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Scarlett froze in place; she didn't know to even take the dare. "Are you crazy Tunnel Rat, I can't kiss Snake Eyes, what if I loose his trust." she said at the medic. The boys were giggling silently at Scarlett's response.

"What, afraid the ninja would stab you in the back with one of his swords, C'mon Scarlett, we know there's something going on between the two of you." Tunnel Rat teased her. Scarlett turned her head to see if Snake Eyes was paying attention to what was going on. Turns out, the ninja wasn't even moving; he was still concentrating on his meditation.

"Okay, what the cache if I don't?" Scarlett asked, afraid of asking that question. Tunnel Rat had a big smile form on his face.

"The cache is, if you don't, you can't boss us around for the rest of the month." Scarlett couldn't let that happened. Without her leadership the team would get defeated too easy. She had no choice but to do it.

"I'll do it, but you'll regret this if we all lose Snake Eyes trust." She said. She got up off the floor and slowly approached Snake Eyes, very slow.

"Poor Red, you think she'll really do it?" Roadblock asked his friend. "Oh don't worry, if she doesn't I've got a backup plan." Tunnel Rat playfully rubbed his hands like an evil person would do. Scarlett stopped in her tracks and stood very still.

"What's the matter, too scared?" Duke asked. Every one of them laughed some more.

"No, I was just putting lipstick on." She quickly made an excuse. She grabbed a tube of lipstick from her pocket. She thought to herself 'What the heck have I got myself into.' She quickly put lipstick on her lips and again walked towards Snake Eyes. Ripcord quickly took out a digital camera from his pocket.

"Um Rip, why do you have a camera?" Roadblock asked. "To take pictures of the two making out, this would be great on facebook." Roadblock just had to ask the young private that question.

"For your information Ripcord, you don't have a facebook account; we immediately got booted off the site once we became wanted criminals." Tunnel Rat corrected. "But still, it's interesting to take pictures." Ripcord gave a wild grin. His friends couldn't believe that Ripcord would be that sneaky to take pictures of what was about to happen. Scarlett was now close to Snake Eyes walking towards him closer and closer.

"Snake Eyes, can I talk to you for a second?" She asked hoping the ninja would fall for her trick. Snake Eyes stopped meditating and turned towards his friend.

"Snake Eyes, I'm sorry for what I'm about to do, but please forgive me." She reached for his masked and pulls it over his chin and his mouth. Scarlett moved closer the ninja, but she soon stopped what she was about to do. She turned to her other friends with a worried look on her face.

"I'm sorry I can't do it." The men became disappointed. "Oh man, there goes our plan." Scarlett started to walk back to her friends and Snake Eyes started to put back on his mask, but Tunnel Rat had a backup plan.

"I'm not giving up that easy." The field medic took out a thick roll of duct tape from behind his back. "You and Duke hold the ninja down, me and Ripcord will try to get Scarlett." Tunnel Rat gave orders to Roadblock, Duke, and Ripcord. Even though they didn't know what Tunnel Rat was planning, they began to do as they were told. Duke and Ripcord began to hold down Snake Eyes in his chair and took all of his ninja weapons away. Ripcord grabbed Scarlett by her arms and started to walk her back towards Snake Eyes.

"What the heck are you grunts doing; this is treason." she complained. She found herself sitting on Snake Eye's lap; the men were surrounding the two.

"Sorry I'm going to do this, but this is for your own good." Tunnel Rat unrolled the duct tape and began to tape both Snake Eyes and Scarlett to each other. The two captives tried to struggle out of their bonds but were useless.

"I don't know what you boys are up to but I going to beat the tar out of all of you if you won't let me and Snake Eyes go." She threatens. The men laughed at Scarlett's plea.

"Oh shut up and kiss the ninja." Tunnel Rat pulled Snake Eyes mask over his mouth and force both the ninja and Scarlett to kiss by bonding both of their heads and mouths together with duct tape. Scarlett soon calm down once she felt Snake Eye's lips against hers. It's seems Tunnel Rat's evil scheme had somehow worked after all. Snake Eyes was kissing and moving his lips against hers in response, she did the same thing also. Tunnel Rat made a fist pump in the air in response. The other boys were whistling and cheering at the couple. Ripcord on the other hand began to take a picture, the camera flashed in front of both the redhead and the ninja, ruining the moment.

"You had to ruin everything." Roadblock said at his friend. Both Scarlett and Snake Eyes turned their bodies towards the men; they both had an angry look.

"Everybody run." Duke yelled. The men ran out the door in attempts of fleeing. Snake Eyes tried to retrieve his katana but tripped forcing both he and Scarlett to fall on the floor. The ninja was now on his back with Scarlett lying on top of his chest. The duct tape that bounded both of their mouths ripped from the fall, revealing that Snake Eyes entire mouth was covered with Scarlett's lipstick; the redhead began to laugh.

