Warnings: Descriptive and slightly violent sex.

This is a gift to Black Storm from Devaint art for her wonderful Chibi Szayels. Now I am not an expert, but I am pretty sure Grimm/Ichi is one of her fav pairings. So Black Storm, this is for you, and honestly it's something I have been stewing over for a while and Chibi Szay just gave me the motivation to write it down finally.

The Real King

Spring was always an interesting time of the year. There was a feeling of life, of vigour, in the air as the sleepy earth awoke from it's winter nap. That same spring spirit sang in the blood of every young male, regardless of species.

Truly the only way to curb it was to work oneself to exhaustion, give into it, or become so distracted that one forgets about the cry of nature singing through ones veins.

"So do something about it king," the hollow half of Zangetsu taunted.

"Shut up," he snapped back irritated.

Of course the situation wasn't being made any easier by the constant nagging of his Hollow nor the presence of the man sprawled out on his bed taking a nap while he attempted, rather poorly at that, to catch up on all the excess homework fighting a war had created. He didn't even want to consider how far behind he was in his studies.

Ichigo let out another frustrated sigh of annoyance and leaned back in his chair, eyes unconsciously darting to the other man laying comfortably in his bed, his feet just dangling off the end due to his height.

Honestly, Ichigo had been shocked that Grimmjow had shown up so soon after the war. In fact when he had spotted the Espada earlier this month he had just stared at him in shock for a good minute.

Apparently the Espada had shown up, fully healed from his grievous wounds, to collect on the promise of that fight. Unfortunately, Ichigo had been on his way to school that morning and had managed to convince Grimmjow to wait until afterwards.

For the entire month now Grimmjow would randomly show up to collect his due. Sometimes he would show up in the morning, sometimes late at night. Each time Ichigo would have to convince him to wait until his 'dull and boring' obligations were done before they could fight.

Most of the time the Espada would take off and return later at night, but for the last few days he had decided to remain and make claim to the only other piece of furniture in Ichigo's room; his bed.

The other would sprawl out and stare at the ceiling while Ichigo's pencil would scratch over his homework until around nine. That would be when Grimmjow would finally get impatient and leap to his feet with a 'let's go, Shinigami.'

At first their battles were just a way to repay a debt, but soon they became something more, and despite himself Ichigo felt himself eagerly awaiting the arrival of his blue haired rival.

There was an energy to their sparing, something he had never felt before from any of his other partners and opponents. With Grimmjow there was no expectations, simply two people exchanging blows and letting off steam.

There was something different in the air tonight. When Grimmjow had shown up this morning on his way to school he hadn't even started the 'time to fight' argument they always had.

Instead he had simply asked what the plan was today and Ichigo had informed him they could fight later tonight after his family had left for the long weekend to visit his grandparents.

Normally he would have left as well but he had far too much work to do and was going to work on his homework while trying catch up with his studies.

Grimmjow had been surprisingly patient and had crashed on his bed while he started on his homework. He wasn't sure when the Espada had actually drifted off to sleep but he certainly looked a lot less feral while napping.

Ichigo had never really taken the time to study the man slumbering in his bed. In sleep he did look a lot less feral, less angry, and rather delectable.

He blinked at the thought in surprise. Okay yes, Grimmjow did have one hell of a hot body, hole and all, there was no deny that. The feral, Hollow, instinctive part of him recognized that. The Human part rebelled at the very idea of it. The Shingiami part seemed to be indifferent.

Somehow though, Ichigo seriously doubted the Espada found him interesting in that way at all.

"Pft, how could he not, King. Just wake him up and watch his eyes. They swim with lust. They have for several weeks now."

"For battle," Ichigo responded dryly, wishing the Hollow half of Zangetsu could take a page from the old man and be more quiet.

"Battle, lust, love, hate, they are all but a Yen apart from each other," Hollow Zangetsu declared.

Was there anything he could do to shut the other up? He wished Shinji and the other Vizard had covered that during his training, but after the war they had all just disappeared. Everyone had. The only person from that other life he had seen since the war was Grimmjow.

There had been no sign of Rukia or Renji since the battle concluded and while he felt somewhat snubbed for it, the rational part of his mind recalled that there had been a lot of damage and work that needed to be done to return Soul Society to a fully, functional, working order.

"Do you plan on staring at me all night?" Grimmjow suddenly demanded.

Ichigo jerked in surprised, causing his chair to tip back a little too far. Arms and legs flailing, the chair finished tipping and he went crashing to the ground with a squeak of protest form the chair and a squawk of surprise from the Hybrid.

