Hello everyone… I am about to post the one thing I swore I would never post.

This story is no longer active.

Apparently, M-rated stories are being removed from Fanfiction, and over the course of the year, I have also changed a lot.

I…I hate to say this, but for awhile I was ashamed of writing on this site. Many of my friends didn't mind or just joked about it, but every now and then, someone a little too far out of my friend group would comment on what I did in my spare time.

It scared me and made me nervous that they would judge me.

I also began to focus a lot of my attention on academics, and as a result, there was also a shift in what I spent time on.

And lastly, there was and is some wonderful writing on this site. I often felt like my writing was either not up to par or was simply a corny smattering of the same adjectives and plotlines that everyone else had used.

I haven't stopped writing, I got into a university writing course and I still try and write when I can, but I'm not sure about my place on Fanfiction.

But I would like to sincerely thank everyone who read, subscribed, commented, or even skimmed over my work.

Thank you, and if you would ever like to talk, my PM box will remain open.

This is at least a respite from Fanfiction, and in a month or a year I may start it back up. But until then, I bid you adieu.