Based off of a moment I had in Orchestra, I looked at my black painted nails while playing the bass, and BAM had a vision of Envy doing the same. Weird I know, but there you go.

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Trouble in D Minor

(The saddest of all keys :P)

"Well Mr. Elric there really is no problem with you graduating early, however, looking at your transcript it appears you lack two credits of an extra credit fine arts class," Mr. Bradley the principal of Central High School said.

"Um yeah about that I was hoping I could take supplementary math classes instead," Edward Elric sat in the principals office three weeks after the start of the school year. He was a blond Junior who was very good looking, long blond hair pulled back in a braid, his eyes the same golden color, he had a fairly good sense of fashion, for a boy anyway, but unfortunately he was also very short. That was balanced out with his amazing skills in math and science. Already taking college classes by the time he was a sophomore, and tutoring others who needed it for extra cash, Edward was relatively well known in the math and science departments. However when it concerned Art or Music or Theatre he was completely in the unknown and oblivious.

"I'm afraid not Mr. Elric, you need two fine arts credits to graduate, you can get them this year and you can graduate with the seniors this spring, but you'll need to fill two of your off periods," Mr. Bradley said looking at a master schedule and then looking at Ed's.

"Fine….but I can't do anything like painting or sculpting, my fine motor skills don't allow for that kind of detail." Ed said, and sighed, faintly remembering the reason for that.

"Theatre is always good you could try out for this year's production of Cats-"

"Pass," Ed said with a grimace, Cats, his brother was going to positively spazz.

"Well then the band program is excellent due to Mr. Mustang, he has gotten them to state four years in a row," he said looking down at the schedules again but he didn't miss the look of disgust on the boy's face.

"Not with Mustang, not in a hundred years," Edward almost snarled.

Edward had been in band his freshman year, but had dropped it after the first day when the teacher had called him short AND had mistaken him for a girl. Not to mention that smirk was infuriating. It was not an experience he wished to repeat.

The principal looked a little overwhelmed but continued on.

"I imagine you're not one for choir either," he said and Ed gave him a look that clearly told him 'No fucking way', he sighed. "Then your only option is orchestra, but there are only two classes and one you must audition to get into, so you'll have to do an independent study for whichever instrument you choose, it won't be difficult," he said and Edward's face said he just didn't want to at all, but he didn't object.

"If that's all I can do fine, but can I at least sit in on a few classes first?" he asked and the principal nodded after giving it a moments thought.

"That's fine. In fact class is just about to start, let's go now, I'll tell the teacher." He said and they stood and made their way to the auditorium where the class was held. They walked in and half the class turned to look at them, Ed scowled, he hated being stared at.

"Ah Mr. Havoc I have a new student for you, sorry for the inconvenience," Mr. Bradley said with a small grin, Mr. Havoc gave a carefree wave of his hand. A broken conducting baton in between his lips.

"No worries, it's fine. What do you play?" he asked turning to Edward, who jumped a little at being talked to.

"Oh um…I uh…" he muttered and looked away embarrassed.

"He doesn't have any previous experience he wishes to watch for a while before deciding, and then he has another period that he'll use as independent study to learn how to play, do you have any students who would be free to help him learn?" Mr. Bradley asked.

"Oh yeah sure, I've got plenty, well then Mr….?" he asked and Ed realized he'd forgotten to introduce himself.

"Elric, Edward Elric, just Ed though," he said and Mr. Havoc grinned good naturedly. Ed decided he liked this guy much better than the band director.

"Well then Ed, we are in need of some more Violas, but you can sit in the audience until you decide," he grinned and Ed snorted and rolled his eyes, he figured he would play the viola whether he chose it or not.

"Thanks," he said and sat down in the red house seats to watch. The principal left after exchanging a few more words with the director and telling the class to do their best at regionals this year.

"Alright pull out the Fugue, we'll go over it first," Mr. Havoc said flipping over music on his own stand.

All of the students complied and the sound of ruffling paper filled the air and then set their instruments to play. Edward looked over all of the strings, and sighed at his lack of choice, no matter what he'd have to play it would have strings, but that was better than joining the band. He gave a shudder at the thought.

He looked over the instruments in more detail, so there was the violin that was the small one; there were a lot of those. And then the cello, that was the middle one that sat between the legs, there were a few of those. But Ed didn't think he'd be comfortable with putting it between his legs. Then there was the really big one that was the bass. There were three of those. He frowned didn't the teacher say something about a Viola? He looked more closely at the violins and realized that half of them were actually bigger, they must have been violas. He shrugged. He didn't really care which one he played, as long as he passed the class.

The class had played and stopped several times and was on another run through when they hit a note that made Ed cringe. Havoc stopped them and there was a dramatic fall from one of the bass players.

