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Japanese Index:
Chichi-ue: Respectful way of addressing one's father
-hime: Princess
-san: Honorific: Carries the meaning of "Mr.," "Mrs.," "Miss," etc., but used more extensively in Japanese than its English equivalent


Chapter 4: Unlimited Possibilities

Andreios cautiously made his way towards the children's room, opening the wooden door without a sound, and crept in. His scrutinized gaze narrowed at Yumemi's empty bed. Scoldings licked at the tip of his tongue, until he noticed the girl in his son's comforter, trails of blonde peeking out of the moonlit sheets.

A wry smile slid into place, and the king walked up to the two resting babes, his charcoal-gray boots clicking softly under the marble floor. He took a sat there, the mattress bowing slightly under his weight, and petted Munto's feather-light hair, whose back was facing him.

The boy's small form twitched and then gradually rose. He struggled, for he had to pry the reluctant girl off of him, who had ended up clinging to the cotton front of his nightgown.

With a dissatisfied grunt, he gently pushed her away, but made sure that she was properly covered.

His ever-constant scowl knitted into place and took a side-glance at his father, who revealed a hearty, amused look.

"Don't ask." The prince scrunched his face in distaste. He wanted to keep at least some of his pride intact.

"I was not planning to," he chuckled, and then inquired in a low whisper, careful not to wake the sleeping girl, "How is she?"

"Okay, I guess. She misses her family and friends," Munto replied with an empathetic sigh.

"I see…"

After a long moment, his brooding son then looked up at him with expectant gold.

"You have a question in your eyes," Andreios noted with a broad grin. *1

"Chichi-ue, Aren't—" The boy gave a hesitant pause, and then swallowed, "Aren't humans not supposed to have the sight?"

He blinked, patient, and urged the young Munto on with his silence.

"I-I mean… Isn't the reason they are considered to live in the Land of Darkness—the Land of Death—because they are unable to view the wonders of the almighty Akuto?"

"Yes, son. But do not speak so lowly of them; we are very much alike." His compensative irises became misty, drawn. "In the distant past, we were immortals, Gods, if you will. However, ironically, through this Akuto crisis, we have started to live again."

The poor boy looked utterly confused.

"During my great-grandfather's time," the king explained, "there was a law claiming that having children was strictly forbidden. Did you know that, son?"

Munto's eyes widened in disbelief, mouth agape, and slowly shook his head in a negative.

"Because of their immortal bodies already taking up so much of the almighty Akuto, itself, it was said that if one had children, they would have to sacrifice their own lives to maintain that lost balance…"

Munto swallowed.

His steady voice lowered, soft. "It is a shame… For they were not able to experience the beauty of raising a child." Andreios gave the boy an affectionate stroke to his firelocks, sweeping his large hand from brow to the nape of his small neck.

"But… Why do we now?" he inquired quietly, afraid he would of shatter the precious moment if he had spoken too loud.

"Because the Ancients realized that their race was dying. We are dying, Munto, you must understand that. Even when immortal, it does not mean one lives on forever. It is just an extension of life. Over time, we all die, returning what God has privileged us to live within our physical shells. So, now we mirror the same span as humans. The grains of time are the same for us both."

'Except for the Outsider,' he whispered to himself. Andreios knew that that man was one of the very few immortals left, one whose power was greater than any other Heavenly Being. Just as before him, his role as the Guard of Time would be passed onto another trainee.

However, there were others lingering amongst their island filled skies, ghosts of their past, but there were only rumors of such beings…

Such as Gntarl, the Admiral of the United Army. No one fully knew what exactly that man was. His gut gave a wretched plummet with that thought.

Silence engulfed the moonlit room and Munto desperately clutched that silence to digest the newly given information.

Then, he furiously shook his head in denial. "But that doesn't make sense! What she said doesn't make sense!"

"What do you mean?" Andreios questioned.

"She sees them, Chichi-ue. Yumemi sees our islands—sees our world." His eyes were pleading; and though he would never admit it, prickling with tears. The prince turned to look at the sleeping girl. Her vulnerable whispers and innocent cries, because of her mystifying difference, drifted into the shadows of his racing mind.

"I suppose that is her gift, then," he stated with a curt nod. The monarch's was not as fazed as Munto had expected him to be.

