Beck, Jade, Cat, and Andre all dug into the underground cave and waited for days. Cat and Jade took turns going into the store for food and other necessities. On one of her trips to the store Cat brought back a TV and the gang plugged it in and huddled around the screen.

On about the seventh day of watching the newscaster he announced that for the past week the skies had been perfect. The gang was apprehensions but ventured out after another day of waiting just to be sure. But when the full day past without any hail the group exited and basked in the sun. Beck scooped Jade up into his arms and kissed her roughly. He held her close and pulled her flush against himself. She cradled his face in her hands and kissed him back tears of relief flooding her cheeks.

The two were caught up in a delightful and hot make-out session and didn't notice anyone. Both teens were crying with joy and relief and fear and excitement. Ideas ran through their head. Lose it all tonight. Go all the way. Run off and elope. Get pregnant and start a family. Hope. Dare. Dream. The world was their oyster and they could do anything.

Nearby, going unnoticed by the couple so in love, was another couple blossoming with desire. Caught up in a tender, not so familiar kiss, were Cat and Andre. Their tongues explored a foreign place. Both hesitated and tried to get used to the feeling of the unfamiliar lips. The kiss was nice and simple, the relationship was in the new stages and needed time and tenderness to develop. Thoughts were on a first date. A second kiss. A private car ride.

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