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"Would this be a good time to play dead?" Sunako wondered softly to herself as Christopher snarled.

Plip, plip, plip, PLOP.

She also wondered if it would be so bad to die in the warm embrace of an angry adolescent tiger. It wouldn't be the worst way to go out; she might even come back to haunt the place, frighten children, and admire all of the most life-threatening animals Mori Zoo offered in the close proximity that being undead could afford.


So Sunako was understandably calm when Christopher stalked closer, eyes slits, looking as menacing as, well, a stalking striped jungle beast could look. Sunako flinched when something wet and warm dripped down her shoulder. She glanced over and saw rivulets of blood. Surely that couldn't be from her head, could it? She patted her head and confirmed that the blood from her head injury was thickening into a goopy brown consistency, while the blood dripping onto her arm was wet and runny. Not only that, but it was positively pouring down the tiger pit now.

Plopplopplopplopplipplip - GUSH.

"Shit! Ah! AH!"


"...hey there, Nakahara,"


Kyohei stood from his knees, spat out some dirt, and fixed her with an angry look. "Is this the thanks I get for trying to save your clumsy ass?"


Admittedly, his descent was far more graceful than Sunako's tumble down the tiger pit. It helped tremendously that his body was free of any earthly attire. Even covered in smudges of dirt and the nosebleeds of females who had watched the celestial being strip, his golden body shone in a way that no mortal body could. Sunako felt her chest clench tightly at the thought.

"It's part of the plan," Kyohei grinned. He jerked her up to standing position by the collar of her shirt, his nose pressed against hers.

Sunako stared, wide-eyed into the ale-colored pinwheel of his iris and his darkening pupils. He drew his breath sharply as he said, "I'm going to do it,"

"Do...?" ...

He breathed his answer onto her reddening face. "The Pheromone Bomb,"

Kyohei released her collar and she went tumbling back onto her cute little behind. He looked down at her through bronze eyelashes and murmured thoughtfully, "It works on female animals too,"

Sunako blinked rapidly and reined her mind from its trip to the gutter. She quickly registered what he was saying and what his plan was and gaped. Was he stupid?

"Are you stupid?" She yelled. "Christopher is male! Your 'Pheromone Bomb' might work-"

"Will work," Kyohei corrected with an arrogant smirk.

"On Christopher's mom," Sunako said, frowning at his interruption. "But not on him. And how are you so sure your stupid pheromones will work as a distraction?"

She started suddenly when she remembered that there was a strapping young tiger on his way to maul her and quickly looked over.

Sunako froze.

"Takano," She squeaked.

He cocked a brow at her expression. "What?"

"Your pheromones…they're working," Sunako's finger shook as she pointed at the female tiger directly behind Kyohei. The look in Shelly's eyes was of a different kind of hunger; one that Sunako was not entirely sure was better or worse.

Shelly purred loudly and in one deft movement, she pounced Kyohei before he could turn around.

"Pretty boy!" A female voice cried.

"What? The tigers are attacking him?" Another asked in panic.

"Where is the zoo police?"

Sunako, meanwhile, sat there, stunned. Christopher had gone back to grooming himself while his mother aggressively lapped at Kyohei's face.

"Don't make that face," She started again when she heard his strained voice. "I've had worse,"

She could hardly feel her lips move, and when they did, she stiffly asked, "Worse?"

"Bears," Shelly purred louder at the sound of Kyohei's voice. "Wolves. Humans. Birds. Cats," He made a face. "House cats, I mean. This is my second jungle cat. Probably,"

Sunako was struck by a cornucopia of feelings ranging from envy, concern, fear, and admiration.

"Eat this, cat!"

Sunako felt her heart stop when a high-heeled shoe went flying towards Shelly's head. She traced the projectile up to the manicured hand belonging to an absurdly jealous Kyohei-fangirl.





Suddenly, there was enough footwear in the air to rival the percentage of atmospheric gases.

"That pretty boy belongs to everyone!"


"Quit hogging him!"

"Get off of him!"

Shelly and Christopher roared and swatted at the shoes hurtling their way. Kyohei began wiggling out of Shelly's grasp, but a reprimanding paw slammed him back under her. Sunako could only dumbly stare at the dirt collecting under Kyohei's fingernails as he struggled. He might have said something, but Sunako wouldn't hear.

