Explaining to Peg hadn't been as hard as BJ expected. She knew, somehow, that the enigmatic Doctor Benjamin Franklin Pierce was the cause of the coldness in their home. Even if she couldn't put it into words, she knew that BJ couldn't sleep because her breathing didn't sound like Hawkeye's.

Leaving Erin had been much harder. BJ cherished every moment he spent with his little girl, learning to be her daddy all over again. Feeling like a traitor and a coward, he left while she was napping so that he wouldn't have to explain to her, too. What could he possibly say?

As soon as the plane lifted off the tarmac, something eased in BJ's stomach. He leaned back in his seat, stretching his long legs out as best he could on the cramped plane, and closed his eyes. He slept for the entire flight from San Francisco to Chicago. He dreamed of Hawkeye...blue eyes, steel gray hair, long delicate fingers...infectious laughter and insatiable curiosity.

After changing planes in Chicago, he couldn't sleep any more. His flight to Portland gave him plenty of time to worry. He was wondering what exactly he was thinking leaving work and his family behind to travel across the country on a whim when the stewardess's hand on his shoulder startled him. "Something to drink, sir?"

"Gin and juice, please."

The stewardess placed a napkin on his tray, then poured his drink. Her bright smile and low-cut blouse vied furiously for BJ's attention. She leaned over him, purposefully giving him a closer look. A wave of irritation flowed through BJ as realized what was happening.

"Thanks." He grabbed a magazine from the pocket on the back of the seat in front of him, hoping desperately that she would take the hint and leave. What was the matter with him? He'd never minded a little flirtation with a pretty girl before? Now a shiver crawled down his spine. What would Hawk say? Then, angrily, why did it matter?