A/N: So, I just watched the Disney Channel version of 'Harriet the Spy.' Better than I expected it to be, honestly. Anyway, was I the only one who thought that Skander and Harriet would have made a cute couple? That aside, I was watching the scene in the cafeteria where Harriet goes up to her friends, and they just walk away. Harriet takes out her lunch, you know, and I was watching that, and a lightning bolt of inspiration hit me. Warning: this will be an angsty story; so if you don't like angst, don't read. So here's my idea: Harriet has just taken out her lunch, she looks at it, and suddenly, she feels like she deserves for her friends to leave her –which at that point she kinda does, just saying. So because she feels so unworthy of her friends and deserving of them leaving, she throws out her lunch- she just… stops eating. She becomes an anorexic.

Disclaimer: I do not own 'Harriet the Spy.' And obviously, parts are OOC/AU. I'm just using creative license.

Harriet watched from her seat at the table as Janie and Sport walked away from her. She sighed, and slowly pulled her lunch from her bag. Looking down at the food- her tomato sandwich, of course- she lost her appetite. Janie and Sport were right to leave her. She had been so horrible to them, treating them like they were invisible as she got sucked further and further into the feeling of being popular, being liked. But everything she had written had been a lie. She didn't know Skander personally; frankly she had no interest in him aside from the blog, and she wouldn't even have an interest in him if it weren't the only way for her blog to be noticed, not Marion's. Harriet didn't like the feeling she got every time she wrote an article, and attached those pictures, making it seem like she'd been up close when she'd taken them. Furthermore, Harriet hated lying. When she was younger, she'd caught her mother with another man. Her mom had made her promise not to tell anyone, not even Golly. She'd smiled at Harriet, saying it would be a mother/daughter secret. Now that Harriet was older though, she knew better. Her mom just didn't want to be forced to leave the comfort of her luxurious lifestyle- her own personal trainer/chef, the clothes, the shoes, the connections. Harriet had believed her then, but she knew better now.

All these thoughts and more flew through Harriet's mind at the speed of light. Feeling disgusted with herself, she stood up and threw away her lunch. 'She was a horrible person', Harriet decided. 'And horrible people don't deserve to eat.' She was trashing a person she didn't even know, she was lying to everyone at her school, she had pushed her best friends away, and she was keeping a secret from her father that held the potential to tear her family apart. And if her father ever found out about the affair, and then found out that she knew all along, he would hate her.

**Time Skip**

A/N: Okay, so everything else that happens in the movie has happened –I just didn't feel like I could have written it well, haha – and now we are at the scene where Skander is telling Harriet's father he quits.

Skander's P.O.V

Skander had never been so angry, so humiliated in his life. This girl had come sneaking onto his set, and God knows where else, and taken a video of him yelling at her. Next thing he knew, it had gone viral, and the only thing that he was certain of at this point was that his career was ruined. And then he finds out that the girl – Harriet, he remembers distantly – is the daughter of the producer of his movie.

But he'd read her blog. She was good. And the articles about him, while they stung – she didn't even know him! – they were good. But he'd liked her other articles better. The comments that had been posted – "Boring"? No, they weren't boring; they were real, and amusing. At least, her earlier entries were. But Skander had started sensing something off in the later entries. He didn't know why he even noticed - he didn't know the girl, and she had almost certainly ruined his career!

And now, standing in the foyer of her home, he noticed how thin she was, how gaunt and pale her face looked. He noticed how she put distance between herself and her mother, almost as if she couldn't bear to be near her. How she clung to her father, as if hoping to keep him with her, no matter what. As if, she had something she was keeping from him, and she was praying desperately he wouldn't find out, or, if he did, that he would stay with her, and not blame her.

As Skander looked at her, he saw a broken girl trying frantically to pretend she was okay. But she wasn't okay. Skander knew that. He had to try something.

"I'll agree to the contract again. If you stop writing."

Skander saw shock – and was that relief? – cross her face.