Three Gems And A Crystal Rose

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Me: Hey guys, good to see all of you. And it's great to see all you readers again. Now, as you probably read in the summary, this is a sequel A Hidden Crystal Rose. Please take note that this story is a year after the original. There's going to be more mischief, more adventure, more romance between our star couple, Angel and Drake, and a whole lot more! By the way, I suggest you read A Hidden Crystal Rose first in case you haven't.

Rail: Now that you mention it, where are they?

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Mike*Coughs and points further away, showing Angel and Drake sitting on a couch, sleeping soundly in each others arms.*

Me: Awww~! Those two! Well, while they're asleep, lets star off this chapter with what I always say.

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Chapter One: Pilot Chapter

"And… There! All my stuff is moved, mom!"

"OK, Angel. Take a break, alright?"


Angel Fudo smiled as she looked at around her new room. The walls were painted light blue with pictures, both sketched and photographed, hanged on them. There was also her four-by-four poster bed, her wardrobe, desk, desk chair, dressers, white rug against the wooden floor, and many other things. Angel walked around and smiled to herself. Perhaps moving to a bigger house wasn't so bad after all.

She paused and smiled to herself at her mirror. No longer did she wear baggy clothes and have a boy-like hair cut. She now wore simpler things. Today she wore a white, long-sleeved sweater and light blue capris. Tied on her feet were tie-on sandals. Her raven-black hair that had crimson-red streaks now reached her mid-back tied in a loose ponytail. Her skin was a light tan like her father's but it was soft and almost cat-like like her mother's. Her eyes were a mixture of brown and blue, a unique silver.

"Angel, can you come down here for a second?" called her mother, Akiza Fudo.

"Coming!" called Angel, standing up and walking down the new steps of her house. After a whole year, her parents decided that it was the right time to move into a new one, since they had three little additions to their family.

Angel made to the living room just as Akiza was unpacking a few items. Angel took a moment to smile at her mother. Akiza Fudo was gorgeous. Her hair was a shade of dark magenta and her eyes were light brown and cat-like. She was slender and beautiful, and still quite young. Akiza looked to Angel and smiled her doll-like smile.

"Can you help me with this last box? Your dad is outside thanking the movers." she said. Nodding, Angel walked over and began unloading different items from the last box. She smiled at the new living room, seeing that it was quite big enough for the big family they had. Just then, a ring tone played, making the silver-eyed girl jump a mile.

She looked to her pocket and flushed pink when she saw it was her cell phone. Akiza gave a light giggle behind her hand and Angel dug her phone out her pocket, walking out of the room and next to the staircase banister of the foyer. She opened her phone and pressed it to her ear.

"Hello?" she asked.

"Bonsoir, mon bel ange."*

"Ummm… Who is this? I think you might have the wrong number, err… Monsieur?" asked Angel, hopping that she said sir right. The voice at the other end chuckled.

"It's me. For got me already? I've only been gone for a month." chuckled a familiar voice. Angel's eyes lit up.

"Drake? No way!" she exclaimed. Her boyfriend chuckled again.

"Yeah, it's me. Are you doing alright?" asked the blonde and black-haired seventeen-year-old. Angel smiled as she leaned against the banister.

"I'm good. We just moved into our new house. It's so nice. How's being France's Youngest, Multi-Talented winner?" she asked. A month ago, Drake was selected to take part in the contest, since he was the son of Jack and Carly Atlas, and he was a good Duelist/ guitar player and singer. Angel never missed a chance to hear where Drake stood in the completion and she was glad to hear that he was picked the winner, which was announced last week.

"Everything's fine. People are busting at my door just to get a picture. France is nice, since it's summer. But one things just not right." said Drake. Angel tilted her head.

"Huh? What's not right?" she asked.

"You're not here. I miss you, Angel. Tu me manques tellement, mon ange dechu."** said Drake softly with his fluent French. Angel felt a warm shiver go down her spin, her head spinning.

"God, I wish I knew what that meant." she whispered softly.

"I'll tell you when I get back. You're a fast learner, since it only took me one lesson with you to teach you how to play the guitar." said Drake. Angel laughed lightly, remembering the cherry-red guitar that Drake had gotten her to use.

