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Trouble in D Minor

Chapter 17

"I see...I'm so sorry Envy, that must have been-" Ed started but was cut off by a shake of his boyfriend's head.

"That's not all, we found out a few days later, Mom was pregnant," he said looking down at the hospital sheets, "I not only killed my mother, but also my baby cream." he said bitterly as tears started to fall, his face was scrunched up from the pain of the memory that was nearly eight years old.

"That's not true," Ed said as he stood and embraced the older boy, wrapping his arms around the shaking frame, "That doctor, he told you, you did it, but you weren't there in the car with her, you didn't make the snow fall, you weren't the person driving the car that hit her, you aren't to blame." he said but Envy shook his head and tried to reel in his sobs.

"Yes I am! I killed them both! It doesn't matter, it wouldn't have happened if not for me, I never should have existed!" he said and Ed frowned then stepped back and let his hand fly.

The smack resounded in the room, loud and seemed weighty and hard but really was sharp and quick. Envy stopped blubbering immediately too shocked to continue and sat staring straight ahead.

"That's enough, you're being melodramatic," Ed said, sounding cold, "If that's what you think, then we're done. I won't be with someone who thinks of himself like that, who thinks that he's at fault for things that have no one to blame. I want someone who is strong and confidant,I want someone who knows what he wants in the world and doesn't let things from the past get the best of him. Once you get that you can call me. Goodbye Envy." he said and then before Envy could say another word, he was out the door, slamming it closed.

Envy stared at the door and then fell back onto the pillows, Ed had...Ed had dumped him? Dumped as in broken it off, no more kissing in the practice rooms? No more weekends at each other's houses and almost getting caught by their family, no more laughs, no more whispered 'I love you's..?

He hadn't realized it but he'd started to breath light and quick, turning it into hyperventilation, he was shaking badly. The reading for his heart monitor was going up, the beeps were coming faster. He didn't see as a nurse came in in response to his accelerated heart rate, and then in came Eric looking twice as worried as before.

He could hear their voices calling out to him but it felt like he was under water, the words were unclear and muffled.

"Envy! Snap out of it," Eric called and then grabbed him by the shoulders, he shook him gently, "Come on, it's okay," he called, but Envy was still under water.

"He's in shock," the nurse said and Eric looked more worried and then grabbed his son's face and looked him straight in the eye.

"Envy! You are fine! Calm down!" he demanded and the firm fingers on his chin allowed Envy to focus on them before surfacing, making him gasp. His eyes watered and tears streamed down his face.

"H-he b-broke up...h-he broke u-up with m-me!" he wailed and Eric frowned, he'd seen Ed come out of the room looking pained and kind of broken himself, like he was close to tears, and Al seemed to have notice because he rushed over to him and pulled him into a hug, but the shorter boy shook his head and pushed his brother away and started walking down the hall, not looking back.

"Shhh, it's okay, it's okay, I'm sure he had his reasons, it's okay," Eric hushed hugging the distraught boy close, Envy clenched onto his his father burying his face in his chest and wailed at the top of his lungs. He was alone again.

Eric hushed him rocking him until the boy quieted, he wasn't sure why Ed had broken up with Envy, and by the looks of it, he hadn't really wanted to. He was confused, but he would worry about it later, right now they had more important things to worry about. He was sure now, that they both had some problems to work out, they probably needed a professional too.

"D-Dad...?" Envy's voice cracked, and Eric looked down at him, he was sitting on the bed now, still holding his son.

"What is it?" he asked resting his hand on the long black hair, petting it gently. Envy bit his lip, and looked away, his eyes were still red.

"I...I think something is wrong with me..." he whispered, and Eric pursed his lips and then pulled his son closer, holding him tightly.

"I think something is wrong with me too," he whispered back, and he felt Envy nod slowly, unsure of how to reply so just held onto his father tighter.

Things were going to be rough, but he thought, perhaps they could get over it, they weren't really alone, even though it felt that way, they still had each other.

Ed hated school, it was nothing but a waste of time, but he went to class, he was still going to graduate early, if for no other reason than to just leave. He was miserable here.