Suddenly, her survival instincts kicked in. Sunako began to backpedal until her back hit the wall. She stood and began to climb up the pit, using her fingers and toes to create grooves in the wall. However, her usual strength had been sapped and her muscles were still unbearably sore. Sunako gritted her teeth, her nails burying themselves in the dirt wall. Her shoulders stiffened and then sagged uselessly, and for the first time, Sunako's grace and flexibility failed her. She yelped as she fell back onto her sore behind.

"Buddha damn swim practice. Why did this have to happen when I can't even move my body properly? Buddha-forsaken universe conspiring against me, I see," Sunako griped.

Without turning around, she called to Kyohei, assuming the poor boy was still trapped.

"Takano! I'll come back for you. I just need to," Sunako grunted as she clawed back into the wall. "Get out first,"

"Man, you're slow,"

Kyohei was already out of the pit and had evidently ripped a couple of yards worth of the railing and turned it into a makeshift ladder, which he extended to Sunako now.

She let the "slow" comment roll off her back like water off a duck as she worked her way up. She figured he had escaped while the tigers were battling footwear and thusly forwent asking. Right now, she had to focus on getting out. Luckily, the bars of the railing worked effectively as rungs, as Sunako soon found herself eye-level to Kyohei's dirty sneakers. Strong, warm hands grabbed her hands and hauled her up. Very suddenly, Sunako found herself crushed against Kyohei's bare chest.


He instinctively caught Sunako around her waist. Her warm weight pressed snugly into him, her head under his chin. He absentmindedly tugged at a lock of her black hair and stared down at her pale, unconscious face.

"You know," he murmured into her bangs. "You're a troublesome woman, Sunako Nakahara."

He brought her knees up so that he was carrying her like a princess. Casting a look over his shoulder at the chaos the belated zoo keepers were trying to end and a narrow-eyed glare at the scrawny girly boy who had taken the girl in his arms out on a rather abysmal date, Kyohei began his journey to the hospital.

Not only had it blistered, but the burn on her ring finger turned into a blood blister. According to the dusty volume in one of her aunt's libraries, a blood blister was when blood mixed with the fluid in the blister.

Nonetheless, it had hurt enough to make Sunako cry out her first bad word at the age of seven. She alternated watery-eyed glares at the stove and then at the ugly, puffy thing festering on her finger. Sunako had wanted to cry for her mother, but when she had asked where her parents had gone, her eccentric aunt had pressed a pretty manicured finger to her lips and said they were playing hide-and-seek.

Sunako had desperately, frantically, and miserably looked around for somebody, anybody to help her. It was the second week since her aunt had gone on a trip to some strange place. Sunako was slowly getting used to her paternal aunt's frequent absences, but this was by far the longest time. Sunako had already eaten all of the foods that didn't require cooking. She had thought about taking her allowance to the store, but her mother had told her to never go anywhere without an adult, so Sunako stayed put.

She had tried her hand at boiling some water to make some instant miso soup for breakfast, but all she had made was a mess and one heck of a boo-boo.

"It's the least gourmet food item in the house!" Sunako murmured angrily, furiously flipping her finger in the air. "Why couldn't I make it?"

She had stroked her chin for a while after that. And a while after that, seven year-old Sunako Nakahara taught herself how to boil water.

"Urgh. Damn you, hemophilia."

Sunako woke in the hospital bed, alone, save for her faithful IV pole. She had awoken some time ago, after experiencing the strange memory of why she had that round scar on her ring finger.

"Voices?" Sunako mumbled, ears perking. She turned to her IV pole and asked, "There are voices, right? Outside of the room and not in my head? Drip once for yes and twice for no,"


Sunako nodded affirmatively. "I thought so. It's time to investigate."

From her spot in bed, however, investigating would prove to be difficult.

"Right. Well, we part ways now, IV." Sunako plucked the needle out of her vein and rolled out of the bed. She crept to the door and pressed her ear against the door.

"I said I was interning, you moron." said a cold voice like thin ice precariously close to snapping.

"So? Interns can't just go barging into patients' rooms like that!" cried a masculine voice that reached surprisingly high notes.

A tight exhale, followed by, "I have permission,"

"Why this room?"

"I could ask the same,"

"I have some business with her,"

"Business?" Sunako glanced at the IV pole quizzically. "With me?