"Yeah, sure. Say, when are you coming back?" she asked.

"I don't know. Soon I hope." said Drake. Angel twirled a lock of her hair.

"Same here." she said. She saw Akiza by the living room doorway. The older woman gave a knowing smile and raised brow. Blushing, Angel looked to her feet.

"I have to go now. Promise you'll call soon." she said to the phone.

"I will. I can't wait to see you again. And Angel?"


"Je t'aime."***

Angel smiled softly as her nose and cheeks dusted with a pink tint. She knew exactly what that meant.

"Je t'aime, Drake. Bye." she said as she closed her phone and sighed dreamily, resting her head against her arms, which were on the banister.

"Phone call from Drake?" asked Akiza, her smile never leaving her lips. Angel nodded and she swayed on her feet a bit.

"Yeah. I really wish I can see him." she said quietly. Akiza smiled and she patted her daughter's shoulder.

"He'll be back soon. He likes you too much to stay away fro long."

"Who likes Angel too much?"

The two Fudo woman turned and saw Yusei Fudo, Angel's father and Akiza's husband. Yusei was very handsome, with light tan skin and a fairly tall and lean stature. His hair was spiky in the shade of raven with golden highlights. His agile eyes were a deep blue and his gave was so calm and collective, with the addition of the criminal mark he had in the days of his youth. Angel smiled at her father.

"Drake, dad. He just called." she said. Yusei crossed his arms.

"All the way from France?" he asked, his voice in a serious yet still joking way. Akiza laughed and waved her hand.

"Relax. Jack said they would cover any calls Drake would make." she said. Yusei nodded and let out a small smile, knowing how much his daughter loved the Atlas boy.

"Nay'nel!" called a little voice. Everyone down stairs blinked.

"Uh… Is it just me, or did anyone else hear Yuudai call, 'navel?'" asked Yusei. Angel gave a laugh at her parents' confused faces.

"I guess he's calling me. He calls me that whenever I'm around. I'll go see what he wants." she said, smiling and walking up the steps. She walked to the room that was two doors away from her room. She walked into the nursery that was painted green with several baby things. She smiled at the little one-year-old boy that cooed and reached for her.

Yuudai Devlin Fudo was a healthy baby boy. He had slightly spiky black hair that had one streak of gold through the middle, since he received that a few weeks ago. He still had baby fat that was creamy-pale. His eyes were like his mother's, cat like and chocolate-brown. Angel reached his crib and she picked him up, kissing his forehead.

"Hi, Yuu." she joked, laughing a little of the small irony. The little Fudo cooed and pressed his tiny hands to Angel's face, his little face with a bit of concentration. Angel smiled, seeing that the little boy got that look from Yusei.

"Bwa~!" called two little voices. Angel turned and giggled, seeing that her two little baby sisters were awake. Both girls were Yuudai's sister's, since they were triplets.

"Hi, Rosy. Hi, Cho." said Angel to the girls as she walked over to their cribs with Yuudai in her arms.

The two girls, Rosette Star Fudo and Starlette Rose Fudo, were very cute babies, just like Yuudai. Rosette was petite with magenta red hair that was streaked with two silver highlights. Her eyes were sapphire-blue and cat-like and her skin also had a bit of baby fat with the shade of porcelain.

Starlette, or Cho as Angel liked to call her, was a bit more smaller than her bother and sister. Three highlights of crimson-red ran through her raven-black hair. Her eyes were cobalt-blue like Rosy's only they were softer looking. Both little girls waved their hands, wanting to be picked up. Sighing, Angel though of a solution. She carefully placed Yuudai on the floor for a second and walked over to a dresser, pulling out a baby sling, slipping it on, she placed Yuudai in it and she went over to Rosette and Starlette, picking them up in her now free arms.

Walking out of the room, she took the triplets all the way down stairs, as carefully as she could. She spotted Yusei walking into their new back yard and she saw Akiza in the kitchen, unloading some grocery bags.

"What's up?" she asked. Akiza smiled at her as she pulled out some hot dogs and hamburgers.