Now he was lost again and frantically searched his father's calm visage for answers. "Who is this girl exactly?"

The man pursed his lips. "She is the Girl of Destiny."

"I know!" the redhead huffed with a frustrated shake of the covers. "But what does that mean?"

Another pause took place in the stilled room. Andreios' reply was raw, breaking the silence, "She is the one who is meant for you." The sound tasted the thick air and it was fresh.

Munto blanched, taking the idea the wrong way. Ew! Gross!

A small smile twitched into place of his father's chiseled features. The king made his voice light, trying to ease the heavy burden set upon his boy.

"You are destined to bring order and the cycle back to us, son," he gave his petite shoulder a reassuring squeeze. "With her power, you two will open and give us a future."

Munto flicked his wide gaze to his shaking fists, which were desperately clutching the sheets, like dancing spiders.

This was quite a load for the young prince. It was almost too much for him to handle.

"Then why would they take her?" he murmured to himself. "If seeing is all she has with her power, why take her away from her family like that?"

"I believe there is more than meets the eye, Munto," his father whispered.

His small features twisted, askew. "But she's just a kid…!" he spat.

The man grasped his son's chin and gently turned it to face him, warming his rouge cheek with a large palm. "And so are you. Just as you, she is a child; a child with unlimited possibilities…" *2

Deep watercolors of peach and mauve painted the twilight skies, engulfing the large windows with a warm glow. However, that warmth was not perceived by Gntarl and his cold thoughts. 'That foolish Outsider! How dare he interfere with my plans!' he growled to himself.

Did he not know? He was trying to alter what was destined upon the Heavens, was trying to make things right.

However, the bastard took his treasure away, had managed to destroy the Ancient Weapon, and handed such a power to the Magical Kingdom, of all places—the Akuto-sucking-lands they were trying to annihilate!

Of course, no, the Admiral was not at all fazed by the man's ability, for he was the Gatekeeper of Time…

But he was close! So close…!

Earlier that day, in the towering building of the United Army Headquarters, Gntarl and the Leaders of each nation watched, eagerly waiting for their prize through holographic screens.

At first, headman Shozeto had disagreed with the idea. After some thought, the other six elder men followed his example. Why bring forth such a dangerous weapon?

However, the Ancient gave an example of the Doll's power, which was under his command, to illustrate what greatness it truly withheld. In awe, they agreed, but were wary. For how would they get passed the Outsider?

Gntarl assured the group of leaders that even a man, such as Gas, would feel no effect to the weapon's obstructions. It was purposed with the ability to go through the space-time continuum.

So, with hazed eyes, because of the Akuto crisis blinding them, they watched, viewing the Golden Soldier enter desert-baked lands and snatch the child who dwelled there.

Such filth, those humans. They deserved to live in such pitiful a place.

It was mystifying to see that such a light would conspire in the Land of Darkness. Gntarl would have claimed that fact false, if he hadn't seen it for himself.

The Ancient had been granted a vision. Through that vision he saw a small blonde girl with eyes of emeralds. She withheld the sight; she held the power to give them their future.

He was no Prophet, and was unwilling to tarnish himself with the use of magic, however, through the sacrifice of his own spirit, his own light, he was able to have such a dream. Gntarl no longer had a soul dwelling upon his rotting shell. No matter, he was dying, anyway. It was worth the price, for it would give the Heavens some beacon of hope.

So, the lanky man unveiled the weapon, a machine that had accompanied his old lifetime. Because of its destructive power, it was hidden and locked away by the previous monarchs during that time of the Calamitous Day. However, upon his command, with sensing a familiar presence in the Creation Workshop, the Doll awakened and bowed down to him, willing to do any order its master bid.

A sneer pulled at his pale lips, viewing his prize being whisked to the true lands of the living and to their world.

Because the young girl was located below the Magical Kingdom, the Headmen ordered for an attack, a distraction, so the Soldier would be able to properly enter such lands.

However, they had been misled. Although the magicians struggled, they had conquered them in less amount of time that they had planned. Unfortunately, the king noticed their prize, along with the Outsider, himself.

That did not sit well with the Admiral, and the Weapon of the Ancients was annihilated through that powerful man's hand.

