Note: I don't own G.I. Joe; they belong to Larry Hama, Hasbro, and other productions, not me. This is a G.I. Joe: Renegades story. Warning: This story contains fluff, known green shirts acting stupid (mostly Tunnel Rat), and a minor mention of a duct tape prank. I did warn you!

It's not everyday that the Renegades stayed up at night, but on this occasion, everybody was awake. Duke and most of the renegades crouched on the floor continuously played many different card games. But, as always Scarlett and Snake Eyes didn't join their friends in any games at all. Snake Eyes disappeared somewhere outside of the Coyote and Scarlett was busy studying in her seat studying many recent reports of data about COBRA, their enemy. The Redhead mainly tried to concentrate in her progress with out the constant complaints coming from the men as Tunnel Rat won another game against his friends.

"Tunnel Rat, that's the fifth time you won, you must be cheating." Ripcord said. The rest of the men also complain with Ripcord. The bickering became so loud, Scarlett tried her best not to get distracted or better yet, loose her temper. She continued to ignore the constant racket.

"Why the heck do you guys think I'm cheating; I'm playing fair and square." Tunnel Rat defended himself. After he said this, his red beanie fell off his head; a bunch of cards came out onto the floor in front of his friends. Roadblock picked up a pile of them with his hands.

"Oh really, then explain to me why there are three diamonds, five clubs, four aces, and one court jester." he said. The team's field medic defended himself once more.

"Court jester, I don't have a court jester." Tunnel Rat said.

"Your about to become one!" Every one of the men tackled Tunnel Rat to the ground.

"You owe me twenty bucks." one of them said. The fight started to make Scarlett loose concentration. The pen she was writing notes with broke in her tightly clenched fist; the ink from it spilled on the important papers in her lap. Every note she wrote and info Breaker sent them became stained and not even readable. She lost her control on her anger; Scarlett got out of her seat and yelled at the men still fighting Tunnel Rat.

"Will you grunts shut up; you made me loose concentration and now the information Breaker sent us about COBRA are ruined." Everybody stopped what they were doing and looked at the angry lieutenant facing them with crossed arms. Scarlett returned back to her seat frustrated, she wadded up all the inky paper and threw them in the small trash bin behind her. She turned on the radio and hummed to the music to calm herself down. The green shirts behind her became aggravated.

"Man, I wish one day we could shut her up with duct tape." Ripcord said. Getting an idea from this, Tunnel Rat got up from the floor and took out a thick roll of duct tape from a small cabinet.

"Good idea, you three try to knock her out, and I'll do the rest." He was about to approached Scarlett from behind until Duke stopped him before the redhead had a chance to notice anything. "I wouldn't do that if I were you, besides would you rather get cut in half by her ninja friend with his katana." The blonde soldier had a point. Tunnel Rat sat back down on the floor in grief.

"Too bad we can't make red kiss Snake Eyes for once, maybe that will make her mellow enough to be nicer." Roadblock made a comment. For some reason, it was mostly the truth.

"I see where you're going there Roadblock, there's something going on between the two, too bad we can't dare her to kiss him." Duke responded. Tunnel Rat suddenly came up with a different idea.

"Wait, what if we can?" the medic corrected Duke. The sergeant and everyone else didn't get what he was talking about. "What are you saying Private, try to trick her or something to do it" Duke asked,

"Something like that; it involves a little game we all were forced to play at our sisters' sleepovers and with our girlfriends when we were kids, but it's not spin the bottle." Tunnel Rat answered, the men in the Coyote huddled together to hear their friends mischievous scheme without Scarlett or even Snake Eyes knowing about it.

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