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Chapter 9

"Eh? I'm a mafia boss?" the boy named Kenji said as he tried to act out the role he got. Which was the main character of their roleplay named Yoshi. Tsuna was a bit impressed of his acting and he was a bit good looking and so on, but… the only thing that Tsuna didn't like about the guy was he was one of his bullies.

So the brunet couldn't help but feel worried for the part where he (as Kuran) gets beaten by him (as Yoshi), for the ending, what if he gets beaten up for real? Sure he could dodge him with his impressive skills… but Tsuna didn't want to arouse any suspicion, especially with Gokudera and Yamamoto's abnormal observational skills.

It was a few days after they had picked their own roles. And now they had started practice.

Tsuna read his lines one more time before looking at Kyoko. Her character was somewhat similar to Chrome, who was only ordered by someone to protect Yoshi as an ally to his mafia group. Kyoko was then called Romu.

Speaking of the mafia group, the Vongola Family was then called Clam group. Tsuna sweat drop at this but just ignored it.

And then there were other random guys in their class who also had their roll that were the same as Hibari, Mukuro, Ryohei and Lambo.

Hibari's character had his personality the same as the prefect's. However, his favorite saying was "I'll beat you to death…" and his name was Kyou. Yoshi then met Kyou as he got challenge by him and had somehow perk his interest as the boy was able to give him a fair fight, gaining Yoshi his respect.

Mukuro's character, was also a sadistic type. In the story, he tries to take Yoshi's position as the new mafia boss of the Clam group by killing the boy, but in the end he lost but Yoshi forgave him and he became part of his group. His name was Kuro.

Next was the hyperactive role of Ryohei. The first time the two just met, they immediately became friends and so on. The name was Hei.

And so lastly was Lambo. Instead of having his personality as the 5 year old (which will be very weird if a student acts like one), they had the future Lambo's personality instead. And they used his name as Vino. Vino liked Yoshi as they met… so that's how they become close.

Tsuna then rereads the script, there were some parts that were different from his situation. Like the fact that they all met in Italy, in a school where they only wear fancy suits. Tsuna sighed at this, a roleplay, shouldn't really be like this, it should usually be about a fairytale like Cinderella, or Snow White, or the one Shakespeare made, Romeo and Juliet. Not a random story about the mafia.

Tsuna yawns a bit as he looks at the boy acting as Yoshi acted like he was looking at Yamamoto uneasily when the raven haired teen introduced himself as his right hand man while kneeling down with a bow. Tsuna chuckled as he watches the girls squeal at this action.

"Ahaha…" Gokudera makes an obvious fake laugh as he looks at Yamamoto with a forced smile "Stop acting so formal to Yoshi…" Gokudera said slinging his arm around Yoshi's shoulder, painfully.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" Kenji immediately moved away from Gokudera's painful grip

Hana sighed as he watches this (she was the director) "What's the problem now?"

"He-He keeps slinging his arm around me tightly!" Kenji whined as he points at Gokudera who looked really pissed as he looks away "That's what you get for stealing Juudaime's part." He mutters but Hana heard him.

"Gokudera, how many times have I told you, no one stole anyone's characters, got it? We all did this by picking out randomly." Hana said slamming a rolled script on her other hand


Hana gave the boy a warning glare before speaking "Ok everyone, let's take five."

Tsuna was immediately surrounded by the three popular student of the school, which were his friends.

"Ahahaha! This is kinda fun, neh?" Yamamoto exclaims as he sat beside the brunet on the floor.

"What are you talking about? This play is lame without Juudaime playing as the main lead!" Gokudera grumbled

"Gokudera-kun, calm down…" Tsuna smiles at the bomber "We really can't do anything about it since he had picked out the role."

"So, Tsuna-kun… how's the role you're assigned to?" Kyoko asks the brunet

"It's ok I guess…" Tsuna replies as he flips through the pages of his script boredly "All I need to do is make some evil laughs and insult the main character and also try to provoke him and stuff…"

"Haha… will you be able to do it Tsuna?" Yamamoto suddenly asks him, making Tsuna look at him questioningly , noticing this Yamamoto continues "I mean you're usually the good guy… I really can't see you act as dark as this."