"Well, we certainly can't have a good Fourth of July without a barbeque, now can we?" she asked. Angel smiled. It sound like a good idea.


"Yo, sup, Ang!"

"Angel, good to see you."

Said girl smiled as she hugged her friends when they arrived with their families. Things were already getting into swing, with her 'uncles' Crow Hogan and Bruno Borelli helping Yusei cook up some hot dogs and hamburgers and her 'aunt' Jay Hogan was helping Akiza with regular foods, like mash potatoes and the like. Sherry Borelli and Misty Kessler were watching the younger children, meaning the triplets, Davey Borelli, and Jamie Kessler. Kallin Kessler was setting up the fireworks they were going to lit up, since it was legal for them to be use in this part of New Domino City. She smiled at her big 'family' and then to her three friends in front of her.

"Hi guys. It's good to see you here." she said.

"Same here, Ang. Damn, your parents picked an awesome place." said Rail Hogan, who was thirteen with wild orange hair and light brown eyes. Angel laughed at her friend's happy-go-luck tone.

"I know. It's a good thing it isn't far away from the rest of New Domino." said Angel.

"Yeah. Hey, I'm gonna go help my mom with the food." said Halley Borelli, who was also thirteen with dark blue hair and light gray eyes. She waved to them as she walked away.

"I better help father with the fireworks. He might need a spare lighter." said Mike Kessler, brushing away a lock of his sky-blue hair away from his face and walking to Kallin. Rail rubbed his hands.

"Well, better help with the meat. I'm a great taste tester. Heh, heh." laughed the redhead mischievously as he walked to the grill. Angel laughed and she walked over to the tree in her new back yard, sitting on the floor against the trunk and closing her eyes.

*Well, you seem to be handing fun.*

A white light passed through Angel's eyes and she found herself staring at her reflection. Only it wasn't herself. This was the Crystal Angel, the being who lived in the Crystal Rose, an ancient psychic artifact. Angel was use to seeing her, since Crystal Angel was like her other self.

'Yeah, I am. So, how have you been?'

*I've been well. The cards are all happy and everything looks alright. I just came to check on you.* said Crystal Angel, her crystal body identical to Angel's.

'Thanks for your concern. You're right, everything is going great. I just hope Talent Tech will be the same.'

*Talent Tech?*

'Yeah. Me and my friends signed up for it a few months ago. It's like a school they teach on weekends for those with special talents. Like dance and acting.'

*Ah, so what will you be doing?*

'I'll be in the arts and mechanic programs with Halley. I'm thinking about joining singing, too, but I'm still not sure. There's also Duel program, which everyone is joining.'

*Hm, sounds intriguing.*

"Angel! Come on! It's dark enough to light the fireworks!" called Rail, waving his arms a few feet away. Opening her eyes, Angel stood up and jogged over, standing with her family and friends as Kallin and Mike walked over with their lighters. After lighting a few, the two male Kesslers ran over to the group and they all watched in awe as fireworks flew into the sky, exploding and flashing in colorful splashes of multi-colors. Everyone 'ooohed' and 'awed' as they watched the display. They almost didn't noticed the little ten-year-old girl joining their group.

"Hey, I though the Fourth of July was an American holiday." said Lilly Atlas, who was small with pale skin, long, ebony-black hair tied in a ponytail, and pale gray eyes.

"Well, we thought it would be fun and- Whoa, wait! Lilly!" exclaimed Crow in alarms. Everyone looked to the young Atlas and Angel gasped as arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her to a warm chest.

"The fireworks are beautiful. But their nothing compared to you." said an all-too familiar America/ Australian accent. Angel looked over her shoulder and a smile split on her face when she stared into the amethyst-purple eyes of her boyfriend.

"Drake! You're here!" she exclaimed, turned and hugging the fair/dark-haired teen. Draco Atlas, known as Drake, chuckled and hugged Angel back, lifting her off the ground and spinning her around. He then placed her down and smiled, the electrifying color burst of red, white, and blue making his pale skin glow.

