Light burst inside the room as lit candles appeared out of nowhere. Nimrod rubbed his sore eyes and glared ahead of him; Sechrazat was squirming inside the arms of something that wasn't exactly human. Nimrod recognized it; it was a demon. A black widow, a demon that looks like a spider but has human characteristics as well. With eight strong legs, the black widow was holding Sechrazat high above ground and staring deep inside her golden eyes. The woman threw a quick and desperate glance at the man in red.


The spider demon was suddenly wrapped with an iron chain. It lost its balance and fell do the ground, but so did Sechrazat. Nimrod dashed to the Shaitan and lifted her up by the elbow. The woman kicked towards the spider, as if she was trying to back off but attack at the same time.

"What on earth is this thing doing here?" Nimrod exclaimed, glaring at the struggling demon with disgust.

"Isn't it obvious? Trying to eat us!" Sechrazat barked and got on her feet, dusting off her pants. "I knew something was wrong..." she pulled some stray hair away from her face. The man next to her raised a brow.

"But you didn't say so."

"Yes because Eyshan always makes me feel weird." she justified.

"The Ifrit must have set up another trap...Replaced her with the true Eyshan." Nimrod explained.

"I guess." the woman backed off slowly and headed outside. "There's nothing for us here." Inside the house, the large demon was still screaming and breathing heavily.

"Sechrazat." She froze in her spot. They were in a good distance from the car and the chance the children could see them was minimal. Nimrod didn't want his nephew and niece to witness this drama anyway. He neared the tall woman in a casual, yet serious fashion. "

"What?" she mumbled, staring expectantly at the Marid.

"I need this Bottle just as much as you do." he said. "But that's not why I am here. A long time ago you had asked me to help you and I considered it wiser to make as much distance from you as possible. But I was wrong. That is not how a gentleman acts." there was some bitterness in his voice, "I hope you can forgive me."

The woman stared at him for a while, then blinked repeatedly, trying to figure out if this was real. Nimrod was preparing to head off, when, all of sudden, Sechrazat crushed on him. Her body was warm but stiff at the same time. The Marid wrapped his arms around her waist softly, as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"Thank you Nimrod."

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