"Wow, didn't know you're that great of a kisser." She teased. The ninja smiled back in response. He managed to break free from the silvery bonds that kept him and Scarlett together, and helped Scarlett break out of the rest.

*Mind telling me why Ripcord was doing of horrible acting job and you tried to kiss me?* He signed with his hands.

"Long story, we were playing a game of Truth or Dare, but things got too weird from their." She answered. Snake Eyes laughed in response; Scarlett also began to laugh. The two were laughing so hard that their stomachs started hurt.

*Too bad I didn't get a chance to play with you and the men, can't believe I missed out* Snake Eyes signed.

"Don't worry, there still one more game to play." Scarlett said smiling.

*And that would be?* Snake Eyes question was soon answered with a passionate kiss from the redhead. The two continued their love game without anyone of the grunts knowing. The next day, the men finally came out from their hiding place from last nights incident. Turns out the hiding place was a big oak tree they climbed in. As they descended down, every one of them started to pop every joint in their body and stretch for their sleeping place they had for the rest of the night wasn't comfortable.

"Next time you want to take a picture, make sure you turn off the flash." Tunnel Rat argued with Ripcord.

"Well sorry, I didn't know the camera had flash on." Ripcord defended himself. The argument was soon interrupted by the sounds of someone laughing.

"Hey, did you guys hear that?" Duke asked. More laughter came from the distance.

"I hear it too Duke, probably some kids wondering around in the woods." Roadblock suggested. The laughter continued some more, as the men got closer to where they last parked the Coyote they saw Scarlett in a yellow strapless sundress with daisies in her long loose hair which wasn't in a ponytail as always. She was carrying a bouquet of the flowers in one of her hands as she was playfully being chased barefooted by a certain ninja. Snake Eye's snuck up behind Scarlett, wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her on the cheek with his mask still on. The men's mouths dropped open after they saw this. Ripcord quickly took out of his pocket the camera he had from last night and turned it on; he quickly took a picture of both Scarlett and Snake Eyes again, but the camera didn't flash this time for anyone to notice.

"Looks like your plan has worked T-Rat, let's hope Scarlett won't still be angry at us about last night." Duke patted Tunnel Rat on the back to congratulate him. The green shirts further approached the vehicle until Scarlett and Snake Eyes noticed them coming.

"Where were you grunt's last night?" Scarlett asked. The lieutenant's mood started to change as she crossed her arms. "We were with the owls." Roadblock sarcastically answered. Snake Eyes also crossed his arms in concern; the grunts knew they should start apologizing.

"Were sorry about last night, me and the boys mostly planned this to happen." Duke started to ask for forgiveness. Tunnel Rat also started to express regret.

"It was based mostly on my idea, I'm sorry if I ever embarrassed the two of you, I might as well embarrass myself." The medic said forgetting that he already did embarrass himself from last night.

"Will you two forgive us?" Ripcord asked. Instead of getting angry, Scarlett started to hug every one of the grunts in response.

"Whatever you guys did last night, thanks." She said. Instead of giving Tunnel Rat a hug, she kissed him on the cheek.

"Tunnel Rat, thank you for planning that fixed game of Truth or Dare." She thanked the medic. Tunnel Rat was now blushing in humiliation; the men were laughing at their friend.

"Will you guys stop; it's just a peck on the cheek." Tunnel Rat bickered. Scarlett smiled at the boys acting like themselves before being kissed once more by the ninja.

"Snake Eyes and Scarlett sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-" Ripcord began to chant, he didn't get a chance to finish as Snake Eyes took out his katana again and began to chase the mutant. Scarlett and the other men were amused as they watch the chase go back into the woods.

"At least this time the idiot isn't dress as a ninja." Roadblock made a comment. A round of screams could be heard in the distance and as always Ripcord returned to base with a cloth around his mouth, and Snake Eyes not far behind.

"Once again, I got beat up by an angry love struck ninja." Ripcord said after untying the gag around his mouth. Duke opened one of the doors to the Coyote and went inside.

"We better get going before Flint figures out where we are." he suggested. Everybody else went inside the truck; Scarlett and Snake Eyes began to sit next to each other holding hands. The men sitting in front of them noticed.

"Wait until the second step comes into play." Tunnel Rat joked. The men didn't know what the heck he was talking about.

"What are you talking about T-Rat, what's the second step." Roadblock asked as he started to drive the Coyote back on the road.

"Have you guys ever heard of this famous nursery rhyme, First come's love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage." The medic began to answer. Tunnel Rat was hit in the back of his head by a bar of soap. He turned around to find that Ripcord threw it.

"No more ideas Tunnel Rat just leave the two love birds as they are." the young mutant soldier said. Duke turned on the radio and one song sung by a singer that the Joes hate the most could be heard.

"One less lonely girl, one less lonely girl…" All heck soon broke loose as Scarlett began to yell.

"Will somebody turn the station before I get a mind grain from Justin Bieber?" It seems that she was still her grouchy self much to the men's disappointment.

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