"Welcome! To the world of Pokemon, my name is Oak, but people call me the Pokemon Professor-is what I would say if we were going by your cover. We're not."

The gray haired Professor grimaced as he sat down on his comfortable, leather chair. Age has taken a toll on him that none of his rivals could. As he sat down, his knee joints screamed to him. You can see it on his face, an expression of pain that is easily suppressed by the powerful spymaster.

"You are code name Red, my... protege, if you will," He says as he picks up a glass of red wine and swirls the contents slowly before taking a sip. After a moment he continues, "At last, you have finished my lessons for you. You are ready..."

"It doesn't matter if you are going to go under the name Red, or Satoshi Tajiri as you are so fond of that cover, but there are a series of missions I want you to accomplish. These... these are not the simple errands that I have had you do so far, Red, like assassinations or espionage." He purses his lips. He has always been unwilling to talk about killing, saying that it was something not spoken of in polite company. "You'll probably be happy to note that your friend, my grandson, code Blue, is also becoming a field agent with you. However he will not be joining you unless it is for an important mission."

"As you know, your handler, Delia 'Ketchem'," At this point, Professor Oak takes a slow puff of his Cinnabar Island Cigars, "will be contacting you at points and managing your resources... if you need it. You might want to go see my granddaughter too, she seems sad that you are going to leave. Pity."

He hands you a pokeball, "I know you had have that poliwag for since the beginning of your training. However, all beginning trainers start with a 'starter' of some type. Your cover is that all the starter-pokemon are taken, so you get this pikachu. Blue will be receiving his Eevee that he had been training with since the beginning of his lessons."

You hold the pokeball tightly, feeling a light shock moving through your hands as the pokemon within reacts to you. You also let go in shock, but hold on to it tightly still.

"Also, I'd like both of you to travel with your pokemon out," The Professor adds as his hands bridge together before him and shadows cover his eyes. "Think of it as a... side project, on the effects of training pokemon without the use of pokeballs. You can, of course, play it off as your pokemon being disobedient, but we both know you are capable of dominating any after what you have gone through."

He then gives you the starting set of pokeballs that you had 'paid' for after 'you' 'registered' to be come a trainer.

"Now then, your first mission is relatively simple," Oak says, "There is a... package... that one of my contacts have delivered to Viridian City. However, this contact has gone missing. Expect interference from either other Professors or Teams, or even one of my enemy Gym Leaders. The package should still be at the drop off. Tell the freckled, red-headed man named Ronald working at the PokeMart the passphrase and he should get it to you."

The ever illusive man, Professor Oak, concludes his talk with you as he finishes his cigar, "and remember, when in question of what we do: "Salvation comes with a cost. Judge us not by our methods, but what we seek to accomplish.""

You hold up the pamphlet that came with the five starting pokeballs and the Pikachu. It reads "You've finally been granted your Pokémon Trainer's license, and now you're on your way to becoming the world's greatest Pokémon Trainer! The shockingly-cute Pikachu tags along behind you as you search the enormous world for monsters to train and evolve. Face off against Blastoise's torrential water cannons. Stand strong when facing Pidgeot's stormy Gust. Develop the ultimate Pokémon strategy to defeat the eight Gym Leaders and become the greatest Pokémon Master of all time!"

Inside were cartoon doodles of a generic pokemon trainer and various famous pokemon, like Nidorino, Onix and the mythical Gengar doing various things in the Arena. You stuff it inside your backpack.

A blur appears before your eyes, but there is only one boy that fast in Pallet Town and still alive: Blue. You clasp hands before he challenges you, "Well, Red, how about testing out our tools before we start our active field agent status?"

"Ha," Blue slaps you on the back, "You're such a joker. Always so serious too, I bet 500 poke my Eevee here can beat both of your clowns; you up for it?"

The Eevee on his shoulder takes a look at you and then looks away, making a dismissive noise as if you were not worth enough to be the dirt on its paws.

"Go Eevee, I choose you!" Blue exclaims loudly and sarcastically, mostly to parody the types of trainers that most others try to emulate these days. You sidestep the ferocious critter and allow the pikachu's pokeball to drop from your palm, timing it so that its release gauge touches the ground at the exact time the ball comes in contact.

Instead of going after the pikachu, the Eevee charges after you with a vengeance. Its fur hardens and sharpens like needles as Blue mockingly drawls, "Use pin needle and the take down."

You are able to dodge the shower of super speed needles as it only hit a small cone in front of the Eevee to begin with.

You command your pikachu to thundershock, pushing the Eevee away from your person immediately. A tingle on the arm you raised to shield yourself tells you that you should reprimand or at least teach this new born pikachu what 'friendly fire' means.

Almost immediately, the Eevee switches to a defensive without Blue's command. It eyes your pikachu carefully, not daring to charge in and attack something that can release so many volts of electrical power.

[PokeGear: Blue's Eevee is Lv. 5]

As both Blue and his Eevee's attentions were on Pikachu, you make a silent sidestep without catching their attention. It was one of the more basic skills you learned as the illusive Professor Oak's student. From your off-hand, you activate the laser function of the pokeball, allowing the poliwag to be released without touching the ground. It immediately shoots a powerful stream of pressurized synthesized water, splattering all over Blue and his Eevee.

Immediately after, a concentrated bolt of electricity smashes into Blue and Eevee's forms, so powerful that even the ground surrounding them is superheated to glass. As the dust clears, there is only a large pockmark.

Several feet away, Blue smirks at you with his hands in his pocket. He strides nonchalantly up and laughs out, "Double Team!"

Again, both poliwag and pikachu attack with their ranged elemental attacks, and again you only catch an after image.
Your poliwag sprays the field with bubbles, a few hitting the real Blue and Eevee and exploding in a burst of water on contact. You draw poliwag back into his ball and allow pikachu to send his shock through the water.

It does not deal much damage to the Eevee due to the thick fur, but it is enough to drive Blue back. But your pikachu shoots its thundershock again, this time it gets a lucky shot in, hitting the Eevee square in the face (critical hit!).

Disoriented, the Eevee staggers back, growling wildly. You realize that it has been temporarily blinded. You nod to your pikachu, ordering it to finish the Eevee off with another shock. The pikachu walks close, stepping into the water puddle that the Eevee is still in.

"No! Get out of there, Eevee!" Blue shouts, his voice slightly panicked.

But it was too late, your pikachu's electricity is stronger. Pikachu holds his shock for longer than normal, enough to fry the Eevee enough that it faints. As the pikachu moves in to finish the Eevee off, you stomp your foot, catching its attention. You shake your head once, and glare down at the pikachu. It backs off, coming back to you.

Blue scratches his head and whistles, "that's a powerful pikachu you got there. Did gramps find one with maxed out IV's or something, just for you? Ah, whatever. Here you go, Red." He transfers 500 poke to your account through his PokeGear. "In the future call me Gary Oaks. That'll be the cover that I'll be going under when we come around and 'start our pokemon journey' next week. You should go see my sister, she wanted to see you for some reason."

He pats you on the shoulder and smirks, "Well, smell ya later."

[PokeGear: +500 Poke]

You check your shoulder and find nothing. Blue could track you through your PokeGear anyway, but he should be able to trace your movements regardless since he was trained beside you.

You notice your pikachu wearing a metal necklace with an odd, sparkling ball at the center. PokeGear says it is called a Light Ball.

You walk to the Oak's residence. While on the outside it is a moderate home, on the inside it is a complex compound filled to the brim with security of all types. Its basement is a mobile bunker.

Before you could even knock on the door, it opens to the sight of Daisy Oak, the illusive Professor's prized granddaughter. Many times winner of many different kinds of competition, she is a mutlitalented young woman who, if in the school system, would not have even graduated from high school. She is five years older than you and seemed to like to hug you and cling to you a lot, much to your confusion.

"Red! I-I didn't even dress-I mean, it's nice to see you!" She plays with the hem of her dress, flustered. She is wearing a tight button-up shirt that seemed to be strained at the chest and a rather short skirt with thigh high stockings. "W-would you like to come in? I can have the tea done in a minute if you have time. Grandfather said you are going to do an errand for him today, so I-I don't know..." She shifts around, finding the floor tiles suddenly very interesting.

Ah, you remember: she doesn't know what the Professor's other jobs are, and always thought of you as an intern or assistant at the Oak's Labs. In fact, the only ones who know about you being who you really are are: Professor Oak, Delia 'Ketchem', and 'Blue'.

You admire her all the while suppressing your more animalistic urges to pin her down and-well, you admire her. Her face seems to grow redder as you continue to scrutinize her.


You gently remove one of her hands from the hem of her skirt and bend forward to kiss her knuckles. She immediately pulls away the moment your lips make contact, as if her hand had been burnt.

"A-ah, the tea should be r-ready soon! C-come on in!" She rushes away, with both hands covering her heated cheeks.

You walk inside and take your shoes off. The living room is surprisingly simple for a family such as the Oaks, but you spot many hidden weapons, sentries, and cameras all over the room. Still, some tea might be nice, you are a little parched. You can hear the clatter of her working in the kitchens.

"I-I'll be ready in a minute!" She calls to you, "Make y-yourself at home!"

There is a television in the living room, with a large sofa facing it. You see a table with several chairs around it near the sofa. There is also a table in front of the sofa, with some snacks placed on it. "Ragecandy Bars!" is the type of snacks, and the wrappers also have a cartoon-like Gyarados giving you a wink.

The television is on, showing a news channel.

"A mysterious earthquake shook Cerulean City today, originating from the North-West, near Mount Moon. Experts say that it was caused by Psychic intrusions, but no word has come from Saffron City about this-"

You get up and walk to the kitchens. Pikachu follows you obediently. It seems to be looking at the ketchup bottle on the kitchen counter.