Grimmjow laughed at him and sat up on the bed, looking down at him with a wide smirk of amusement.

"It's not that funny," Ichigo grunted, crawling to his feet and rubbing his aching backside.

"Looks damn funny from here," Grimmjow smirked.

"Look at his eyes king."

Ichigo growled an annoyed 'shut up' back at the other, but couldn't stop himself from doing as ordered. To his annoyance there was something in those stunning blue eyes that he didn't recognize. He found himself captivated and before he knew it he was standing up and moving towards the Espada.

Blue remained locked on stern brown as he finished closing the meagre distance between them until they were only a foot apart.

"See something you like, Shinigami?" Grimmjow taunted.

Ichigo didn't answer, too captivated by the raw hunger he noticed in the others eyes, and somehow he knew it wasn't a hunger for his blood.

"See king."

"Shut up," he snapped back. "Maybe," he admitted.

"I would hope so, you would need to be blind not to," the other taunted, creating a bit of distance. "Are you done that stupid work crap yet? You promised me a fight."

Well no he wasn't done, but there was no way he could return his attention to it now. Not with the sudden growing tension between them.

He could feel himself teetering on some forbidden edge, could feel something stirring in his blood he had never felt before. Or more accurately, something he had never felt while staring at another male. For all that he was, Ichigo was still a male teenager and no male teenager went through life without at least a damn near daily erection.

Belatedly, he realized he hadn't answered the question.

"Yeah, for now anyway," he answered with a grunt.

He tried to turn his gaze away, but found himself falling into those deep, blue pools that continued to stare at him hungrily.

"He wants ya King, and you know it. You going to let him best ya?"

Oh what he wouldn't give to find a way to shut the other up.

"You want him King, don't deny it."

"He isn't human," he shot back.

"So? Are you?"

Okay, he didn't have a good argument for that one. During his distraction arguing with, well, himself, Grimmjow had closed the distance between them once more.

"If I thought you would take me up on it, I would challenge you to a different form of combat," the Espada leered.

"Try me," he found himself responding before his brain could even think about it; or at least the brain attached to his neck.

There was an honest flash of surprise in Grimmjow's eyes before it was quickly covered, but Ichigo still caught it.

"What you got to lose King? Go for it."

Before he could even finish registering the other's command, he found himself closing the last little bit of distance between the two of them and latching his lips upon the Espada's.

He felt Grimmjow stiffen in surprise, clearly not expecting him to boldly do something like that, but he wasn't pushed away and the moment the surprise wore off he felt the other return his attention ten fold.

"Don't let him dominate. Give as good as you get,"Hollow Zangetsu ordered sternly.

Ichigo didn't even hear the advice. Competitive by nature he was determined to match Grimmjow kiss for kiss and did so. Lips quickly parted and tongues began to clash with as much ferocity as their Zanpakuto and fists have in the past.

Neither tongue spent much time in the other's mouth as they duelled between their lips, each trying to dominate the battle and thus spend more time in the others mouth.

He felt hot and the desire to feel the others skin under his hands became unbearable. It was nothing to brush the jacket off of Grimmjow's shoulders and toss it aside. Their battling kiss was put briefly on hold as Grimmjow pulled Ichigo's shirt over his head and tossed it aside. As soon as the fabric was clear the battle resumed.

"Just follow my advice King, trust me," Hollow Zangestsu insisted.

"Why should I?" Ichigo questioned with a large hint of distrust.

"I am a Hollow too. I know what he wants and how to give it to him."

"Fine, fine. Whatever. Just let me know what to do."

"Trust me King, we will make this a night he will never forget."


Fighting had been all that had been on Grimmjow's mind when he had tracked down Ichigo that morning a month ago. He had wanted to collect his due right then and there but the teen had convinced him to wait until evening. He had waited several months for this battle, he could stand to wait a few more hours.

It had been one hell of a battle and he had returned to Hueco Mundo well satisfied. But it didn't last long. All too soon his blood burned for another fight. And another. And another. And before he know it he found himself all but stalking the hybrid in anticipation for their battles.

At first he thought nothing of it, but over the last few battles he had started to become distracted. He would be a fool not to recognize how delectable his rival looked, and that youthful ignorance just made him look all the more tastier.

For the last forty eight hours he had been tormenting himself with weather or not he dared to offer the Shinigami wannabe a romp. Well, not really a romp. He had evolved to the point of almost being able to pass as human and the return of so many emotions, and morals (shudder), had come with it.

