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The guardians are boss is now in a critical condition and there is nothing else to save him but that single wish they possess. The mist guardian tells them of the wish they are to used and soon they came face-to-face with their future selves.

Will they really save Tsuna just by talking to them?

Chapter 56

For a moment, no one spoke or moved. Both sides eyed each other with bewilderment and anger, their eyes burning with barely containable fury and confusion. The older guardians looked unsure and kept glancing at Mukuro, hoping for an explanation, but the illusionist was just as lost as they were.

Then suddenly Gokudera charged at them… rather… at his older self.

"YOU BASTARD!" A fist soon connected with the older bomber before anyone could react. Hayato was too stunned to dodge and just as he regained his bearings, he was prepared to yell at his younger self when he realized that the other guardians were gone and he was now in a different place.

He was in Namimori School and it was raining. He turned to look around and realized they were behind the school building.

What were they doing here?

"DIE!" Hayato turned just in time to see his other self, pointing his flame arrow at him. He barely dodged the powerful storm flames that singed his hair.

"What the-?! Who the heck are you?!" Hayato refused to believe that it really was him and that everything that was happening is either just an ambush of a really powerful mist wielder or just a dream.

"I'm you, idiot." The other shot more storm flames, forcing Hayato to dodge more. Hayato wasn't sure if he should believe him or not. If he really was just his younger self, then he could defeat him with closed eyes… but then if he did he may end up not existing. Whether the situation was a trap or not, Hayato couldn't take any chances.

"If you're really me—why are you attacking me?" Hayato dodged another shot.

Gokudera growled and his glare intensified, "Because I want you KILLED!" And just as he said this, Uri—adult form and all— tackled Hayato from out of nowhere. The adult was now pinned firmly on the ground and he tried to escape, but Uri was too strong, "Uri!" He exclaimed as the huge cat painfully pressed him further on the ground.

His emerald eyes then turned to the figure that suddenly hovered over him. He watched as those same forest green eyes narrowed with pure hatred and disappointment. He wanted to ask why he kept looking at him like that the whole time.

And as if reading his mind, the younger one spoke.

"You're a disgrace and a disappointment to me and Juudaime!" Gokudera raised another fist and Hayato suddenly noticed something through the rain.


"You don't deserve to exist!" The fist descended towards his face.

"Haha, this is so cool." Takeshi watched the back of his younger self who leaned against the railings of the school's roof, "It's almost like the real thing."

He ran a hand through his hair that was getting wet from the rain.

"The real thing? So this isn't real? Everything here?" Takeshi was pretty sure this was a trap. He would've attacked the teen but he didn't want to act hasty. He had to extract some information of his situation first before acting.

"Yeah. I thought that was pretty obvious. I mean, moments ago we were at the beach, right? Now, we're suddenly here." Slowly Yamamoto turned around to face him, smiling. Apparently though, the smile never reached his eyes, "But you and I. We're both real."

Amber eyes widened a bit before narrowing into a suspicious glare, "Prove it then. Prove that you're real."

"Maa, maa, I actually don't know how." Yamamoto chuckled before turning around once more, "Everything I do, you could just dismiss as a very powerful illusion."

"Are you?"

"Haha! Nope." Takeshi watched as his younger self grasped the railing and gripped it tightly, but his attention was brought back to him once more as he continued, "But I wish you were."

All fighting instinct switched on as Takeshi asked, "Was that a threat?"

"Nope, just a simple wish." Yamamoto answered simply, "Of course, the others and I could've wished that… but it would make everything complicated and you're existence cannot be easily diminished by the rings' powers… that's what Gokudera said."

Takeshi looked at the other feeling confused. What was he talking about?

"But… ya' know. Even if that wish is possible, we still won't request it…" Yamamoto looked up the dark gray sky, "After all… Tsuna would be really upset if we do."

Takeshi stiffened at hearing his boss' name. There was a low distant rumble from afar and suddenly the rain grew heavier, almost like how he was feeling right now.

"Hey… why'd you do it?" Yamamoto still wasn't looking at him, "Why'd you turn back on Tsuna?"

"If you're really me, then you should know." Of course, to Takeshi the answer made no sense. Of course his younger self wouldn't know. He's from the past. What Tsuna had done happened from the future… his younger self would never know—

"Ah… you're right." The grip on the railings tightened, "I do know."


