cheeks. What was I to do? My own feleings too...I didn't understand them.

When he had almost fallen into the ravine...I had been so scared for him. I hate him right? Why did I truly care? Even if I died too, it would leave two less monsters in the world now, right? ! Yet...I haven't completly changed. Instinct rules me now moreso than it did as a human... And he...he isn't completly a monster. He hasn't fed from me and he's suffering because of that. Am I the cause of this suffering? I'm lost...Shiro...please be ok...

I felt him stir and slowly get on his hands and knees. He placed on hand on the ground next to me, the other reached out and touched my cheek.

"Don't cry..." He whispered quietly, his voice hoarse. He wiped at my tears gently, slowly, his cool skin refreshing against my own. My heart beat slowly...somehting thast only occurs when he's close...when he's touching me. "You shouldn't ever cry...your beautiful when you smile." At this, my eyes widened as I stared at him, panting harshly as if he was short of breath. He...thought I was beautiful? He'd never said that to me made me feel weird inside. I grabbed his hand and slowly removed it from my face.

"Just...tell me what you want from me..." I asked him, unable to yell. I tried so hard not cry again... He grabbed my hand and lifted it to his lips, kissing it gently. It sent tingles across my skin.

"I don't want anything anymore...except for you to be you..." He spoke if he wanted to say this for so long and had practiced. I just stared at him as he slowly moved away from my embraced hand. He slowly stood up and wrapped a drapery from behind me slowly around my shoulders. "I can't break you...I don't want that anymore...I just can't bring myself to hurt you...scare you..."

"Sc..scare me?" I watched as the burn mark semeed to start bleeding, his blood spalshing softly on the floor. I couldn't handke this gentelness from him! It was driving me insane... "What do you mean you don't want that? ! Just...just what is it you want? ! I can't handle this from you!"

"My my, how touching!" I froze as a voice spoke from behind Shiro. "Well're Fledgling there is quite cute, isn't he? The man walked out, showing bright blonde hair, kinda a sandy color andwaved one f his gloved hands at Shiro. "Miss me Shirosaki?"


Of all the rotten luck, he had to show up. I turned halfway and glared at him. I felt Ichigo stand up and back away, falling with a 'plop' on the bed behind us. Ichigo was doubt afraid. Kisuke Urahara had a pretty intimidating apperence. "So...this is your Bonded Mate, yes?"

"Who...who are you?" Ichigo whispered from behind me.

"My, he never introduced me?" Kisuke asked, looking surprised. Of course I fucking didn't; I'm not going to let him harm Ichigo. "Well little Fledgling...I'm Kisuke Urahara. Me and Ogichi Shirosaki here...we've been aquantinces for a long time now..." Pft, more like predator and prey for a long time now...

"'re a Slayer though..." Ichigo whispered, obviously still in shock.

"Ah yes, that I am. I've been hunting him for the longest time...yet he's never had a Mate around before." He commented. "I wonder how much he's taught you so far. From what I've heard, you've done mostly everything on instinct, copying I right." I watched as he slowly slid his hand in his jacket and I took up a protective stance.

What is he planning...

"Allow me to explain something. Seki seki makes a nice poison on the blade...but in it's solid form..." I watched as he flung a small stick of it...aiming it at Ichigo. "...It burns through your dead flesh easily." I caught it just before it made contact with Ichigo's head, instead colliding painfully with my palm. It burned a hole through my hand and I hissed at the pain. I was too weak to fight him off... What could I really do? Ichigo stared at my hand from under the drapery with wide, fear filled brown eyes.

"Wow, even in this weakend state, you're fast." Kisuke commented.

"I can take a thousand of those if you've got more, you bastard..." I stated calmly. It was odd, how calm I felt. I held my injured hand close to my chest.

"Wh-what are you doing? !" Ichigo grabbed my injured hand from my grip. "Why are you doing this? ! Please tell me...Shiro..."

"...Why am I doing this?" Why? Isn't it obvious? I love you... I thought, but I was too weak to tell him with my mind. I do love him. I wanted his body at first...but being with him, near him, holding him...I've fallen in love with all of him. Being with him these few days...I've found someone I wanted to be with...In this long exsitence I've lived, I've finally found someone. But he wants me dead...away from the bond I've forced him into. So be it... I reached out and slowly touched his cheek, his hand sliding from my wrist. He was staring up at me, fear and confusion evident in his warm, chocolate eyes. I stare at him, thinking about my next words carefully.


He stared at me for a moment before shoving my face against his shoulder in an awkward hug. "When you get the away. After he's gone, come back and feed from me, ok? I don't know if I'll be alive or not...but it won't matter." I felt myself shiver at the idea of him dead. Why? ! Why were these emotions pauging me so suddenly? ! I...I hate him...he ruined my life! why? ! Why do I want him to live? ! Why do I want him to run with me? ! He seemed to notice my confuasion as he slowly lifted the drapery around me again as he stood. "When you finish drinking from the, the bond will be complete and it'll shatter. You'll still be a vampire...but you'll be free of me." He explained.