"Are you guys trying to murder me?" the boy asked from the ground, the whole class broke into laughed and several students apologized. The boy stood back up and walked over to a few of the violins and told them they were flat. Then turned around and grabbed one of the violas straight from the player's hands. No one seemed to care, like it was a regular occurrence. He adjusted one of the strings before giving it back; the viola player ran the bow across it a few times watching the boy, who nodded. The kid grinned in thanks.

"Okay…proceed," the boy said walking back to his bass which the player next to him had grabbed so it wouldn't fall just as its player had.

"Oh thank you Envy," Mr. Havoc said sarcastically, "it's good to know you finally approve of my orchestra." He rolled his eyes and laughed.

"No problem I know you'd never feel right if I hadn't helped," the boy called Envy said as he grabbed his bow.

"Yeah yeah, now shut up and play, start at 64," Mr. Havoc grinned and shook his head then gave the downbeat.

Ed watched the boy who had stopped the rehearsal to do what looked like tuning and apparently tease the teacher. The boy was very odd to say the least. He had long spiky dark hair, violet eyes and his fingers were covered in rings, his fingernails were painted black to match his ripped black jeans and black t-shirt. His combat boots were covered in mud, but they were black too. And if Ed looked closely he could see that his ears were pierced many times.

Ed thought he didn't look at all like a typical orchestra student. But from his first impression the boy was looked up to by all of the other students and the teacher respected him as a musician. He frowned: this class was weird.

At the end of class he went onto the stage to talk to Mr. Havoc again, who was organizing the music scores, he looked at Ed and smiled.

"So, you decide?" he asked and Ed shrugged, saying he didn't care. "Well if that's the case, I'll put you on Viola, and you said you needed a teacher for your independent study?" he asked and Ed nodded. Mr. Havoc turned to look over Ed's head.

"Hey Envy come here," he said and waved the odd student over to them.

"What's up?" Envy asked, glancing at Ed before looking back to the teacher.

"I need you to be his partner for his independent study," he said and Envy made a face that looked like he was going to cry.

"Another one? Aw come on!" he heaved and Havoc just laughed.

"Hey the other two graduated it's not like you don't have the time," he said and Envy gave a grunt of affirmation.

"So what's he playin'?" he asked and Ed frowned because he was being talked over.

"Viola, Edward when is your free period?" Havoc asked Ed, who grabbed his schedule which was on the front of a binder and intended to show it to the man.

"Um…" but wasn't able to answer as the binder was yanked from his hands.

"He has 2nd and 5th off." Envy said as he looked at the slip of paper, "You're taking AP Calc, AP Stats, AP Chem and AP Bio?" Envy asked and Edward snatched his schedule back.

"Yes, is that a problem?" he asked defensively.

"No. I was just impressed a freshman could be in those classes," he said and Ed's face went red in anger.

"I am NOT a freshman! I'm a Junior!" He said, and Envy blinked.

"You're a junior? But you look so young, not to mention you're short," Envy said completely shocked at the fact Edward was a junior.

"WHAT did you just call me?" he snarled and glared at the taller boy who held his hands up in surrender and looked like he was trying not to laugh.

"Nothing, nothing," he said and Ed gave a repressed growl before turning back to Havoc.

"I'm not spending any extra time with him, he's a bastard." Edward said, and was surprised to hear the boy laugh.

"Well he's not too shabby, got it on the first guess," he grinned and Edward frowned at what he meant, and then it hit him that the boy was referring to the literal definition of the word. Ed looked at him in shock first before looking away, ashamed. The boy snickered then pat him on the shoulder.

"Forget I said anything, it was a joke," he said grinning and Ed looked at him kind of confused.

"Uh kay," he said and Envy grinned.

"See you tomorrow during 5th, I have to get to class," Envy said and turned around and headed off to his 2nd period class.

"Well then," Havoc grinned chuckling slightly, "How 'bouts we get you a Viola to rent eh? Follow me," he said and Edward followed him back down the music hall to the instrument storage room. He took out some keys and opened the door after unlocking it.

"Hmmm let's see...viola...viola... ah here we go," Edward watched as the man walked into a room full of instruments in their proper cases on shelves that lined the walls, the man was pulling one down from a middle shelf, he took it out of it's case and played a few notes to make sure it was in good condition then he took a slip of paper and started filling it out so Ed could rent it for the year.

"Alright I need you to sign this..." he said and handed the pen and paper to Ed, who signed it quickly. The teacher looked it over then grinned before handing the viola to Ed in its case. He also handed him a few method books that Ed looked though briefly.