Suddenly Yamamoto climbed over the railings— surprising his older self— and stood firmly on the edge of the roof, "Neh…"

Takeshi watched as the other turned his head to the side. Same amber eyes looked at him and he couldn't help but notice a certain dark look within them.

"Do you remember…? How it all started?"

"KORAA! I'M PUMPED TO THE EXTREME!" Ryohei exclaimed as he punched the air.

His older self watched him with a bit of caution before turning around to see where they were. The two stood on a familiar boxing ring.

"The club room…" Sasagawa muttered to himself, feeling a little nostalgic.

"HEY YOU!" He turned to his older self, "LET'S HAVE AN EXTREME MATCH!"

"If you're really my younger self, then you should know you are extremely outmatched."

Ryohei merely narrowed his eyes, "You will be EXTREMELY defeated!"

Sasagawa couldn't help the smirk that formed, "I understand." He took off the coat he wore and threw it to the side. He prepared his stance and watched as his younger self did the same.

"Start." He spoke and swiftly went towards him. He was so quick that Ryohei couldn't react immediately and soon received a blow to the stomach that would've knocked him out.

But the strong fist that connected to his own stomach literally took his breath away.


"This is the most EXTREME way of beating the crap out of me." Ryohei exclaimed before backing away and punching the other's face, who was too stunned to react. The hit got Sasagawa on the ground.

A fist suddenly connected on the ground near his face, and a small crater was formed. That would've been his face if he had not rolled away. He looked up and was surprised to see the uncharacteristic anger on the other's face.

Suddenly, Ryohei retrieved his fist and just as he thought he was going to receive another punch, the younger teen walked away.

"You're EXTREMELY not worth it."

"What?!" That ticked Sasagawa off.

"This ring." Ryohei interrupted, "This is where I first challenged Sawada. This is where I saw Sawada's full potential and realized how strong he was—and still is. He is an EXTREME man!"

Sasagawa stood up and brushed himself off.

"We had been EXTREMELY separated from the others to have an EXTREME talk." Ryohei turned to him, the usual impatience glinting in his eyes, "And we were taken to the EXTREME places we are deeply connected to Sawada."

Sasagawa couldn't help but look around in response, "So you're telling me, we're really in Namimori School?"

"I EXTREMELY don't know!"

Sasagawa would've tripped if he were walking.

"I forgot octopus head's EXTREMELY BORING explanation. He also said about an EXTREME time parasol!"

"Time paradox…?" He frowned, "So… that means this isn't real. If he's really from my past, then meeting him, let alone touching him, would've caused a time paradox…'


"Eh? What?"

"Who is Sawada?"


Ryohei pointed at him and asked once more, "Who is Sawada to you?"


The boxer then thrust his thumb towards himself, "To me, he is my EXTREME little brother! If you really were my future self you could've answered that easily!"

Sasagawa frowned at this. He was about to say something when Ryohei suddenly lunged at him, "I've decided!" The older one dodged the oncoming punch with ease this time. He turned to look at Ryohei who gave him a scowl, "To EXTREMELY hit you in the head for you to EXTREMELY remember!"

"This can't be…" Dokuro looked around in shock. Her eye scanned the outside surroundings of Kokuyo Land, "…but it's…" She touched the bark of a nearby tree, "…it's no illusion."

"Sou…" She quickly turned to see her younger self. Chrome continued, "This is no illusion. But it's not real either."

"Who are you?"

"Chrome Dokuro."

Dokuro frowned, obviously not believing her, "Are you… an enemy?"

Chrome stared blankly back at her. She held out a hand, and a trident formed on her palm, "To make things clear, we're both not real. Physically that is. Because if we were, we would've created a time paradox."

"So you're… you're really me?" The older illusionist puts a hand behind her and let her own trident form.

"That's right-"

"Liar." Dokuro charged and slashed her own trident to the other, which Chrome quickly deflected with her own. Dokuro's eyes narrowed, 'There's nothing special about her… I can tell she's weaker.' She kicked the teen to the side.

Chrome yelped as she landed on the ground.

"Tell me the truth-"

"Is that what you called Boss as well?" Chrome glared as she pushed herself off the ground.

"What are you talking about?" Dokuro tightened her hold on her weapon, "This matter has nothing to do with the Vongola Boss-"

"Yes it does!" Chrome stabbed the ground with her trident. She kept her head low and leaned forward, "Why?! Why didn't you believe in Boss-" A slap on the face interrupted her.

