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Ichigo and Aizen ushered the betrayed shingami through the portal as they appeared. Ichigo was shocked to see Kenpachi, Byakuya, Unohana, Ukitake, Momo, Kira and Yachiru coming towards them with wounds all over them, she yelled at them to hurry as Chad, Uryuu and Tatsuki came running over with Ichigo's family and Remus. They headed through the portal as Yamamoto and Soi Fon came through the gate to finish them off and closed it in their faces. Ichigo sighed in relief as Remus came and placed a hand on her shoulder with a comforting smile on his face. Aizen watched the man she consider to be an uncle to her say something that made her laugh as she was tackled by her sisters and knock her to the ground happily, Ichigo hugged them tight as she whispered that she was glad they were safe.

Isshin walked over to his best friend and said, " So… Beagle Puppy?"

Aizen just glared as he said "it's not that funny Isshin!"

Isshin just grinned as he shook his head as he got ready to run for his next comment, " At least the Puppy found his master!"

Isshin ran for it as Aizen had a murderous look on his face as he lunged for his friend to strangle him. Isshin howled in laughter as Aizen proceed to chase him around the room causing quite a few jaw drops at the sight, Ichigo just sighed as she shook her head and called out the words that would keep them from fighting, "Down Boys!"

Aizen stumbled in mid step as he suddenly went from two legs to four in his puppy form, Isshin yelped as a tail burst from the seat of his pants and he fell on all fours as his legs shifted to four legged stance. His face pushed out into a cute muzzle as Black fur spread over his body and his hands made the change into paws. They both barked at her with playful anger in their tone as the others just stared in amusement. Aizen walked over and whined when he noticed he couldn't turn back into a human, Ichigo picked him up and cuddled him with a kiss to the forehead as he laid in her arms comfortably. Isshin was picked up by Yuzu and told him that he looked cute as a puppy. Aizen then suddenly felt weird and squirmed his way out of Ichigo's arms as he changed back along with Isshin. He looked at his love as she giggled at the sight of her father on all fours after Yuzu had put him down when he had squirmed, he did have admit that they deserved it for acting like children but wished the others hadn't seen that.

Aizen just shook off the embarrassment and greeted the new people with a little blush. Rukia was trying hard not to laugh with the others as Aizen had some Arrancar show them to their quarters. Isshin was still looking at Aizen as he walked with his family to their quarters which were in Aizen's wing of Los Noches.

Three hours later…

Aizen and Ichigo cuddled on the couch in his room as she asked if he wanted to see if he had any more animal spirits that could help him out in a tight situation, he smiled as he stroked her hair and nodded. So he went under into his meditation and searched his inner world, he was looking in a section he had not searched and heard a loud cry from above him. He looked up and stared as he smiled in amusement, he said "Well that's interesting!"

He opened his eyes to his staring love and tried to ask what was wrong only for it come out as a low screech, he shut his mouth in shock as he heard a click when his mouth closed. He stood on all fours as he walked to the mirror and looked into it. Looking back at him was a large griffin coloured like a golden eagle and the lion part was a rich milk chocolate color. He sat down in amazement at his new form and noticed Ichigo coming up beside him and stroking between his feathered ears, causing him to purr as he leaned against her for more. Ichigo had to admit she was impressed by his form.

Aizen didn't know why but he want to try his wings out and fly for a bit, Ichigo looked at him and realized what he wanted to do as she had felt the same way when she discovered her flying form. She transformed into holly and then into her phoenix form as she chirped cutely at him. He looked at her as she flew into the air and to the balcony; he understood what she was saying and walked on to the balcony. She launched herself in to the air and called to him playfully as he flew for the first time, Aizen could not believe how free he felt to leave the ground behind; he flew after the phoenix as they played air tag for about an hour or two. Aizen sighed as he landed and turned back into a human as did Ichigo. She smiled as she asked how he enjoyed that, he smiled and pulled her into a searing kiss as he hugged her. He then whispered that he had enjoyed every much and would love to do it again.