"Oh, R-Red, what are you doing here?" Daisy asks as you begin helping her with the choirs. It turns out she was just starting up the rice cooker. You look around to see if there is anything to help her with.

"You're m-my guest," she slaps you on your arm gently, "you should go sit down while I prepare something for you. And your new pikachu, of course," she giggles down at your little furry critter. You remember that she is also a high-class pokemon breeder.

"But if you insist," she pouts cutely at you. You notice that she is just a little taller than you, but it feels like she is always looking up at you. "Here are the plates and cups, go carry them over to the table will you?"

You carry the porcelain cups and plates over. A few seconds later, Daisy follows you out of the kitchen with an ornate kettle and a small plate of pokemon snacks. As you sit down, pikachu leaps onto her lap and she begins to pet him. He purrs gently, as if he was not bred and created solely for death and destruction.

"So what brings you here, Red," Daisy asks, "I had thought you were running an important errand for grandfather?"

You stand up and take the ketchup bottle from the kitchen and hand it to the pikachu on Daisy's lap. He begins to sip on it slowly, and purring even louder.

Daisy looks at you in wonder and repeats her question.

"Ah, of course!" Daisy exclaims as she claps her hands together. "I wanted to give you an updated mapcard for your PokeGear. Grandfather said you needed a new one last night during dinner."

She rushes out of the living room and runs back as fast as she could. Your eyes follow her body, while pikachu seems content just laying there with the ketchup bottle as a body pillow.

Daisy returns quickly and holds out a chip no larger than an SD card and smile brightly at you, "Here, you might need it."

You nod a thank-you to her and install the mapcard into your PokeGear. You stand up and get ready to leave. Immediately, pikachu jumps out of his seat and follows you, ketchup bottle forgotten.

"Remember, if you need anything, don't hesitate to come by," Daisy blushes as she invades your personal space. She brushes your hair back and kisses you on the cheek, "I'll be waiting for you."

You leave the Oak residence.

Green, as you so fondly call her, is actually a girl named Leaf. She is your next door neighbor and has, by Handler Delia's words, 'harbored a crush on you since the day you arrived'. Her family has been part of the Pallet Town expeditionary settlement for two generations making her the first in their family to actually be born in this frontier settlement.

You knock on her door. Today is a Saturday, so she should be home.

"Coming~!" Green's voice carries to you. She has a song-like voice that you think would be very good for if she wanted to become an Idol in the big cities.

"Ah! Satoshi! I-What are you doing here?" She greets you. Immediately, she grows red as she fumbles and trips at her doorstep when she opens the door. She falls against your chest as you catch her. She reddens further. "Ah-ah-ah..."

You tell her that you will be leaving the town on an errand for Professor Oak, and that you may not be back until the end of the week.

Green bites her lower lips. "You're always so mysterious, Sato," a nickname she chose for you, "Some times I wonder... Well, I hope you have a safe trip. Route 1 should be safe, but..." She looks down.

After a moment, you wonder what's wrong and reach out. You accidentally brush against her cheeks with you fingers.

"Wah... Sato!" She hugs you tightly before running in. "Good luck!" She shouts as she slams the door shut. What a weird girl.

Pikachu agrees. He looks up to you now in question. On to route one?

You walk into the Route 1, outside of Pallet Town's heavily fortified walls. You give a nod to the machokes at the gates and leave.

Traveling by foot from Pallet Town to Viridian City takes about two days if you were fast enough. Pikachu hops onto your shoulder and presses its cheeks against yours, letting off a soft spark, indicating that it will be watching your surroundings, alert.

As you continue down the dirt path, taller grass and other types of more dangerous flora begin to enter your line of sight. Within the tall grass, you see several movements every so often. Some are packs of rattata, others are small flocks of spearow.

Suddenly, a shadow from the skies dive down at you, and you barely dodge it. A wild pidgey has appeared! Pikachu immediately charges its cheeks with power and jumps off of your shoulder, growling.

The pidgey uses its wings to bring up a swirl of wind and sand, forcing you to shield your eyes and face with your arm as your other hand plays with your poliwag's pokeball.

The sand attack pushes pikachu back as well, causing him to miss on his thundershock.

[PokeGear: Pidgey Lv. 4]

The pidgey shoots off a gust of wind at pikachu, but your pikachu is faster and dodges the attack. It seems that this pidgey is smart enough to notice that your pikachu is using ranged attacks only, so it begins to try to dive in and harash your pikachu.

It seems your pikachu as more threatening right now. As it dives in, it clips your pikachu on the arms with its talons, leaving small scratches that grow red. Pikachu seems agitate and shoots more bolts of lightning, but they all miss as the pidgey circles above pikachu and adjusts its distance so that pikachu cannot get a good lock-on on it.

Poliwag appears behind you without catching the Pidgey's attention. As pikachu continues to distract the pidgey, poliwag leaps out from the grass and surrounds pidgey with bubbles.

Unable to move without touching the bubbles, pidgey comes in contact and causes the bubbles to all explode with water. It falls to the ground, where it tries to shake the water off.

This gives pikachu enough time to send a thundershock to the pidgey, dropping it down to critically low health.

You toss a pokeball at the pidgey and catch it.

[Would you like to nickname pidgey?]

You let the pidgey out a moment later, it is croaking and squawking, with barely enough health left to battle. However, it glares at pikachu before nodding towards you. It acknowledges you as its master. It will learn and train with you for as long as you require it.

After an hour, you are traveling at a suitable speed away from Pallet Town, you see some dust flying in the distance. It turns out to be a small pack of eight rattata charging at you with bloodlust filled eyes. Pikachu, though still licking his wounds from the encounter with your pidgey, leaps off your shoulder with a wince. His cheek-pouches are charging with electricity.

It is known that once far enough away from human civilization, groups of pokemon will attack lonely humans for food. This is especially prevalent in this Kanto nation-state region because of the way pokemon training is encouraged here, causing many smaller prey to be caught and disrupting the natural balance of things.

While only larger pokemon will dare attack trainers or some would even attack towns (such as the rampaging Gyarados or Snorlax), sometimes smaller pokemon will band together to prey on unsuspecting trainers.

You are in a heavily grassed area with enough trees around you to provide natural barriers that cause you to travel in a maze, rather than a straight line.

Doing what you can, you immediately release both poliwag and 'Pigeon'. (You can also choose nick names for poliwag and pikachu if you wish, or simply call them by their race).

There are throwing knives strapped to your boots. A longer machete is strapped sideways on the back of your hips, hidden from view. You have a pistol in your jacket pocket, however it would be wise to conserve ammunition right now.

[PokeGear: Rattata Lv. 6]
[PokeGear: Rattata Lv. 3]
[PokeGear: Rattata Lv. 3]
[PokeGear: Rattata Lv. 3]
[PokeGear: Rattata Lv. 2]
[PokeGear: Rattata Lv. 2]
[PokeGear: Rattata Lv. 1]
[PokeGear: Rattata Lv. 1]

You command poliwag and pikachu into a reverse triangle formation, just enough time for poliwag to splatter the first wave with a powerful jet of water, pushing the rattata back momentarily.

Pidgey is apparently numbed by pikachu's earlier attack. He has a status ailment that would fall under [Paralysis]. Instead of flying high, all he could muster up was staying on your head.

You command Pidgey to use sand attack, which it does after a moment's pause. The muddy water, dirt, and pieces of grass all fly around, temporarily blinding the rattatas.

You are able to see, with the judicious use of your PokeGear, which rattata has the lowest levels. After finding the two despite their quick movement, you snipe at them with your throwing knives while commanding pikachu and poliwag to use thundershock and bubble respectively.

One of your throws miss, digging your knife deep into the earth, but the other stabs right between the rattata's skull, between the eyes, throwing him literally head over body backwards. Its body tumbles for a few rolls before stopping and twitching. You see a pool of blood forming under the body.

The lead rattata, one that seems a little bigger than the others, screeches and pulls them back. Using their high speed rating, the rats run circles around your group kicking up dust. You can tell the leader from the rest because he has a nasty scar above his left eye. It looks as if something with three claws had tried to scratch his eyes out but missed just enough to allow him usage of his eye.

Before they could cover your group with dust, Pidgey sends a powerful wave of gust at the group, both pushing the rattatas away and smashing one right into the trunk of a tree several meters away. You throw a knife at it, catching it in the stomach and pinning it to the tree trunk before it falls.

At this, the lead rattata roars, enraged. He tackles at you wildly, but rather predictably. You dodge the attack, but it hits your poliwag. You immediately roll and draw your machete into a defensive stance while commanding your poliwag to push it out of the triangle formation.

Poliwag slaps the rattata with its long tail to part-success. It jumps off, but it is physically stronger than your poliwag and jumps back on and attacks with its overly large fangs.

Seeing your childhood friend attacked, and seeing blood drawn, you go into a blind rage. You swing your machete in a wide arc, cutting three rattatas and killing two of them instantly. Then you grab the pidgey on your head and toss it beak-first at the unsuspecting rattata leader. The pidgey squawks in indignation, but its sharp beak still slams into the side of the rattata's head and slashes its back with the pidgey's talons.

You shout for pikachu to help poliwag before turning back to the other rattata. Only two are left standing, another is trying to crawl away but its front legs have been cut off. You bare your teeth in rage at them, the image of your poliwag crying as it bleeds still in your mind.

The two still relatively unharmed rattatas see one look of the dark glare on your face and flee. You angrily toss your machete at the rattata with only two legs and it cuts the rattata's neck clean off.

You turn back to the leader of the pack and take out a pokeball. It is still struggling and dodging your pokemon's attacks, but it is tiring faster than your other pokemon, despite pidgey was already in critical condition to begin with.

Your poke have cornered the rattata leader, and pikachu is slowly picking it off as poliwag is trapping it by tossing puddles of water all around it. You pick up your machete and throwing knives.

Catch it?