Dokuro was surprised at what she had done and stared at her shaky hand. She shook her head and pointed her trident on the girl on the ground, "Whatever you're trying to do won't distract me."

Silence met her statement and she couldn't help but stare at the girl in suspicion. She then took notice of the other's trembling shoulders and took wary steps around her younger form. Her eye widened as she saw tears trickling down Chrome's face. The teen pressed her chin against her chest as she curled up.

"W-what? Are you admitting defeat?" Dokuro could easily kill her now, but for some reason, something was holding her back on doing so.

"Boss was only protecting us. Why… why couldn't you see that?" Chrome muttered. Her fist clenched on the muddy ground, "He's not what he seems. He cares for us… he gave us those onigiri-"

"That's enough. If you're really my younger self then…" She hesitated as she wondered if she was letting her guard down speaking about something personal.

"Maybe it doesn't matter if we try and understand ourselves." Chrome slowly pushed herself off the ground once more. Tears dropped on the ground as she tilted her head up, "Maybe… maybe we should've understood Boss instead."

'She won't understand.' The older guardian bit her lower lip as she felt her eye sting, 'Maybe my past self would say the exact thing as what she's saying… but she would never know the pain of watching someone change into something you hated.'

"Why? Is it because he killed?" Chrome looked at her with confusion and desperation, "Being in the mafia… killing would be inevitable. Even to someone like Boss-"

"He did more than just that." With a slam of her trident's end to the ground – the surroundings turned dark. Blood chilling screams echoed and continuous gunshots surrounded them. She reluctantly turned around and watched as a certain brunet pull out a bloody hand. Tears started to cascade down Dokuro's face but she wiped them away and turned to her younger self, "He took more than just lives… he took away our trust on him."

"Pathetic." Hibari stared at his future self who stood in front of him. Kyoya decided to ignore him to look around the trees that surrounded them, "This is Kokuyo Land."

"Kufufu, so it seems." Rokudo suddenly emerged from the trees.

Hibari sensed a presence behind him and automatically swung his tonfa towards the intruder.

"Oya, oya. Feisty as ever." Mukuro easily deflected the blow with his trident as he stepped out from his own mist.

"Don't tell me these kids are our enemies." Rokudo looked amused while Kyoya yawned. This somehow irked the younger two as they separated.

"I'll bite you to death." Hibari threatened.

"Scary, scary…" Rokudo smirked while Kyoya gave him a somewhat annoyed look, which the illusionist immediately noticed, "Eh? What's this? Are you insulted that I'm underestimating your younger self?"

The Vongola advisor merely turned around, "Your overconfidence will lead you to your downfall, herbivore." He then stopped as he felt something sharp pressed against his neck, and stared at the younger Mukuro that appeared in front of him, "Right back at you."

Rokudo was about to attack but was quickly held back by Hibari who completely distracted him with continuous and powerful blows.

Mukuro sighed and vanished as Kyoya swung his tonfa at him.

Kufufu… I remember this place… do you, skylark?

Hibari couldn't hold back the smirk, "The Arcobaleno trial."

The first time the Vongola actually stopped a fight between us. Seems like I wasn't the only one impressed.

"What are you talking about?" Kyoya narrowed his eyes as he scanned his surroundings, trying to find the mist guardian.

Rokudo slashed at Hibari, however the disciplinary president suddenly vanished. Feeling a little irritated, he tried to bend the will of the illusion that surrounded them and slammed his trident to the ground, "Come out you little cowards."

"Cowards? How hypocritical of you." And just like that the two were immediately revealed. Though neither one seemed to be bothered by that as they stood at the exact positions they had been standing from the start.

"Are you trying to imply something?" Kyoya glared.

The younger skylark suddenly spoke, "Sawada Tsunayoshi."

Mukuro smirked at the way the two pair of eyes narrowed with loath and how their forms tensed up a bit.

"How… embarrassing." Mukuro chuckled, "So this is what I'm going to fear in the future? A tiny wimpy boy who can't even stand up for himself?"

Silence settled between the two before being interrupted by Hibari who turned and spoke, "My time is being wasted by these herbivores."

Mukuro just smirked, but no sooner did that smirk vanish as a sudden gust of wind rushed past them and suddenly, they were consumed in darkness.

"DON'T PRETEND YOU UNDERSTAND, TEME!" Both older and younger Gokudera panted in exhaustion as they glared at each other. Their clothes were covered in mud and ruffled from fighting each other and the two were dripping wet from the rain.

