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"Stubborn son-of-a-gun."

Somewhere in Tokyo, Japan, in a mansion of beauty and extravagance that adjectives could not even begin to do justice for, a teenage girl was kneeling before a priceless, cushioned chair said to have been sat on by an exhausted Marie Antoinette after giving birth to her first child, Marie.

A surgical mask fought off gene-mutating chemicals from entering the twitching nose of Nakahara Sunako; the very same chemicals she was using to rub out the stain in the cushioned seat. She even had her lab goggles over her squinting violet eyes and frustrated brow. A yellow, elbow-length gloved hand held a rag fashioned from an old skirt. The other gloved hand strangled the neck of cleaning fluid specifically designed for those pesky furniture stains.

Sunako sent a small prayer to Buddha that Auntie and last week's love of her life hadn't been making goat noises on this chair.

The milky color of the spot made her think her prayer was moot.

She shuddered at the memory. Let that be the last time she had midnight munchies when Auntie came home with a guy in tow.

Sunako shot a look at her watch - the one with skeletal hands pointing to maggot-shaped numbers.

"Crud." She was supposed to have been out of the house eleven minutes ago!

Sunako ripped the mask of her face and shoved the goggles into her school bag for later use in her oasis.

"I shouldn't have wasted time cutting bunny-shaped apple slices for lunch this morning." She grouched while shoving her feet into her shoes.

But in truth, Sunako was prepared to get to school early to avoid the crowded courtyard. If only she hadn't seen that stain on Auntie's favorite chair.

She couldn't leave it alone - like an abandoned anatomical doll in the rain or a pus-filled pimple just begging to be popped - like the ones she got after a long holiday in front of her television with nothing but junk-food to fortify her.

And what if that stain festered into a giant, mutated, Godzilla-monster and absorbed Auntie and the rest of Tokyo while she was away at school?

Or, even worse, what if it plunged deeper into the lovely material and forever shamed it in the eyes of the other spotless Nakahara furnishings?

Cleaning was, after all, an action Sunako did like breathing - it was second nature.

So she had found herself pimped out and ready to kill.

Of course now she'd need to consult the internet on how to get rid of the...ahem, love stain since fabric cleaner wasn't working.

So Nakahara Sunako skedaddled out with a half-assed, "Good morning" to her partially catatonic and hung-over aunt, who walked into the living room in a lovely lavender satin robe, rubbing her bleary eyes.

Sunako ran like she stole something. She ran like the devil was snapping at her heels. She ran like a bat out of hell.

And what good did running like a fool do her?

Sunako found herself with a vicious nosebleed at the hands of an unfamiliar tall blonde boy similarly running like a madman, swinging his bag like epileptic puppy was seizing in there. Then she bumped her head into his hard chest.

"Buddha, Michael Myers, and Jason Voorhees!" Sunako clamped a hand over her nose, fingers searching for the hankie in her pocket. She made sure to glare her Elizabeth Taylor eyeballs at the idiot who hit her in the face with his school bag. "What the f-"

Sunako immediately regretted looking at the boy, who was eyeing her sourly and rubbing his chest.

"Damn, you got a hard-ass head,"

Damn. Even his voice was beautiful.

His hair was probably spun from Jason's Golden Fleece. His eyes were the color of tree bark and looked down at her just as hard. Every feature looked like God had spent an extra couple of hours sculpting and refining; down to his impeccably straight nose and his pink and pouty feminine lips.

This guy's body was tall and sinewy; with lean muscle that made her think he was a pimp.

Or a gangster.

Or both.

"You're what they call 'bishounen'," Sunako gasped in horror. Her voice sounded nasally from the hankie plugging her bleeding nostrils.

He gave her a funny look. "What the fuck are you looking at, ugly bitch?"

She rolled her eyes. As expected, the beautiful creatures always have unbearable personalities. The boy glared back at her.

"Don't flatter yourself. I just want an apology," She said waspishly.

"Oh sure," He sneered. "I apologize, you ask me out for ramen, put roofies in my drink, and then I wake up and my ass feels sore-"

Sunako grew paler than her usual shade of bone-white. She put a hand up to shut him up

"No cute anecdotes. Just say sorry for swinging your bag into my face and frying my eyes with your face, so we can go our merry freaking way,"

"Hey, if you were watching where you were goin', I wouldn't have hit ya, so you can apologize for being a dumbass," As an after though, he scrunched his nose and asked, "And what the hell do you mean, 'frying your eyes' with my face?"

