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Chapter 1

The beautiful blue sky spreads endlessly above… people would always look at it and can't help but admire its beauty. But as the sky turns dark and gray, as if tragedy will soon occur…

people can't help but feel scared…

Dull brown eyes looked down at a pair of gloves covered in crimson blood.

A group of eyes widen in shock as they look at the figure before them. The figure turns to them. They couldn't help but flinch… probably in surprise… or fear.

"Are you guys alright?" the question was asked with the voice small and monotone.

Some nodded numbly while others just stared or glare at the other.

The person turns to them and was about to take a step when the stunned and scared looks of the people made the other stop.

It took a moment to realize that blood was painted around the person's clothes and probably skin, making it look… frightening.

"I'll…" there was a momentary pause "I'll go get the medics to treat you guys."

Dejection flashes in the pair of dull brown eyes before being covered by bangs.

However, this went unnoticed by the people who continued staring at the leaving figure, stunned.

Then the blue sky soon turned dark and gray…

25-year-old Tsuna sighs as he puts another paper on top of a large stack. Tsuna taps his pen on another paper he had took from another stack before scribbling it and throwing it away. He leans back on his chair as he looks at the mahogany door in front of him. Yamamoto and Gokudera coming in while having a one-sided argument flashes in his mind before his heart prickles in loneliness.

"Yamamoto… Gokudera-kun…." He murmurs while clenching his fists. When was the last time they had visited? When did they stop coming over to cheer and talk to him? Not only them but Lambo, Ryohei, Chrome, Hibari and even Mukuro (whom he had managed to free from the Vendicare), had suddenly distanced themselves. Well, more ignorant in Hibari's case.

When he would pass by Lambo or Chrome or Ryohei… they would, almost cry (Lambo), tense up (Chrome), or make a small and short reply while looking uncomfortable when he would talk to them (Ryohei).

While Hibari and Mukuro would…

"I don't have time to talk to you… Sawada Tsunayoshi." Since when did he stop calling him 'herbivore'? He much preferred that.

"Kufufu… I no longer have any interest on possessing you Vongola." That actually made him feel relieve but… he somewhat felt bothered by that.

And lastly, his two bestfriends. Besides the part where they had stopped coming by his office, they would also avoid eye contact when they speak and just act… distant.

Tsuna shut his eyes as his eyebrows met, looking very depress. They were afraid. Who you ask? I bet you already know.


Tsuna twists his chair making him face away the paper-filled desk and look at the huge glass window that was found behind him. He opens his eyes and looked at the blue sky, he raises a hand and stares at it. A bloody hand suddenly replaces it and his eyes immediately widens. He immediately pulls back his hand and looks at it. No traces of blood. He let out a shaky breath before tears suddenly slid down his face. He shut his eyes looking really depress.

Thanks to the first kill he made, he suddenly got used killing other assassins as well. As if it was natural… and he didn't like that. Everyone didn't. That's why they were scared of him. Fear started building up as they saw Tsuna kill a person. But his first kill already made them scared… they watched as Tsuna stab a person with his bare hands (and gloves) right at the stomach and as he pulls out his hand, blood splattered. The allies of the person looked at Tsuna in fear, but even before they could run away, Tsuna had managed to kill them as well.

He didn't had a choice, those assassins he killed were about to kill his family. Apparently, he found out bombs were all over the place they were battling, and apparently, the bombs contained factors of a storm flame which can disintegrate anything! He watched as the assassin took out a remote and Tsuna's intuition was screaming danger. And so… he had to do what he had to do. To make sure that the assassin won't press the button, to make sure his family won't be heavily injured (or worst, die)… to make sure his family would be safe… he had to kill.

Sure they had been in a lot of fights and probably kill some (It would mostly be Mukuro or Hibari and maybe Gokudera), but once Tsuna had done it. It was a completely different story.

They had never thought or believe Tsuna would kill, but just seeing the brunet covered in blood, his eyes not showing any mercy or light in them and crimson liquid dripping down his gloved-hand… made a cold shiver run down their spine, made their hairs stand… made them fear him.

Tsuna chokes a sob as he puts a hand over his eyes. Oh how he wished he could go back in time when he and his friends would smile and laugh at each other's jokes and hang out at places and stuff. Just like in his middle-school days. Sure it was a bit annoying and tiring at times with all their noise and stupid arguments, but it's because of that they never had a boring day and would always enjoy at the end of it.

A knock suddenly made Tsuna jump a bit. He wipes his tears away and immediately turns back to his desk and started writing on a paper with a stern and serious look.

"Come in."

The door swung open, revealing a certain Chinese girl namely I-pin "Sawada-san." She smiles "You have visitors."

Tsuna forces a smile as a certain blond and red-head appears. He stood up "Dino-san… Enma-kun, what brings you here?"

I-pin makes a small bow before leaving as Dino spoke "Just dropping by to see how my cute little brother was."

Tsuna chuckles a bit "I'm fine."

"Tsuna-kun, where are your guardians?" Enma asks looking around, expecting to see them especially Gokudera.

Tsuna's smile wavers a bit "Oh well, I'm not sure, maybe they have assigned themselves to a mission or something and probably left, seeing that you probably haven't seen them as you came." He sits back down

Enma and Dino took a seat on the leather couch that was facing Tsuna's desk "Assign themselves? Shouldn't you, the boss, be the one assigning them their mission, not them?"

"Well, I guess they just want to prove that their independent and that they don't need their boss to tell them what to do." Tsuna lies. The real reason was actually because, as they try to avoid the brunet, it had become a routine that they would assign themselves to an available mission as soon as possible and leave the mansion, immediately.

Enma and Dino were able to notice the white lie and exchange looks.

"Tsuna-kun, is something happening that you're not telling us?" Enma looks at the brunet, who had went back to signing some papers.

Tsuna looks up with his usual smile "Nothing really. Why do you ask?"

"Tsuna, we're not dumb. What's going on between you and your guardians?" Dina crosses his arms with a raised brow

Tsuna's eyes widen a bit before putting back a nervous smile "What are you talking about? Everyone and I are getting along quite well!"

"Tsuna-kun." Enma sighs "Please tell us what's happening. There's obviously an issue going on between you and the others. I mean, I find it a bit shocking that Gokudera-san isn't here with you right now."

"It's because I assigned him to an important mission." Tsuna mutters

"I thought they assigned their missions themselves." Dino stares at him suspiciously

Tsuna would have face-palmed, but immediately held himself back "I-I mean, except for Gokudera! I assigned him his mission…"

"Come on Tsuna-kun, you can tell us anything." Enma looks at Tsuna pleadingly "We came here to see if you are doing alright after all!"

Tsuna continued writing.

"Every time I talk to your family, they would seem to avoid the topic about you." Dino then blurted "So…-"

"They… do?" Tsuna had stopped his signing, his eyes widening a bit, before a frown decorated his face "I see."

Enma and Dino exchanged confused looks.

Tsuna stood up his desk "I need to go to the bathroom. Excu-" as Tsuna head to the door with his eyes shadowed a hand had grabbed his arm. He looks up and saw Dino staring at him with furrowed eyebrows, but the blond was immediately caught off guard as he saw the teary-eyes of the brunet.

"I'm fine." Tsuna said firmly before pulling his arm away and walk off.

He heard his two friends call out his name as he left to head to the bathroom. He enters the bathroom and locks the door.

"Every time I talk to your family, they would seem to avoid the topic about you."

Tears ran down the brunet's face as he slowly slid down and pull his legs, he buries his face in his arms while sobbing softly.

'I'm sorry…'

His ring suddenly glows, but it disappeared as soon as it had appeared…

End of Chapter...

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