Tsuna makes a small smile "Really?" 'But if you guys were from the future… I think you'd find it easy for me to do such things…' he thought darkly "Thanks, but I think I can somehow handle it…"

"You can always try and switch with that idiot…" Gokudera said tilting his head to Kenji who was talking to some girls with a smug look on his face

"I'll pass…" Tsuna smiles

"Alright everyone! Back to your places!" Hana suddenly said "Let's go to the part where Romu meets Yoshi." Hana then turns to Kyoko who nodded at her with a smile

"Hello there… It's nice to meet you… Boss…" Kyoko said to Kenji

"E-Eh? Boss?" Kenji said acting surprise, however in the inside he was smirking.

"Kuro-sempai had told me to protect you from harm…" Kyoko said with a small voice as how the script instructed her to "So I'll always protect you, Boss!"

Kenji suddenly smirks before putting a hand on Kyoko's chin and tilting her face up. Tsuna had raised an eyebrow at this. That wasn't part of the script.

"Why thank you… Romu…" he was suddenly leaning forward as if about to kiss Kyoko, and the girl could only look clueless.

"Oi! Wai-!" Before Hana could hit the other boy with her rolled script, a small item suddenly rushes pass her before hitting Kenji straight at the head with a 'Tack'!

"OW!" Kenji immediately lets go of Kyoko as he held his head in pain. Kyoko looks at the ground and saw an eraser "Arre?" she picks it up and saw Tsuna innocently checking on his pencil case. Gokudera and Yamamoto were only staring at Tsuna in a bit of shock.

The bell started ringing, signaling lunch time.

Everyone started filing out, but before the brunet could leave with his two best friends Hana calls him. Tsuna approaches the dark haired girl "Is there something you need?" he asks

"I just want to tell you to prepare yourself this afternoon, we're gonna try out the part where the villain appears," Hana said looking through the script "Oh and…" Tsuna blinks as the other suddenly pats him on the shoulder "Thanks for defending Kyoko awhile ago…" and with that she left "Ah! Wait for me Hana!" Kyoko said following her best friend before stopping at Tsuna and giving him his eraser with a bright smile then continuing on her way to follow the other.

The Tenth boss makes a small smile before following his own friends as they call out to him.


"Ahaha! Being a right hand man is fun! Maybe I should try being one for you Tsuna!" Yamamoto exclaims cheerfully

"Not when I'm around you baseball freak!" Gokudera yells "How dare you try and steal my position!"

Tsuna continued eating his lunch silently as his two friends continued arguing. He yawned softly as he took another bite of his eggroll.

"Hey Tsuna, what you did awhile ago was so cool!" Yamamoto turns to the brunet, completely ignoring the fuming bomber behind him.

"Eh?" Tsuna looks at the swordsman

"You know, how you threw the eraser straight to Kenji's head." Yamamoto said as he points his own temple "How'd you do that?"

Tsuna choked slightly before speaking "So…so you saw it huh?"

"Hahaha! How could I miss it?" Yamamoto cheerfully spoke "I mean it suddenly passed by Kurokawa, and before I knew it I was staring at you holding a pencil case."

"As expected of Juudaime to hit something so accurately!" Gokudera praised

'You mean 'someone'…' Tsuna thought as he sweat drops

All of a sudden…

Tsuna couldn't help but gasp as he felt some presence. The two immediately looked at the brunet who suddenly gasped

"Tsuna?" Yamamoto looks at Tsuna worriedly

"Is there something wrong Tenth?" Gokudera immediately asks

Tsuna fakes a smile "No, nothing's wrong… I just bit my tongue." He lies

"Ahaha… I see." Yamamoto immediately grins

The door to the rooftop suddenly opens making Tsuna tense a bit, but immediately relaxing as he saw it was just a student "There you are Takeshi!" the boy said as he turns to Yamamoto "Coach wants to talk to us about the game that's coming soon." Apparently, he was a teammate of Yamamoto's.

"Ah ok!" Yamamoto then stood up as he puts his lunch down while putting its cover "I'll be right back!" he immediately said as he left the two.

The young boss could still feel the presences that were suddenly surrounding the rooftop "Gokudera! Can you buy me an orange juice?" he suddenly said, his voice sounding a bit panicked, luckily the other didn't notice

"Of course Juudaime! Leave it to me, your right hand man!" Gokudera said standing up with pride before running off "I'll be back before you know it!"