"You can do that once I'm out the room," The cold voice continued.

"That voice," Sunako murmured. "It sounds kind of familiar,"


"Now if you'll exc-"

Sunako yelped when the door swung open. Aw, Buddha! I thought he was going to open the door after he finished talking, not in the middle of his sentence!

The door slammed her onto her back, her legs spread apart.

"What the - MY EYES!"

Sunako looked up to see the Oda boy - Takenaga, was it? - blushing profusely and backpedaling into that red-haired boy she had seen at the zoo.

"Oh, don't be such a virgin. Besides, you're trying to be a doctor, aren't you? Other peoples' private parts aren't private for you anymore," scoffed the red-haired boy. He kneeled before her knees and smiled. "My, you don't even remember my name and you're already opening up to me,"


"Nakahara-san, I'm an intern, not a gynecologist," Takenaga groaned in embarrassment behind his palms and pointed between her knees. Sunako looked down and blinked at her position - on her back, knees pointed up, legs spread...

The red-haired boy leaned closer to her and whispered, "You're wearing a hospital gown, kitten."

Panting, Sunako pounded on her chest in order to tell her heart to stop being so damn noisy. Her pulse drummed in her ears, which were fuchsia from flashing a body part she imagined was especially reserved for her future husband. Better yet, Sunako ruminated, with her palms over her burning ears and cheeks, she had flashed two boys. Somewhere in the clouds, her guardian angel was most likely laughing at her and documenting her life into some teenage porn in page form.

Sunako's ruminating led her feet to wander absently through the halls of the hospital. When Sunako had ran out of her room, screaming like a mad woman, the nurses in the hallway had been too startled to apprehend her. The two boys were stunned to the spot by her lung capacity and thus had not run after her.

She let out a sigh. There were numerous cuts, scrapes, scratches, and bruises on her body - all of which had been treated and bandaged accordingly. She imagined the blood loss must have been pretty bad if she still felt light-headed.

"Even after all of this, all you think about is work! Work, work, work! Huh!"

Sunako stopped and peered curiously at the door of the room where the shouting was coming from. The door was opened slightly, facilitating eavesdropping.

"I never learn, do I?" Sunako muttered to herself, thinking once again of the result of her last investigation and cringing once again before indulging her curiosity. But then again, leaving the door open was like an invitation to kill the cat.

Inside, Sunako spotted a tall woman with dark blonde hair crossing her arms over her chest and glaring at a bed-ridden man. The woman shouted, "In case you forgot, you've got a family. Me and Kyohei!"

Kyohei? My Kyohei? Wait, no. Not MY Kyohei. I meant Takano! Takano Kyohei is who I meant.

"I don't have amnesia. I'm here because I was in a coma. Of course I remember," The man replied irritably. He looked older than his wife, though his stare was sharp and shrewd. He folded his hands together on his lap and casually said, "I saw the boy today,"

"He's cute like me," His wife said angrily.

The man smiled. "He's naughty like you. He was supposed to be in school when he visited me,"

Kyohei wasn't at school today either. What a coincidence.

"Oh, I missed you, you stupid man!" His wife cried and flung herself into his arms. The man grunted and patted her hip. "I was scared," She wailed. "All the time, I was scared."

Then she kissed him. Aggressively. Aggressively as a wife with a husband who had just awaken from a coma would kiss her husband.

Talk about moody. Sunako wondered if she was supposed to be touched by the scene. She turned away and said,


"Just what the hell are you doing out of bed?" Kyohei's voice demanded from behind her.

Sunako started and pounded her chest again. Her pulse positively hummed at the sight of him. She noted that he was similarly bandaged up and dressed in a white wife-beater and scrubs pants.

"Well?" Kyohei asked, frowning. "You conked out again, like a goddamn flower. Why aren't you resting?"

"If anyone's a flower, it's you," Sunako responded unenthusiastically. She found herself wondering why she couldn't have a civil conversation with the guy and was immediately reminded of why when he opened his mouth and said,

"I guess you're not," He sneered and said, "You're not pretty enough to be a flower,"

"How can you be so mean to a patient?" Sunako whined.

"You're not acting like a patient," He reminded pointedly. He gestured impatiently at her. "Come on,"

Sunako deflated, a sudden bout of dizziness making her lean against the wall.

