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Perfect. That was the word Alex used. Not lightly, either.

He was at the huge kitchen table beside Sean, his boyfriend. They were eating breakfast with Hank, who was across from Sean, and the professor, who was at the head of the table.

The phone rang. The air thickened. They never got calls unless it was bad. Hank got up.

"I'll get it." He said. He walked to the hall which held the phone.

"Hello?" He asked.

"Sean? Alright, I'll retrieve him." He said. He sat the phone piece on the edge of the table and walked to the table again.

"Sean, I believe it's your mom." He said.

Sean stood straight up. He hadn't heard from his mom in months!

"O-okay." He said. He walked to the hall and stared at the device.

"Yep, that's a phone alright." He thought. He picked it up and sighed a "Hello?"

Back at the table:

Alex fidgeted. This wasn't going to be good. Then he heard a yell.

"You're being selfish!" Sean yelled.

Hank and Charles glanced at Alex. He just ate his toast like he didn't hear it. But he did. His mind was racing.

Charles heard something else. A buzz? No..

"Can I see you in the library?"

Charles wheeled his chair away, saying "Be back in few minutes."

Alex didn't like that one bit. Charles stayed calm, it couldn't be that bad. What he didn't like more was he saw Sean's shadow, then it disappeared.

Hank just went back to eating.

Alex chewed the inside of his mouth. Better than his nails, he told himself. He glanced around the room.

In the library:

"Ireland!" Sean said. He let out a huff. "They want me to move to Ireland!"

Charles sighed. "They're your parent's, Sean." He said.

"They practically threw me out the door when they found out my powers, now they want me to move to a different country with them?" He seethed.

"You really should consider it." Charles said.

"But!" He groaned.

He sighed after a few seconds. "I know." He shook his heads and blinked away tears. "But what about Alex?" He asked.

Charles tapped one of the arms of his wheelchair. "He's a strong boy, he'd get over it, I'm sure." He said.

"How am I going to tell him?" Sean asked.

"You were able to stop dozens of people from making him target practice, caught him, and stayed beside him when your loyalty was tested. I'm sure you can find a way."

Sean sighed for what seemed for the millionth time.

Charles, like Sean, sighed again. "And there's another thing."

Sean clenched his fists. "And that is?"

"Your memories." Charles said.

"No! No way. You can not." Sean said.

"With Miss Frost still out there, she could learn our weaknesses. Sean, I know. You don't want to let him go, I've had to go through that."

Sean didn't know what he meant, then he remembered Erik. (1)

"I'm sorry, Sean, but I have to. If you go, Your memories will have to be erased."

Sean nodded and left the room. He had one destination. His room.

He got there and collapsed on the bed. There was no way he could tell Alex. Not yet. He had three days. That was enough time, right?

He thought so. He stared at his wall and saw his black and yellow Banshee suit. It was early! He could fly. Clear his head. Angel burned one of the wings, but Hank fixed it.

He took it off the hook and quickly changed.

It was amazing. Flight, and all.

There really was not limit to the things he could do. Then he remembered there was something he couldn't do.

Tell Alex. He needed to know, but why! Why did he have to tell him? Without even realising it, he was on the roof of Xavier manner.

He peaked over the edge and sighed. He always stalled for a half second. What if his powers acted up once? It'd be over. But this was no time to think about that.

He jumped.

After his flight, he landed somewhere a few hundred feet away from Xavier Manor. A field, to be exact. He stared up at the sky. If this were a movie, it'd be sunset. But this was reality, so the sun was still going strong.

Then. Bam. Hank showed up.

"Sean? You alright?" He asked.

Sean didn't look away from the sky. "Eh, and you?"

"Good, actually." He bent down and plucked some grass. "I'm gathering samples. I have this theory that-" He saw Sean's glazed over expression and stopped. "Want to talk about it?"

"No." He said bitterly.

"Okay, well, Alex is about to go to the market. If you want something, you can still catch him." He said.

"Fuck." He thought. Alex actually melted away for a minute. "Kay." He got up, and walked to the manor. Luckily, Alex was in the bathroom taking a shower. He hid in his room until he heard the X-car- or whatever it was, he still wasn't sure what you'd call it- drive off.