You capture the Rattata and let it lose after it struggles within the ball in the palm of your hand for a moment. It growls at you defiantly but after seeing a strange glint in your eyes, it seems subdued, almost even cowed. A look from the pikachu on your shoulder and the poliwag, who you tried to bandage up earlier but failed to do so due to its slimy body, the rattata looked almost ashamed.

But you know why he attacked. Him and his friends were all hungry and attacking you, especially someone like you, was their absolutely last resort. You can still see an angry and sad emotion in its eyes, but considering its family and friends have all been but slaughtered, you don't blame it.

But then your pikachu and rattata began feasting on the bodies of the slain. Poliwag and poidgey joins them a moment later. You abstain? You rarely ate raw.

After a moment, rattata, pidgey, and poliwag, all with various levels of injury, go back into their pokeballs to rest. Pikachu seems content in strolling beside you. It occasionally looks up to you and chats to you, "Pika pi, pi pi pika. Pika chu? Pikaka chu... pi chu. Chu pi ka~!" It wipes its mouth. You don't understand a word it is saying, yet.

After a while, you see a guy standing in the middle of nowhere, facing a tree and poking it. You walk up to the man and he turns around. There is a crazed look in his eyes. They are bloodshot and the bags under his eyes don't indicate anything good about him. There is a bit of drool under his mouth.

"I-I used to work for the PokeMart, see?" He says, "Want to try a sample? I... I got a potion!" He holds one up.

You take the potion.

"I... I had to give O... What's h-his n-name?" He seems to be leaking blood from his mouth. He leans forward and grasps his knees. He coughs out a glob of blood before continuing, "I think... I think it was... O... Oak... I need to give him a... package?" Rashes grow all over his body. There were no whites of his eyes anymore, only red. "I... Oouff..."

Blood drips out of his mouth and falls on the ground. You place a finger under his nose and another hand on his neck. He seems to be dead. By the looks of it, it seems to be poison from an Ekans bite or a Koffing gas.

You examine him further and see a bite on the back of his neck. Pikachu looks up at you and points down at the man. He seems to want to eat him. You shake your head, no.

Keep going?

[PokeGear: Pikachu +1 Lv., now Lv. 2!]
[PokeGear: Pidgey +1 Lv., now Lv. 5!]
[Items: +1 Potion!]

You search the body, mindful of not leaving any prints or hairs or scent. There's nothing you can do right now about psychic prints, but you doubt the police will go that far for one body.

As you suspected, the body was looted of all identification, but the killers seem to have forgotten to take this man's belt. On the flip side of the buckle, you see a small plate hidden between the buckle and the leather. It is a soldier's dog tag, one that read "S. Pilgrim, Viridian PKMN Academy."

You also find two more potions hidden in his pants.

You take the dog tag and the potions and move on. Your map shows a thick forest area ahead before you can reach Viridian. Perhaps it would be wise to catch some more pokemon, or perhaps rush on through?

There is a lake nearby too. Poliwag will heal faster in the water. Your throat seems dry as you think about it, perhaps it's time to go and rest. The journey ahead will take another full day anyway.

Pikachu yawns at your feet.

You trek towards the lake. It looks cool and tempting. Poliwag pops out of his ball and wags over to the lake, just a few paces behind you and beside pikachu.

You see a person sitting on a Staryu and fishing. A bike lies next to the person, unprotected.

You examine the person from this distance a little more. It seems to be a girl, although she doesn't seem to have the large, bouncy chests that Daisy and Green do. Neither does she have the smooth, curvy body the only other girls of your life do. She is a red-head, with her hair tied in a short pigtail to one side. She is wearing a yellow top and a pair of very tiny shorts. They look more like underwear than shorts, really. So unprotected, and all alone...?

You release pidgey and rattata. They see that they are allowed to rest, and begin to scurry around, looking for food. You glare at them and tell them to work together and do not go too far. They shiver as they meet your eyes and nod slowly.

You also use a potion on the pidgey, getting it out of the immediate danger zone.

The redhead had turned around and was looking at you strangely, "Well, aren't you a weird one. Where're you from, stranger?"

You indicate that you are called Satoshi. You try to be polite but she laughs it off.

"No need to be formal; I'm out here because I'm trying to escape all that red tape and stuff," she punches your arm gently. Apparently you are friends already. "Say, you've got a bunch of pretty diverse pokemon, are you just starting out?"

You nod.

"A silent one, huh?" She eyes you sarcastically.

"..." You reply back, sarcastically.

She slaps your back and laughs, "Alright, alright. My name's Misty, uh... the name's Misty Clearwater. Yeah, haha, laugh it up, very original, I know." She rolls her eyes.

"So Satoshi, are you headed for Viridian? I guess I can head that way later too."

You nod to your poliwag, who is sunbathing on the shoreline and your pikachu, who is just laying around. He looks hungry.

"Ah, hungry, huh?" She nods knowingly, "There's some magikarp in the waters, but I haven't gotten any catch all day. They seem to be hiding from something or another."

You ignore her and strip down to your birthday suit. She seems to be blushing heavily at you for some reason. You shrug and look over at pikachu and tell him not to let anyone touch your stuff. Poliwag already knows the drill.

You grab one of your knives that you occasionally use for carving (even though the Professor told you many times it would wear out the knife) and dive in. The PokeGear on your wrist whistles every once in a while as it sights a pokemon.

You kill two magikarps so far and tossed them up to the shore, but most of them are bone, so you try for more. Then you see it, an aggressive magikarp. Its coloration is different too, it is golden.

It sees you at the same time and charges at you, far faster than you might expect from one of the weakest pokemon on record. Its stats are many times higher in the water and...


[PokeGear: Magikarp Lv. 17]

Professor Oak once called you 'The Fighter'. There is more reason to it than your ability to command pokemon to do your bidding in battle, it has to do with how you are able to excel at any sort of fight, no matter what. This ranged from video game simulation fights to hand-to-hand combat with fully grown adult fighters trained in many years of the art of war.

In many ways, you are the pinnacle of the human will to survive and you contain within you the pinnacle of human reflexes at the very least. Compared to many pokemon, you cannot actually match their god-like speed and reflexes, but in certain situations, you can use that to your advantage and win despite all odds.

Odds such as a raging magikarp shooting towards you in the water at speeds most pokemon struggle to reach when on land.

As it flails towards you with a full-on tackle with the hardest part of its body (its head), you twist your body fast enough and just enough that you are able to redirect most of the force behind the blow elsewhere. Your knife slips into its mouth and you try to hold on to its fins to direct it towards the direction of the shoreline you know where you dropped your stuff.

However... its scales are slippery and you don't have large hands...

Your fingers, one by one, slip from its fins as it thrashes its body wildly to try to get you off, to stop the pain. The water is red with blood now and you are a little blinded by all the red. But that doesn't stop your fighting instincts. You want to dominate this creature that dared challenge you...

Your oxygen is running out, the struggling helping it along the way-

-You growl, letting loose precious oxygen bubbles, but it matters not! You stab your free hand into the magikarp's side so hard you make holes in its body. This is enough for you to hold on as you move the blade caught in its mouth to force it to speed towards the shore.

Within moments you land, panting heavily. The magikarp flails wildly on the rocky sand, but without water, it is pathetically weak.

Panting for breath, you make a hand signal to pikachu. He brings over your gear, and you ball the stupid, flailing fish. It's splattering its blood all over the shore, bleeding on you. Ugh.

You're all red.

"W-wow," Misty mutters, "That's kinda hot," before she says in a louder voice, "Hey, Satoshi, are you alright? You have a gash on your chest..."

Ah. So you do. It seems that the magikarp's tailfin was sharper than you thought. It had left several somewhat deep cuts on your chest. They seem to be bleeding a little. Hm. You are a little light headed now.

You resist the urge to just spray a load of potions on your wound. That was a rookie mistake many trainers made the first time they get injured. It usually ends up with them unable to continue their journey.

You wave off Misty who seemed to want to nurse you. Or for you to put on your pants. You ignore her but allow her to clean your wounds off and bandage you.

She cleans off your wounds tenderly. A little slowly too.

After cleaning out all the blood, the cuts don't actually seem that deep. Perhaps magikarp fins are sharper than you thought. Best remember that while eating the fishes or perhaps for future battling strategies.

She wraps your wounds with care. A little too tightly too, but whatever.

[PokeMediKit: 5/20]

You have depleted your medic set, leave you with barely enough to save you should such an event ever happens again. However, it doesn't hurt all that much as you try to move around. Perhaps the adrenaline is still pumping within your blood stream?

All that action has left you a little hungry.

By the looks of it, pidgey and rattata are back, with extras! You see three oddishes on the ground, torn to pieces. They would make excellent seasoning. There is also another rattata corpse. You wonder why your rattata likes to eat its kin. Perhaps it's best not knowing?

You begin to set up camp, making a small parameter. Misty sways to you and tells you she'll be joining you tonight. You shrug, power in numbers and all that stuff. She seems dejected for some reason. Oh well.

Pikachu helps you start a small fire by creating a small spark, helping you begin the roast. You have two magikarp-on-a-stick split roasting over an open fire. You tear into one of the magikarps as your pokemon devour the other, along with the oddishes and the rattata. Misty seems content just sitting to the side and eating her canned fruits.

As the darkness comes, Misty tells you that she doesn't have a sleeping bag. She seems to be hinting at sharing a sleeping bag, but you never know with females. They are so strange at times.

[You nicknamed your Magikarp Mister Fish]
[Mister Fish Lv. 17]

Misty pouts cutely when you say to her that you are fine with sleeping in the open, but she consents and busies herself with setting up some flimsy defenses around the camp. The worst of the predators come out at night. Why, this one time, when you had to infiltrate a bandit camp... Ah, no time to daydream!

You ask her what's got her so down. Gently, of course.