"I am not a dumbass! And don't you dare look me in the face with that disgustingly beautiful face of yours. It's nauseating,"

"My face is nauseating?" He clenched his fist and heatedly said, "You look like Cousin It!"

"Thank you. And here I was thinking you were going to insult me,"

"That was an insult," He grouched.

"You're an insult,"

"Your mom,"

"Is in Africa," Sunako stuck her nose in the air, hankie and all, narrowing her eyes at the boy towering over her with a curiosity and annoyance in his eyes. "Now we're both late and I still don't have an apology,"

"And you're not getting one,"

She exhaled, trying to steady her breathing and trying not to clock him in the face.

Then she promptly walked away.

"Wa-hey! I wasn't done talking to you,"

"I'm done talking to you," She muttered, "Might as well be talking to my toes,"

He ran up beside her, easily catching up with a couple long strides of his mile-long legs. Irritation arched his brow. He gritted his teeth and said, "I heard that."

They walked down the hallway together in silence. Sunako wondered why the boy was stomping in the same direction as she was.

"Are you lost?"

"Shut the fuck up."

Well, fine. Follow me like a lost puppy. She managed to staunch the bleeding before she got to class.

They simultaneously looked at each other from the corner of their eyes and thought, What a weird kid.

She opened the door to her homeroom, casting a suspicious look over her shoulder at the boy. He flipped her off.

Sunako frowned, but stepped into the classroom.

Her homeroom teacher was taking roll, but stopped and stared at the two students who walked in late.

"Nakahara-san, take a seat." Homeroom Teacher said stiffly.

His eyes widened when he saw the boy behind the dark girl.

The boy watched the girl walk down the aisle. He also watched students moving away, parting like she was Moses or something. More out of fear than respect.

"Takano-san?" Homeroom Teacher asked in awe.

"That's me," He muttered.

"Pl-Please, take a seat,"

Kids immediately began making eyes at him; the girls dusted their skirts and fluttered their lashes, casting longing looks at him and an empty seat next to them, if they were lucky enough. Even some boys were blushing.

He snorted. Typical.

Nakahara, was it? She was seated in the back of the room, fist under her jaw, staring out the window. She was like her own little island, since none of the other kids sat near her.


He drifted to the seat behind her and mimicked her pose.

Her spine grew rigid when she felt the Takano boy's eyes burn holes into the back of her head. Freddy Krueger, why did he have to sit behind her? Of all the seats in all of the class, he had to sit in the one nearest to her.

On top of his staring, the majority of the female population had murderous intent in their eyes and poor Sunako was the recipient of their wrathful glares.

"Class," Homeroom Teacher glanced at the new boy. "We have a new student,"

"Really?" Kyohei mumbled dryly. He heard a snort from the dark-haired girl, and his lips twitched into a smirk.

"Takano-san, please introduce yourself,"

The boy huffed - Sunako felt his breath by her neck, making her break out in goosebumps - and stood up noisily.

"My name's Takano Kyohei,"

Then he noisily sat back down.

The class murmured, darting looks at the tall bishounen moodily staring out the window in the back.

Homeroom Teacher fidgeted, then tightly smiled. "Thank you, Takano-san,"

He went back to taking roll.

"Nakahara Sunako?"

Kyohei watched the girl sitting in front of him raise her hand. He made a mental note of her name.

Nakahara Sunako.

She was moderately tall, taller than the other girls in the class. There was something very Japanese about her; she had the whole long-black-hair-and-pale-skin thing going on. It was refreshing, and he thought it suited her. He couldn't get a clear look at her face, thanks to the whole Cousin-It thing with her hair in face.

She kept squirming in her seat. Kyohei watched her with faint interest.

Then he felt vicious black smog coming from the girls in his class. He looked up in alarm, and saw every girl staring at Nakahara like she'd announced that she'd killed Santa.

Oh, so that's why she's squirming.

The angry, blood-thirsty bubble neared him when his fans noticed him staring openly at Nakahara.

"You think he's interested in her?" Kyohei's ears perked when he heard a girl harshly whisper to her friend.

"No way," Her friend replied, eyes still glued on Nakahara, who shifted uncomfortably. "Nakahara of all girls? She's not even that pretty."

Kyohei wanted to snort. Girls were so fucking petty. He rolled his eyes instead.

The girls instantly stopped talking and blushed in embarrassment when they saw him do so.

"She's not even that pretty."

She felt a pang of pity for herself. So her hair was long and neglected. So her skin wasn't flawless. So her body wasn't perfect.

