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Well, here's the prologue-er, EPILOGUE! -censored-! Just to document the aftermath of this beautiful mess of an adventure. :D I hope you enjoy!

"So," Master Hand was instructing the two miscreants from the previous day's big 'event', "I am giving you until the end of the day to get the premises spotless by any means necessary. Do not disappoint me again. Do you understand?"

Zelda and Fox both nodded stiffly, standing in the midst of the yard.

"Good," Master Hand replied. "Also... the fact that I almost injured you, Zelda, does warrant an apology. Although I was trying to put an end to this situation, any harm that may have befell you was far out of my intentions."

"It is accepted," Zelda responded as formally as Master Hand had apologized.

"Good." Allowing his tone to get stricter, he added "Remember. By the end of the day. No exceptions. Good day." And with that, the hand had floated back into the house.

Zelda chuckled as she made her way to the nearest piece of fabric, Pikachu's. She dragged it along the ground, starting to roll it up into one big cylinder. It was harder than it looked- the fabric was weighed down with some of the rain that had appeared last night. She sighed, collapsing into the soaked fabric, letting her head recline into the rainwater. "Wow," was all she said.

"I know," Fox replied with a smile, extending a hand out towards her. "But, we gotta get it done somehow."

Zelda nodded. "I can't create how much carnage we caused." But the statement was made with a smile. "I remember this one almost dragged me out the ship with it. Feisty little thing."

"Hah, that's Pikachu," Fox agreed. "And Marth's, how it draped over the gutter like that. So patriotic!"

"I thought so, too!" Zelda replied eagerly as they began to rehash the events. Looking up at the corner of the pale fabric, she added "I just don't know how we're gonna get it down."

"My favorite was Falco's," Fox stated. "I mean, not just cause he's my friend, but because I can't get over how perfectly his fabric matched him! It was hilarious!"

Zelda giggled. "I personally liked Samus'. And the Ice Climbers'. Although Mario's was pretty cool as well. And Game and Watch's." She sighed as she realized she was on her way to naming of the fabrics as it was. "Really, I just liked seeing it all come together so well. I love it when a good plan comes together."

"I live for that," Fox agreed. "Being a leader and all. But, you know what they say. You do the crime, then do the time."

"Hey!" they heard a voice shout in the distance. Fox and Zelda whirled around to see that Donkey Kong was running towards them, allowing himself onto all fours. Zelda's eyes widened to see that immediately behind him was Link, and then Falco. Link dashed up so that he was near Zelda, and Falco made a beeline for Fox.

"Hah, dude! That was the most incredible thing I ever thought I'd see out of a bunch of colorful fabric," Falco cracked, punching him in the arm. "I mean, sure, I already saw the ending, but when word got out about what you did, oh man... that took balls. Both of ya."

"...thanks?" Zelda replied tenatively.

Link nodded, wryly adding "Figuratively, of course. But... really, that was impressive."

Zelda blushed. "Thank...you?"

"...you're welcome..." he told her, turning somewhat red.

Zelda found herself frustrated at the situation. "You know," she snapped, although not viciously, "I miss when I was able to do this without this kind of bumbling conversation."

"Do wha-"

But before he could finish, Zelda had wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a tight, meaningful embrace which Link only took a second's surprised hesitation to return. Zelda could feel him whisper in her ear "Thank you."

DK cleared his throat, causing the two to separate. He gave the group of four a cordial grin. "Now, I don't mean to interrupt a good moment, but I figured you could use some help. So all of us decided we would lend a hand."

"All of us?" Fox asked.

DK cleared his throat. "So all of us decided we would lend a hand!" he shouted with more emphasis, and on that note, the first smasher made their way out of the patio door. That smasher, Pikachu darted out, followed closely by Samus, and then Mario came out, followed by Peach, and then almost all at once, before they knew what was happening, the yard was occupied by all twenty five smashers.

Fox grinned. "You guys are incredible," he gave them a thumbs up, certainly not about to refuse help.

DK laughed loudly at this statement. "Ah, maybe, I suppose. But you guys are especially incredible, what you did there. I mean, who would have ever thought about getting different giant rolls of fabric for each of us to represent the hope of Master Hand going easy on us? A couple of intelligent, crazy folks like you. And God bless you for it."

DK motioned toward the Pikas' fabric. "So, people, shall we start?"

With a mighty cheer that made the scene bear odd resemblance to the first few minutes of an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition demolition, the smashers made their way towards the fabric, and thus it started.

Fox made his way over to Zelda as she, DK and Peach started in on Pikachu's fabric, each of the four grabbing a corner. Zelda looked behind her to see him right behind her, and she asked with an eyebrow raise "Is... there a reason... you're-"

"Right behind you? Yeah, there is," he added with a grin. "I had an idea."

"I have one too," she chuckled. "Go over there and get to work. We caused this, we should be doing the most work."

Fox chuckled. "Aw, just gimme the benefit of the doubt," he insisted. Zelda rolled her eyes in jest, and after everyone met in the center she signaled that she was going to be right back to Donkey Kong. He nodded with a warm smile and a symbol of his own- a thumbs up. She giggled and faced Fox, who led her into the garage.

Inside the massive structure, the Gazafly sat, doors still de-attached. Not fazed in the slightest, he dove right into the ship, at the pilot's seat.

"Oh goddess not again," Zelda blurted.

"Aw, don't worry," Fox insisted. "Master Hand took the keys. Just... reach in the back, will ya?"

Zelda nodded. She was starting to learn that she needn't be so hesitant around Fox. Seemed that through thick and thin, she had good reason to do so. Bent over the seat, she felt around until she felt it- a small, blue box. She picked it up and brought it forward to her seat, and before Fox could react, opened it.