His prize, his treasure, was taken! The fools of the Magical Kingdom wouldn't know what to do with such a girl!

However, once in their proper grasp, she would bring power, one not even the previous immortals could compare. Unfortunately, it was possible that her gift has not fully matured. If so, then they would crystallize the child and wait until she is ready to bloom and bring forth their future.

And if she took too much time, they would simply rip that power by force. From what he had seen, her conserved spirit hummed with it. Perhaps it would be better to remove the outer petals of that precious flower to drain it properly…

"What do you suggest we do, Gntarl?" Elder of Lookon, inquired. His white beard and high pony-tail revealed a weary visage. Such questions broke the man's reverie.

Cold eyes turned to slits, his low voice rasped as he raised a long, gnarled hand. "Launch another attack. Within forty-eight hours, we will bring forth a mighty ambush and abduct the girl when they are distracted."

There was a silence in the room; only the whisper of falling sands could be heard. The fine Akuto pebbles were withheld by a monumental statue, a woman carved of marble, who carried a hourglass, their hourglass of time, of what was left of their world…

Not many grains remained.

"And if we fail?" Elder of Ranay rebuked, shifting in his yellow robes.

Their weapon was destroyed. They had no backup if they were defeated once again.

The tall man glared, menacing. "Then, before they are able to recover, I will take her myself." Murmurs of agreement whispered about the United Army Headquarters.

Without fail, he will have her. Gntarl would not let his sacrifice go in vain.

That girl was the key, the key to their future…

As Munto gradually regained consciousness, he was keenly aware of how comfortable he was. The watercolor of dreams slipped like sand between his fingertips. The boy gave a sigh, not wanting to move from this soft warmth just yet.

Slowly, his lids lifted and the prince found himself staring at a ceiling he could not quite recognize. Red brows knitted slightly in confusion. Where was he?

His vision was dazed, illuminated by the glowing sun, and then, finally, his cotton-filled thoughts revealed the previous day's events.

Right… That girl, the human, Yumemi… She was under his protection.

Speaking of which…

Bullion irises gave a lazy shift to his right, to peer down at the blonde, where she was resting…

Well, would have, at least, if she were there.

Panic then erupted in his chest, chilling his veins with ice. The boy jackknifed from his laying position and felt a cold sweat take place on his once warm skin.

'Oh no!'

His job! His job! He was supposed to watch her! He was supposed to protect her!

'Chichi-ue will be furious…!'

The prince ripped the sheets off his shaking body and rushed down the corridor, desperately calling out her name, "Yumemi? Hey, Yumemi?"

That girl! Did he not tell her not to wander off by herself?!

The sound of his palpitating heartbeat, heavy breathing, and the clap, clap, clapping of tan feet hitting against the tiled floors entered his pointed ears.

Munto almost tripped on his nightgown when he heard a high-pitched scream come from his left.

'Yumemi!' Bullion eyes then turned dangerous.

Swiftly turning, the boy changed the direction of his hurried pace and to where the sound had come from.

The thought of flying did not even enter his fretting mind.

Nimble, clammy hands grasped the silver handle of the wooden door and pushed, flinging it open and ready to defend the said girl. "Yume…!"

However, her name suddenly lodged in his throat, emitting a strangled squeak instead. The revealed scene caused Munto's tension filled form to tighten even further.

Before him was one of the teen maids, Lilith, who held her pink skirts and bunched apron up with a dainty palm, and was running after a very naked Yumemi.

Munto felt his face heat up. The poor boy's ears were now as red as his cherry locks.

"Yumemi-hime!" she cried, ocean eyes shining with worry. "Yumemi-hime! I'm so sorry, dear!" Lilith wiped a stray magenta lock from her sweating brow.

The girl continued to run, evading the fretting maid as if her life depended on it. "No~!" she wailed.

Green then locked with gold, drawn by his fidgeting form.

'Oh no. Oh no!'

She turned her wet, unsteady footing and made her way towards him.

'Move!' his mind screeched. 'Move, move, move, move'

"Hot!" Yumemi cried, small hands clinging to the clothing on his back. She continued to hide herself, using him as a shield. "Munto! The water was too hot!"

The said boy could not comprehend what she just said. His blood rushed thoughts permitted him to think properly.