"Okay so it's all in order, if you want to get a head start you can go into one of the practice rooms, they're past the music office," he said and Edward frowned but nodded.

"Thanks, I think I will." And Havoc nodded before heading back to the auditorium to clean up. Edward walked past the open door of the band office and glanced in to see the black haired director looking over a score lazily flicking his wrist in time to the music playing on his computer.

Edward walked past without another glance, hoping the man was distracted enough not to notice him. His luck disagreed.

"Well if it isn't little Miss I-hate-band," said the deep voice, a smirk evident, Edward turned around to glower at the man. "What are you doing down here hmm? Miss me that much?" he asked and Edward's scowl deepened.

"I'm in orchestra," he said through clenched teeth, and Mustang raised an eyebrow. "I just started," he said and Roy nodded.

"Well, don't give Jean too much trouble, I know he seems laid back but don't piss him off," he said and then went back into his office. Ed blinked then rolled his eyes. That man was infuriating and completely insane at the same time, if Ed knew anything that was a lethal combination. He sighed but went to the practice rooms which were just a long hall with several doors to small rooms.

Ed picked the one at the end; he went in and closed the door. He set the case down like it would break if he was too rough with it.

"Oi, what have I gotten myself into?" he mumbled to himself. He looked over the method books several times before taking the instrument out of it's case and tried to hold it right, he put the fingers of his left hand on the strings mimicking the hand in the book that told him if he held the first string down with one finger it was an 'F', he sighed and grumbled that he couldn't quite remember what that meant.

He spent the next hour and a half in the room trying to figure things out before class was over but after grumbling over how unhelpful the book was he gave up put his things away and went to go find his brother for lunch.

Ed found his younger brother sitting at the table they had been sitting at since coming to this school, their friend Russell Tringum sat at the table discussing something with Alphonse, Ed's younger brother, while their other friend Winry Rockbell sat with one of her girl friends Mellie.

"Hey guys," he said sitting next to his brother.

"Oh hey brother!" Al said happily. "Did you get your problem fixed?" he asked cheerfully as always.

"No, I'm in orchestra now..." Ed said sounding like the world would be ending any day now.

"What's wrong with orchestra?" Russell asked, resting his elbow on the table and popping a grape in his mouth.

"Oh there's nothing wrong with it, Brother just doesn't want to admit he doesn't know anything about the subject," Alphonse said as he worked on some of his complex math problems.

"Al!" Ed pouted and Alphonse just shrugged but there was a small tug at his lips.

"Oh I see," Russell said grinning Ed glared at him.

"Shut up Russell," he said and Russell just laughed. Winry looked over at Ed then one of her eyebrows raised.

"Why orchestra Ed? You were in band freshman year remember?" Winry asked and Ed remembered that Winry played the Flute, but he still scowled.

"I try not to, worst day of my life," he replied and Russell laughed, Winry rolled her eyes.

"Why didn't you go for it again? You still have your trumpet right?" she asked and Ed shook his head.

"I couldn't handle one hour of that bastard I can't imagine seeing him every other day for the rest of the year, and no I sold it to someone who needed it," Ed replied and Winry frowned.

"There is nothing wrong with Mr. Mustang, and...He's really hot," Winry started giggling along with Mellie who Ed knew played clarinet.

"I wouldn't know I can't see past the cocky smirk he's always wearing and besides, I'm not into old smug bastards," Ed replied with a touch of sarcasm. Winry rolled her eyes.

"Well that's not surprising, seeing as you're not into anyone, am I right?" she asked and before Ed could answer Al and Russell beat him too it.

"Yes," Alphonse said not looking up from his homework.

"Yep," Russell said throwing another grape into his mouth.

Edward scowled at the both of them, before turning back to Winry who was obviously holding back laughter, her friend Mellie however was not as controlled.

"Thanks guys, and no you're not, I just haven't found the right person yet," he replied taking one of Russell's grapes and squeezing it till it popped and got both Al and Russell with juices they frowned but neither said anything.

"Well you'll never find them if you don't start looking," she replied and Ed rolled his eyes.

"And you're suggesting I start with Mustang?" Ed asked and Winry blushed.

"That is not what I said!" she squeaked, and Ed just laughed before standing up and turning away.

"Yeah I know I know, see you guys later, see you after school Al, Dad said he might be home today so we can start on dinner," and he walked away after waving at his brother who had told him he remembered.

Ed spent the rest of the day thinking about that odd boy from that morning and slapping himself every single time he thought about it, so by the end of the day his face was very red. He didn't know why that boy was so intriguing but he was. And Ed figured he'd have him figured out by the end of the year if he had to spend an hour and a half with him everyday for the rest of the year. And maybe he'd be able to get back at him for the short comment. In fact he planned on it.