The bond? He means the one that ties me to him...and him to me. Does he want it to break too? I glanced at Kisuke Urahara in the entrance and felt Shiro move away from me and stand up straight, his golden eyes serious, unafraid. How can he be so...resolved? Is he willing to fight this man to get away? When he's too weak to...It hit me then, like a splash of cold water.

He wouldn't make it...he was willing to die for me...

"Bring it on, Slayer." I heard him say, grinning his cocky grin and his nails extending to form claws. "I can take you on any day."

"...Shiro..." I buried my head against the sheets of the old bed, closing my eyes. I didn't want to see him die...I couldn't. I felt his cool hand against my cheek again and I slowly opened my eyes, blurry from tears I had refused to allow to fall until now, blurring my eyesight.

"Why are you crying now?" He asked me quietly. Then his lips connected with mine. They were soft...petal soft and cool, like an early apring morning. Is this the first time I've ever felt like that when he kissed me? I then felt it all...his emotions.

Hatred towards this slayer...fear for my life, not his Love for me, the person who's wanted him dead for so long. I don't. I want him to live...please...please don't do this... "I love you run." everything after he said those words went in slow motion. He ran straight ahead towards the Slayer. I watched his blade rise, I felt myself screaming...but I couldn't hear myself.(A/N: sum of this is in the doujinshii, but no words are seen and it's part of the for now, I'm stopping the doujin. XD) I watched the sword slide through Shiro's chest like a hot knife through butter, making him stop, claws mere inches away from the Slayer's throat.

"Tsk, such a useless ending for you." He commented, the first sound to reach my ears. He slowly pulled his sowrd out and Shiro fell onto his knees. I could hear his labored breathing from my spot on the bed...I could see blood staining his white coat from his back. I could feel his slow and struggling. "Oh well, this is goodbye then." He raised his sword for another swing. I felt my legs move of their own accord and I ran in front of the blade. I felt it's tip against my back as I held Shiro close to my chest.

"No! Please...please don't!" I shouted. "Don't die on me Shiro...please..." I could feel him struggling to breath...this was my fault.

"Yes, but it's a two-edged sword. He has to do the exact same thing. And from the way he looks, he hasn't done it for awhile." Hiyori's words echoed in my mind like a foreboding omen. He hadn't fed off of me, and this nightmare. No, I can't let him die here!

"Get out of my way Fledgling." The man said behind me. I refused to move, instead turned around to glare at him with my eyes filled with tears.

"No! If you kill him, then kill me too!" I shouted. I felt Shiro tense in my hold. Guess he wasn't expecting me to say that...well neither was I. I can't escape from my feleings anymore. Somwhere along the road these past few days...I think I fell in love with him. But I'd been so blinded by the want for revenge and hate that I hadn't noticed it...or noticed that he truly did love me. The sincerity in his struck me deep down inside, reverberating off of my still heart, making it beat like crazy.

"I love you run." No, I won't run anymore...I can't run. "I won't let you kill him...I can't let you." I stood up, feeling my sword form in my hands. A carbon copy of his own. For some reason, it took the slayer by surprise.

"It's the same?" I glared at him, holding my sword in front of me. In reality, I've never fought with a sword before. But that didn't matter; I'll protect Shiro for a change. " funny." I watched as Kisuke's sword dissapeared and change into a cane. "Four days."


"You have four days to leave this area. If you are still here when I return, I will not hesitate to kill either one of you." He explained, walking out the door. "It isn't fun to kill an already half-dead vampire or a Fledgling who can't even fight with a sword."

How did he know that? I watched as he left and instantly turned to Shiro, dropping my sword onto the ground. "Shiro...Shiro can you hear me?" His eyes seemed to be rolling around, as if all of his senses were going haywire. "Look at me." I touched his cheek softly and he focusesd on me.

"Ic...Ichigo..." His voice...god it sounded so far away. It caused fresh tears to fall and I pulled his face to my throat.

"Please...please drink." I whispered, threading my fingers through his snow white hair. I felt him push against me weakly. "Please...I'm not afraid anymore...please do it." He groaned and sunk his fangs into my neck. It was an odd feeling for a few reasons. One, I hadn't felt it in awhile, two because as he bit down on my flesh, there wasn't any pain, just a tingle of pleasure, and felt like he was pouring all of his emotion into it, so that I could better understand him. "Shiro...I'm so sorry..." I closed my eyes as my vision blurred. I was so tired...all the adrenelin gone and all of the running from these few days finally caught up with me. "I...I love you too..." With that out and off my chest, I felt my word slip away...

Chapter 17 end

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