There once was a man who, as a child, was sexually abused by his cat. He slowly began to hate cats, and wanted to get as far away from them as possible. He moved to the sea, and took up diving. Being in the water was calm, and cooling, and good to know there was no cats.
But the man had been spending so much time in the sea that he began to develop a love of fish. Beautiful colorful creatures, the birds of the sea. He began to watch more and more movies with fish, and became extremely fond of one movie. Ponyo and the Cliff by the Sea. Eventually the man began to grow old, while the love of fish grew scarce.

However, if a few children happened to be watching Ponyo, the man would want to go over to the children and thank them. However, being socially awkward, he didn't quite know how to express his feelings. So instead he ended up grabbing and shaking the children screaming "PONYO! PONYO!"

The Gods grew fond of his acts of kindness, so they gave him eternal immortality. His agreement was he would visit the children while they were watching Ponyo.

So to this day, if you find yourself lucky he might just come visit you while you watch this movie. In fact that may be him at the door now…