Hollows, at least those of an Adjucus level and lower, only had intercourse when they planned on mating, and Hollows did not mate under the moon whispering sweet nothings into each others ears while making soft, loving sex. There was damn little difference between Hollows fighting and Hollows mating. After all, if your partner wasn't strong enough to survive it than they were not worthy to bear your offspring.

The problem was Grimmjow wasn't sure if he could just have casual sex or if the reiashi that made up his body wouldn't automatically start up the Mating Ritual weather he wanted it to or not. Thinking about it had left his brain aching.

He had never intended to take a nap either, but the bed had just been too comfortable this time and sleep had been a fleeting thing for him. Sleep was a very dangerous thing in Hueco Mundo and the fact he had dropped his guard enough to rest comfortably around the Shinigami bothered him greatly.

Not even when he had traveled with companions had he ever dared to fall into a full and deep sleep, and certainly not after evolving into an Arrancar. Yet here, in this human/shinigmai/hollow's home he had fallen into the deepest slumber he could ever recall.

And now the other was looking at him in a way that made his blood stir, and not the blood that normally raced down his arms and forced his hands to draw his blade. No, this blood raced down between his legs and stirred an organ he had not felt stiffen in a very long time.

But Ichigo, for all his strength and abilities, was still merely a human boy. Well, teenager really and at that age a breath of wind could probably make him hard. The boy didn't know what he was initiating.

Hollows did not make pleasant love. To Hollows the act of mating was damn near close to fighting and it always ended in one submitting to the other. Mating was not something entered into lightly. It was a dangerous thing where if the partner was too weak they would be devoured. And since only one could dominate, that meant the other had to submitted, and no Hollow liked submitting to another.

"Well, there are a few exceptions, pussy as weakling," he growled to himself. "And if he does not stop staring at me like that, I swear I might just forget the fact he is human and…." he never finished because Ichigo was suddenly kissing him.

He froze in shock for a moment before his body instantly responded to the challenge. Like hell some human was going to outdo him. No fucking way. He didn't come back to his senses until they were both shirtless.

Startled, and annoyed he had lost so much control to instinct already, he forced himself to take a step back. He couldn't permit this to continue. If it went too far he would not be able to stop himself a second time.

Not that Ichigo wasn't attractive, but he was not a Hollow. And if something did go wrong he would find his ass being hunted down by all of the teenagers annoying rabble of friends. Some of those friends were rather powerful and he did not want to spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulders any more than he already had to.

Truthfully, he just didn't want to lose the odd relationship he shared with the teen. Ichigo was one of the few who wasn't only on par with him for power, but was willing to let lose and go at it.

"We shouldn't do this," he spoke.

"You are backing down?" Ichigo asked challengingly with a raised eye.

"You do not know what you are instigating," he insisted, but his will was already wavering.

"I am not a boy, I know damn well what I am instigating," Ichigo snapped back annoyed.

"No, you do not," he insisted.

He tried to take another step back, and nearly tripped over the bed he had forgotten was behind him. To his shock Ichigo took advantage of his slight moment of off balance to shove him. He landed on the bed with a surprised oomph and didn't have time to recover before the other was quickly kneeling before him.

He tried to sit up, only to be pushed back down again, and this time pinned down by Ichigo's flushed body. He felt his instinct rear up violently, demanding to shove the other beneath him and reclaim dominance.

He fought violently against it, wrestled vigorously to keep it under check, than lost spectacularly when the feel of a wet tongue tracing up the scar on his chest reached his senses, tickling the more sensitive flesh.

He let out a gasp and found himself arching into the feeling before regaining a bit of sense.

"Fine, he want's to play this game, let's see just how far he will go before he begs to stop," Grimmjow growled to himself.

If Ichigo wanted a taste of what facing a Mating Hollow was like, so be it. Grimmjow let lose most of his instinct. His reiatsu flared violently and nearly threw the other off of him at the sudden unexpected rise.

Grimmjow used that chance to flip them over so he was now on top. Instead of the trace of sudden fear he was expecting from Ichigo's eyes he saw they were now a more golden color instead of their usual brown that nearly left him breathless. They were also narrowed in a mixture of pleasure and challenge.

In his own moment of shock Ichigo grabbed a fistful of powder blue hair and dragged Grimmjow's head down for another heated kiss that was as much off a battle as it was a kiss.

Their tongues twisted, thrust, and parried each other in a bid to get the most time in the others mouth. The battle waged back and forth as viscously as any other battle they had ever fought.