"Ah, haha, whatever gave you that idea, Satoshi?" She laughs at you while scratching the back of her head nervously. "I... I just have a lot on my mind lately. Don't worry about it."

You inquire further, after all if she dozes off while it is her turn to be on watch, something bad could happen.

"Well, it's nothing really. Just... It's just some family business that's taken a turn for the worst, that's all," She tries and fails to smile at you. It seems like something is really bothering her, underneath all that female exterior.

You unroll the bedroll for her.

You have built a nice, slow fire at the center of the camp, with plenty of scrap wood and grass on one side. Some rocks and large sticks that rattata and staryu were able to move surrounds the camp in a half-meter to one meter tall wall in a circle. It isn't enough to really stop anything, but it should be enough to keep certain more dangerous critters away, like ghost types. Most ghost types cannot enter boundaries easily after all...

Soon, the sun will be set completely. Perhaps, in the case of a last resort, magikarp might even come in handy. Release and make friends? If not, Poliwag and Pikachu are well rested, as is Misty's Staryu. They seem to get along well enough to be rotated on some of the watches.

Before the sun goes down all the way, you skim the guide illustrated by Delia. It turned out to be some kind of prank. Instead, it taught about pokemon breeding, of all things.

You also get Misty's PokeGear number, which she seems happy to exchange with you.

Before the night came completely, you released the magikarp near the water. It took one flop towards the water before it realized three knives seem to have dug themselves between it and the water in that single instant. It turns around shakily and looks at you through its water eyes. You can see its gills trembling.

"You almost fell in the water and drifted away, Mister Fish." You say to it, "Now, we wouldn't want that, would we?"

It shakily replies with a, "kah-karp," before it acknowledges you as its master. You nod after a moment. It could meet your glaze well enough and it doesn't seem to be thinking of stabbing you in the back or something. You spray a potion on it and introduce it to your other pokemon. Then you ball it and keep the ball close.

Sometime during the night, you allowed pikachu and poliwag rest and swapped them out for pidgey and rattata while Misty did the same with her Staryu for her Shellder. She seems nice enough, though she some times looks at your magikarp's ball with an envious glaze.

A few hours before dawn, rattata woke you with a rought nudge of his tail. Something seemed to be circling your camp, even you can feel it, hear it. You shake Misty's shoulder and wake her. She opens her eyes and gets down without a word, unlike what many untrained civilians would do at her age. Strange.

A flap of wings...

A screech of beaks...

You see, with your light adjusted eyes, a flock of birds of some kind. They are birds of prey, hunting in the night. They have seen your camp...

...You immediately unball all your pokemon, even magikarp. You'll need all the help you can get. Just your naked eyes alone, you see over 20 birds...

Beside you, Misty releases her Staryu and a Seal. Good, they could come in handy working beside pikachu, perhaps?

You make a sweep with your PokeGear and the results shake you.

[Fearow Lv. 22]
[Spearow Lv. 4]
[Spearow Lv. 4]
[Spearow Lv. 4]
[Spearow Lv. 4]
[Spearow Lv. 4]
[Spearow Lv. 4]
[Spearow Lv. 4]
[Spearow Lv. 4]
[Spearow Lv. 4]
[Spearow Lv. 3]
[Spearow Lv. 3]
[Spearow Lv. 3]
[Spearow Lv. 3]
[Spearow Lv. 3]
[Spearow Lv. 3]
[Spearow Lv. 3]
[Spearow Lv. 3]
[Spearow Lv. 3]
[Spearow Lv. 3]
[Spearow Lv. 3]
[Spearow Lv. 3]
[Spearow Lv. 2]

[PokeGear: Too Many Targets, Cannot Scan All]

Misty's Current Team

[Staryu Lv. 15]
[Seal Lv. 12]
[Shellder Lv. 8]

"Misty, ice volley to the west!" You shout at her the same moment you signal for pidgey to us gust. The shards of a thousand pieces of ice came forth in a cold wind from the Seel's mouth, only to be enhanced by pidgey's gust into an icy tornado of death.

It would have wiped out all of the Spearows and brought you and early breakfast, if it was not for the presence of the Fearow. In a single beat of its giant wings, it pushed a powerful gust directly at your combined attack, canceling it out.

As the Spearows begin to dive, you signal for water bubbles to cover your escape. Poliwag is joined by Shellder as they spray behind you.

"Run to the lake!" You shout, but you see that, in the dark, Misty has tripped and fell. Growling, you grab her by the waist and carry her like a bride. She is actually pretty light, you notice. "Come on..." You grit your teeth. The Route 1 shouldn't be this dangerous.

"I think I only sprained by ankle, I'll be fine-"

"No time! Talk later!"

The Fearow made a noise similar to a bird's scoff and dove in, ignoring the water bubbles. Just as planned. "Thundershock!"

The water was not enough to stop the giant bird, but it was enough to coat it in a layer of water. But even then, the Fearow shrugged off the bolt of electricity and screeched. It was like having the sound of nails against chalkboard coming at you from all sides-causing you to drop Misty into the lake.

She splatters into the water, sputtering, but you both have no time to complain. The flock is coming. Without caring, you command Misty's pokemon as if they are your own.

"Seel, Icy Wind, again!" You roar at it, and it instantly obeys. Your pidgey joins in to make another icy hell, but the Fearow moves in to bat it away again. Just as planned. It was all a distraction for your pikachu to hit the Fearow with thundershock-in the eyes!

Blinded, the Fearow screeches again, this time in anger. It thrashes blindly, accidentally killing several of its allies with its sharp talons. You know now you have a chance.

"Staryu, distract the Fearow with Spin!" The pokemon acts instinctively, as if it understands your commands on an genetic or mythic level, knowing exactly what you mean.

Instead of charging and hitting the Fearow directly, it spins around it, using its hardened limbs to cut at the Fearow's flailing wings.

"Seel, Icy Wing combination with Pigeon!" You shout, as the flock of Spearows all begin to squawker in panic. This time, the icy winds catch the confused flock, lost without its leader, and shred their wings, along with their bodies, into bloody pieces. All that is left is the Fearow, who seems to have recovered enough of its sight to throw the Staryu off it and fly up into the sky.

You squint up... you think... it is... diving?

"Let's do this, pikachu," you nod to your Pikachu. He nods back at you, eyes with a dangerous fire. A fire that wants to destroy and consume. Its cheeks begin to sparkle as it gathers its many torrents of power within its tiny body.

"Pidgey, give him a boost, pikachu..."

The Fearow was closing in at an insane pace. It is smart and it knows that you are the leader of this small group. It beak shines as it focuses its power at the tip, ready to drill into your skull and shatter your body into a thousand pieces.

As it closes in on you, time slows.

Your mind notices the strange weather. It was very cloudy, as if it was about the rain. The Fearow looked like it had tunnel vision, seeing only you and none of your surroundings. It wanted to killed you. To eat you. To destroy you utterly. But...

...You don't give it any chance. Just as you ready yourself, pikachu swings higher into the air, thanks to pidgey's toss. His entire body is like lightening, sparkling in several meters in every direction. Even his eyes were too bright for you to look directly into. You raise an arm to shield yourself partly, but you cannot help but keep trying to look up.

The Fearow notices pikachu too late, its eyes widen as its wings flap, trying to get away. But it is too late-


It was a second that seemed to last for many minutes. Pikachu let loose enough electricity to keep himself afloat in the air temporarily, prolonging the Fearow's pain. By the end of it, the Fearow's entire body was trembling as a thousand tiny sparks danced on its feathers, biting into its skin. It was still alive as it fell, its body smoking and its heart beating erratically.

It fell with a splatter, blood seeping out of its mouth and into the lake.

There was a moment of silence, other than the Fearow's soft croaking. It was within moments of death-

-Then rattata dug into its guzzard splashing your team with the conquered beast's blood.

[Pikachu Lv. +3!]
[Pidgey Lv. +1!]
[Rattata Lv. +1!
[Poliwag Lv. +1!]
[Pikachu Lv. 5!]
[Pidgey Lv. 6!]
[Rattata Lv. 7!
[Poliwag Lv. 6!]

You feel your eyelids droop a little, having not slept all that well last night. Perhaps a little nap later wouldn't hurt. You direct rattata and pidgey to gathering the corpses while balling poliwag. You tell Pikachu to start a fire roast.

You turn to Misty, who is stumbling out of the water as she balls her pokemon. She seems to be ignoring her pain in favor of looking at you in wonder. "H-how? It took me months to g-get Seel to do anything!"

You shrug. You're just that good. "Let me see your injury," you say, reminding her that she was hurt. You carry her back to camp and see that pikachu had already start on the fire.

There were about 30 spearow bodies laying around the fire too, most of them with several jagged needles of ice piercing them from all sides. Luckily the ice froze most of the blood, or else the camp would smell a lot worse right now.

You plop Misty on a soft tuft of grass and tell her to show you her wound. She shivers a little and pouts. "You shouldn't have dropped me in the water, Sato..." She whines at you.

You, being the gentleman, take off your jacket and hand it to her. She nods shyly at you, thanking you before stripping and using your jacket for warmth.

You look down her long leg and see that her left ankle is a little red and swollen. You don't really have any experience on what to do in this situation, so you tell her to let Seel out.

As Seel comes out, it swallows one of the spearows whole before looking over at you sheepishly. "Seel, seel," it apologizes.

You wave it off and tell it to form a cast of ice over the bandages you'll place on Misty's ankle. It looks really swollen now. "You know, I could probably walk just-eek!" Misty tries to get up, but slips and falls back into your arms.

You sigh.

By now, the fire is up and running and the sun is up; the sky had cleared, relatively. While all the pokemon, including your magikarp of all things, are eating, you begin a split roast of the Fearow. There was no way you could eat it all, pikachu had already eaten one of the Fearow's wings. His blood-covered face looks kind of adorable.