'I hope not…' Tsuna thought as he stood up.

A strong wind suddenly came distracting the boy for a moment before being surrounded by men in coats. Tsuna frowns a bit. That wasn't the worst part… they were all holding a gun and there were five of them… great.

"it's time to die… Vongola Decimo…" they all pointed their guns to the brunet. Tsuna could only glare at them before they all together pulled the trigger.


Yamamoto looks up, momentarily ignoring his coach who was talking to him, as he suddenly heard something 'What was that?'

"Oi Takeshi! Listen to me when I talk!" the coach said loudly, causing the boy to look back at him "Ahaha… sorry 'bout that…" the coach frowned for a moment before continuing on whatever he was talking. Slowly, Yamamoto looks up worriedly.

Gokudera was now holding a bunch of orange juice in his arms and was about to grab the last orange juice when he suddenly heard something, he immediately looks up 'J-Juudaime…?'

-Back at the rooftop-

The men looks at Tsuna with wide eyes, the brunet had managed to dodge the bullets as he was still on his feet, uninjured. Tsuna glares at them threateningly as he spoke darkly "Are you with the guy who tried to snipe me last time?"

"Q-quick! Shoot him!"

Tsuna growled at this as he dodges the bullets before kicking a guy on the head as the said person tried to lounge towards him. He then directed his attention to another guy running up towards him with a knife on his hands, Tsuna merely grab the hand that was holding the sharp object before flipping him on the air and letting him land roughly on the hard cold ground.

Tsuna moves aside as a bullet passed his face, grazing his left cheek. He could feel the blood trickle down from the wound before wiping off the liquid.

He turns his attention to the guy who shot him while punching another assassin who tried to attack him from behind. His eyes narrowed before dodging another knife that almost hit him from the back, thanks to another assassin. Tsuna does a back flip while grabbing two abandoned guns on the ground.

The brunet wasn't able to notice the door of the rooftop open, revealing two certain people, as he shot the assassin who tried attacking him with a knife, at the shoulder. The assassin screamed in pain before dropping on the ground. Tsuna turns his attention to the last man standing, with guns still in his hands, he points them at the assassin who was looking at Tsuna in fear. Slowly, he approaches the shaking assassin, with both his hands still pointing at the other.

The assassin shoots Tsuna with his gun but the young boss easily evades the bullet with just a tilt of his head.

Tsuna then stops as he spoke in a dark tone "I hope you remember my question, cause I don't like repeating myself." His finger touching the trigger, made the assassin drop his gun before shielding himself as he spoke "Ye-Yes! We're in the same Family! W-we're from the - Family and we were told to assassinate Vo-…"

"Shut up!" Tsuna points the gun to closer to his face, immediately silencing the frightened guy "How many times have I told you to-"


Tsuna immediately stops as he heard the voice of his rain guardian. His eyes slowly widens before turning to the door only to see "Ya-Yamamoto… G-Gokudera…kun…"

The assassin immediately senses this opportunity to run away as he yelled "Retreat!"

And as if on cue, the others immediately stood up while some of them grab the one Tsuna had shot. Tsuna immediately snapping from his daze pointed his guns to the assassins who were about to retreat only to be grabbed by Yamamoto "Tsuna don't!"

"What are you doing? Let go of me now Yamamoto!" Tsuna said in a very demanding tone, that it made Yamamoto flinch

"Juudaime! This isn't like you…" Gokudera had grabbed him as well.

Tsuna could immediately feel anger swell in him, as his two guardians say the same thing when he was about to get shot. How dare they say such things when in the end it only caused him on getting shot! Here he was trying to eliminate the assassins that were an obvious danger to him and his family, and there they were trying to stop him from protecting them.

"Then you probably don't know me at all!" Tsuna suddenly yells, stunning the two boys "You guys always hold me back as if you know what's best!" Tsuna throws both the guns on floor in frustration as he soon realized it was useless on holding on to them, especially that the assassins have already escaped, and then he immediately added "Can't you just leave me alone with my work?"

"Tsuna! You just can't shoot those people even if they are your enemies." Yamamoto then spoke "What if you kill them?"

"I don't care." Tsuna suddenly bursts out "I'm used to such things, remember?"