Sunako didn't care.

Her face dropped, and she stared intently out the window. She really wanted to block out those stupid gossiping girls.

And this is why I hate girls.

Sunako thought of all the scary movies she would watch on the weekends instead. She mentally flicked through the titles.

Rosemary's Baby.

"Seriously, he belongs with a supermodel, not some freak like Nakahara."

The Ring.

"Or maybe with another bishounen."


"It's no wonder she has no friends. She's so weird."

Nightmare on Elm's Street.

"Thank God I don't look like that."

Friday the 13th.

"She couldn't get a boyfriend if her life depended on it."


"Only a face a mother could love." Giggling.

Dawn of the Dead.

"She's stupid, too. She failed like three math tests in a row."

Return of the Living Dead.

"No beauty or brains. What can she do?"

Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Hellraiser. The Exorcist. Brain Dead.

Her fists were clenching and unclenching in her lap. Her bangs made a shield over her stinging eyes.

And suddenly she heard the scraping of a desk behind her.

Kyohei stalked to the desk in front of Nakahara. He sat down, heavily lashed eyes staring down anyone who so much as looked in his or Sunako's direction. Kyohei hunched his shoulders and made himself as imposing as he could, like he was trying to scare away a bear.

Mostly, he was trying to hide her from their view. God, those girls were like vultures.

The group of girls looking over their shoulders and talking about Sunako looked startled at the picture of the angry boy instead of the sulking girl.

Since they couldn't see her and hen-peck, they slowly turned their heads and shut up.

About time they shut the hell up. Kyohei sniffed. What's their problem with her anyway?

He casted a short glance over his shoulder at Sunako.

Kyohei saw her brows furrow like she was confused.

He turned back around.

As expected, conversation revolving around the mysterious and handsome new student, Takano Kyohei, spread like wildfire.

The hallways were ablaze with descriptive accounts of him.

About how tall he was. How blonde he was. How pretty he was.

"Man. Class hasn't even started yet and this shit is happening." The aforementioned Takano Kyohei grumbled. He squared his shoulders and walked with the air of a fighter.

Fuck Math. I'm gonna take a nap.

Sunako ambled along the halls. She had Math now, but she hated math. Besides, she was failing tests left and right.

One of the perks of being rich. She shrugged with a thoughtful expression.

So she slid open the doors of the Biology storage room and took a seat.

Mad giggling. Kyohei furrowed his brow. He squashed his ear against the door of the Biology room. More giggling.

He slowly lifted his head off the door and raised his brows. "Is someone gettin' it on in there or something?"

Kyohei was about to slide the door open, but then he remembered he had some sleeping to do on the roof.

With a shrug, he kept on walking.

The bell for lunch rang when Sunako was cradling a little glass tank of a pickling dead piglet's heart.

A frown fell onto her lips. She would have loved to eat lunch in her oasis, but the smells were offensive to her appetite.

"I'll be back tomorrow." She lovingly stroked the glass. Sunako shot saccharine smiles at the Biology room before she left for lunch on the roof.


What a weird alarm clock. I don't think I changed the sound -

Kyohei rolled onto his side. He rubbed his face, directing angry looks at the source of the banshee-like cry.

"Oh, it's you." He yawned.

"Who the fuck sparkles in their sleep? God!" Nakahara howled, fingers clawing her eyes.

"Nakahara," Kyohei growled. "I don't fucking sparkle. It's all in your twisted little head,"

He sat up and added under his breath, "Fucking nut,"

"Am not!" She stomped her foot, getting pink in the face.

Sunako grabbed at the fence surrounding the roof to steady herself. She had not expected that godly face lying on the roof, drooling a little, but otherwise sparkling like a goddamn fairy in the sunlight.

Sunako sat like a pretzel. She whipped out her bento box and plucked an apple slice with peels cut out like rabbit ears. Those little bastards were going first, for making her late this morning.

She heard a grumbling tummy, and it wasn't hers.

"I'm guessing you don't have lunch," She sighed. He was eyeing her food like it was the Messiah, sleep drool turning into hunger drool.

She shoved the box towards him.

"Aw, Nakahara," He snatched the bento box into his lap and began wolfing it down, the picture of chibi-fied happiness with hearts and bubbles in the background.

"Not all of it, fatty!" Sunako yelled and lunged for her lunch.


"Share." She snapped.

Kyohei pouted, but agreed. Sunako set the box in front of her, so it was between them.