To her great surprise, there was a thin, simple blue necklace with a gorgeous lapis lazuli in the center. Astonished, she didn't know what to make of it. "F...fox..." she blurted.

Fox slammed his head into the dashboard before gasping. "Oh! Shit! I'm... sorry, that wasn't it. That was for Krystal... I was keeping it back there. Probably a bad idea."

She blushed furiously. "Oh... it's okay... I just... you know... did not expect that. Like, at all."

Fox gave her a wry smile. "Of course not. Seeing as you and I are of different species and I think that Link guy really has something for ya. His eyes, it's all right there."

"I-uh-err-eh..." she decided to shift the subject. "It's beautiful," she admitted, placing the necklace back in the box.

"Thanks," he replied, taking on an embarrassed tint of his own. "I owe Peach one... she's pretty good with teaching me how to make jewelry, and she even gave me the center piece."

"You made one?" Zelda smiled, a hand on the vulpine's shoulder.

"Well... y'know, with Peach's help," he replied uneasily. "I decided last night before the Hand cracked down on me that I'd ask Peach to help me with this. I mean... I just helped drop a fabric store on the mansion, I think reconciling with my girlfriend should come a bit easier after that."

"That's very sweet," she admitted, placing the small box back in the trunk and grabbing the intended object, the roll of purple fabric.

"You... really think so?" A hesitant curiosity was evident in the usually confident leader's voice. "...thanks... that means a lot to me."

"It's true," Zelda added, somewhat absentmindedly, as she lifted the fabric into the seat. "Now, about this?"

"Yes, this!" Fox nodded. "Y'see, it's the only fabric that didn't get thrown. I figure that we can make our own sort of... memory out of it... a sign of solidarity."

"...like what?" Zelda asked. "I mean, I know you have a plan."

"You're absolutely right," Fox grinned. "You see, I wanna make a flag. A flag for the Smashers. Something to represent us. We can get a piece of everybody's fabric as we clean up and... do something. As to what, I'm not sure other than the pieces and a whole lot of glue."

"But it's a start," Zelda replied, smiling. "And a good one. We should do this; you know, when the mess is cleared up. Just start getting the pieces of fabric."

Fox smiled, reaching out to hug her once again. "You're great, princess, you know that? You really are."

Zelda blushed. "Thanks... you too, Mr. McCloud."

"Ah," Fox chuckled, letting her go and jumping out of the Gazafly, "you can just call me Fox."

"The day you start calling me Zelda," she replied slyly. Like a fox, he would note later.

Fox got the point. "Oh, okay, Zelda, if you insist," he chuckled. "Shall we?"

"After you," she replied.

Fox laughed, darting out the door and allowing Zelda to take a slower pace, and soon he was fast at work, leaving her in her thoughts. She noticed that it was starting to rain again, and that with the fabrics as soaked as they were and the fact that they were out here for the day, that this should, altogether, be a miserable experience.

So why wasn't it?

Had they really accomplished so much? Even if Master Hand did not relent, they had united the Smasher's community. Donkey Kong was lifting a folded fabric over his head with Dr. Mario chatting him up; she heard them both laugh. Peach had her parasol on her shoulder as she got to work, and when it fell off, Falco, of all people, gave it back to her with a crooked grin. Both Ice Climbers put the hoods of their parkas up, but when they saw that the Mario brothers were shivering, they took the baggy jackets off and gave them to the brothers. They nodded and grinned, and Zelda got as much a giggle as the others when Luigi gave Nana's pink parka an exaggerated model's pose. Even Ganondorf, the man she hated so much, was working with Jigglypuff to fold up a fabric, exchanging idle chatter as if he actually understood the puffball, and it seemed so... seamless. Even now, Fox was talking to Marth, who grinned, getting out his sword and slicing a piece off of Roy's fabric off of the rest, handing it to the eager vulpine.

Who's to say they hadn't already accomplished something?

Unbeknownst to the others, a deep laugh rang from the window that was the center of attention the previous day. It was not an ominous laugh, or a displeased, surprised laugh. It was an amused, impressed laugh from the Master Hand himself.

Well, he did say 'by any means necessary.' He was impressed by the unity and cognitive efforts of the different Smashers. After he observed the scene, he floated back to his painting, a twenty by twenty foot canvas that barely covered half of the large, open room. A large hand needed his space.

He sighed as he observed, up at the top corner of the painting, a messy blending of two of the shades of blue. Dipping his paintbrush in one of the shades, he worked around the area, trying to get the two shades to mesh better. He always was quite the perfectionist. In fact, some could consider him mildly OCD. He always had to adhere to his plans- it made sense that way. And if that meant clearing the skies, he would.

But... judging by the events... maybe he was a bit too much a perfectionist.

With another sigh, he left the somewhat disjointed area be, and decided he was finished. And that, imperfections and all, he rather liked this one.

He picked up the painting, and found a nice, open space on the wall. As he reached in his desk for a giant nail, he thought that he'd have to move the navy blue fabric out of the way to make sure it didn't overlap the painting. After the nail was retrieved, he set the fabric on the ground and, with his fist, drove the nail in.

Using a string on the back of the large canvas, he hung the painting on the wall similar to a photograph. Retrieving Falcon's fabric off of the ground and placing it on his desk, he took a good look at the painting and was satisfied.

"In fact," he mused, "rather akin to a masterpiece."

And with that, he left his large office, letting the twenty by twenty canvas of the sky that was accented by different colored fabrics floating in different downward spirals and a small ship with no doors on it get adjusted to its surroundings.

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