Note: Please do not criticize this as a cliché, or this idea is the stupidest thing you ever seen in your life.

Plant Racers is a special fanfic inspired by racing and plants from Plants Vs Zombies.

At Greenville, a green town full of plants from Plants Vs Zombies, Repeater #179 tells to his friends that at least the zombies are away until some year. Peashooter #180, Repeater's younger brother is telling his relative and his friends that Plant Racing is a new sport created by the High Plant Council for plants to get fit a race for fun, with the challenge to beat the enemies.

At the forest, the beginning of the race has just begun! 8 plants are ready to race with the help of flower pots with vehicle threads and using their powers to stop their opponent racers, but they need to charge their powerful abilities. The racers now begin the race right now. Peashooter #178, Repeater's best friend are now beginning to move fast just like the other racers since one of them are in last place, but Peashooter 178 is in 7th place. Sunflower #457, currently is 6th place is now outrunning the 3 other plants with her special move called Sunny Turbo to outrun them, now she's in 3rd place. To catch up, Threepeater #200, Sunflower 457's best friend is currently fired his three peas at the others, allowing to get through three plants, now he's in 3rd Place. Repeater #179 has reached 2nd place and fires two peas, which stops two targets from overtaking him, which is Sunflower #457 and Wall-nut #500. Now the two other racers Tall-nut #675 and Cabbage-pult #450 are overtaking them. Tall-nut in 3rd place and Cabbage-pult in 4th place. Now the race ends.

At a diner, Threepeater #200 talks about the many faceplants with Repeater #179, Threepeater tells that would he continue. Repeater says that he'll still do it, even if it seriously hurts. At Plant High Council, the people have posted multiple race courses to race in so the challenge would never die. There are 8 courses, with 10 plants racing in those. Whoever gets first place moves on to the next challenge, and anyone who wins get the Bronze Sunflower trophy. Lots of them sign up in the boards.

Next day the race is in the Chill Mountains, a very cold mountain range that plants will even race, and then everyone wears what eskimoes do. In the list, 10 plants are racing. These are the plants who race, Snow Pea #120, Melon-pult #300, Jalapeno # 125, Peashooter #178, Threepeater #200, Sunflower #457, Sunflower #458, Gatling Pea #150, Winter Melon #200 and Kernel-pult #250.

Now they race down the skiing mountains, with them having flower pots that can survive the cold with skis. Gatlin Pea takes out four racers, which makes him move to 2nd place. Sunflower in 8th place uses the turbo to move her to 3rd place, Winter Melon takes out 3 racers with his melon making him move to 6th place, Kernel-pult throws his butter to Melon-pult, moving to 7th place. Jalapeno blasts back 4 racers arriving to 2nd place, Melon-pult returns back to the race to 6th place. Kernel-pult stops Gatling Pea leading the corn to 1st place, now the Sunflower reaches 5th place and speeds up to 1st place, leading the corn to 7th place. Then the melon takes out 3 racers to reach 7th place, Jalapeno blasts 5 plants , leading the pepper to 5th place. Now, Gatling Pea wins the awesome race, now moving on to the next course.