All of Elliot's kids are in the story, Eli were just born earlier.

Maureen: 17 years old

Kathleen: 15 years old

Dickie: 12 years old

Lizzie: 12 years old

Eli: 1 year and 7 month old

Chapter 1

The detective's of the 16 precinct were sitting at their computers writing up their DD5's; since they didn't have a case, Elliot looked up at Olivia to see how much she had left, "What is it El?" Olivia asked the 3th time he looked over at her.

"Nothing" he said, and turned back to his computer; Olivia knew that he was getting tired of doing paperwork.

"How are Kathy and the kids?" she asked him, trying to get his mind of work, even if it were just for a couple of minutes.

"Good I think" he said to her, while trying to hide the sadness on his face and in his voice; but Olivia knew something was wrong.

"You think…? When was the last time you saw or spoke to your kids?" she asked him.

"Kathy kind of kicked me out a week ago" he said and looked at the pictures there where standing on his disk.

"Where have you been staying for the past week?" she asked him; she was getting more and more worried about him the more they talked.

"Well some days here and the other days at a hotel" he said "Why didn't you just ask if you could stay with me, you do know you are always welcome, right?" she asked him.

"I know Liv, I just didn't want to impose on you" he told her and gave her a small smile in hope of her dropping the subject.

"Well if you change your mind my guest room is always free for you to use" she told him and turned back to her computer.

After another 20 minutes of working on their DD5's the Cragen walked out from his own office and in to the bullpen, he walked over to Fin and told him and old suspect wanted to talk with him and Elliot.

Fin and Elliot got up from their disks and walked out from the precinct towards the parking lot.

Olivia had just finished her last DD5 when she heard someone walked in behind her, she were just about to asked what they had forgotten when the person started to yell "Where the hell is Elliot?" asked a really pissed of Kathy, with a Screaming Eli in her arms.

"Out… Why?" she asked her; Eli turned around when he heard Olivia's voice, he pulled out his arms for her to take him; Kathy didn't complain she almost throw Eli at Olivia.

"Eli got a doctor's appointment, and I can't calm him down…But since he isn't here and you can calm him down why don't you come with me" she said with a small smile on her lips.

"I don't know Kathy I am at work" she said; Cragen had walked out from his office yet again to see what the noise was about "Go I'm sure we can survive without you for a few hours" he said and walked back in his office.

"Well I guess I'm going with you" Olivia said and got up from her chair with Eli still in her arms; her and Kathy walked side by side to the elevator and down to the parking lot where Kathy had parked her car.

Kathy unlocked the car and got in on the driver's side; While Olivia put Eli in the back in his car seat, she closed the door and got in on the passenger side of the car.

No one said anything; Eli wasn't even crying anymore, Olivia got a feeling that something wasn't right.

Kathy turned right instead of left and they were now driving on a bridge, she took her seat belt off "Kathy what are you doing?" Olivia asked, but Kathy didn't give her an answer, she just pulled in the rat and opened her door and jumped out, she landed on the road with a bump; she didn't get up until she heard a crash and the car went over the side of the bridge; she pulled out her cell phone and called 911 and Elliot.