"do you Nagumo Haruya, take suzuno fuusuke as your lawfully wedded..uhm...wife?" a man at the altar said.

"of course!" the red haired said.

"and do you suzuno fuusuke, take nagumo haruya as your lawfully wedding...uhm...husband?"

"I do."

"you may now kiss the bride?" the two turned to face each other. Burn removed the veil and kissed the sliver haired.

"now, do you kiyama hiroto, take midorikawa ryuuji as your lawfully wedded uhm...wife?"

"i do."

"and midorikawa ryuuji, do you take Kiyama hiroto as your lawfully wedded husband?"


"ja, you may kiss the bride." Once that is said, hiroto turned towards midorikawa and kiss him. Right at the sides were keeve and Ulvida standing and clapping with the rest of the crowd, smiling. You all must be wondering what happened after the last chappie right? Well... back to where we were. Hitomiko was towering over hiroto and midorikawa. The knife up in the air ready to strike. Then, the knife jabbed down but hiroto blocked it with his hands.

"Let go! The boy has to die! The boy has to die!" she shouted. She looked messed up. It was like she was mad or something.

"you've gone mad woman!" hiroto said as he tried to shift the blade away from his face.

"Let go!"

"Midorikawa go! Run away!"

"what! Leave you behind! No way!"

"go! I'll be fine!" midorikawa looked at hiroto once more.

"go!" Midorikawa ran out of the house. Just in time to find Keeve and ulvida standing at the door way.

"reize! Over here! here's the exit!" keeve shouted. Midorikawa did not have time to think and he followed them out of the house. That was where he saw the castle guards running around.

"Over here!" midorikawa shouted., waving his hands in the air to signal them. So did the girls. One of the guards noticed them and they all ran towards them.

"where's the prince!"

"He's in the house quick! Save him!" midorikawa shouted. They nodded and ran into the house.

So, that's it the problem is solved. So meanwhile, burn and Gazelle had to face a whole crowd of people who were asking a lot of questions. It was not if the prince was fine or not. It was why hiroto ran of to find midorikawa and not burn.

"calm down! Ok, please calm down! please calm down!" burn shouted, "come on Gazelle! Help me!" Gazelle already had lots of red veins on his head.

"Oi! Gazelle!"

"BE QUIET!" Gazelle shouted. That got everyone's attention, "there has been a misunderstanding

! gran is not suppose to marry me! He was suppose to marry reize!"

"and i was suppose to marry this guy!" burn pointed at gazelle.

"understand!" they both asked in unison.

"WHATTTT! Why didn't you tell us earlier!"

"the invitations were sent already. We had no other choice but to tell you all during the wedding itself." gazelle stared at Burn,

"Y-you've planned this with gran?"

"of course! We like each other don't we?" burn winked with his grin on his face. Gazelle blushed and looked away.

"l-like hell..." everyone grinned wide, making gazelle's blush redder.

/A few years later/

A small girl with red hair tied to a ponytail and black eyes was chasing after a boy with red hair which parted to one side and dark blue eyes.

"Matte! Suruno-kun" She called.

"You'll never catch me Hiromi! The red head boy shouted.

"suru! Himi!" A familar boy or girl with green hair stood at a doorway, with hands on his or her hips.

"mama!" Hiromi ran towards him. So did Suruno.

"how many times do I have to tell you, not to run around the castle!"

"gomen, mama. But, you'll never scold me cause papa hates your look when your like that!"

"and your papa is here now!" Suruno said. He pointed behind Hiromi's mother's back or should I say midorikawa's back. Midorikawa turned behind and saw hiroto walking up to them.

"did something happened?" he asked.

"nothing!" and the two ran away.

"i'll tell you, next time! I'll be mad and scold them even if you hate it!"

"Ow...please midori-chan! I don't like that look! It ruins your cutness!"

"Shut up!" midorikawa blushed. Hiroto just smiled and kissed him.

"you should blush more. You look even more cuter."

"Shut up, Kiyama!"

"ow...I hate it if you call me Kiyama. Not cute at all."

"hiroto!" hiroto smiled.

"Ne, burn is teaching Gazelle how to make a cake. You want to.."

"Of course! it's my best friend's cooking!"

"ja, let's go!"

hitomiko was sent to jail because of murdering her friend in a faw away land there she will be heavily guarded. The step-sisters were allowed to stay in the castle. Somehow, they even found someone to love when midorikawa sent them for matchmaking.

So here is the ending. The bad guys were gone. There is happiness everywhere and in the end, cinderella always gets the prince. Even if this is a twisted cinderella story.

gomen, if it was not so nice. Out of ideas if you might want to know.