You brush your fingers against Misty's legs and rub against her feet, causing her to squeak and moan. "A-ah, not t-there, Sa-Sato..." After a while, you deem her well enough, you wrapped her ankle up and put it in the icy cast that Seel made. It would have to do for now.

As you sat down to chow down, Misty spoke up.

"You owe me a new bike, you know?" Misty says, from behind her roasted spearow leg.

You look at her with an eyebrow raised in question.

She points at your pikachu, "when he used... what ever that was, Volt Tackle? Well, he landed on my bike."

You turn to the bike. It was a charred mess of metal.

You shrug, "Well, it's your bike's fault for being there in the first place. Plus, I did save your life," you add.

Misty pouts and punches you lightly on the arm, "Well, my knight in shining armor," she says sarcastically, "do you want to carry me all the way to Viridian?"

Honestly, she isn't that heavy. Probably just a little heavier than your backpack. Still, a better way to move her around would be nice.

Mhm... crisp, roasted Fearow legs. Its tender meat melts in your mouth, full of flavor for the victor.

You ponder on what to do with Misty as you bite into the Fearow with your pokemon buddies.

An Instant Message

You received a message from Oak: [Viridian City Gym Leader missing. Surrounding wild pokemon have gone feral and have been inflicted with fast-growth virus. Mission danger level increased.]

You cut open the Fearow and find several skeletons of half-digested pokemon. One of them seems to be wearing a strange, elastic head band. You take it out and wash it. It has strange little bulbs all over the head band, but your PokeGear identifies this item as a mind-linking item called [Experience Share]. It seems a little worn out, but still usable if you wished to place it on any of your pokemon.

Misty seems content enough to actually go back to sleep. You allow her a few hours, what with all the excitement. She cuddles against your jacket, the only thing she is wearing, besides her underwear.

You send out your magikarp. You test it out by telling it to go deep under water and then shooting out. Apparently this is a variation of Tackle.

You learn that it can also headbutt, flail, and tail attack. Unlike the video games that came out recently simplifying the world beyond belief, tail attack hurts. You know from first hand experience. A hand moves up unconsciously as you rub your chest. It still hasn't healed all the way yet.

As the sky clears up, a rainbow appears. There seems to be something golden flying on the rainbow, towards you...

As the golden bird draws closer, Misty looks up to where you are staring and gasps. You ball rattata.

"W-what is that? I've never seen anything..." She trails off.

You immediately raise your PokeGear up to it for a scan, but all that returns is:

[Unknown Pokemon: Lv. 100+?]

You turn on the record feature of your PokeGear, taking this video in as best as you can. The mysterious golden bird seems to be flying leisurely towards you.

You move back, not daring the aggravate the powerful being that was flying towards you. You know exactly what it means to have a [Lv. 100+?] rating: the sign of a so-called 'legendary' pokemon. These are each pokemon that can affect much more than what regular pokemon could. Many can, each, shatter entire continents in power, should they wish it. Although the science society at large has 'proven' that these pokemon do not exist, certain powerful Professors know differently...

As it flies over you, it shines of golden light, blinding Misty and any other surrounding creature. It makes no sound; you can only hear the flapping of wings. Even you are temporarily blinded.

By the time you can see again, it is gone along with the rainbow. Strangely enough, you feel something in your pants pocket. You look down and see a single radiant, mystical feather of rainbow colors. It shines with a golden light, occasionally changing its color from a rainbow hue to that of pure gold. You stash it away before Misty can see it.

The rest of the trip was surprisingly uneventful. You balled all of your pokemon except for pikachu. Misty kept talking, about how she only remembers a golden light, no bird pokemon. Good thing you have a video of it. But should you show it to Oak...?

At the end of the road, just outside the city borders of Viridian City, you see two people. They both seem to be in professional uniform of officer workers, but they are also both wearing a white pin-badge on their chests with a large, red 'R' on it. You recognize them as operatives of a different agency. Hopefully they do not know your face.

One of them is a woman with long, red hair. It was a crimson hue that you know has to be dyed. The other is a man with short, purplish hair. Surprisingly it actually looks natural.

They see you and start approaching-

The Rockets see you and Misty, who is still riding Staryu, and they look sympathetic. The woman approaches you first with a warm smile.

"Hello, your friend doesn't look so good, would you like some help to a competent doctor?" She ask with a friendly smile. She looks genuinely concerned and more than eager to help.

Misty seems to be a little shaken, so you begin to tell them negative before being cut off by the man. He also approaches you with a friendly smile and with an outstretched hand.

"Where are our manners?" He laughs heartily while holding the woman back by her shoulder. "I'm James, and this is my partner Jessie. We're part of the Rocket Foundation for the Betterment of Mankind, or Team Rocket, for short. Our organization is large and is currently working in Viridian city. The city itself is only functional at this point because of us," He says proudly before adding, "the main reason for this problem is actually because the disappearance of the Gym Leader and the sudden appearance of overly aggressive wild pokemon in this region."

Jessie pushes James back and adds to his speech, "But at the moment Team Rocket is providing food, water, and power for the city. It should be safe as long as you are inside the city limits... because we, Team Rocket, are running most of the administrative work and city protection at this point... now how about we escort you and your girlfriend here to a doctor? You both don't look very well, did you... eat any of the wild pokemon out there?"

Misty looks reluctant, but you noticed that she was having cold sweats for the past hour. Her lips look a little pale too. Pikachu whispers in your ear that he doesn't trust these Rockets, but you both will need help. Also, he adds that there are surveillance cameras watching you, so be careful of what you do.

You smile at them smoothly, saying, "I'm sorry, but we are going to the Pokemon Center right now, we've been attacked by several wild pokemon earlier traveling Route 1."

"Route 1, you say?" Jessie asks, her entire demeanor changing to curiosity before settling back to sympathy. Her expressions and tone do not change much, so the waver in her voice was barely noticeable even to you. "Did you come from Pallet Town, by any chance?"

"Ah, no," Misty cuts in, placing herself between you and Jessie. "We were moving by sea until we hit Route 1.

"Oh, I see, that's a... pity," Jessie clicks her tongue. She turns back to you and smiles again. "Well, James can take you to the Pokemon Center, Team Rocket will take care of your expenses, don't you worry. We take special care of pokemon trainers..."

She turns away as James hooks his arms around you and Misty, or tries to at least. Misty's Staryu moves her away before he got too close and you dodged him instinctively. He blinks at you two and then laughs.

"Alright, I'll guide you two to the Pokemon Center," He says suavely, "Come along now, we wouldn't want you to wander off. There are parts of the city that are not safe, after all."

Misty moves closer to you as the trip to the Pokemon Center goes on. She seems nervous around Team Rocket members.

From what you can see, the southern part of the town is filled with a small-town suburbia, but as you draw into the city, taller, larger buildings begin to appear. The city is crawling with Team Rocket members. Though only a few of them are Grunts, wearing the black uniform with the red 'R' on the front, there are many within the city. Your analytical mind quickly shuffles them into categories of threat level: "Rocket Grunts, Rocket Operatives, Rocket Lass, Rocket Bugcatcher, Rocket Scientist..." and so on.

As you walk into the Pokemon Center, James jogs ahead, waving at the frightened looking Nurse Joy at the counter. "Hey there, Ms. Joy, these trainers are under my organization's endorsement, treat them well, would you?" He laughs heartily as he walks away, "I need to use the restroom, and then I will have to go back on duty, you see?" He says to you, "There's more trainers who come out of Route 1 who might need... help."

The click of his hard leather and rubber boots signal his rushing away.

You turn to Nurse Joy. She seems upset. She doesn't look like she likes you very much right now. In fact, she looks like, if she could get away with it, she would stab you.

As James walked into the bathroom, you leaned in, close to the Nurse Joy and whispered, "So, give me the real scoop here. Are the scientologists branching out into those "R" guys?" You winked at her.

Nurse Joy smiles awkwardly at you. Her eyes flickered between the bathroom and you before answering in a loud voice, "I don't know what you are talking about, sir. Is there anything we at this Pokemon Center can help you with?" Her voice was nervous, but you could feel a cold airs to it. She is being forced to... do something? But what?

Not for the first time, you wish you had a psychic pokemon. No matter, you'll clear through this like everything else you do: by destroying the opposition utterly. But first, what is your opposition? At this point Professor Oak has not initiated hostilities with Team Rocket, in fact, no one has. Still, your original mission here was to find out about the disappearance of the courier and to pick up the package.

"Well, my companion and I," you lean an arm on the counter, letting your pikachu get off. He wanders around the room, on your command. "Were attacked while traveling Route 1, if you would believe it. I mean, there should be barely anything there in the first place right?"

Nurse Joy nods at you shakily, "Of course sir, d-do you have any injuries?" She asks, her professional training taking over whatever else she was thinking. "I will bring your pokemon in for healing too, if you wish?"

"Ah-" You see James walk out of the bathroom.

"Hey, so trainer and trainerette!" He waves as he walks closer, "How about seeing a doctor or grabbing something to eat, eh? My treat?"

"No, thanks," you respond as Misty tries to shrink back behind you, hiding from James' view. "We just need rest, and the Pokemon Center should be able to provide it just fine."

"Ah... of course, of course, I'll be on my way then, ah, who were you again?" He smiles at you with an out stretched hand.

Behind James, you see your pikachu hoping around the room, picking off small devices from the walls with his mouth. Bugs, it seems. So most of the Pokemon Center is under surveillance then? Pikachu lets off a silent spark, overloading the cameras in his mouth, before spitting its chewed up remains out and stashing them in its palms.

"I'm Satoshi, " you say, forced to shake his hand.

James turns to the girl behind you and his eyes narrow just barely. You can see a twitch in his left, lower eyelid. "And you are?"

"Misty," she says, louder than you expected.