However as it turned out, the father of one of the boys who had beat him up had been his dad's old boss, who unlike his son had no problem with gay people as long as they weren't 'gay' right in front of him. Still biased, but a step in the right direction. But the man had spoken to Hohenheim after the trial and had offered him his job back, apparently without his insight things had not been going well for the past several years. The man who had taken over for them had nearly put them in debt with his reckless abandon with the research funds.

So now, Ed had the best of the best prosthetics, his father had his job back, and was able to afford it, his father's boss had even offered Ed an internship after he graduated. His future was practically set, except for the one thing missing...

Ed sighed, he was alone in the practice room working on the last concert of the year, the music was slightly more difficult than last semester. And he didn't have anyone to help him, though Havoc came in from time to time, but he was teaching the Symphony during this period so Ed was alone.

He hated it, Envy was gone and everyone kept asking him: why? Where is he? Is he okay? And he never gave an answer just shrugged and ignored them, he couldn't give them any answers, because he didn't have them.

Envy hadn't been in school for a month and he hadn't heard from him since he'd walked away from the hospital room. He wanted so desperately to call him, to run to his house and bang on the door to make sure he was okay, but...he thought, he really thought by breaking up with him he'd be helping him, he had enough to worry about not enough room for Ed's issues piling up on him as well.

He wouldn't lie, having someone to depend on had been great, but Envy had too many burdens to carry, and he never let Ed carry some of his own. Ed thought it for the best, to leave and take his problems with him. But now, according to Al, he was unsocialized, moody and all around a total joy crusher, he was a pain in the ass. But Ed couldn't help it, he'd tried to act happy, for Al, but he just couldn't.

He was going to graduate in a little over two and a half months, and for once he didn't want to leave, he wanted to wait for Envy. All this time, Envy had been waiting for him, now it was his turn, he closed his eyes and set his viola down, he just didn't feel like practicing. He remembered the time he and Envy had promised each other...right before Heather's attack.

"I'll always come back," he promised and Envy smiled then kissed him on the forehead affectionately.

"And I'll always be here," he murmured and Ed sighed in contentment, this was such a good feeling, being with someone, Ed understood why his father and Envy's dad were so sad when they lost their wives. He wouldn't be able to bear it if he lost Envy. But he wasn't going to think about that he was just going to enjoy the time he spent with him, it was wonderful.

He choked and bent over his head was against the music stand gripping the edges tightly, damn he was turning into a sissy! He frowned and took a deep breath, but another memory unbidden and unchecked in his mind floated to the surface.

"Hey there sexy," he said grinning wickedly. . .

"Dammit," he hissed as a single tear trailed down his cheek, it was so stupid, really. Yeah so that was the beginning of one of the best nights of his life, so maybe it had been new and things were iffy, but in the end it had been wonderful and it had been with Envy and that was all that mattered. But he missed him seriously, desperately, and with all of his heart hoped he would return to him.

"Hey there sexy," a voice said softly and Ed sighed, now he was hearing things, god he was such a girl imagining things, like he was sure he'd heard the door open earlier, but no one used this practice room after a rumor of there being gay cooties inside. He sighed again and then realized, that hadn't been his imagination.

He whipped around and in the process knocked over the music stand and nearly fell over, but caught himself and stared wide eyed at the person casually leaning against the door frame and smirking in a comforting and very familiar way.

"Envy...?" he asked, not sure if he should really believe he was there or if it was a cruel trick his mind was playing on him.

Envy, or the mirage smiled, but didn't move, and while he was staring at him Ed noticed a few things were different, he wasn't wearing black for one thing, he was wearing a light blue button down shirt and some jeans, he also had his hair tied back, he looked very good, just not how Ed would have imagined him, had he been a mirage.

Ed took a step towards him in utter shock, and then almost slipped on a piece of sheet music, but was caught by strong arms and pressed against a familiar smelling chest. He took in a shaky breath and then looked up at the older male.

"I'm not imagining this right?" he asked and the older boy laughed, looking so much...happier than he ever had before when he laughed.

"I hope not, then we might have some problems," he grinned and then raised a hand and brushed the back of his fingers against Ed's cheek, Ed closed his eyes and leaned into the touch, if this was a dream he prayed it didn't end soon.

"Are you okay?" he asked quietly, and meaning the words in more ways than one, arms wrapped around him and it was pure bliss.

"Yes, no, getting much better, things are better," he shrugged and hugged the blond close and Ed looked up.

"No?" he asked and Envy looked down and smiled slightly.