He laid down on the bed, curling into a not so small ball- due to his skinny but long legs- and just sat there. Most Sean's would have cried- not this one! He would sit there. That's it.

That plan was taken and beaten into Magneto's helmet somewhere far away, because he woke up to the door open. He was stretched out now, who ever came in shut the door. He heard rustling, then he felt the bed dip.

"Oh, just Alex." Sean thought.

"Oh shit! Alex!" He froze. Alex wrapped an arm around him and he actually loosened up. That made him sad. Depressed is a better word- either way there was no sign of the happy ending he craved. He still had to tell Alex.

The next morning, Sean woke up well rested, he was on his back, so he turned his head, but no Alex in sight.

He slowly walked to the kitchen and peered around the corner. Yep. Alex was making breakfast.

"You want your eggs scrambled?" Alex asked.

Sean jumped. When did Alex get the power to sense gingers? Eh, another day another surprise- He was really bumming himself out.

"Yes, please." He said.

"You okay? You disappeared yesterday."

Sean nodded his head. He sat beside the blonde and smiled a toothy smile.

"..Happy?" Alex asked. He sat the plate of eggs infront of Sean.

Sean frowned. "Not really." He leaned on Alex, who took the extra weight with no complaints.

"What's wrong?" Alex said. He rubbed Sean's shoulder. How this red-headed boy calmed him down and turned him into a new person, he didn't care.

"My parents want me to move to Ireland with them."

Sean told him everything. How he felt when his parents just left him at Xavier manor, how he felt now, and most of all, he asked how Alex felt.

"I think you should do it." Alex said.

Sean shook his head. "But! I can't lose you, dammit!" He hissed. He lurched forward and buried his head in Alex's shoulder.

"I love you!" He said.

"I love you, too." Alex said. It was just above a whisper.

What? Did Sean hear him right? If he did, this changed everything. Alex didn't "love." Sean was surprised he knew what the word was.

He leaned back and wiped his eyes. "W-what?" He asked.

"I love you!" Alex said.

Tears were falling faster then ever. Then felt Alex's thumb brush some away.

"You'll get a headache if you cry like this." He said. "Don't get a headache." He added. "I'm not gonna get you pills."

Sean chuckled. It hurt a little if he thought about it. It'd be one of the last times he'd hear his voice or anything!

"Hungry?" Alex asked.

He was. He was starving. The last meal he'd eaten was the day before.

"A little." He lied.

Alex smirked. He stabbed some egg and held it to the sad boy's lips. "I'll fix that." He said.

The next day:

Sean woke up with a smile. His arms were wrapped around Alex. Then he heard voices from the floor below. One sounded feminine. The smile he was sporting was gone in an instant.

Well damn. Time was up.

"Alex." Sean said.

"Hm?" Alex asked.

"Will you help me pack?" He asked.


After they packed, they sat in the room for a bit. They sat there in silence. It was neither awkward, nor warm. It was.. empty. Void of anything.

"Guess this'll be the last time we see each other." Sean said. "..For real, though."

Alex cupped his cheeks and pressed their lips together. It was spontaneous and nice and warm and all of the feelings that would usually make his stomach churn- but at the moment it did the opposite.

"Guess this is good-bye." Sean said.

"Seems that way." Alex replied.

No other words were said. With one final peak on the cheek, Sean left with his bags, and that was it. He was gone.

Utterly, and completely, gone.

The flood gate broke. Alex cried. Hard.

This wasn't something they taught you in solitary confinement.

Six days later:

Life for Sean seemed normal. But it was so odd- He remembered bits and pieces from dreams more often.

It wasn't huge things. No, he could only remember little things. A wheel chair. A lab coat. Blonde hair. "Havok," He remembered that word. It was on the ring he had, too. He didn't know where he got it, either. Then, one day, he remembered a kiss.

"Sean, have you met anyone at school?" His mother asked.

He smiled. "No." He replied.

Even if he had, it wouldn't matter. He could get married and have a child- He would still know one thing. (2)

Something happened. And that something was havok. It was wreaked on his heart. By someone with blonde hair.

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(1) Saddest divorce in movie history.

(2) Hint, hint. Banshee has a wife a daughter in the comics.