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Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Friendship, and Romance
Summary: What if Gntarl found about the Girl of Destiny earlier than he had? AU. MxY.

A/N: I have at least five more FF's that need to be written out… *sigh* For this particular story, though, when I say AU, I mean, it follows the original plot, but takes out a lot of the most obvious setbacks. In other words, I guess you could call it an alternate ending…
Please keep an open mind for this; some of the characters may seem a bit OOC.
This was inspired off of the manga series, Tsubasa RC, chapters 189-198. So, if you see a lot of similarities, that's the reason why! ;P
I drew a fanart piece~! fav. me/d33wyn1
There will definitely be more cuteness to come!
Some minor references were taken from Tripleguess's one-shot, Artifact of Mind. I asked permission, of course.

Songs: Davy Jones by: Hans Zimmer and In My Arms by: Plumb

Japanese Index:
Onee-san (when talking about/to someone's sister), Ane-san (when talking about one's sister), 'Nee-san/-chan: (Older) sister, sis, and/or sissy


Chapter 1: The Golden Soldier

"…And then we got to color!" Her bright clover eyes glowed with excitement as she explained the day's events to her mother. Yumemi tugged lightly on the young woman's skirt in emphasis. "Can I show you, Mama? Can I, can I?"

"Of course you can!" Nozomi giggled. The girl squealed with delight as she rushed up the stairs and to her room, to retrieve the piece of art.

The mother smiled warmly at her daughter, chuckling to herself, and then shifted her attention to her suckling son. The four-month-old boy nuzzled closer to her exposed breast, snurgling in light frustration as he tried to gain more access to his mother's milk.

"It is never enough for you, is it, Chikara?" she muttered to her son and covered herself. Gently, she hoisted the gurgling boy, placed him the left of her shoulder and started to pat his clad back. After a satisfying burp, she continued her ministrations, thankful that he wasn't being fussy.

Soon enough, she saw the six-year-old girl falter down the steps, cautiously placing one foot down and then the other, pausing, and then resuming her careful footwork.

When she finally finished descending, the girl suddenly became flushed and shy, hiding the piece of rolled paper behind her back.

Nozomi smiled in encouragement as she placed her son to her lap, softly cooing, "Look, Chikara, your Onee-chan is going to show us a picture."

The said boy clapped his hands and gurgled in delight.

Yumemi's O shaped mouth rose upward and into a smile; her chest puffing up slightly as she turned and began unwrapping her prize on the wooden table behind her.

Slowly, Yumemi peeked from behind a curtain of pale hair, to see if her mother was still watching.

The woman, dressed in a crisp orange blouse and olive green skirt, smiled warmly at the girl, her short brunette locks framing her high cheekbones and highlighting the fair color of her sakura-kissed skin.

Yumemi's gaze shifted down to her younger brother, who was supported by two soft hands.

The boy gazed up at her with large, luster-brown eyes, idly gumming on a small hand. As he did so, drool dribbled down his stout chin and onto the yellow bib he wore; its light pigmented color compromised with his green pajamas. Chikara took a pair of chubby fingers out from his mouth and extended both arms, emitting a squeal, wanting to be held by his elder sister.

Clover eyes flickered back to her mother's patient face, all then shyness forgotten. Turning fully, Yumemi presented the art piece she and her friends had made that day with small, sturdy hands: with brown crayon she had outlined and painstakingly filled in herself. The center held a diamond shaped mass; the boarder surrounded by animals, clouds, and flowers, both contributed by Ichiko and Suzume.

So, maybe they couldn't see it for themselves, but she was satisfied that she had been able to show them her sky, even if it was just on paper.

Hope filled her breast, knowing that her Mama would not say mean things like the boys on the playground had.

"Oh, sweetie, this is lovely!" Nozomi said, eyes filled with pride as she stared at her daughter's work. Silently, she opened an offering hand, wanting to see the piece more clearly.

The girl then climbed up the khaki cushions and placed the paper on her lap, a few inches away from her brother's drool covered fingers, afraid he might ruin the picture. Noticing her slight distress, the woman shifted the boy, so that he was on the farthest side of her lap, and peered down at the art picture, placing a delicate hand on her daughter's back.

"Ichiko and Suzume helped," Yumemi said with a smile, her green gaze locking with warm brown.

"Really?" she smiled.

"Yeah! Ichiko drew the clouds and sun, and Suzume drew the flowers and animals," the second grader explained, pointing to every object her friends made with care. Her small index finger shifted positions to the red roofed house. "We all helped with the school."

"And what about this?" Nozomi inquired and pointed to the center, where the brown diamond was drawn. "Is it a boat?"

"…No." Yumemi wilted slightly and withdrew her hand to her chest. Looking up, she peeked through dark lashes, eyes misty and a shy green. "It's the island."

"The island?" Nozomi's brows furrowed slightly, worried over her child's changed behavior.

Yumemi fidgeted as she looked down at the crayon colored paper and started to outline the drawing with her finger. "Yeah, the island in the sky."