"Oh, man. This is amazing," He groaned, scooping piece of fried shrimp into his mouth. "I've never had shrimp this good,"

"You're sparkling again." She shaded her eyes.

"Shove it, Nakahara,"

"Let that be the last time I ever show any kindness towards an ass like you,"

"No - wait! I-I didn't mean it - hey, I thought we were sharing," Kyohei whined.

"You finished most of my lunch anyway." Sunako picked at the leftover bits of carrot in the potato salad.

Kyohei turned his nose up at the carrots. "I hate carrots,"

She gave him a dry sideways look. "You have the taste buds of a child,"

The blonde teen harrumphed.

There was a silence when Sunako packed her lunch box away.

"Your mom makes your lunch?"

Sunako shook her head. "I do,"

Kyohei's brows hid behind his spiky gold bangs. He gaped at her nonchalance. "You did?"

She nodded.

"Wow," He muttered.

"Why didn't you have lunch?"

Kyohei went rigid. He finally said, "My mom isn't really the type to make me lunch,"

Sunako didn't ask, much to his relief.

"Did you move here?"

Kyohei shifted his long legs, so one knee was pointed up, while the other was pointed towards Sunako.

"I transferred,"



She scrunched her forehead.

He sighed. "They got a little too...grabby. Let's just say I had to place restraining orders on every girl in my old high school,"

"Well, I don't blame them. Your face is so pretty it makes me sick,"

Kyohei narrowed his eyes at her. Sunako was looking through the fence. "You into chicks or something?"

Sunako snapped her head towards him with a dark look. "Just because I'm not slobbering over the ground you step on doesn't mean I'm 'into chicks'," She emphatically made quotation marks. She tutted. "I happen to have dignity,"

A faint smile touched his lips.

"You don't have friends, hm?"

She bristled.

"Hey, don't get your panties in a twist. I was just saying. I don't have friends either. People piss me off,"

"Me too," Sunako mumbled into her knees. "So why are you talking to me?"

"Why are you talking to me?"

She shrugged.

"I'm home,"

"Sunako darling! Welcome home!" Auntie bounced up to her niece, who was changing into her house slippers at the entrance.

As she walked into the living room (with Auntie skipping behind her), she noticed the antique chair she had painstakingly tried cleaning was gone, but the cleaning supplies were still haphazardly strewn on the floor.

The older woman beamed fondly down at her. "How was your first day as a second year?"

"Okay, I guess," Sunako said shortly.

"Did you make any friends? Kiss any boys?"

"...I think I made a friend,"

"Oh?" Auntie batted her lashes. "What's her name?"


"Kyoko?" Auntie's smile upped in wattage. "What a lovely name! She must be a wonderful girl. Oh, Sunako! Your first high school friend! You must invite her over for dinner,"

"...she would love dinner,"

"Fantastic!" She rubbed her niece's arm happily. "I'm so happy for you, Sunako,"

Now she'd have to break it to "Kyoko".

Sunako cooked up scenes of her and that Takano kid as she stomped up the stairs.

"What am I going to say, Hiroshi? 'Oh, hey, I told my aunt that you were a girl so she wouldn't prepare a nursery for us if I told her you were actually a boy. She wants you over for dinner. Cross-dress and I'll feed you shrimp'?"

After a long pause, she thumped her fist into her palm.

"Actually...that's a good idea. Thanks Hiroshi." Sunako hugged her anatomical dummy and best friend in the darkness of her room.

"But man, making friends is annoying. Think of all the other shenanigans he'll put me through."

She yawned and put the back of her hand on her forehead before falling asleep.

Little did Sunako know that the Fates were snickering somewhere not too far away.

Sometimes a girl will run late and run into a boy. Sometimes she'll put up a fight, bicker with the boy, and discover that he's in the same homeroom, Math class, and lunch period as her. Sometimes the girl has a love-obsessed aunt who would hound her if she found out she talked and had lunch with a bishounen. Sometime the girl fibs a little and things begin to change.

Because after all, the only constant is change.

Finally got around to writing a Sunako/Kyohei Wallflower fanfic. Feels good. I have everything mapped out, for once.

The rest of the gang will show up later in the story, but for now, Kyohei and Sunako become BFFs.

Sunako and Kyohei will have...tamer personalities. I'm going to make Sunako a little more human and a little less Sadako from The Ring. So OOC-ness will be happening. You have been warned.

I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I love writing it. (also, I apologize for any errors. Editing in the wee hours of the night is a bad idea. Bad, Pony. Bad.)

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