But more importantly than their tongue war, Ichigo's reitasu rose and clashed with his own, challenging his strength without any sign of hesitation or weakness. Their hands were not idle either.

Ichigo raked his hands down Grimmjow's bare back, leaving small trials of red claw marks while Grimmjow worked diligently at the rather annoying leather belt holding the teenagers jeans up.

Finally, he let Ichigo take the lead in the tongue war while he focused on snapping the damn annoying leather belt and finally getting the teen's jeans opened enough to start chivvying them down Ichigo's hips.

Now Ichigo had slim hips, but the jeans clung to him like a second skin and refused to move at anything resembling a half acceptable speed. Growling in frustration he had to retreat from the tongue war so he could sit up and move down Ichigo's body to finish pulling the damn annoying jeans off of him, leaving him in nothing but his boxers and a pair of socks.

Satisfied, he let himself smirk in triumph as he tossed the offending item away and turned his attention back to his victim, just in time to watch the other grasp his shoulders and reverse their position so he was on the bottom.

"Oh hell no," he protested silently, but made sure his eyes and the snarl he gave conveyed the message anyhow.

They were both beyond the ability for rational speak, and that was fine by him. Actions spoke louder than words anyway. He tried to sit up only to have Ichigo place his hands on his shoulders and force him back down with both physical strength and the power of his reiatsu.

He snarled like a trapped animal and tried once more, only to freeze when he felt the other's teeth graze his throat. He laid back down slowly so as not to started the other and remained still while Ichigo nuzzled his neck and slowly began to lick the delicate flesh above his jugular. One hand worked its way behind his head and took a tight, almost painful, grip on his air to assure he would remain still.

Grimmjow let out a shiver that only increased when he felt Ichigo's other hand begin to undo the obi holding up his Hakama. Unlike the teen's annoyingly tight jeans, Grimmjows loose Hakama were easily and quickly removed to be tossed onto the floor somewhere.

Only a small fraction of his brain was even aware of the cool air hitting his now bare legs and lower body. Most of his attention was on the mouth and teeth sucking and nibbling on his jugular and the nails scraping pleasantly against his scalp.

He felt a flush of heat race uncontrollably through his body at the feeling of danger and pleasure the sensation left him in. The single snap of Ichigo's fangs could end his life right now. The fact that Ichigo was human and probably incapable of ripping his throat out with his blunt, human teeth hardly crossed his mind.

Finally, the teen pulled his head away and shifted about above him. Grimmjow took the opportunity to regain control of the situation, flipping Ichigo back under him and bringing the full force of his reiatsu down to keep the teen pinned.

The look on Ichigo's face was not one of shock or annoyance, but one of amusement. Grimmjow felt his blood surge that he wasn't being taken seriously as a threat and resolved to fix the situation. How dare Ichigo act like he could reverse their situation at a moment notice?

Without any hesitation Grimmjow tore the boys boxers off, grabbing the socks on his way by before clearing himself of the last little bit of clothing he was also sporting. They were both naked now, and both of them had a sheen of sweat coating their bodies.

The smell of sexual pheromones was so heavy in the air now that they made Grimmjow feel almost a bit dizzy with desire. The size and sight of his targets full arousal definitely didn't help matters.

Ichigo was pretty well hung for a teenager and there was precum already beading at the tip. Grimmjow could not stop himself from licking his lips in desire and felt his own hardened piece pulse in pleasure as he noticed that this was the first time there was a hint of hesitation and uncertainty in the teen.

However, as fast as those two emotions appeared, they were suddenly gone and those golden eyes bore into his challengingly, as if daring him to try and dominate him.

"You asked for it," Grimmjow silently pointed out.

He began to lay nipping kisses along Ichigo's thighs, growling in pleasure as his sharpened teeth lightly punctured the skin just deep enough to let a few beads of blood escape. He eagerly lapped up the red pearls before moving to another spot of skin and doing the same, over and over until both of Ichigo's thighs were covered in the love bites and he slowly moved up Ichigo's body leaving a trail in his wake until he latched onto a nipple.

Ichigo didn't protest at all to the love nips and let out a soft gasp of pleasure at each one before letting out a louder, pleased growl as Grimmjow's lips latched onto one of his nipples. Grimmjow was so engrossed on getting reactions from his victim that he hardly even noticed that Ichigo's own hands had returned to leaving light scratches down his back once again until the other's hands suddenly grasped his ass and gave it a hard squeeze.