There was a pregnant pause, however, to the girl it felt like eons. The feeling of cold fingers and the gradual thumping of her heart rose in her ears. Was she wrong; had she just assumed?

'Will Mama say I'm lying, like the boys at school?' Her lower lip began to quiver.

"Well, I think you all did a wonderful job." Dull eyes snapped up, wide, and a surprised cover green. "This is definitely going on the fridge."

A bright smile bloomed on Yumemi's young face, knowing that having a piece of art put on the fridge meant that it was something to be proud of!

Nozomi giggled, seeing that her sensitive daughter needed the reassurance. She recalled Yumemi telling her brother about the floating isle with round cheeks pressed up against her mother's pregnant womb.

However, as the months passed by, she started to talk less and less about her fantasy. At some point, Nozomi had thought she was over with such an imaginary tale.

'I suppose not. However…' she wanted to know why the girl had reacted so and was planning to ask her teacher at their next conference.

Her reverie was broken when Chikara reached towards his sister with eager hands. Smiling, she placed the boy in Yumemi's arms and carefully grabbed the piece of artwork from the wooden table. "Here. I'm going to put this on the fridge."

Yumemi gave a determined nod, taking her responsibilities as an older sister with pride. As the babe was settled in her small arms, Chikara immediately took a handful of locks and the material of her yellow cotton dress.

"Eww, your hands are all icky!" Yumemi exclaimed in distaste.

Her brother simply pulled her hair in reply. He released the locks as soon as he became comfortable, leaving both siblings in content.

However, a few moments later, the young girl was no longer comfortable. She suddenly felt strange and scared, and she did not understand why. She tensed, clutching her younger brother like a lifeline, hoping the sickening feeling in her stomach would go away…

"There we are," Nozomi smiled as she finished placing the drawing on the fridge. "Alright, honey, I can take him now."

"Yumemi?" She glanced over to her daughter, seeing she was not paying attention to her at all. Walking over to the girl and seeing she was clenching her eyes shut, her face ghostly pale, the woman bent down to her level and placed a hand on her shaking shoulder. "Honey, what's wrong?"

"I don't know…" she whimpered and burrowed her face into her younger brother's brown hair. "I don't feel good…"

Nozomi's brows laced with worry and she started to rub her daughter's back. "Do you need to throw up?"

Yumemi shook her head in a negative and sobbed. Her breath became labored and her gaze flicked back and forth, searching for some invisible scary monster. "I don't know. I… I feel like something bad is gonna happen…"

The mother became very troubled, wondering, perhaps, she was going through some sort of anxiety-attack. Nothing like that had happened before…

Nozomi gradually climbed up onto the couch and held both of her children close, petting the girl's blonde hair. "Nothing bad is going to happen, Yumemi. Mama will keep you safe."

The six-year-old shook even more and clutched her mother with a whimper. "Mama…"


The young woman's coo was cut short, for the entire room began to creak and groan in protest, and then suddenly stilled.

For a moment, almost as if her vision was diluted, the entire roof rippled and then burst in a flash of light, accompanied with a howl of wind and smoky debris. The explosion caused the couch to fly back, knocking her off her feet.

She quickly recovered, clutching her weeping children to her breast, and searched for whatever had caused the strange blast. Had it been a bomb? A fire?

Finally, the smoked cleared, and…

"What in the world…?" Nozomi breathed, pupils pin-prinking in horror.

A man—no—a golden soldier towered over the three, and peered down at them with its glass 'face.' Her image reflected from the black surface as she watched the Doll move and calculate its surroundings, then focused on her daughter.

Somehow she knew—she knew it was going to take Yumemi away.

"No! No, don't!" She cried with an extended arm, in attempts to draw forth a barrier of some short—something to keep them out of harms way. Nozomi knew it was futile, but held the frightened girl as if her life depended on it.

No emotion passed on its faceless features; it simply knocked the woman away, swatting her as if she were a measly fly.

Protecting her son at all cost, Nozomi turned to take the blow, receiving large gashes at her arm and back as her body slid near the kitchen counter.

"Mama!" Yumemi had nowhere to run. She was cornered—she knew that—and yet she searched, crying out to her wounded mother as the Akuto Doll hovered over its prey. It leaned on one knee and then scooped down to grab the small girl with a large, claw-like hand, consuming every inch of space for any means of escape.

"Oh Gods, no, Yumemi! YUMEMI!" Nozomi cried, seeing the Robot Doll rise from its hunched position and to its full height, causing the roof overhead to break. Coughing, she sheltered her screaming babe and then turned at her daughter's cry, watching her be whisked away and gradually disappear.

"Mama!" Through caged fingers, Yumemi reached out towards her terrified mother. "Mama…!"

A/N: Happy Fourth of July, everyone! I know it's short and a little slow in the beginning, but it's just the prologue! I'm sorry! I hope this—supposedly—innocent story doesn't turn too angsty! I plan for it to be a really sweet one, to give myself a break from all the drama in Waiting For You!

—Ari [7.3.11]