"Of course, Misty. Well, if you are hungry, just ask anyone from the Rocket Organization and they can point you to me, James. Lunch is on me, if you call," he makes a phone-sign with his hands before turning around. "Chao~!"

Below her breath, you hear Misty mutter, "Creep."

You turn back to Nurse Joy. "Look," your eyes sharp and your voice cold, "we were attacked by feral pokemon, a giant Fearow leading a pack of Spearows on Route 1. That's not supposed to happen at all. But it doesn't matter. We all digested the Fearow, and my companion is injured."

"I-I, of course, sir." The nurse muttered, looking down. She seems more frightened by you than the Rockets at that moment. "If you can bring your companion around..."

Staryu hovers over the counter.

"...Or over, I suppose, the counter, I'll have Chansey give her a look-over. It doesn't look like any limbs have been severed so she should be fine..."

"And the feral pokemon?"

Nurse Joy shakes her head, "I'm sorry, there's no information on that. It seems like there is a media blockage in Viridian at the moment, no one goes in and no one comes out. I'm surprised you are even able to come to the Pokemon Center, honestly..."

"Look, I'm not a damn Rocket Grunt, so tell me what's going on," you growl, blunt and straight to the point.

"I-I..." she looks away.

You hold your hand out below the counter for pikachu. After you feel some weight you pick your hands up and slam them down on the counter. A dozen spy cameras clunker out of your palms, still smoking.

Joy's eyes widen and she looks at you strangely. "A-are you an Elite?"


Just like that, what little hope that glowed in her eyes were put out. "I... see... Well, I can tell you what I know, Satoshi. About two weeks ago, the Gym Leader left on a business trip. He takes a lot of those, so no one thought of it differently. But... his plane crashed and no survivors were found, yet his body was not found either... And just after that happened, giant pokemon appeared out of the forests west and north of Viridian. Golems show up instead of geodudes, nidokings instead of nidorans... it was a disaster! I... oh..."

She sits down shakily, "I treated some of the pokemon who have been attacked and some that have been captured... What I can tell... what I can tell is that it is genetically modified virus that is supposed to induce ultra fast growth and a rabies-like blood-haze in pokemon. I... in humans, some go on without problems, but others... others die."

You couldn't help but feel pale at that moment.

"I... I see." You say. "Alright, fine. Can I get room and board for the night, along with my companion?"

"That's of no problem," Nurse Joy says, "Since about a week ago, practically all trainers have disappeared from the city, or at least from the Pokemon Center. I don't know where they all have gone..."

You nod and tell Misty to get herself treated first. You nod to pikachu and he follows you out of the room. Once you have found a place that is cleared, you turn on your protected line and dial a number.


"Hello, sir."

"Ah, I've been expecting you. How was your trip?"

"It was well, but we encountered some bumps in the road and some sun."

"Hm, I see..." He pauses for a moment, "And about the supplies?"

"The delivery passed me."

"Hm, that's no good." He pauses. You can hear him taking a puff of his cigar before he continues, "See it to the end then. Tell me what's up, alright? And be careful of more bumps, alright?"

"Of course, sir."

"Is there anything else?"

"Nothing, sir. There's just a lotof sun. Fills the eyes, hurts, you know?"

"I'll look into that, you take care of yourself, alright?"

"Of course, sir." Click. BeepBeep...

You have reported your situation to Professor Oak. You told him about the pokemon attacks, the dead courier, and that Viridian is filled with Rockets. He tells you not the worry, but focus on your primary mission: getting the package and getting out of there.

You wipe your forehead.

You feel a little sold sweat and a little dizzy. The world isn't spinning around you yet, so you can still operate. What to do now...?


...The rainbow feather in your pants pocket heats up, nearly burning your skin. You snatch it out quick, but it slips from your hand. As pikachu draws close, curiosity glimmering in his eyes, you watch in morbid shock as the feather hovers before you, inches from your face... Its golden light spreads, washing over you and your pikachu, so warm...

Strange Feather

Your muscles groan as you try to move. Where are you? Why are you laying down? You blink the sleep out of your eyes and wonder why you feel two heavy weights on your body.

You open your eyes, it is dusk now, the sky outside swirls with a beautiful mixture of orange, red, and violet. You look across the room at the clock ticking on the walls; it is 4:35 PM.

By your bed, Misty had propped a chair, waiting for you to awaken, but apparently she fell asleep on your lap next to pikachu. She senses your moment and raises her head, "Aah... you're awake..." She yawns and stretches. You see that she is wearing your jacket over her shoulders, with only a tiny, yellow top beneath.

You nod, seeing pikachu wake too.

"You, I... Oh, I'm sorry Satoshi," Misty sighs, "Nurse Joy said that the virus mutates rapidly, so she gave me a shot and it... but... We-I-that is..." She stutters, looking rather unhappy with herself. "I didn't think you would collapse in some hidden room in the pokemon center, Satoshi. I... I'm not going to ask what you were doing there, but you should be more careful."

You shrug and smile sheepishly.

"Oh! By the way, your pokemon are healed," Misty hands you your belt, with your pokeballs attached. "Your magikarp seems rather restless, almost as if she was about to evolve."


"Oh? You didn't know? It's a girl, Satoshi," Misty giggles, "But I guess normal people can't tell... Ah, so what's your plan now? Where are you headed? I'm sure you're here to do something, right? Even I noticed you're far too skilled to be... well, you don't even have a trainer's license, so I don't know what... but I'm glad you're not a Rocket." She says, blushing and brushing her hair back, behind her ear. You found that her face turns into a nice shade of pink and red when she is embarrassed.

You also see a small pile of fried electronics hidden in a corner of the room. There are little gnawing marks all over them. It seems that pikachu has been busy.

"I need to go buy some supplies," you say, thinking about your mission. You give Misty a quick look, causing her to blush again, and say, "you look like you need some better survival gear too."

"I..." Misty sounded like she was about to protest before she caught herself. She is probably hiding something. "Yes, well, I never expected there to be a giant flock of spearows in Route 1, of all places, so, yeah!" She adds in a toen that is a mix between playful and indignant, with her hands on her hips.

You scratch your head, you were not prepared for that encounter either.

"Nurse Joy helped me analyze the Fearow remains afterwards too," Misty adds hastily. At your surprised look, she gives a huff, pouting, "What? You didn't expect me not to keep a sample of what I ate, did you? Sheesh!"

You shrug at her.

She sighs again and brushes a hand through her hair, "Alright, you ought to thankful how lucky we were, for two reasons, Sato... First, that Fearow had been weakened because it had not eaten for over a week. Nurse Joy says it was also probably blindly attacking by that point due to the virus, so it would have been felled by a well placed strike." She stares at you pointedly about this.

"Also, the virus inside, if we had come a day later, we probably we have already died. But then, you ate a lot more than me... even Nurse Joy was surprised you didn't fall down dead earlier this morning." She looks down for a moment and then adds, "Thankfully, there has been no ill effects on our pokemon." She trails off.

"Other effects?" You question.

"Uh... well, your rattata seems a little too hyper when Nurse Joy was giving him a physical, we had to ball him up. You might have to be careful training that one, he has too much energy to be that level..."

You are able to grab a quick supper with Misty before you are set. Perhaps it is time to check out the PokeMart? Or perhaps something else?

Viridian Encounters! Pt. 1

The soft fur of pikachu as he rubs his side against your cheek surprises you. Considering how most electric pokemon use their fur as a sort of weapon, be it Pin Missile, Swift, of some other type of meta-electric-type attack, it is surprising how feather-like pikachu's fur is. At your staring, pikachu turns you to in question, before shrugging.

"So, where to, Sato?" Misty jumps in front of you and twirls around with a smile. She is no longer wearing your jacket. You realized that your pistol was snugly fitted in on the inside pocket, but she has said nothing about it. Curious.

It seems like neither Misty nor Nurse Joy searched your pikachu, because as you donned your jacket, he performed a stealthy sleight of hand and slid the RainbowWingin, just next to your gun.

"I need to head to the PokeMart for some supplies, would you like to come along?" You ask, sliding a hand under her waist, holding her and keeping her from running away. She is an important resource, after all, if she is indeed adept at working with water pokemon; two of your five pokemon are water type. "You look like you need some basic armor, if nothing else." You say, looking down at Misty.

All she has on now is a pair of short shorts and a very tiny and very tight yellow t-shirt.

"Ah, well, this was all that I had to spare, the other clothes are in the wash," She looked down, blushing.

"No armor?" While most trainers don't bother with armor, it is recommended to use armor when taking prolonged trips out of major human settlements. Many pokemon find unarmored humans to be very easy prey.

"Like I said, Mister, it's Route 1," she pouted, reminding you of her earlier statement.

You frown. You like to be prepared. What's wrong with being prepared? "Still..." You add, before acquiescing, "how about we get you something at the 'Mart, then?"

She shuffles her feet. You notice she is wearing a pair of well-worn sneakers that seem to be in surprisingly good shape for something of that apparent age. "I... I was going to trade my bike in for some money..."

You fight off an urge to slap your forehead. "Fine," you say as you walk out of the Pokemon Center, "then we'll just have to scrounge up some money while we're here... It shouldn't be too hard, survival gear isn't that expensive to trainers with licenses."

You turn you head back and peak over your shoulder, "you do have a license, right?"

She fiddles with the buckles of her shorts, not willing to meet you in the eyes. "Well..."

You fight off another urge to slap your forehead.

"Let's just go..." You barely suppress the growl in your tone. Misty smiles at you apologetically, clapping her hands together bowing to you until you couldn't keep the stern expression on you face any longer.

Viridian city is surprisingly large. It could be divided up into four major sections, a north west section that consists of a large park and many suburban housing, a north east section that consists of the city armory, police and fire stations, with the Gym close to the heart of the city, a south west section that holds some office buildings, apartments, and the Pokemon Center, and a south east section that held the PokeMart, along with a wide assortment of stores in the commercial district.