He snapped his fangs in agitation and finished his ascent up Ichigo's body and began to rub their two swords against each other. Ichigo bucked his hips up without any sign of hesitation and the eyes that bore into Grimmjow's were clouded in lust and challenge, as if daring him to try and finish what they had started.

And oh did Grimmjow want to finish it, but that rather annoying thing called a conscious reared its ugly head at the worse possible moment and reminded him that Ichigo was human, that he had no idea what he had initiated. And while they grinded against each other like the wild animals at least once of them was, Grimmjow found himself struggling to reign the situation in before he did something he would regret later.

There was no reason to finish in a Hollow fashion, there was other ways to end this. So he reached down and grasped both of their erections in one hand and began to stroke them together.

He felt Ichigo buck in pleasure beneath him and the teen let out a cry of pleasure. He kept it up, determined to at least make Ichigo cum first. He forced his eyes open, which had closed in pure pleasure, so he could watch as he forced the other to come to completing.

He felt his body freeze and for a moment the world stood still as golden eyes gazed into shocked blue. Grimmjow realized right at that moment he had made a mistake, but it was too late.

The hand wrapped around their arousals loosened in shock, letting them both slip free before he felt Ichigo's hands dig into his rear and adjust their position ever so slightly.

"No!" he thought desperately in shock.

He struggled internally, snapping, biting, and snarling at the invisible chains of instinct that bound him to this course, but found himself unable to break either the gaze of pure lust and victory that held his own nor could he stop his body from moving as Ichigo directed him.

The only small amount of his dignity that was spared was the fact he was still on top. He felt Ichigo massage his rear softly before the Hybrid slowly started to penetrate him and Grimmjow's own body willingly sank down upon the other, completely ignoring the pain that briefly erupted from the unprepared intrusion.

He had not intended for this to happen, hadn't wanted this to come full course. Even if he had intended it he had no intentions of being the submissive one, but the reiatsu clashing about them and the howl of unbeatable instinct forced his Hollow body to obey the cry of nature.

Once Ichigo was fully seated inside of him he felt his body begin to move and the howling of reiatsu around them suddenly calmed completely, almost like entering the eye of a furious storm. What had up to this point been an almost bloody battle had suddenly calmed into the gentle rise and fall of their joined bodies.

Everything felt so calm and surreal and pleasure coursed through his body as the friction between their bodies rose. He screamed mentally that this could not be happening even while he panted and whimpered in pleasure. The golden gaze locked onto his own almost seemed to be laughing at him and for the first time since his first battle with the teenager he caught a hint of someone else behind those eyes.

The calm that had settled amongst the storm of their lovemaking suddenly broke without warning, and he found himself suddenly back in control of his body as he threw back his head and howled in pleasure as he came to completion, his cum shooting out to splash stickle on their chests. Free of the spell at last he tried to separate them, to stop the ritual before it could came to full completion.

Ichigo maintains a tight grip on his hips, rolled them over with far too much ease, and adjusted their positions so he was now on top and Grimmjow was the one pinned to the bed. He squirmed under the teen, trying to push the other off of him, and didn't even noticed one of the boys hands tangling into his hair until his head was jerked to the side to bear his throat to the teens mouth once more.

He instinctively froze again as Ichigo's teeth grazed over the soft flesh above his juggler, nipping at his skin with both threat and promise. Once more Grimmjow found himself shivering at the thrill of danger. The shiver sent the teen off again and Ichigo resumed thrusting into his body with strong, solid strokes that left little doubt about his power and dominance. It was almost an additional two dozen more strokes before the searing heat of the teens release coursed into him.

Grimmjow let out another cry and tried to pry them apart, but he was held fast by Ichigo's hands; one tangled in his hair, the other pinning his hips in place while the boys teeth latched onto his throat, forcing him to still once more. Ichigo maintained that grip on him, his hips jerking slight with his release, until the assault of semen and reiatsu from the teens orgasm finally subsided.

For a moment everything was comply still and the only sound in the room was that of their breathing.

Grimmjow's entire body was numb with shock at what had just occurred and he didn't resist when he felt Ichigo finally release him and pull out only to spoon up behind him. Ichigo pull a blanket over their quickly cooling bodies before wrapping an arm around his waist to settle over his abdomen.

Grimmjow remained frozen in shock while Ichigo nuzzled his neck and nipped at his throat a few more times in an obvious display of dominance and ownership before sighing in blissful content, making a pleased murmuring sound before drifting into a pleasant slumber.