"Juudaime swore! HE SWORE!"


Hayato backed away as he massaged his jaw, "I'd rather die-!"

"THEN DIE!" Gokudera shoved him against the school building. Hayato didn't even bother struggling as he let his younger self's words sink in. Maybe he should've done just that. He wouldn't have to feel this pain and confusion all the time. He would just be…well… dead.

"This is the place… the place I challenged Juudaime." Gokudera panted, "This was the place where I was given a second life. Where the road of isolation had ended."

Hayato grunted as he felt himself squashed harder against the wall.

"I swore to become the tenth. But that promise was immediately broken when he protected me from my own mistake."

"That's different." Hayato growled.

"Promises are the same no matter what. And they're meant to be broken." Gokudera stepped back and let go of his older self who fell on his knees, "But there's one promise I will never break-"

He then stopped as their surroundings suddenly turned black, "W-what-?"

"You mean the suicide?" Takeshi pocketed his hands, "That was a pretty embarrassing memory."

Yamamoto chuckled as he turned around and leaned against the railings, "Are you sure you're future me?"

"Why do you ask?" The older man blinked.

"Ah well… it's because you're wrong." The baseball jock smiled, "It all started when I asked him for advices remember?"

"Ah…" Takeshi perfectly remembered those days.

"Back then I thought of how amazing Tsuna was. From being a nobody into well… a somebody." Yamamoto shut his eyes as if reminiscing the past, "I wanted to find out how he did it and asked for his advice… and well, certain events led me to here and there and before I knew it, I was literally on the edge of my death. All I had to do was take one step… and everything was over."

"But he came…" Takeshi continued for him, "Am I right?"

"That's Tsuna for you." Yamamoto cheerfully exclaimed, "He was shaky and nervous… I even called him "Dame-Tsuna" for that. Hmm… I never really apologized… or did I? I don't really remember,"


"To think he was going to be the one to save me from my death… ah well… I should've expected that. Tsuna was never a nobody to begin with. It was just that people didn't believe in him and he was never given the recognition he deserved." Yamamoto clenched the railings, "And honestly, that suicide was the best memory I ever had. Because if it wasn't for that… I wouldn't have met the true Tsuna. The true Tsuna that people often overlooked."

Takeshi watched as his younger self stare at him as if waiting for a proper response.


"A-arre?" The swordsman looked up in time for his vision to be covered in pure darkness.

"SA-WA-DA-IS-YOUR-EX-TREME-BRO-THER!" Ryohei yelled as he delivered never-ending punches to his older self.

Feeling a little irritated, Sasagawa did an uppercut as he immediately saw an opening, causing Ryohei to stagger back, "You're extremely annoying!"

Ryohei panted as he raised his fists once more, "Yosh… another round…"

"Stop it already." Sasagawa sighed as he ran a hand through his bleached hair, "I get it."

Ryohei looked stunned for a moment before grinning widely, "What did you EXTREMELY get then?"

The older man looked hesitant before looking down. He clenched his fists before unclenching them.

"I EXTREMELY don't hear you!"

"FINE!" He exploded, "Sawada- huh?"

The light above them suddenly flickered before exploding and before they knew it darkness consumed them.



They weren't in the ring anymore that's for sure. Sasagawa's heart pounded loudly in his chest as his eyes adjusted in the darkness.

"This is…" Ryohei spoke beside him looking stunned and uneasy at the same time.

"The incident." The two turned to see the two Yamamoto.

Before Sasagawa could even ask how they got there, a series of gunshots interrupted them followed by a sickening sound of someone being stabbed. Sasagawa looked up and immediately caught glimpse of the other guardians not afar.

All of their attention was then caught by the sound of the fluttering of a cape. A figure was bent down in the mass of dead bodies before abruptly turning around as he slashed at the man behind him.

"This is why…" Rokudo's voice was somehow heard despite the noise, "…everything changed."

The dark figure ran after the man that tried to escape and mercilessly slaughtered him.

"He truly turned into a wild carnivore." Kyoya stated.

Red eyes gleamed with blood lust and anger.

"This isn't the Boss that gave me those onigiri…" Dokuro sobbed.

His black cloak was moist from all the blood.

"He isn't the amazing Tsuna that I once remembered." Takeshi shut his eyes.

Screams and pleadings were now mixing in the noisy room.