By the time you had finally arrived at the Pokemart (by foot), the sky was already dark. The commercial district had already lit up with all sorts of decorations and Misty was more than happy to be here. Apparently she loved civilization so much, that it brings up the question of why she was away in the first place. However, her giddy mood was almost infectious so you did not actually take the chance to ask her.

"This is almost like a date," she says, skipping ahead of you.

You look at your buddy pikachu in question, and he shrugs at you. He doesn't understand women any more than you do.

"And~ we're here!" She says as she jumps on the sensory pad that causes the automatic door to slide open. You are shaken out of your thoughts or whatever was causing you to be in a reverie a soft sound of a bell 'dings' and you walk into the bright, fluorescent lights that nearly blind your senses. Ah, it has been a while since you have been in such an artificial habitat...

You look around. It looks, in part, like a convenience store, though perhaps three or four times larger. There are foods, drinks, and alcohols in many racks. You can see many rows of PokeJunk Food and PokeSoft Drinks in icy containers. But on the other side of the store are rows of pokeball packets, greater pokeball packets, and an assortment of pokemon trainer gear.

Survival armor are here too. The type of survival gear you wear is the a type of proto-kevlar enforced, titanium weave, with responsive auto-repairing nanotechnology, which makes up for most of what is inside your clothing. It is a higher-level technology type of gear compared to what is available, but Professor Oak takes care of his associates. For Misty, you'll just have to settle for an reinforced body armor and leg armor. Would you like to browse the store with Misty? She seems eager to make this seem like a... date?

[Survival Gear (Misty's size): 15,000 Poke]
[PokeBall: 200 Poke]
[Potion: 300 Poke]
[Universal Poison Heal: 100 Poke]
[Universal Paralyze Heal: 200 Poke]
[Universal Burn Heal: 250 Poke]
[Medkit Refills: 1 Per 25 Poke]

there isn't much else here, after talking to the clerk working at the counter (who is not your contact), you found out that they are actually waiting on a new shipment of goods that should have come in about two weeks ago. There seems to be some pet-trained pokemon for sell too, but they are far too domesticated for battle.

"Ron?" The clerk shrugs nonchalantly, "I dunno, I guess he called in sick today or something. Why'd you ask?"

You mention that Ron is a friend and you have been out of the city for a while. You just arrived looking for him, but you couldn't come in contact with him so you have been looking around. The 'Mart is actually your last stop because you didn't expect him to be at work either.

"Yeah, he is a bit of a lazy bum, isn't he?" The man shrugs. He isn't paid enough to make sure of everything anyway. He types some things into the computer and nods to you, "Alright, if you buy some stuff, I can print his address on the back, if you like."

Viridian Encounters! Pt. 2

You wave at Misty, telling her that you cannot get her the armor set right now. She looks somewhat sad, but she hides it well with a fake smile. You are surprised at yourself, that you can tell between her fake expressions and real expressions already. But you don't worry about it. You are just smart, right?

"Alright, lessee here, 4 pokeballs, 2 potions, 3 antidotes, and 15 units of medkit... That'll be... Lemme ring that up for ya, 'k kid?" The clerk turns to his machine, slightly embarrassed that he couldn't calculate it in his head, "Right! 2075 Poke, and with tax... ah, right you're a trainer right? That'll be all then."

You transfer the money to his machine through your OmnitoolPokeGear. He nods, satisfied. "Alright, his address is..." He scribbles something down on the back of your receipt and hands the slip of paper to you. "Here you go. Man, Ron sure is popular... he had some other dudes asking about him a few days ago too..."

You blink.

"Ah, some chick with big ass knockers, you know, huge DD's, and crazy long hair. It was dyed, I think. I mean, normal people can't get that red color, can they? But yeah, man, her knockers were huge..." He drools a little. You try to stand a little further back so that his spittle does not spray on you. "Uh, there was some girly man with purple hair too. They... I dunno what they wanted with Ron, I just told 'em Ron was biking outta town or something... Those dudes don't look like they are up to any good."

As you are about to leave, the clerk calls you back. You frown and turn around, seeing him waving at you, "Hey, dude, I think you forgot something."

Your frown grows as you walk back. You have everything in your pack, so what did you forget?

As you walk towards the obese man, he tilts his head down slightly, a nearly silent motion for you to move closer. You see no harm in that, seeing as you could easily kill the man and rip his spine out without much hassle. You walk closer and he leans forward slightly, "Dude, Ron totally told me this, ta give you this shit if a little dude comes in. I guess that's you, man."

He slides you a package covered in coarse, brown paper in a manner he might have thought as discrete. He looks like an idiot. But you don't tell him that. That would be mean. The package itself is about as large as a hardcover book, perhaps somewhere around one thousand pages. However, it is surprisingly light for its size. Or you are just strong. Either way, you stash it in your backpack. If the Rockets were watching you, they would have already saw it anyway.

The seal on this package is similar to the one that Oak specifically told you that it should be, but you don't know for sure. However, you also do not know what the contents are, so you have no way of making sure it is really what you are here to retrieve.

You walk back to the exit, nodding to the clerk in thanks nevertheless. Misty studies you, "What was that all about?"

Viridian Nightlife! Pt. 1

The echo of the soft chirp of the cicadas welcomed you as you walked down the road with Misty hanging off of your arm. She was very insistent on doing this for some reason, and you had little reason to refuse. If worse comes the worst, you could always use her body as a shield, probably. The night grew dark, and most of the roads to the Academy at this hour were not lit. The Academy itself was an institution that only worked for prospective pokemon trainers. Thus it should be closed by now. The nearby pokemon college may be still lit however, but it is some distance away.

After you exited the PokeMart, you ducked into an alley with Misty and let out your Rattata. After holding it down by its neck and baring your teeth at it, it understood your plan and moved east. Pikachu assures you that it knows where to go. Or else.

As you walked down the road, with only the moon to light your path, you see several forms coming out of the wood works.

It was two Super Nerds, at least that was how your mind categorized them immediately. They wore plaid, collared shirts with thick, bottle glasses that didn't help them at all. Both had pokeballs out.

"Well, well, looks like a couple of kids. Man, they probably don't got much on them, but ya know," the one in front said. You labeled him as Super Nerd A.

Super Nerd B smirked at you but then started leering at Misty, "Eh, it don't matter. We get to do what we want. You kids took the wrong day to walk around, the police are all hunkered down cuz'a all the Rockets in town, right Johny?"

"But we're nice guys, aren't we, Arnie?" Super Nerd A shrugged at B, "How about we have a... pokemon battle?"

"Man, you're such a battle junkie. But the kid's got a pikachu, so why not?" B smiled with A.

Both let loose their pokemon, a grimer (Lv. 15) and a zubat (Lv. 8) respectively. The Super Nerd B kept looking at Misty in a way that made something wild within you want to growl and smash his face against the cement. Many times.

Viridian Nightlife! Pt. 2

"Alright, then, pikachu stay back," You call out loudly, "Misty, you take care of the grimer and its trainer and I'll work with this zubat."

She nods quickly and unleashes Seel, who bounces around before realizing that this was a serious battle. The Super Nerds looked giddy, almost like they were holding in laughter as you divided up.

"Ha! You fell into our trap, punks!" Super Nerd A laughed, pointing directly at you rudely, "Only my grimer is high level, and only Arnie's zubat is low level!"

"Oh please," Misty rolled her eyes and commanded Seel to Icy Wind, which was countered by a noxious gas that the grimer belched loose.

You let loose Pigeon, who quickly flies over head, distracting both the trainer and the zubat.

It ends quickly, because as they look away, pikachu taps both of them on the back of their neck, overloading their brains with electricity. It shouldn't kill them, but pikachu isn't an expert of the human body and you know he cannot control his electricity very well. Oh well.

You loot their bodies, finding:

-Potion (x2)
-Pokeball (x1)
-Application to Join Team Rocket (x2)

-2550 Poke

There wasn't much else to take from them except their house/apartment keys, their PokeGear, or their trainer licenses. If you took any of these items, it would probably give them enough reason to look for you. So you don't.

Misty looks at you incredulously but after a moment just shakes her head mirthfully.

Sadly, this wasn't the only pair of trainers that you and Misty encounter on the way to the Academy. As it turns out, the area around the Academy is filled with trainers because most of them have little else to do and most are unable to sneak out of the city because they are just ordinary people trying to get a pokemon trainer's license.

That said, you have knocked out a total of 11 people before reaching the doors of the Academy. They are a mixture of what would be high school students and middle school students. All of them seemed to think the battles were going to be just like how they were conducted in the schools, and never even thought it was possible to attack the trainer directly. They seem to also not wear any armor or protection, having never actually left the city. The total loot, as you basically strip them naked and look for anything they won't miss, for this group is:

-Potion (x6)
-Pokeball (x2)
-Universal Poison Heal (x4)

-11350 Poke

As you climb over the main gates of the school, Misty whispers in your ear as she follows you from behind, "Sato, what are we doing here, exactly?"

It was a short internal struggle that conflicted within you, but you realized that if you wanted to keep Misty with you, you will need to tell her the truth. So you do, you tell her that you found a dead man with identification to this school on the road. You wanted to investigate his death because it could not have been natural.

She nods at you slowly, but accepts your reasoning.

As you reached the main lobby, you see a main computer where you can use the ID tag for S. Pilgrim. You found an insert slot which you slide the ID tag in. The screen immediately lights up, bright green with the words:

"Welcome to PKMN Academy, Mister Scott Pilgrim!"

On the screen. You tap the keys for looking up personal data, finding only Pilgrim's name, age, address, and some other miscellaneous information. Some of the words at the bottom seems to be blacked out, however.

"Well, well, you're not supposed to be here," An unfamiliar smooth voice called out from the darkness above you. Your eyes flicker around the lobby, searching. You know this tone. This man seems to want to toy with you. Good, then he is underestimating you. "School is closed during these hours you know?"

