So, I had read a couple of the serie's books when I was younger, and recently found "The Blue Djinn of Babylon" in my bookcase, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to read it again. It actually brought back many memories, and so I decided to write a fanfic on it, based on a little story I had thought back then. I had always liked Nimrod, because of his elegance and loud attitude, and thought he really needed a pairing. My story is set after the Blue Djinn of Babylon and before The Cobra King of Kathmandu.

The Children of the Lamp belong to Phillip Kerr, but the Shaitan tribe as described in my fan fiction story, as well as the characters listed below belong to me:

Aizit Zora

Sechrazat Zora Sechrett

Goliath Sechrett (King Scorpio)

Pharaoh Tut-Ra and The Cursed Mummy of Pharaoh Tut-Ra

Sebastian Thorn and his Crew of the Desert Rose

Ahmed Sechrett

Kasmir The Assassin

Celeste Ravazo

Ali Baba and the 40 dead thieves

Coradu the Lake Monster

The Eyeless Monster of the cave

The Scorpion Warriors

The Ifrit gang (Except for Iblis and his family members)

I'm on vacation right now, and have taken my laptop with me to my cottage. I will update approximately once to twice a week.

I hope you enjoy reading,