Kyohei quickly steadied her with an arm around her waist. "You okay?" He asked, his voice husky.

Sunako was about to respond when -

"Sunako! Oh man, are you okay?" Big, teary eyes filled her vision when Yuki flew at her. "I'm really, really sorry about everything. Why aren't you in bed? Do you need help? Do you wa-"

"She's fine," Kyohei snapped and shifted Sunako so she was pressed into his side, away from the other boy.

Yuki looked up in awe at Kyohei and asked, "Who are you?"

Kyohei was frowning again, his fingers clenching into her side.

Sunako winced and snapped, "Ow. Let go, would you? I have a bruise the size of Russia there, you moron,"

Kyohei gave her an annoyed look, but loosened her grip anyway. Meanwhile, Yuki blinked patiently at the other boy.

Kyohei disclosed through gritted teeth, "Kyohei Takano."

"I'm Yukinojo Tomoya. It's nice to meet you,"

Sunako looked up at Kyohei expectantly. When his features remained hard and unfriendly, Sunako sighed loudly and said, "Your manners suck. Deep, deep, deep down, Kyohei's pleased to meet you too,"

Yuki nodded with the same discomfort he regarded Sunako with. "Well, uh, do you want me to take you home?"

"I can go home by myself," Kyohei said belligerently.

"…I was talking to Sunako,"

"I'm taking her home,"

"It's her decision if she wants to go home with Yuki," Sunako said waspishly and elbowed Kyohei roughly. She softened her features at Yuki. "Thank you, but you should go ahead. I'll be fine,"

"Sure. I guess I'll see you." Yuki nodded again and walked away.

"What a fucking flower." Kyohei snorted, his eyes stalking Yuki's retreating back.

"Your manners really suck."

"Your taste really sucks,"

"Kyohei?" The door to the room they had been in front of opened, revealing the woman Sunako was eavesdropping on before.

Kyohei raised his brows and said, "Mom?"


I hate it as much as other readers hate it when authors stop updating for a while (damn you, reality! *shakes fist*) but I was failing classes left and right and I had metric shit-tons of work to make up/finals to ace so that I would not fail. I am, unfortunately, a shitty student and have maintained straight D's throughout my high school career. This basically happens every year; I slack off the entire school year and then cram like a mad hen at the very end.

Remember when I said (some author's note in the beginning chapters) that I had this story all planned out?


well...let me explain through this analogy: say I was going to borrow a friend's bike, bike to the store, buy some fruit, and come home. But then, after I buy some fruit, I hear that a 7-11 is opening three blocks away from the store, so I bike my cute little butt to the 7-11 and buy myself a couple inches around my waist. When I come out of the store, some asshole steals my bike and rides away with my fruit, but I just ate, so I can't run after him because it's bad for digestion, so I go sit down by a park across the street. Some kid at the park hoses me down with a water gun and then I proceed to battle everything below my chin in aquatic warfare. I forget about the bike and start going home to change, but then I get hit by a truck, so I have to go to the hospital. I fall madly into an unrequited love with the hospital's janitor, but he's married to my doctor, who, in spite, injects me with enough morphine to put me in a coma. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, since, you know, I was hit by a truck not too long ago. A nurse then enters my room and tries to steal my kidneys to sell on the black market, but she is thwarted by another doctor, with whom she's been having an illicit affair with. I realize that this doctor is the asshole who stole my friend's bike. My rage lifts my morphine-induced coma and I pimp-slap that nurse and stuff my organs back inside of me and stitch myself up. Then I interrogate the asshole doctor for stealing the bike. He tells me his sister told him that the bike tires were pumped with poisonous gas and that since a friend was borrowing it, he needed to find it pronto. That friend is me, so I forgive the good doctor and we begin an illicit affair. When I wake up after a night of sweet, sweet lovin', he's stolen my shoes and fled to Egypt, so I follow him there. There, a zombie apocalypse is occurring, and the doctor and I must fight them off with my shoes, which contain the antidote. We save the day and return home, but then I realize that asshole stole my fruit.

basically...my imagination runs too fast and keeps changing my plot lines. so like, I'll be all set for a plot, but new ideas keep sprouting up and I end up incorporating those new ideas, but then I have to change other parts of the plot or else none of it makes sense...just like this long, rambling author's note.

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