The stories you have just read are true. All suspects are presumed

innocent until proven guilty before a court of their peers.

Now, the results of those trials.

Snips & Snails

Snips and Snails were released into their parent's custody pending trial. Upon their court date, the suspects pleaded guilty to Aggravated Assault, Trespassing and Criminal Mischief. Snips and Snails entered into a plea bargain for 6 months in Juvenile Detention & one year probation. Their parents were held responsible for all costs to cleaning the strawberry puree, which amounted to 350 bits to clean Rarity's mane and coat, plus punitive damages. Their time in detention was brief but had a lasting effect on the two. The boys served their time and were released with new ambitions. The colts both apologized to Rarity and she forgave them. Snips now works at the Ponyville Barber Shop as an apprentice barber. He plans to open his own shop someday. Snails began to work for Rarity as an assistant. He does odd jobs and errands, determined to make amends for what he did. Though fashion is not his forte, Snails is enjoying learning about business. He plans on owing his own business one day, what it is, he still hasn't decided.

Rainbow Dash

True to her word, Rainbow Dash never violated the Flight Restriction Border again and her violations plummeted to nothing. Her training paid off, as she became the first pony to successfully defend her title at the Best Young Flier's Competition. The Wonderbolts did take note of her skills, but again she was not offered a spot on their roster. But, with the help of an old friend, Rainbow Dash was offered another position. Despite her extensive record of violations, Rainbow Dash now patrols the skies of Cloudsdale as a member of the Cloudsdale Police Department with her new partner Sky High. She stills trains and competes at competitions, both as an independent and representing the Cloudsdale Police Department, winning several major competitions. But Rainbow Dash has not stopped dreaming of one day wearing a Wonderbolt uniform. But she is content wearing a police uniform, for now.

Top Shelf

Top Shelf's drunken threats of lawsuits amounted to nothing. Once he sobered up, Top Shelf was trying to cut deals wherever he could. But nopony paid the over privileged colt any mind. Due to the heinous crime he committed, bail was rejected for the stallion at the preliminary hearing. He spent two months in jail waiting for his trial, which was presided over by Princess Luna herself. With the heartfelt testimony of Spike, Twilight Sparkle, and Constable Justice, the case was solid against the accused. The jury took less than an hour to reach a verdict. Despite his father's best efforts to plead Diminished Capacity, Top Shelf was convicted on all charges, including 1st Degree Equicide. He is now housed in the dungeon of the royal palace, awaiting his execution by hanging. The murder of Ditzy Doo was the first unnatural death of an Equestrian Citizen in 100 years, and the pain of the case echoed through Equestria. Ditzy Doo was buried next to her husband in the Whitetail Wood Cemetery. The orphaned Dinky Doo now resides with Twilight Sparkle in Ponyville. By decree of Princess Celestia, Dinky is protégé to the purple unicorn and her magical skills are growing everyday. Dinky visits her parent's graves every Sunday and leaves homemade muffins at the foot of the headstones.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders

The Crusaders were found "guilty" of sneaking out and breaking curfew. All "plea bargains" were rejected. Applejack sentenced them to 2 weeks of hard chores and no crusading. It was a hard learned lesson as the girls swept the floors, did the dishes, pitched hay, and other odd jobs around the farm. After their sentence was served the Cutie Mark Crusaders continued their quest to find their special talents, resulting in several more run-ins with Applejack's brand of justice. Deputy Lock Up finally got the nerve to asked Applejack on a date after he finished that slice of apple pie she offered. The two began formally courting soon after and grew close over the months. Deputy Lock Up later moved onto the farm, but remains on the force. He and Applejack are now engaged to be married by summer's end. Big Mac couldn't be happier for the two. And the Crusaders have a new idea to earn their cutie marks, the Cutie Mark Crusaders Wedding Planners.


4-Speed spent 12 hours in jail waiting for a judge to see him. Those hours did more to open his eyes than Hard Time's words did. When he was ushered to court, 4-Speed was greeted by the Cakes, Sheriff Hard Time, and a sober, poofy haired Pinkie Pie. They all testified on behalf of 4-Speed because of the maturity he showed when he owned up to his mistake. 4-Speed was fined 400 bits for Underage Possession of Alcohol. His father was not pleased at all, especially learning how he acquired the alcohol. In order to pay of the debt, 4-Speed took a job at Sugarcube Corner. He works very hard, proving Sheriff Hard Time was right about him. Starting with janitorial duties, 4-Speed earned his way into the kitchen. Pinkie Pie, readily, accepted his apology the second he offered it. Jokingly, she thanked him for showing her how bad alcohol is. She swore never touch it again. The two bake countless treats together everyday at Sugarcube Corner. Even after 4-Speed paid his fine, he remained happily employed with the Cakes. 4-Speed and Pinkie Pie have begun dating.


Fluttershy was treated at Ponyville Urgent Care for a head laceration, minor bruising, and sexual trauma. An SA Kit revealed there was no foreign material present inside of her, much to her relief. She spent a few days in the hospital before she was released, but the ordeal made her reclusive and even more timid. It took months of therapy to recover from her ordeal. With the help of her friends, she slowly became her old self again. The pony who assaulted Fluttershy was pronounced dead at the scene and identified as Open Road, a drifter. His cutie mark had been covered by paint. The COD on his death certificate is listed as suicide by police. After an inquest, Deputy Barricade's shooting of the suspect was found to be justified. He has since resumed his duties. Star Marshall returned to her patrol the next day. She stopped by the hospital to check on Fluttershy everyday until her release. The two mares became very good friends. After the inquest, Barricade returned to the beat with Star Marshall. Life returned to normal for all parties eventually, but not for long. A few weeks after Barricade returned to duty, Star Marshall became pregnant. She and Barricade are expecting their first foal to be born by next spring. Fluttershy will be delivering their foal, as Star Marshall's midwife.


A/N: This story was a great success, I want to thank all you bronies and pegasisters for reading it, but COPS: Equestria is unfortunately complete. Originally, I was going to continue with the supporting cast. Luna, Celestia, Cherilee, Big Macintosh, but I think I will save that sequel for later. Right now I am going to work on other stories and when I return to pony fics, I will expand on this story. So for those of you that didn't like the Canterlot Chapter, for obvious reasons, sorry but you know what's coming…