"This isn't worth breaking a promise." Hayato placed a shaky hand over his eyes.

The screams were getting louder… and louder— almost deafening.

Sasagawa clenched a fist and lowered his head, "Sawada… is not my brother."

"STOP!" Chrome screamed as she fell on her knees and covered her face, "It's too painful."

Her older-self stared at her with a blank look, "Now, do you understand-"

"Are you guys idiots?!" They turned to Gokudera who hung his head low—his face now scrunched up in pain, "How can you overlook something so obvious?"

"What?" The future guardians were now confused.

"LISTEN!" Ryohei loudly exclaimed, "And tell me you don't EXTREMELY hear that!"

What was to hear? They couldn't help but wonder. There was nothing interesting about the sickening sounds of murdering a person and their pitiful pleadings and not to mention the screams—

Rokudo's mismatched eyes widened as he undoubtedly heard…

"Tsu…na?" Takeshi muttered as he slowly looked up.

A broken scream—more broken than the others, was being drowned. The voice cracked for a moment as the figure stabbed an enemy.

And as he lunged for the others he screamed.

As he bathed in blood he screamed harder.

As he countlessly took lives his screams grew louder and louder that he was almost mistaken to be one of the victims.

All eyes were wide; there was no exception – not even the emotionless cloud guardian.

And then they saw it.

For the first time, they took a good look of their boss' face and saw the corrupted determination it held…

… as well as the tears that endlessly cascaded.

"A…a…a…ah…" Hayato fell on his knees as he slammed his head on the ground and cried. The unbearable pain he felt made him want to rip off his chest. It was like being stabbed, shot and burnt at the same time.

Takeshi fell on his bottom and slowly looked up with wide eyes.

Chrome would've fainted. But she didn't. She just stood there, with a wide eye. She let the burning pain in her chest go deeper and deeper.

The air was suffocating.

No one could breathe.

Rokudo and Kyoya were as still as statues.

Sasagawa unconsciously stepped forwards but was stopped by his younger self's voice, "And what are you extremely going to do? IT'S TOO LATE!"

Those words echoed in the silence that stretched in the darkness. Tsuna… the only figure standing staggered a bit and he looked like he was ready to fall on the ground… but he stopped and tried to keep standing.

Why? Why does he need to keep acting strong when he's obviously in the verge of breaking down?


Slowly he turned around with tired eyes before relief settled in them… as well as pain.

What else could be more painful than what you had gone through?

They turned and didn't even feel shocked to see themselves…. all looking at Tsuna with horror, anger, suspicion… and doubt.

"I'll…" He sounded so tired, so ashamed, "I'll go get the medics…"

They shouldn't have let him walk out that door. They should've rushed towards him, embraced him, aided him… comforted him…

But… instead…

"No matter what. I'll always be Juudaime's right hand man." Gokudera suddenly spoke up as he walked towards Tsuna who was walking away. He ignored the bodies on the ground and continued on, "That's the promise I will never break."

Yamamoto helped Chrome up and followed Gokudera, "Wait up!"

Mukuro and Hibari did so as well.

All the future guardians could only stare at their younger selves. Ryohei gave his older self a glance before punching him hard on the face.

"SAWADA IS YOUR EXTREME BROTHER!" And with that he ran after the others and before anyone could even react a bright light surrounded them and everything around them disappeared.

How are they able to walk off without the pain the future guardians felt?

They are able to do so… because they hold the only hope left.

They are the past… and now they hold the future.

Meanwhile... back to the future...

Dino clenched his hands together as he hung his head low. A mobile phone was found between those hands and it was vibrating with an oncoming call but he ignored it.

A doctor approached him, "Sir-"

"Don't… don't talk to me right now…"

"I-I understand…"

The doctor left and the vibrating stopped. The blonde let out a shaky breath and suddenly his phone rang once more. He looked up in rage and just as he was ready to throw his phone he flipped it open,

"Oi Bronco… what's wrong with you not answering my calls? I'm already here so-"

"IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER ANYMORE!" Dino yelled, "You're too late Shamal!"

His loud voice drowned out the footsteps that got nearer.

"Oi, oi… calm down. What do you mean I'm too late?"

Tears welled up in Dino's eyes as he slammed a nearby wall with his fist and yelled even louder,


And just as he turned around, he came face-to-face with the other guardians.

The bouquet Chrome held dropped on the ground… scattering small flowers and petals.


End of Chapter

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