Yeah, my other story that I wanted to post. It's kinda like Cinderella but a twist in it. Like what I've said for the summary. Cinderella have a friend who went to the ball instead of her. You all must have known who cinderella is. So, on with the story!

Midorikawa was cleaning the kitchen when he heard his step-mother called.

"Midorikawa Ryuuji!" She called in a very angry tone.

"Oh come on!" Midorikawa mumbled, he stood up spatting curses out of his mouth and walked into the living room. There he saw the caller sitting down on the couch.

"H-Hai Hitomiko-san." The green haired bowed. Hitomiko looked up at the boy and yelled again.

"How many times do I have to tell you! Wear the maid outfit!"

"B-but i'm a guy." he mumbled.

"I don't care! I don't want anyone seeing you in our house clothes!"

"o-ok, gomen Hitomiko-san." Midorikawa turned around and stopped by hitomiko mumbling an order.

"I want red tea and biscult and I want them here by one minute."

"yes, hitomiko-san." immediately, Midorikawa rushed to the kitchen. Not a few minutes later, he heard another call, but this time it was from someone else. His elder step sister.

"Midorikawa!" The green haired boy sighed again. He walked up the stairs and to his sister's bedroom. He knocked on the door and went in.

"Reize, I want my breakfast in my room. Bring the meal here." A girl with pinkish maroon curly hair, light lilac eyes and tan skin ordered without looking at the boy as she sat down in fron of the dressing table and doing her hair. Midorikawa bowed,

"Yes, Keeve-san." He made his way back to the kitchen when another voice called him. ow...come on! Three orders!

"Reize! Reize!" Midorikawa's other step sister called. Midorikawa dashed to the room beside Keeve's.

"Yes, Ulvida-san?" Midorikawa looked at his blue with white hair step-sister. The girl turned towards Reize and asked with her arms on his hips,

"Why didn't you swept my bedroom floor this morning!" Oh god! I forgot about that!

" see-"

"I don't want your excuses! I want this room clean now!"


"No buts you low brain! I bet all you think about is green apple ice-cream now move it!"

"H-hai!" Midorikawa dashed towards the kitchen and took the tea set to Hitomiko. He then, took the breakfast which he had prepared earlier to keeve. He went to the storag room and took out a broom and dustpan. He dashed into Ulvida's room and began sweeping the floor.

This had been Midorikawa's life ever since his father died. Hitomiko adopted him and treated him like a maid. So did his step-sisters. He was suppose to grow up in a happy life when his mother fell ill and died. His family was broke due to paying for all the mother's medical expenses and in the end they became beggars. They lived on the streets begging for money. Life maybe tough, but Midorikawa was happy to be with his father. Their bond got stronger and stronger. Midorikawa didn't care if he would be poor for life. He just wanted to be with his father.

One day, their luck changed. Hitomiko let them stay in her house. Their life returned to normal. Well, for a few years. His father got ill too. Apparently, his father caught the same illness as his mother and in the end, he died. Midorikawa was devastated. What shocked him was, After his father's funeral Hitomiko and his sisters started treating him badly.

Midorikawa was forced to work all the household chores, sleeping on a cloth without a blanket, only allowed one piece of bread for all meals, wearing rags or the maid outfit just to make fun of midorikawa and this has been on till now. Midorikawa's only friends were mice, the dog his father gave him and Hitomiko's cat. Not to forget his neighbour and friend, Suzuno Fuusuke, who midorikawa nicknamed him Gazelle. The sliver haired boy knew him the first day he came to hitomiko's house. He knew what midorikawa had gone through.

Midorikawa sighed. He had always wished things to go back the same as usual.

ow...midorikawa. I pity you. Thank you for reading! I thought of using Gazelle-sama and burn-sama as the step-sisters, but I can't made gazelle-sama the bad guy! So as burn-sama! That's why i picked the genesis girls for this story. Thankies again!