"That would be a yes, but only if you gave me a kiss," He said quietly and Ed blushed for only a second before he pushed up on his toes and pressed his lips against Envy's. The reunion of flesh felt as if that same warmth from their first kiss had been rekindled and ignited brighter than before.

They broke apart and Ed blushed, Envy grinned.

"I'm never going to get tired of seeing that," he said and brushed his thumb over the still pink cheek, Ed pursed his lips and looked down, "What is it?" Envy asked concerned.

"I'm sorry," Ed whispered, and Envy blinked then tilted Ed's face back up with a gentle hand on the the shorter boy's chin.

"For what?" he asked, and Ed looked to the side but didn't move his face, just his eyes, then looked back up.

"For...for you know..." he muttered, "I was...well I wanted to help...but you were always so...and..." he trailed off when he saw Envy smile out of the corner of his eyes.

"I know," he said, "I wouldn't be here otherwise," he smiled and Ed blinked he grinned, "My therapist said you were trying to help me," he explained and Ed's eyebrows shot up.

"You have a therapist?" he asked.

"Of course not," Envy said and Ed stared, "I have three," Envy finished and Ed stared some more before furrowing his eyebrows.

"Three...?" he asked and Envy nodded, actually serious.

"Mmm, two are for my emotional needs, the other is for me and dad," he said, "At first I hated it, with a passion, but turns out they actually do know what they're doing, pity, could have had dad sue them," he sighed sadly, Ed smiled.

"So you're both getting help? I'm glad," he said and hugged the older boy then frowned, "How is school going?" he asked and Envy snorted.

"Being a child prodigy has it's perks, they froze my grades, and now that I'm back I'll just continue on, blah blah," he shrugged, "They want me to get scholarships into good schools and then take the credit for 'shaping' me." He shook his head.

"That's stupid." Ed said flatly, and Envy laughed and then hugged him.

"It is, but I came back for one reason," he said and then pulled back and cupped the blond's cheek.

"W-what reason?" Ed asked looking up at the older boy, his eyes searching his face, almost desperately. Envy smiled and bent down to kiss him.

"Like you need to ask," he chuckled and connected their lips for a slow and tender kiss, and Ed pulled back to breath slightly red in the cheeks.

"Well that answers that," he said panting a little, and Envy grinned, then his eyes softened and he sighed.

"I know it's corny and we're still just kids, and maybe someday it will change...but...right now I want to spend the rest of my life with you," he said and Ed bit his lip and found that he was terribly close to tears.

"E-Envy...I..." he started and got choked up, Envy rubbed his cheek with his thumb and leaned forward to kiss his forehead.

"That's just how I feel, I'm supposed to share things now...and that's just one of the things I haven't been able to get off my mind, how much I want to be with you, and how much I love you," he said quietly and then Ed sobbed, he threw himself at the older boy and sobbed into his chest, his arms gripping him tightly while his hands dug into the shirt at the taller boy's back.

"I love you! And I never want to leave you or let you go again!" he wailed and Envy hushed him, but smiled as he wrapped his own arms around the blond's shoulders.

"I'm glad, but hush now, everything is going to be okay, and that's a lot coming from me," he teased and Ed gave a watery laughed, but cried for a little while longer before he pulled back and looked away.

"Sorry..." he whispered but Envy hugged him tightly and kissed his wet cheek.

"It's okay, sometimes you just gotta cry, though the boogers I could totally go without," he laughed and Ed looked up at him, his eyes red, but he looked much better for it.

"It's been years since I last really cried," he said and Envy nodded and then pecked his lips gently.

"Then I'd say it was a long time coming," he whispered against the pink lips which smiled and then kissed him back.

"Yeah..." and then Ed smiled, "This came back, and I waited for you, we really aren't typical teenagers are we?" he asked and Envy blinked before he understood, but he smiled.

"Never were, probably won't be normal adults either but hey, what do I care? As long as you're by my side," he said and Ed smiled.

"You're incredibly sappy...but I love it. And you," he said and Envy laughed then kissed him once more and took his hand.

"Like you're one to talk," he retorted and Ed poked him in the side with his free hand. "Ready?" Envy asked and gestured to the door, and Ed nodded, he was ready to do anything, he could take on the world as long as he had Envy's hand in his.