"Huh, good think we made it here. Traffic, I tell you." said Drake and Lilly's father, Jack Atlas, as he and his wife, Carly Atlas, walked over to the group. They were greeted with hugs and handshakes and the teens gathered in their own group, sitting on the grass and watching the display of colorful explosives dancing across the nighttime sky. Angel leaned against Drake's shoulder, who in turn draped his arm around her shoulders.

"How did you get here so fast? I thought you were still in France." said Angel. Drake ran his fingers through her soft hair.

"We were at the air port when I called. A month is just too much for me to bare." he said, using his free hand to tilt Angel's head up. The barer of the Crystal Rose met her eyes with his and they leaned forward, meeting in a kiss. They held onto each other, wanting this memorable moment to last. They then heard someone give a whistle, the perpetrator being Rail. Both blushed and all the teens stood up, Halley running ahead of them and into the house. She came back a few minutes later with a boom box she just so happened to had.( AN: Don't ask. Even I don't know where she got that.)

"Let's practice for Talent Tech! I brought my boom box just for it!" exclaimed the bluenette, putting her boom box on a table and turning it on. She played a track and pointed to Angel and Drake. "You guys start it off! Come on, please?" she asked. Angel looked at Drake and shrugged.

"You're up for it?" she asked. Drake smiled before taking her hand.

"Might as well." he said, leading her to the back pouch just as the song started.

(Note that this the GLEE version of the song I picked. Trust me, It's pretty good.)

Drake: Don't go breaking my heart.

Angel: I couldn't if I tried.

Drake: Oh honey, if I get restless,

Angel: Baby, you're not that kind.

Rail and Halley stood next to them, proving to be quite well when singing together. Mike and Lilly stood by for back up.

Rail: Don't go breaking my heart.

Halley: You took the weight off of me.

Rail: Oh honey, when you knocked on my door,

Halley: I gave you my key.

All four: Ooooh-hooo. Nobody knows it.

Mike: When I was down,

Angel: I was your clown.

All five: Ooooh-hooo. Nobody knows it.

Drake: Right from the start,

Angel: I gave you my heart. Ohhhhhoooo. I gave you my heart.

The teens ran to the grassy area of the yard, the fireworks still lighting the sky.

Rail: So don't go breaking my heart.

Halley: I won't go breaking your heart.

Both: Don't go breaking my heart!

Drake took and in his arms and waltzed with her, their steps matching each others and their movements elegant.

Drake: Nobody told us.

Angel: 'Cause nobody showed us.

Drake: Now it's us to us, babe.

Angel: Oh, I think we can make it.

Drake sun her around and dipped her like one of those old time movies. The crimson-streaked girl laughed as he did this.

Drake: So don't misunderstand me.

Angel: You put the light in my life.

Drake: Oh, you put the spark to the flame.

Angel: I've got your heart in my sites.

The two ran with the others along the yard, the fireworks adding more action.

All five: Ooooh-hooo. Nobody knows it.

Mike: When I was down,

Lilly: I was your clown.

All five: Ooooh-hooo. Nobody knows it.

Drake: But right from the start,

Lilly: I gave you my heart. Ohhhhhoooo. I gave you my heart.

Drake: Don't go breaking my heart.

Angel: I won't go breaking your heart!

Both: Don't go breaking my heart!… Ohhhhhh,

Angel: I gave you my heart!

All of them ran back to the house just as the big fireworks came.

Drake: Don't go breaking my heart!

Angel: I won't go breaking your heart!

Drake: Don't go breaking my, don't go breaking my, don't go breaking my heart!

Angel: Don't go breaking my, don't go breaking my, I won't go breaking your heart!

Drake: Don't go breaking my,

Angel: Don't go breaking my, I won't go breaking your heart!

All six: Don't go breaking my, don't go breaking my heart!

Ohhhhh yeah!

The adults called and cheered for them as all of them danced a bit for the ending music. As Angel danced with her friends, she could just see Crystal Angel smiling.

*I think you should join the singing thing.*

Angel smiled softly.

'You read my mind.'

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*-Good evening, my beautiful angel

**- I miss you so much, my fallen angel.

***- I love you.

I'll try to get the next one done as soon as possible. Well, I have to go! Happy Fourth of July and I'll see you soon!

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