Snowed In

Some say the world will end in fire
Some say in ice
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire
But if it had to perish twice
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice

"This weather is getting seriously freaky," Tori said looking up at the sky as the group walked to the nearest SkyBucks.

"It's just some clouds," Jade said rolling her eyes.

"Some scary looking clouds," Cat whimpered.

"Can everyone please stop being so overdramatic about some clouds? I mean I know we're actresses but honestly," Jade snorted.

"Babe be nice," Beck whispered nuzzling his girlfriend's neck and giving it a soft kiss.

"Buy me my coffee and I'll think about it."

"I know that's a huge lie Jadelyn West," he smirked "but what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't buy you your coffee?"

"A bad one," Jade said smiling up at him.

Beck sighed and they all quickly ducked into the shelter of the SkyBucks. They rubbed their arms desperate for some warmth and approached the counter. They all ordered and sat down.

"So what do you plan on doing for Sikowitz's project?" Andre asked everyone.

"Trina's going to help me write a play, she's a crappy actress but not a bad play write, not extraordinary, but not bad."

"Jade and I are doing a collab, but we haven't decided what just yet. We were thinking about maybe her being the actress and I'll be the director and log our experience to show some of the relationship dynamics."

"That sounds cool," Andre said. Tori pouted noticing that he hadn't complimented her.

"Ya it was Jade's idea," Beck grinned "sometimes she's just the brilliant," Beck flung his arm over her shoulder and pulled her away from the window. Tori stared enviously.

"I'm going to get my brother to help me-"

"Hey guys look," Jade said pointing.

"What?" Robbie asked peering over the group.

"Holy crap," Beck said staring as snow fell from the LA skies.

"What's happening to those trucks back there," Tori pointed to where it looked like some trucks were being mutilated.

"Oh I wonder if maybe it's the snow fairies," Cat giggled.

"It's hail!" Jade exclaimed jumping out of her seat. "And not normal hail either, we need to leave, like now!"

"Jade I don't think we should-" Andre began. But Jade had already grabbed Beck's hand and was dragging him along. The rest of the group hesitated only a second before following the panic ridden couple. "Run faster!" Andre yelled as he approached the two dragging Tori along with him.

Beck overtook Jade ignoring her desire to lead and dragged him. Cat whimper and Jade grabbed her wrist, not allowing one of her longtime friends to be left behind. Robbie was keeping up surprisingly well.

"Wait!" Jade yelled over the noise of things being destroyed and people screaming. She pulled the group back only a foot or so and ducked into a back alley. They followed obediently though no one knew where they were going.

"Jade we need to keep going forward!" Andre yelled.

"We're only like half a mile from my house!" Jade said.

"Jade's right," Beck said looking around. "And her house is built like a fortrece."

"It's made of brick," Jade explained "and everything is reinforced because my dad is a nuclear war paranoid freak."

"Just hurry!" Tori screamed. The group rounded a corner and while Jade was still in the air from her hurried long strides Beck pulled her back and a screeching car barely missed her. Jade's eyes were wide but she was ok.

"Get in!" Andre yelled.

"Are you crazy we don't know them!" Robbie countered.

"They're dead get in," Andre said getting in the driver side. He tossed the body on the ground. Tori quickly leapt into the passenger side and Beck helped Cat and Jade in. Robbie took the third seat and Jade was on Beck's lap.

"Punch it!" Beck yelled as the hail got closer. Andre sped off taking directions as best he could.

"Stop here!" Jade screamed pointing to her gated house.

"A gate!" Robbie yelled.

"And a huge driveway!" Andre groaned.

"Shut up," Jade screeched at the two and viciously punched in the code for the keypad. The kids sprinted up the inclined hill and rushed to the front door. Jade threw it open and once everyone was inside slammed it closed. She sighed with relief and looked around. Beck, Tori, Andre, Robbie, and Cat. Suddenly there was a pounding on her door and Jade looked out her peep hole.

"It's Alyssa Vaun," Jade snarled.

"Jade don't," Beck said more roughly than ever. He wrenched the door open and pulled Alyssa in. In Alyssa's arms was a small shivering child.

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