"Come out, whoever you are!" Misty called out frantically. It looks like she isn't very adept with dealing with fighting in the darkness. She may have some trauma against fighting against people who try to toy with her too, though...

"My, that is a rude way of asking," the voice sighs. It echoes in the room, making it hard for you to pin point where the sound is coming from, "But I suppose I will entertain you, just this once."

-A flapping of wings, cloth-

-You hear something, something approaching from all sides.

"Prepare for some trouble, my young friends," the voice calls. You hear a click as hard rubber made contact with the floor tiles. He is somewhere in the room. But even with the blue light from the computer, you see only darkness. How...?

Pop! Pop! Pop!

The lights around the room all shine brightly, to their maximum power-

"-In war, I bring compassion. In peace, I bring love. Protecting from the evils of truth... You shall call me-Ah, but your ears are not worthy of the grace of my name. Simply know that, you should not have been poking where you were-!"

A man appears at the center of the room. Six pokeballs on his belt, a black cap, a pair of gray boots and gray gloves, that black uniform...

...A Team Rocket Grunt!

"Prepare for battle, children. Perhaps, if you get out of whatever ailment I inflict upon you, you'll learn where not to sniff when you are told..." Both of his hands grasp pokeballs. A pistol, clearly visible, rests in its holster on his belt. A whip rests on the other side. He strides with a confident gait, knowing that he would win against you, completely dominating you.

"...If you survive."

-A flash... Suddenly, four Ekans surround you.

[Rocket Grunt]
[Ekans Lv. 15]
[Ekans Lv. 11]
[Ekans Lv. 15]
[Ekans Lv. 11]

Loot Total This Round:

-Potion (x8)
-Pokeball (x3)
-Universal Poison Heal (x4)
-Application to Join Team Rocket (x2)

-13900 Poke

Experience Total This Round:

-Pikachu (+Lv. 5!)
-Pigeon (+Lv. 3!)
-Magikarp (+Lv. 1!)

Misty's Pokemon
-Seel (+Lv. 2!)

Viridian Pokemon Academy!

You grab Misty bridal style and run down a long stretch of a hallway. All the doors are locked and there's a dead end coming up. She shrieks as you pick her up despite what you have been through.

"Ah! Hahaha! Run, run little mice!" The Rocket Grunt laughs. He is further underestimating you, you think angrily. In any other condition you would be insulted, but as is the circumstance, you will have to settle for taking advantage of his overconfidence.

And Ekans follow you, but do not move to strike until you stopped.

In a flash, you release the seals on pidgey and poliwag. Poliwag immediately sends a wall of bubbles between the Ekans and you while pidgey looks on overhead, circling them but not attacking. You back up further...

...further, slowly now...

The Ekans pierce through the wall of bubbles, causing a wave of water to splatter all over them. The Rocket Grunt walks in, following his snakes. "My, you've gotten my boots all soaked... I do hope you are going to take responsibility." His soft steps in the puddles echo through the hall way.

You ignore his taunt and let pikachu loose, a powerful thundershock already charging in his cheeks. His attack misses however, as all the Ekans coil up and spring the moment his attack lands.

"What a light show," the Grunt laughs at you carelessly, running a hand through his hair as if he were some pretty boy. "Did you really think my snakes will fall for that? Attack! Ekans!"

As one, they blitzed through your defensive pokemon. Three of them leaped at you while one hissed and shot its poison at pidgey. You instinctively move Misty behind you and try to shield her.

Their bites do not pierce your clothing but they are not here to bite you, not at first. Their coils tighten around your arms and neck, holding you down and turning parts of your skin purple.

The edges of your vision grow dim and dark... Oxygen-?

-A flurry of spinning sharp edges flash around you.

"Sssssshhaaa!" It was Misty's Staryu, which spun at such speeds that, after hardening its body, it cut the Ekans on you into pieces. Severed Ekans heads fall to the ground.

You struggle for breath for a moment before reaching up and uncoiling the Ekans around your neck. You pull the dead snakes off your body viciously, letting their shredded bodies fall.

"Shaasha!" Staryu spins around you happily, before spinning after the Ekans on top of pidgey. But by the looks of it pidgey may not make it...

"Wha-?" The Rocket Grunt cries in surprise. "This isn't fair I-!"

You see in the corner of your eyes that an Ekans is wrapped around pidgey and was close to killing it by now-

"Go, Seel!" Misty leaps from behind you, "Icy Wind!"

A torrent of ice flooded the hall as Seel used it as an artificial wind tunnel, causing the puddles of water around the the Grunt into spikes of ice trapping him in.

You see him go for his other pokeballs-

-And you shoot him. The bullet hits, throwing his head back. You see that you had shot him between the eyes. Lucky, but-

-his pokeballs fall, hitting the ground. Two Arboks hiss as they jump out. They see their dead master and hiss wildly.

"Ah... Sato, I hope you have a plan for this too," Misty mutters behind you nervously.

[Arbok Lv. 22]
[Arbok Lv. 19]

Viridian Nightlife! Pt. 3

You ball pidgey quickly. It looks like she had been choked and, from the multiple bite marks on the body, the ekans poison will not help either. You'll need to spend an antidote on her.

You whisper harshly at Misty, "Fill the hall with water."

"Already on it," she replied with a smirk.

The combined bubbles, water, and ice from Poliwag, Staryu, Shellder, and Seel took the two angry Arboks by surprise, causing them to sputter and thrash blindly before they caught sight of your group. But it was too late-

-Pikachu charged up to them with a powerful volt tackle, slamming into the lower level Arbok right in the head-

-But they just shrug it off, along with everything else. Their scales allow them to slither around the water and the ice. However, the temperature seems to be affecting them, making them slower. It doesn't stop them as they both coiled up to strike.

"Pikachu! Call back!" You call out. Your hand grips your pistol so tightly that there was some liquids coming out. Your hands might be bleeding.


"Got it! Seel, Icy Wind!" The swirl of ice shards splatter all over the arboks, causing spikes of ice to form around them. They slither around the ice gracefully, but the lower level arbok become encased in the frost, causing it to shiver and stop its movements momentarily. "Shellder, Staryu, harden!"

Both her shellder and her staryu shone in the bright corridor as their outer shells toughened and they stood their ground, getting ready for impact.

"Another wave," you command Misty.

She nods and your pokemons send another wave of water and ice, splattering on the confused arboks. They thrash around again, without help from their trainer. However, the higher level one sees you and strikes, trying to bite!

Pikachu quickly intercepted with another volt tackle, but it was brushed off by the far more powerful pokemon as it simply landed and coiled up again, glaring at you. Pikachu looks dazed as he is knocked into a nearby wall. He struggles to get up but-

-The arbok charges again, intent on biting your head off, but this time, both shellder and staryu intercept. While relatively more experienced than pikachu, neither of them have the sheer size or mass to stop the arbok and are sent flying again.

It glares at you, as the ice around its companion begins to crack...

...You push Misty behind you, whispering, "Keep close, I'll keep you safe."

You know that your bullets will just bounce off the arbok's scales, because it is too hard and your gun is far too low caliber. You could try your machete, but against something that is the arbok's shell, you might as well be chopping against concrete walls-

-the arbok is close now, coiled and ready to strike. Pikachu is still struggling to get up and Seel and Poliwag can barely keep the other arbok held-

With nowhere to go, you let out Mr. Fish and grasp her tail, despite it cutting slightly into your palms. With an animalistic roar, you meet the arbok's charged strike head on, by smashing Mr. Fish's harder skull down against the arbok's head as it tries to bite you!

"Chaaa..." It hisses, but you see blood leaking out of its eyes. It is close to death. You ignore the pain in your hands and smash Mr. Fish against the arbok again, and you feel and hear a crack.

You look down.

Mr. Fish looks like she is very frightened by you; her eyes wide, twitching and swaying around wildly, but is relatively unscratched.

Ah. You might have blanked out and smashed the arbok's head more than you counted. There is little left other than organic mush beneath your feet, attached to an arbok's body. You walk up to the other, frozen arbok and shatter its body with a dozen well placed smashes.

Just as your are able to completely shatter the second arbok, Mr. Fish's body grows hot and glows. You let go in alarm, as its body starts to expand-expanding so vast-that she plugged up the entire hallway, with just her face alone.

[Congratulations! Your Magikarp has evolved into a Gyarados!]

Unlike any other textbook Gyarados, yours is red, like the color of the blood of your enemies. It roars triumphantly. You roar back at it, and it is suitably cowed. Pikachu tells you it is just happy you don't have to swing it around anymore.

You loot the Rocket Grunt:

-High Calibur Rocket Pistol (x1)
-Rocket Grunt Cellphone (x1)
-Rocket Grunt PokeGear (x1)
-Set of Rocket Grunt clothes (x1)
-Pokeball (x10)
-Rocket Grunt Taser (x1)
-Rocket Grunt Bullwhip (x1)

-9010 poke

You also ball the two arbok bodies, because you want to keep their skin for making armor later. They are relatively well trained and well raised. It must have taken the Grunt years to raise his arboks to that level of hardness for scales, you imagine. The shells were slightly harder than your knives now that you have opportunity to test them.

Misty hugs you from behind, leaning on you with the full weight of her body. "Phew," she mutters against you. You feel her hot breath tickling your neck. "That was tiring... What else do you have planned, Sato? That certainly is one way to entertain a girl on a date..." She giggles tiredly.

Experience Gained:

-Pikachu (Lv. +2)
-Poliwag (Lv. +2)
-Pigeon (Lv. +1)
-Mr. Fish (Lv. +2)

Misty's Pokemon:

-Staryu (Lv. +1)
-Seel (Lv. +1)
-Shellder (Lv. +2)


And that's about it for the first segment.