Yamamoto and Gokudera could only look at the brunet with pure shock as he said this, at the same time confused on what he meant at the last part.

"I'll… I'll kill anytime I want every time I want!" Tsuna said swinging his hand on the side as if throwing something invisible, his eyes had now lost their light as they were filled with hate and rage "I don't care about their lives…!"


Tsuna's head was now tilted to the side as he felt a stinging pain on his right cheek. His eyes slightly widen, before looking at a certain bomber who had grab him by the shoulders with his head bent down he then spoke silently "Juudaime please… please… stop… you're… you're acting like a…"

Yamamoto then interrupts as he continues with a serious look on his face "Like a monster… Tsuna."

Tsuna's eyes widen at this as he spoke softly "Mon…ster?"

Now realization hits him. So they really have been seeing Tsuna as a monster, not only because he killed but because of the way he acted when he killed others without a care. He was now positive, that they didn't misjudge him, that they didn't make a mistake… that they were right. He shouldn't have gotten mad at them, for being scared… it was his fault, not theirs… it was always his.

Tsuna shut his eyes before pushing Gokudera away and running off, while the two could only look at the brunet's fleeting figure before looking away… slowly turning their backs on him.

"Sawada… Sawada! Oi Sawada!" A painful smack made Tsuna yelp in pain as he looks up at the person who was responsible for it.

"W-what?" Tsuna asks rubbing his painful head

Hana groans as she taps the rolled script on her hand impatiently "I told you it's already you're part, so get your butt off the floor and go to the front."

"O-ok…" Tsuna said silently before following her instructions.

Hana frowns at this as Kyoko approaches her with a worried look on her face "Is there something wrong with Tsuna-kun?" she asks

"How would I know?" Hana then huffs while shaking her head

"Yamamoto-kun and Gokudera-kun are suddenly acting distant to him… did something happened?" Kyoko looks at the two persons she mentioned. Yamamoto and Gokudera looked silent and depress for some reason "Did they get into a fight?"

"That's surprising, I always thought those three were too close to even fight amongst themselves…" Hana mutters as she crosses her arms.

Kyoko then shifted her attention to Tsuna with a worried look 'Tsuna-kun…'

"Why? Why are you doing this?" Kenji exclaims as he tries to act looking angry "Why are you trying to harm my friends?"

"Because I want t-the Clam Group… to, to crumble down and then me and my group will be recog-recognized as the new powerful a-and extraordinary Group in the whole m-mafia world!"

"No! We'll never be beaten by you…-!"

"Cut! Cut!" Hana suddenly yells causing the two to look at her in surprise, she then turns to Tsuna "Sawada, try to improve your acting a bit… try acting… like a heartless monster or anything that is dark…"

Tsuna flinch at this as he unconsciously grips his script with his eyes shadowed.

"Anyway, let's continue where Kuran makes his evil chuckle… we won't redo the scene 'cause it will just take up time…" Hana said looking at her wristwatch before looking back at the two "And action!"

There was a moment of silence before Tsuna makes a scary smirk, he slowly looks up revealing dull and blank caramel orbs as he chuckled darkly. For some reason, the temperature suddenly dropped as everyone shivered at Tsuna's hallow and lifeless chuckle.

"Think again… Yoshi… I'll do everything to bring you and your friends down… even if I have to take lives from others." Tsuna held out a hand before clutching it tightly

Kenji gulped at this, he was trembling from head to toe.

"H-How horrible of y-you! Just to gain p-power… you try to go th-this far as to even involve i-innocent lives?" he stutters

"Me? Horrible?" Tsuna slowly felt angry as he said his next lines with a glare "You're the one who decided to involve your little friends to this dangerous world…" the brunet clenches his fists as he knew those words were suppose to be directed at him "…don't you feel guilty?

"What-What are you talking about?" Kenji then said as he gulps

"You know perfectly well what I mean…" Tsuna said looking down "So let me ask you... who's the one involving innocent lives now?"

Everyone was silent as they watch the sudden change of attitude of Tsuna in shock. Gokudera and Yamamoto also looks at the brunet in shock as something in the inside told them that, they now know, Tsuna can act like a bad guy pretty well.

"T-That's a wrap!" Hannah suddenly calls out.

End of Chap

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