He should not be here! He should not be here! Get out! Get out!

"W-what? What?!" he stuttered along with his strangled chokes. Pinprick bullion continued to stare at the ceiling. Awkward! Embarrassing! *3

H-hell with the water! His face was too hot! Was she not aware of how inappropriate it was to be running around like that?!

"Oh my goodness, Young Prince!" the woman made her way to the two, careful not to slip on the wet floor. She got down on her knees, skirts pooling around her slipper-covered feet. "I'm so sorry, Yumemi-hime! I should have checked the water with you first!"

'Deep breaths, Munto! D-deep breaths!' the redhead chanted. It finally clicked that Lilith was giving Yumemi a bath.

The blonde peeked behind Munto's stilted form, hesitant, and peered up at the maid's worried visage. "You'll make it colder?"

"Yes!" Lilith blubbered and furiously nodded in approval, her low pigtails bouncing as she did so.

There was a pause. To Munto, it felt like eons. Too close! Too close…!

Finally, the girl's soft voice could be heard, her breath heating the nook of his arm, to where she grasped his shirt. "O-okay…"

The maid's supple chest heaved with a sigh. Thank goodness, she had been forgiven.

Reluctantly, Yumemi let go of the flustered prince and took hold of the young lady's offered hand, where both made their way back to the bathroom, for her to be washed.

Almost five minutes later, Munto released his own bated breath. Was it possible for him to just go back to bed and start the day over? His lips thinned into a distasteful line. No, probably not.

Red brows knitted and he kicked the air. Now he was upset, because of his embarrassment. Arg! He should have acted more maturely…!

Yet another irritant sigh brushed passed the prince's mouth. 'This is so boring! Are they done yet?'

In the center of the buzzing group of maids was Yumemi, being dolled up and cooed over like the six-year-old child she was.

"You are so precious, Yumemi-hime!" one giggled, green locks bouncing.

"Oh, Yumemi-hime, you look lovely!" Lilith praised.

"Yumemi-hime~!" another pressed cheek-to-cheek and gave the blonde a tight squeeze.

"Girls, girls!" Stella gave a hearty chuckle. "Give the poor child some space!"

"Yes, Stella-san!" they all chimed in unison and made their way out the room, saying their farewells to the coddled girl. She waved, in turn, enthusiastically.

A warm smile lifted her fine red mouth, as the woman dressed in orange picked up a brush and did the final touches to Yumemi's pale hair. A lazy golden eye watched the teeth stroke through the locks with long, rhythmic movements.

"There we are. All done!" she chirped and gave the girl a pat on the head, lifting her off the cushion and placing her gently on the floor.

After she gained her footing, Yumemi stared at her appearance with wide eyes. Munto felt the corner of his lip twitch at her open awed expression.

The girl was adorned by a summer dress of honeydew green, which was tied in the back. Its wide cotton skirts allowed easy movement and ended below her knees. There was a decorative aqua streak at her chest, which matched the material of her headband. The pale bandana covered some of her locks, purposely at her rounded ears, and ended with a point.

"Just a moment, dear, one last thing," Stella announced and aided the girl into an olive colored jacket, with its hem striped with a deeper shade of the featured material, and was pinned together at the collar with a mauve oval jewel.

The extra piece was for the sake of precaution, for her human body may still be chilled, despite the heat of summer. The young price mentioned that she was cold last night. She concluded the lands above must be colder than those below.

Munto quietly chuckled at the blonde, who was hopping foot to foot in excitement.

"Uwah~! So pretty!" Yumemi praised.

He then snickered. What kind of noise was that?

She called to him, "Munto! Munto! Look! Look what they made for me!" The girl revealed a blooming smile, rows of white teeth peeking behind stretched pink lips.

The prince just shook his head and heaved himself off of the couch. Finally!

'Sheesh! Girls fretted way too much over there appearances!'

But he had to admit she did look cute in that dress. It was a nice shade of green.

"Come on, let's go," he said. They were already late for breakfast.

Munto jumped when she took hold of his hand. Hesitantly, gently, he did the same, fingers curling around her tender palm.

He was just escorting her, that's all. It was the proper thing to do—what he was taught to do in this situation.

However, this time, the prince could not quite ignore the stirring in his chest…

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