Everyone was asleep on the plane. Their flight was early in the morning and everyone had spent the night out drinking and partying. Many of them didn't get back until the wee hours of the morning.

Everyone except Silky and Buzzy. They had gone back to their hotel rooms at decent hours and got some sleep.

Bah was asleep in front of them and snoring loudly, which was normal. The others were groaning at the pain in their heads, pain they had caused themselves with all the drinks they had consumed. Buzz and Silky had joked that the sex they had had obviously had also made their heads hurt.

Needless to say, besides Bah's snoring, the flight home was quiet.

Buzzt noticed that Silky was really quiet. He guessed the other man didn't feel like talking about what had been discussed between them last night. That was okay. What Silky didn't know wouldn't hurt him. It might get Buzzy a slight slap on the wrist but it wasn't going to get him hurt. He figured he'd love every moment of this.

The plane landed in St. Paul to warm welcomes from the the citizens. Everyone walked off and waved. Parents of the Minnesota boys and friends they had made were waitng to envelope them in hugs.

Silky watched as everyone enjoyed their family. The Boston boys were out of their element in Minnesota and it showed.

"Hey, Silky."

He turned around at the familiar voice. Sera stood in front of him in all her five foot four glory. She hadn't changed at all, from the blond head to the blue eyes. She was everythign he remembered.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"Jack called me."

"He did, did he?" Silky turned around to see his friends and teammates all gathered around to watch the interaction.

"Yeah. He said what I did was brutal and that it wasn't fair to you. I didn't think it'd hurt that bad."

"Well, it did. I was only going to be gone a few months. You knew that."

"Yeah, I know. I'm sorry for it."

"How've you been?"

She smiled. "Pretty good. I watched the game on TV with the rest of the guys. They were really impressed." Silky didn't respond. "Silky."

He lifted his head just as she moved forward to hold him. His eyes closed as she kissed him. Behind them, the entire team went crazy, including OC. When Silky looked up, he met Buzzy's gaze. There was a knowing look shared between the two as the former held his girl.